Oh, Momma

Ball Gag

(All of the characters in this story are over 18 years of age.)


“What’s going on here?”


She walked deliberately into her bedroom. There stood her son in front of her dresser, his shorts at his ankles.

“What are you doing?” She tried to use a tone that was a bit sly and coaxing with a touch of maternal authority. She knew exactly what he was doing, and her heart was pounding like a drum.

“Mom, I can’t tell you. It’s just too…”

She paused and looked at him, her gorgeous specimen of young manhood, back from his second year away at college, robust and fit, and standing half naked in her bedroom.

She tried another tack. “I need to know, sweetheart. Momma just needs to understand. I won’t tell anyone. It will be just between the two of us, I promise.”

“Can I just go, and we’ll forget about it?” He turned to escape out her bedroom door, but she blocked it.

“No, honey, we have to settle this.” She closed the door and walked slowly towards him. “Tell me,” she said and looked into his eyes.

“I was…”

He was masturbating into her underwear.

When he was home last summer, after his fist year at college, she began finding her dirty laundry disturbed from the way she knew she had left it. The circumstances made her suspect her son who seemed to be without a girlfriend for some time. She was very intrigued and she wanted to know what was going on, so she left a pair of her used panties under a t-shirt but on top of the pile in the laundry basket, and told her son that she would be going shopping and he would be alone in the house for several hours. When she came back kaynarca escort that evening she found her panties buried at the bottom of the basket, soaked. The discovery shocked her, but she did nothing, and things continued until he left for school in the fall.

While he was away, the memory of his lust worked on her. Could it be that he really had sexual feelings for his mother? Weren’t his hugs and kisses becoming more ardent in the time before he left? Could it be he loved her not just as a mother, but also as a woman? Would he still feel that way when he came back? As the months passed, her love and desire for her son grew.

On his first day back she, once again, deliberately placed her used panties in the laundry basked before she left for work. That night she had come home to find them soaked in his cum. She smelled it, tasted it and was delirious that her boy was back and that he wanted her. She wanted him, too.

Now, three days after his joyous return and her breathless welcome, all the parts of her plan had fallen into place. She made an excuse about being out of the house for a few hours, but instead she slipped into the guest bedroom down the hall and waited quietly, hoping that he would not be able to resist the temptation.

She was right. Only after a few minutes of her “absence” she heard him go into her bedroom. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard his whispered groans, “Oh, mom. Oh, momma.” She knew it was now or never. She entered her bedroom and saw him, half naked, stroking his cock with her pink panties.

“I was…” he tried to explain.

“Does it give you pleasure to do orhanlı escort what you are doing?” she coaxed.

“Yes.” He was barely audible.

“Do you use my panties often?”

“Whenever I can.” Oh, yes, my darling she thought. Yes, yes, yes!

“Show me.”


“Show me.”


“I want to see.”

She waited.

“Please,” she pushed. “It’s the only way I’ll truly understand.”

He took a deep breath. He brought the panties he was still holding, to his face and inhaled. With his right hand, he began to stroke his cock again. He was slow and tentative, but soon his passion began to build.

“Oh, baby, that’s beautiful. You are so handsome and so sexy,” she said to him in her most sultry voice. “Are you thinking of me, now?” She could barely get the question out.



“Oh, yes momma.”

“Oh, baby! And do you say anything while you’re stroking your cock and thinking of your momma?”

“Oh, momma. Oh, momma,” he groaned in reply.

His passion was building as was hers. She wanted desperately to be closer to him.

“Darling, you might want to use these.” She pushed down her skirt, stepped out of it and slipped off the panties she had been wearing for the past 3 days. She had showered and washed each day, but had never changed her panties. She held them out to him and he took them, their eyes locked the whole time. The panties were black and lacy, and damp.

“Oh, mom,” he whispered. As he brought them to his face and inhaled, she recalled his own musky smell that she had drawn from his shorts.

“Close your tepeören escort eyes, baby, and let momma help.” She pressed up behind him, slipping her left hand under his shirt to grip his firm, thick peck. With her right hand she took her panties and wrapped their silkiness around her son’s cock. She began to stroke him slowly and firmly.

“Oh, mom.” He leaned back into her, thrusting his hips to help her motion. He gripped her hand on his chest, with which she was now pinching and tugging his nipple. His other hand slipped behind and found his mother’s cunt. It was wet and he pushed his finger inside.

Her strokes were faster and harder. “Come, baby, come for momma.” She said it over and over again, louder each time as her strokes grew more vigorous. Her stokes became violent, and their hold on each other more intense. They both started groaning as their bodies moved in unison.

“Oh, momma!” His body went rigid. She knew it was time, so she stroked hard against the base of his cock and held her hand there firmly. He shot with explosive force through the leg opening of the panties all over her dresser. She stroked him again, and he shot some more. “Oh, momma,” he cried with each blast. “Yes, baby, yes. Come for momma,” she cheered. When the pulses and throbs, and gasps for breath subsided, he leaned back into her warm embrace. He had come all over her dresser, over the mirror, over her jewelry and perfume, some had even splashed back onto the panties that bound them together, mother and son.

“It’s OK, sweetheart,” she soothed him. “Momma loved it. Momma loves you very much. Did you like it, sweetie?”

“Oh, momma, I loved it, too, but….I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything, my love. We have something very special between us, now, yes?”


“Now, let momma clean you up.” And she turned her son around, knelt before him and gently took his cock in her mouth.