Office Reunion Ch. 02


Monday morning commutes are often depressing. People’s expressions are dour and tired – a sullen resignation that infects like a virus. Everyone’s weekend was far too short. Nobody wants to go to work. Except for me. I love going to work. Because virtually every day at work I get to suck on James big fat cock. And some days I get to fuck it as well.

Ever since I connected with James (re-connected actually), I have never missed a day of work – or even been late. I often stay late in fact, because when I do, James will bend me over his desk and pound my tight ass.

It’s quite the spectacle I’m sure – James’s six foot muscular frame, beautiful bald head, and massive cock pounding my slim, hairless brown body. He usually bends me over his desk to take me from behind, but occasionally I will lie spread eagle on his desk and he will take me missionary style.

The first time James fucked me was in the company’s conference room and it was quite the accomplishment. James carefully and slowly worked his massive cock into my very tight hole. It took a good deal of time to get that monster cock inside of me, and James had the stamina and patience for the job. My hole has since relaxed and opens swiftly for James – my ass craves his cock and as soon as I feel James cock-head knocking at my asshole door, it blooms with hunger. We used condoms that first time, but have since gone bareback. We are both on Prep, and I am addicting to that sensation of his cum shooting deep inside of me.

Which is a good thing, because most days James isn’t satisfied with just a suck job. James’ virility is truly extraordinary. He is well into his 40s, but seems to be an endless source of semen. Many days I’ve blown him 3 times (breakfast, lunch, and dinner!), and he’ll still want my ass after that.

I am more than happy to comply. James’ cock is so intoxicating that he can have my mouth and ass whenever and wherever he wants. Every time I see his cock I melt with abandon. I become his loyal cock slave, willing to service him however he wants. And on one wonderful Saturday morning, I became James’ ultimate cock slut.

I had never come into the office on a Saturday, but James suggested to me, with a sly smile, that I come in Saturday morning to “catch up on some work.” I knew what kind of work he had in mind. I was up early on Saturday – I couldn’t wait to get to the office and have James ravage my ass and mouth. On the drive to the office, I recounted all the locations we had fucked – the conference room, the bathroom, his office, my cubicle. We had it pretty much covered.

When I arrived, I heard James voice – I assumed he was on the phone – I walked into his office and saw that I was wrong. I was startled to see that there were three other men in James’ office.

Phil, Mike, and John were all in their 40s and similarly built to James – tall, trabzon escort fit, and white. Phil and Mike had receding salt and pepper hairlines, while John sported a full thick head of brown hair. All of us were dressed similarly – jeans and t-shirts. My slim 5’7″ frame felt a bit overwhelmed, however, in a room full of six foot tall men.

I wasn’t sure what was happening. Everyone was courteous and professional as we made introductions. Was this a business meeting? Did James actually want me to come in on a Saturday morning and do office work? I was perplexed. And then James suggested we go for a ride.

We piled into James SUV – Phil and Mike were on either side of me in the backseat while John called shotgun. I was thoroughly confused at this point – where were we going?

It didn’t particularly matter where we were going – Phil put a hand on my knee and Mike started rubbing his crotch. I didn’t object, and they started groping my legs and chest. They swiftly removed my shirt and each started sucking on a nipple. My soft, feminine chest arched toward each of their eager mouths.

My cock was aching through my pants, but not for long. Mike stripped my pants, shoes, and underwear off leaving me completely naked. They spread my legs – my feet were resting on the backs of each front seat. In this position, Phil started sucking my cock, while Mike worked a finger inside my asshole.

James and John were enjoying the show from the front seats – somehow James managed to keep his eyes on the road. I was in too much ecstasy to notice much of anything. So much so that I hadn’t noticed that the car had stopped.

We were in the suburbs – parked on the driveway of a big beautiful house. We all got out of the car – everyone was clothed except for me. Completely naked, I stepped barefoot onto the concrete. Looking around, I could see that we were in a secluded wooded area. I could barely see another house in the distance.

This wasn’t the ideal weather to be standing outside naked – but it wasn’t too bad. The sun was shining and felt good on my bare ass. My ass must have looked good as Phil and Mike couldn’t keep their hands off it.

They both undid their pants and unleashed two beautiful six inch cocks. They both clearly wanted nothing more than to fuck me. I was more than ready to let them.

James had other ideas.

“Me First!” he exclaimed.

He brought out a big bottle of lube and lubed up his enormous nine inch cock and gave me what I wanted. He bent me over the hood of his car and entered me slowly and surely. I had been craving his cock all morning and groaned a sigh of relief and pleasure as he penetrated me deeper and deeper.

Looking up I saw Phil, Mike, and John with their cocks out. John’s girthy cock was almost as impressive as James. I wanted it in my mouth.

With James uşak escort in me balls deep, we moved away from the hood of the car so I could feast on some cock. John, Phil, and Mike crowded around my face while James continued to pound away. There was a cock in each hand, in my mouth, and in my ass. I was in heaven.

James started pumping my ass faster and harder. My lips were on John’s cock as James exploded inside of me. He let out an epic groan of satisfaction before stepping away. Mike quickly took his place. After getting pounded by James’ cock, Mike’s six-inch cock slid into me effortlessly. He came within a minute. Then Phil took his turn, filling my ass with a third load of cum. The entire time my mouth was on John’s beautiful member.

John was next, but he didn’t want me from behind. We walked away from the concrete driveway onto the lawn. The well-manicured grass felt good under my bare feet. John laid me down onto the grass – on my back. He wanted me missionary style. He spread my legs and entered me slowly.

His cock slid into me beautifully. Holding my legs up, he fucked me gently. John was a skilled top, as I could feel his giant cock head massage my prostate. My own cock became rock hard.

John’s steady rhythm sent me over the edge. Completely losing control, I let out such a primal scream that I’m sure the neighbors in the distance heard me. A few seconds later, John had the most powerful orgasm of the day, depositing a river of cum into my ass.

I laid there naked on the grass – almost paralyzed. I could feel the sheer volume of cum inside of me – some of it dripping out of my very satisfied asshole. My own cum was all over my stomach and chest. The guys admired my freshly fucked body and helped me to my feet. We made our way into the house.

It was John’s house – a beautiful, charming Victorian full of character. There were several bedrooms and bathrooms – we all got cleaned up and John served us lunch. While I had been the only one naked outdoors, inside we were all nude. We ate lunch in the buff.

Sitting around the dining room table, we got to know each other a bit – Phil, Mike, John, and James had been friends for years. They had met in college and kept in touch. John and James are both proud gay men, but I was surprised to hear that both Phil and Mike were both married to women. They get together regularly – usually for sex.

“We’re all just so damned horny,” Phil joked. “And there’s no way my wife would let me fuck her up the ass,” Phil said. “She barely lets me fuck her at all. She doesn’t really give me head that much either.”

“Same here,” lamented Mike. “My wife hates giving head. And she never swallows.”

“I told these guys how insatiable you are,” James said. “Plus we’re all basically tops – it’s nice to have a true bottom around. They didn’t believe me van escort when I told them you can take my entire cock. And you’ve got a kind of androgynous look. I thought Phil and Mike might be into that.”

“I love your chest,” Phil remarked as he playfully leaned over to tweak my nipple.

My chest had always been a source of shame growing up. I was diagnosed with Gynecomastia as a pre-teen and was always hiding my now b-cup breasts. But as I grew into my queer sexuality, I came to embrace and appreciate my unique body.

Mike was clearly appreciating my body as well. He stood up next to me and massaged my left breast while Phil kept playing with my right nipple. Mike’s growing cock was inches from my lips.

“It’s a shame your wife doesn’t blow you. She doesn’t know what she’s missing,” I said as I kissed Mike’s cock-head.

I proceeded to give Mike a world class blowjob. I worshiped his cock with my lips and tongue, occasionally making coquettish eye contact with him.

“Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh Fuck,” Mike started mumbling. “I’m going to come.”

I took him all the way down – his balls massaging my chin. He shot his load down my throat – I didn’t let go until I got every drop. As his drained cock slipped from my lips, Phil slapped his erect member against my cheek.

“Mmmmmm,” I cooed with delight as I devoured Phil.

Phil appreciated every second of attention I gave his lovely penis. He didn’t last long – within minutes I had another load down my throat.

Of course, John and James wanted blowjobs too. They led me to the living room and sat down on a couch. I got on my knees in front of them and their two beautiful cocks.

I went back and forth between my two well hung friends – a hand or mouth on each cock at all times. John has a particularly impressive set of large low hanging balls. I gently rolled them in my mouth as I stroked James.

“You have such a cute sexy face,” John remarked. “I love seeing your lips on my balls.”

“I want to see my cum on that pretty face,” James exclaimed.

He stood up and stroked himself. I looked up at him and his cock – in awe, as always, of his manhood. He unloaded a stream of cum that hit my forehead, and then rolled down my face onto my lips and chin. James scooped some of the cum off of my cheek with his right middle finger. He stuck his cum coated finger in my mouth, gently fucking my face as I tasted his sweet cum.

This was clearly too much for John. With James finger in my mouth, I felt John’s cum splatter onto my left cheek. It ran down my cheek onto my neck and chest.

I was a cum covered mess, but glowing with pride. I’ve had many slutty days in my life, never anything like this. I’ve sucked and swallowed and fucked at many a sex club, bathhouse, and porno theatre. But never have I had loads in my ass, mouth, and face.

“We’re hoping you can stay the night,” John said as he lifted me to my feet. “I might have a few more friends over tomorrow. I’m sure they would love to meet you.”

“I’d love to,” I said, wondering how many more loads the weekend would bring.