Oklahoma Adventure Continued

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When I entered the kitchen Jasmine was hurrying around so that she reminded me of the Tasmanian Devil in the Bugs Bunny cartoons. Clearly breakfast was rush time at Sal’s diner. From the clamor I could hear in the other room, I imagined everyone in town was there for breakfast. As it turned out the whole town and then some came most every morning to support Jasmine. I grabbed an apron from the neat stack on the shelves by the door hoping I could ease her workload.

“Baby, what can I do to help?” I asked in the cheeriest voice I could muster at that hour of the morning.

“Can you fry eggs?” she shouted as she filled little pitchers with fresh cream.

Not waiting for my answer she told me to grab the big bowl of eggs from the refrigerator and fix twelve of them sunny-side up. I found the huge earthenware bowl overflowing with brown eggs. It was clear everyone here supported one another. Jasmine bought local farm products and cooked them to sell to the locals for breakfast. I guessed that most of the economy of the little town was just dollars passed around in a circle. When I turned back toward the stove, Jasmine was headed out the door. It had been a long time but I had earned my college spending money as a short order cook one summer. I figured it was like riding a bike and would come back quickly. Besides how bad could I screw up frying eggs?

I scooped a large blob of lard up and dropped it on the grill. It sizzled and crackled as it melted. As I began to crack the eggs into the hot grease, Jasmine returned to the kitchen and began to fill a row of toasters with slices of white bread. She told me that the home fries were keeping warm in the oven and asked me to set up plates with a mess of taters and two eggs while she checked on the customers. I was thankful to stay in the kitchen and not have to deal with Uncle Billy and the rest of the town’s people. I was not sure how they were going to react to the city man who had spent the night with their Jasmine. By the time she came back I had the food set up on the plates and was buttering the hot toast. My days as a cook came back to me with each new burn I got on my fingers that morning.

When the last breakfast order had been served I began to wash the dishes that had been piling up. By my count at least 50 plates of breakfast had gone out of the kitchen. I didn’t imagine there were more then 20 people in the town. These were good people who were doing what they could to help Jasmine without making her a charity case. I looked around for rubber gloves as the steaming water filled the big wash sink. Finding none I turned to scrapping the grill instead leaving the dishes to soak in the scalding water. Just as I was finishing with the grill, Jasmine came in the kitchen with another pan of dirty dishes.

“Come on honey, go out and sit down. I will bring you some breakfast. We can clean this up in a bit.” She said in a tone that was at once sweet and commanding. “Oh, Uncle Billy needs to talk to you sweetie. Pancakes all right with you? I have a kind of a hankering for them myself.” I told her anything she wanted was fine with me and turned for the door. For some reason she stopped me. I guess the look on my face conveyed my anxiety over talking to Billy. She wrapped her arms around me and held me as she softly kissed my cheek. Then she told me not to worry and that I was welcome to stay as long as I liked or go without any quilt. She also said that anything could be fixed. I smiled at her though my anxiety was not caused by the things she had assumed. I still had no idea how Billy would react to my having slept with his niece or the fact that I planned to keep right on sleeping with her.

I stepped into the dining room and found Billy sitting alone at a table by the door. The table was set for three and I assumed that meant Billy would be joining Jasmine and me for breakfast. He greeted me with a hearty good morning and a genuinely warm smile. My fears melted away as I sat down across from the friendliest man I had ever met. Billy began explaining to me what he thought was wrong with my car. He said that although his son was still working on it he didn’t have much hope they could get it going without bringing in a lot of expensive parts. He said sadly he didn’t think that the old girl was worth the cost and it would only be a temporary fix anyway. Then he did something that I would have found odd coming from any other man but somehow it seemed ok coming from him. He reached across the table and touched my hand as he told me how sorry he was about my car. It was like he was consoling me on the loss of a loved one. I told him that I couldn’t afford bahis siteleri to spend a lot of money anyway. He just nodded and looked sympathetic. I decided that pile of rust out back of Billy’s place was more graveyard to him then junkyard.

“Well, bus only comes through once’t a week and ya missed it yesterday. If ya cain’t wait for the next one, I can run ya over to the highway later where you can catch a ride to someplace with better bus service,” he said. “But, I know Jasmine would be mighty pleased if ya stuck round. Seems she has taken a shine to ya and well if she like ya everybody round here will like ya.”

I told him that I was very fond of Jasmine as well and that I was sure I would enjoy sticking around. He seemed genuinely pleased. He also let me know how special Jasmine was. It wasn’t really a warning. There was certainly no menace in it; just a friendly bit of information about how everyone around felt about Jasmine. Before we could explore the topic further Jasmine came into the room. She had a tray with three plates stacked high with buttermilk pancakes, a platter of bacon and sausage, a pitcher of orange juice and a fresh pot of coffee. She set out the meal and the three of us ate and talked until finally Billy announced that he had work to get to. Jasmine and I also had work to do. When we went in the kitchen I was surprised to find that she had done most of the clean up while fixing our breakfast. So with just a little help from me, Jasmine had the kitchen sparkling like new in less than thirty minutes. When she finished drying the last dish, she turned toward me with what could only be called a lecherous grin.

“Sweety, we have ourselves a couple hours before we have to git ready to serve lunch? How bout a shower?”

The grin told me she meant a shared shower. It had been a long time since I had had the pleasure of a sensual shared washing. I am not even sure I said yes before she explained that she generally stripped off her smelly cooking clothes in the kitchen and threw them right into the wash. Even though I was already hard as a rock a thought of our shared shower, I complied with her routine. I was soon standing in the diner’s kitchen naked as a newborn with my cock at full mast. I waited anxiously while Jasmine stuffed our clothes into her old washing machine. I heard the contraption start up and she came around the corner completely naked. I had of course seen her the night before, but it felt different there in the kitchen with bright lights. She had let her flaming hair down. I followed the curls down to her shoulders with my eyes. I could tell she knew I was looking her over and as she had in the bedroom earlier seemed to delight in my ogling her naked body. She sighed happily and her chest heaved causing her heavy orbs to bounce a bit. I unashamedly stared at her beautiful large tits. Her nipples were so enticingly framed by the large dark circles of her areolas that I had to resist grabbing her and suckling at her tits. My eyes wandered lower to her hairless sex. I am sure I licked my lips as I remembered the sweet taste of her pussy.

“Wow, baby, I cain’t remember a man ever looking at me the way you are now. It makes me feel so sexy and it makes my pussy ache to have your big cock inside it!” She moaned.

Then she surprised me again by sliding her hands down her body to her pussy and using her fingers to part her large pussy lips for me. She was showing me how hot she was by exposing her glistening pink flesh. Her causal attitude about being naked in front of me and her sexuality was both charming and startling to me. She had none of the false modesty of the city women I had known. I was determined from then on to lose my own modesty around her. I made no attempt to hide my obvious arousal. When my gaze left her pussy and I saw her eyes I was flattered by the way she was looking at my cock. She walked the several feet that separated us kissed me softly before taking my throbbing erection in her hand. She caressed my cock as she spoke softly.

“Come on baby, let’s go wash up so I can suck on that pretty cock and take care of my man’s needs.

No woman had ever spoken so sincerely or simply about wanting to give me pleasure. With my ex-wife I had had to beg for the very occasionally blow job she bestowed on me. Now I had a woman telling me that she wanted to take care of my needs. I would have protested that she was not my whore, but it wasn’t like that. I felt she genuinely wanted to pleasure me and somehow knew that she would have her turn. Jasmine walked close behind me up the narrow back stairway. Her larges tits rubbed against me, pressing her nipples into canlı bahis siteleri the flesh of my lower back as she guided me up with her soft hands on my ass cheeks.

She started the shower and adjusted the valves so that the water was comfortably warm. She stood back allowing me to let the warm water flow over my body. When we switched places and she was standing under the flow, she took the bar of sweet smelling soap from the dish and began to lather my chest as I watch the warm water cascade over her breasts. Soon her soft warm soapy hands were roaming all over my upper body. Her sensual touch caused my nipples to harden to little beads. My entire body tingled each time she touched one of my nipples or accidentally brushed her body against my hard cock. After a bit she had me turn around so she could wash my back. Her hands moved in circles staring at my shoulders and slowly working down to my lower back. Her lathered covered hands moved lowered and she began massaging my ass. I moaned deeply despite my attempts to control my rising passion.

I felt my cheeks being parted and her fingers running through my ass crack. Her soapy fingers danced over my puckered anal ring. I had never been one for asshole play, but somehow whatever Jasmine did seemed perfect and consumed my being with pleasure. Her fingers went lower and I instinctively bent slightly and opened my legs wider. As she carefully washed my heavy balls waves of pleasure coursed through my body. My cock jerked about as she fondled my sensitive sack with her delicate, soap-covered fingers.

She knelt and washed my legs. When she reached my feet she once again asked me to turn around. I did so and she began to wash her way back up my legs. My cock danced in anticipation of her touch as her hands massaged my tingling thighs. I gasped when her hands moved to my cock. She was stroking me with soapy hands; cleansing me and pleasuring me at the same time. She moved aside to let the warm water flow over me and rinse away the soap from my body. She kissed my hard wet cock softly before standing up.

I took the bar of soap from her hand. It was my turn to do the washing and I knew where I wanted to start. I ran the lathered covered bar over her voluptuous tits, soaping each one in turn. I used my soapy hands to massage her heavy breasts and her nipples responded to my touch instantly. I tarried washing her tits, using my slippery fingers to roll her hardened nipples for a time before moving on. I slid my hands down her abdomen and then up her sides. She raised her arms allowing me access to her smooth freshly shaven underarms. As my fingers lightly massaged her sensitive flesh I was treated to the most sensual giggle I had ever heard.

I moved closer to her, pressing my cock into her body. I pulled her arms down and continued by washing her shoulders as my lips met hers. She parted her lips and our tongues danced as my soapy hands slid over her shoulders and down her back. Her heaving soap covered tits slid over my flesh as our passion began to boil over. My cock ached to be inside her as I pressed it harder into her warm, wet flesh. I wanted to turn her around and bend her over. An animal-like lust was trying to take over inside me. Resisting the urge to fuck her hard right then I pulled away and dropped to my knees. I urged her to part her legs as I began soaping up her legs. She gave me complete access and I moved my lather covered fingers up her silky thighs. My fingers found her sweet pussy and I gently washed her outer lips. When I parted her labia and slipped my finger into her slit she began to moan softly. I traced circles over her hard clit as I slipped my finger inside her quivering pussy. She leaned back against the tile and her moans grew louder.

I continued to finger her pussy as I listened to her breathing become ragged. I knew she was close to the edge. I wanted to prolong her pleasure so I stopped rubbing her clit and began to fondle her puffy inner cunt lips. Her moans grew even louder, sounding almost desperate. I slipped a second finger into her and curled it a bit seeking that special spot. She screamed as my finger massaged her internal pleasure button. I moved my thumb back to her clit and massaged her inside and out. With my fingers on both her clit and her g-spot she came hard. She practically pushed me to the floor of the shower trying to hold herself up by gripping my shoulders. When the waves of her orgasm subsided I quickly finished washing her and we both rinsed off.

Once we were dried off, she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She kissed me softly and then had me sit on the edge of the bed. She got canlı bahis on her knees between my legs and looked up into my face. Her flaming hair fell back over her shoulders and her big, beautiful tits lightly rubbed against my legs. She began to stroke my cock softly as she spoke.

“Baby, I want to pleasure you like no woman ever has. I know we only met yesterday, but I need to show you how much you already mean to me. For all the world I have always been a lady, but if you want me, I will always be your slut when we are alone like this.”

I was unable to respond. The look in her eyes told me that she did not expect a response. I knew she was sincere and truly wanted to be my wild uninhibited lover as much as I wanted her to be at that moment. No woman had ever made me feel so alive sexually. She smiled at me and lowered her lips to my incredibly hard cock. She kissed my cock head gently and then began to lick up and down my throbbing shaft. Her tongue traced the flare of my glans and the pulsating veins that formed ridges on my aching cock. I somehow resisted the urge to grab her head and force my cock down her throat. My body craved release, but Jasmine clearly desired to give me a long sensual blow-job. I could not do anything to disrupt her plan.

She pushed my legs up exposing me fully. She started kissing, licking and sucking my balls. Though they were clean she bathed them thoroughly with her warm lips and hot pink tongue. She pushed my shaft up toward my belly and moved her mouth lower. She lifted my legs onto her shoulders. Her tongue found that sensitive spot just behind my ball sack. I felt my anus quiver as her warm breath blew through the tiny hairs in my ass crack. I hoped she would not reach up and touch my cock as the tip of her tongue danced over my asshole. I was barely able to maintain control and knew if she touched my shaft while she licked my sensitive pucker I would explode all over my belly. I wanted very badly to cum in her mouth at that point. I reached down and lifted her head gently as I put my feet back on the floor. I was panting and my heart was pounding in my chest. I managed a moan that was barely more than a raspy whisper.

“Please baby, suck me, I need….”

She did not wait for me to finish my request. She grabbed the base of my shaft and held it as her soft full lips engulfed my cock head. Her tongue swirled around my aching cock as she moved her lips up and down the top of my shaft. Her fingers pumped the lower half of my cock using the saliva she drooled on me for lubrication. I was not long before I was screaming and pumping my thick seed into Jasmine’s pretty face. She continued to suck my cum oozing cock until she had coaxed every last drop of cum from my balls.

Then she crawled up onto the bed and held me until my breathing returned to normal and my body stopped shaking. I did not even realize she had been fondling my cock and balls as she held me. To my amazement she had already coaxed another erection by the time I had recovered from the powerful orgasm. I started to speak, but Jasmine stopped me and moaned for me to fuck her.

I moved between her legs and slipped my not quite fully erect cock between the warm folds of her excited sex. Her pussy engulfed me, in folds of hot wet flesh. I began thrusting in and out of her as she encouraged me to fuck her harder. I could not recall ever being inside a wetter cunt and needed little encouragement. The shower and amazing blowjob had me in a state of sexual frenzy that I had never reached before. I began fondling her tits as I fucked her hard and deep. She slid a hand down between us and I could feel her fingers moving against my flesh as I pounded her hot cunt. She was rubbing her clit, while continuing to exhort me to fuck her harder. I do not know how many times she came before I finally exploded inside her convulsing pussy. I was exhausted and we were both bathed in sweat and sex juices. I rolled off of her panting, unable to speak. I lay there wondering if my life would be a series of amazing sexual encounters with Jasmine between serving meals to the locals. Before I could finish my thought, she squealed excitedly.

“Damn, Baby! I got to be gitting downstairs! Folks’ll be wanting lunch!”

I looked over and saw the clock. Our morning quickie had turned into a two-and-a-half hour fuck-a-thon. Before I could respond, Jasmine was already in her bra and panties and slipping on one of her diner uniforms. I told her that I would be right down but needed to pee first. She leaned over me; kissed me and told me lunch was light duty so there was no need for me to hurry. Then she told me where I could find some kitchen whites to wear when I was ready. It seemed her dad and I were about the same size. As soon as she was out the door I jumped up and headed for the bathroom. I am sure that was the best piss I have ever taken.

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