Oh, Brother!

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I have always loved the idea of forbidden fantasies. The mere thought of performing something sinful adds a fire to my soul. The pleasure it brings makes me feel all giddy and excited.

And that brings me to the only person, who could make me wet just by looking at me.

Judah Henris. My Brother.

I sighed and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. My D cup breasts bounced freely under the oversized shirt as I wasn’t wearing any bra. Reaching downstairs, I found Judah sitting at the table while scrolling through his phone. And that too shirtless. He was only wearing a pair of short pants. I admired his hard chest and his droolworthy eight abs. Unconsciously, I licked my lips. Then, when my conscience kicked in, I shook my head and went into the kitchen to find food.

Only there was no food.

That dear brother of mine didn’t even make any breakfast. That explains why he was sitting there, scrolling through his phone. I took out the ingredients of waffles and made the batter. I heated the pan and started to make the pancakes. All the while, Judah didn’t even speak a word to me.

Judah was twenty-six years old while I was twenty-three. Our parents died in a car crash sahabet güvenilirmi when I was eighteen. Since then, Judah had been taking care of my expenses by doing small jobs here and there. He loved me but not the way I wanted him to. I decided to seduce him by wearing short revealing clothes. But to my disappointment, I didn’t get any reaction out of him. And the fact that Judah was a man of few words didn’t help.

I hummed a song whilst making the waffles. I twirled my hips a little while humming the song, enjoying the beat that went through my head. And then, suddenly I felt a pair of hands on my waist. What the hell!

“You’re being a naughty girl for quite a while now, Rachel.” Judah whispered in my ear and I shivered from the vibrations I felt as he pressed his hard body against my back. I can feel the hard contours of his body and the abs that I wanted to lick so much.

“What do you mean?” I whispered while trying not to moan at the feeling of his hands rubbing my hips and his nose nuzzling my neck. He didn’t respond.

And then, suddenly I feel my thong getting pushed aside.

“What are you doing?” I hissed at Judah. I was going to turn my sahabet yeni giriş head but he kept a strong grip on my neck which prevented my movements.

And then, I felt his fingers caressing my wet slit. I bit my lip to prevent myself from moaning. He picked up his pace and I couldn’t control the moan that escaped my lips.

“You’re so ready for me, little sis.” He said while nibbling my earlobe and working wonders with his fingers.

He pinched my clit and I jerked upward a little. “Hmm…” I moaned out at the awesome sensation. He pushed three fingers in my pussy and I nearly came undone. He started to pump his digits at a steady pace resulting in my moaning to get loud.

Suddenly, it clicked in my head that Judah was finger fucking me in the kitchen. My fantasy was happening in reality. My brother was sexually attracted to me like I was to him. A familiar intense feeling started in my stomach and my body started to shake vigorously. Judah increased his pace and his movement got rougher. And before I knew it, I squirted on Judah’s hand. Stars entered my vision and I held the kitchen counter to keep myself stable. When Judah had turned off the stove, I sahabet giriş didn’t notice.

“I am going to fuck you now, little sis.” He said in his husky voice while I was recovering from the intense orgasm. I took a second to register his words and before I knew it, Judah slammed into my pussy.

“HOLY SHIT!” I screamed out. His dick tore my pussy into halves. He held my hips in a tight grip that I know for sure would leave bruises. He started to ram into me and I kept moaning. “Harder, Judah harder!” I screamed. The feeling of his big dick in my pussy was so pleasurable. The pain of his ramming was making it more exciting.

Judah pulled my hair and arched my back. “That’s right! Take your brother’s dick like the good little slut you re! You like it, don’t you Rachel? Your brother’s dick in you is making you so wet, right?” He growled in my ear. I kept moaning like the whore, I was. I can feel him reaching his peak as his movements started to turn sloppy.

And then, he released his seed inside me while I milked his cock with my juices.

He pulled his dick and kissed me on my cheek. “Be ready in my room, Rachel. Tonight, I am going to breed you. You will bear my child, little sis.” He whispered seductively. And with that he pulled his pants and went to his room to leave for his work.

The only thing I could mutter was, “Oh, Brother!”


Let me know if you want a story based on this on shot…

Elena Quirky

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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