Old Folks, New Strokes? Ch. 01

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Author’s note: The following is a love story between two older people who have been married for many years. It is also the first of several stories leading to their sexual re-birth. I have used several terms in this story which may be unfamiliar to the reader, but they are common to the area in which I live. For that, I apologize, but the reader should be able to translate easily from the context in which they appear.


Tara and Drew had been married for over 35 years. They married immediately after college and their lives followed a fairly normal path. They had children, enjoyed sex, played adult games, and even exchanged partners a couple times with friends when they were younger. Although their life together was uneventful, they were happy.

However, as they approached their mid fifties, things changed. Drew’s diabetes caught up with him three years ago and caused a mild heart attack. He recovered from the attack and the angioplasty that followed, but the diabetes left him physically impotent. Poor circulation to his penis left him cockless. He could not take Viagra because of its effect on his heart and blood pressure. At sixty years old, he felt his fucking life was over.

After his recovery, Tara accepted their situation. She told him that she preferred a live Drew with no sex to a dead Drew and no sex. She loved him and, after all, she was nearly sixty years old. She told herself that sex wasn’t all that important. Sex was enjoyable, but there was more to life.

However, there were times in the past three years, when she was in bed and Drew had already fallen asleep, that some of the memories of her youth came creeping back into her consciousness. There was the time they played strip poker with their best friends Shelly and Stan. How it thrilled her to see a cock other than her husband’s. There was nothing special about Stan’s cock. It was no bigger than Drew’s. It was just that it was some one else’s cock. Or take the time when they were at Shelly and Stan’s house after Drew’s vasectomy. They were drinking wine and reliving his surgery when Tara got up; went over to Stan; pulled out is cock and sucked him off. What made her do that? She didn’t remember. But, it kept popping up in her memory and it gave her a fantastic feeling.

When such thoughts came to her at night, she would run her hand to her pussy, take her clit between her index and middle finger and gently massage them back and forth. She seldom brought herself to orgasm, but the feeling was pleasurable and helped her to relax and fall asleep. No, sex wasn’t important to her any more. That was all past and gone.

“Tara… Tara, did you hear what I said? I asked if you have thought any more about finding a boyfriend.” Since his heart attack, it was a question that Drew had often asked his wife while they were lying in bed. He had tried to convince her that finding a fuck-buddy might be the answer to his impotence. But, he knew what her answer was going to be.

“No dear, I haven’t!” she said. “Don’t be silly!”

It was Tara’s usual response, but Drew could not understand why. He knew she loved him; she showed it in so many ways. But, they hadn’t screwed once since the attack. She must miss it. She was always sexual in the past, so she must have urges now. He certainly did. You just don’t turn it off like a faucet. He thought about fucking all the time. He thought about fucking her. He thought about fucking her friends and co-workers. He thought about fucking his daughter’s friends. If it had a cunt and wore a skirt on two legs, he thought about fucking it. He relived their past escapades and fantasized about new ones all the time. He has loved her more than anything or anyone for nearly 40 years. But, he also loved all women. He just couldn’t fuck any of them. But that shouldn’t stop her.

“I’m not being silly. I think you should seriously consider it as an alternative to our situation. You are still an attractive women. A little bit over weight perhaps, but I know there are plenty of guys our age on this island that would love to get into your pants.”

“HRUMPH! Why don’t you just go to sleep?” She rolled slightly to her left into her normal sleeping position on her back. “Attractive my ass!” she muttered to herself. She closed her eyes, seeking sleep. And, in that twilight zone where she was not quite awake, but not yet asleep, memories flashed.

“Well, so much for an enlightened discussion on that topic,” Drew thought. However, out of the corner of his eye he noticed Tara’s hand moving under the top sheet toward her pussy. He noticed the rhythmic movement of the sheet, but he didn’t move. He just watched silently.

“Do you want to put hour hand in my pants?” she whispered.

He turned slightly toward her and absent-mindedly ran his right hand over her ribs and under her ample, mature breasts. He wasn’t going to do anything. He was going to do what most husbands do in similar situations. He was just going bakırköy escort to give her a half-hearted massage to help her relax and drift off to sleep.

He moved his hand toward her stomach in slow circular movements. He reached her navel and traced his finger in ever decreasing circles around it until his finger was reaming its sides. He took his finger out of her belly button and spread his hand over her stomach just below her navel. Now he had his thumb in her belly button and his ring and little finger under the waistband of her panties. He massaged both areas at the same time.

Tara let out a slow gentle sigh as he slid his whole hand under the waistband and into the curly hair above her pussy. The hair lay close to her skin in tight, matted curls. He ran his fingers randomly through her pubic hair fluffing it up as he went. Once the fluffing was done, he quickly cupped her pussy with his hand and stopped all movement but added pressure to her entire cunt area. As he withdrew his hand upward, he raked the nails of his index and little fingers along the joint of both thighs and her pussy while his middle and ring fingers applied pressure to her slit. The lips of her cunt still protected her puka, but their outer edges squeezed up between his two fingers.

“Ohh, this is what I need. It feels so soothing”, she thought to herself. “Why did he bring up that stupid subject again? Oh! I love his hand there… How many times have I told him that I don’t need another man and I certainly don’t want a boyfriend? Oooo, his nails… there sooo… Why doesn’t he believe me? Why don’t I believe me?” Her mind was beginning to wander.

“Hhhmmmm” escaped from her lips. “Take them off”: she whispered as she raised her hips a couple inches off the bed.

“Do I want to do this?” Drew wondered. “I can easily move my hand away and just roll over.” He paused for a few seconds; then something stirred within him. It was no longer just to soothe and relax her. His male psyche was becoming involved.

He slipped her panties over her okole and pulled them down to her knees. As he stretched his right arm out to completely remove her panties from her legs, Drew’s face came in contact with her pubic hair. His tongue darted out, and began making circles. The tonguing of her pubic hair was random, but they both knew his destination was her clitoris and everything else beyond. At the same time he began to return his right hand toward her pussy in a series of slow massaging strokes to the inside of her right thigh.

Her barely audible sounds were coming more frequently and with a little more intensity. She never was a very vocal person during love making. “How I wished that she would just once scream out “FUCK ME DREW!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!” His tongue and hand met at her clitoris at the same time. He took her clit between his thumb and index finger and gently rubbed them together. At the same time, he lowered his mouth and swabbed a heavy dollop of saliva all over it with his tongue. The faint aroma of her scent stimulated the nerves in his nose and added to his enjoyment.

Her pussy was damp like a light morning dew that had just descended upon an Upcountry meadow. Drew moved his body between her legs and spread them apart. Her pussy lips opened up to reveal a beautiful passage now accessible to his tongue and lips. But first he stared at her hidden treasure. At the head of her moistening slit, her clit extended its tiny head out from the folds of her delicate flesh. It looked like a miniature, uncircumcised cock with its tiny head peeking out from a sheath of protecting skin. It wasn’t very long at this point, but it was easy to find. The lips on either side of her puka were beginning to darken with an influx of oxygen-rich blood. Before long they would take on the exaggerated appearance of a ruffle-edged clam. Drew always loved this kind of clam digging! Her puka was smaller than expected with a tiny droplet of moisture oozing out.

Drew wondered if her small puka was because neither of their children was born through this orifice. Instead, he preferred to think that three years of not fucking was the reason; that it had constricted from a lack of activity. After all, in his prime, he had a six inch cock with a five inch circumference and this particular opening had a regular workout for nearly 40 years. Well, whatever the reason, she looked like a fifty-nine year old virgin.

“Mmmm. Oh! Aaahhh,” she murmured as she moved her left hand to her breast and began a slow circular tracing of her areola. Her hand on her breast grasped her nipple between her thumb and fore finger and began kneading it. “What was it that Drew asked me?” she thought. “Forget about that asshole.” She was concentrating on something more important, more urgent, and more immediate. Her excitement was beginning to rise.

Drew, amused with his thoughts of clam digging, began his assault on her pussy. He stretched out his beşiktaş escort tongue as far as he could. He tried to cover her entire slit with it and to lick her in one stroke from the base of her pussy to her clitoris. He didn’t make it all the way, but Tara didn’t care. She just wanted him to try it again. . . and again. He did, several more times.

He then sucked one of her outer, clam lips into his mouth; tightened his lips around it; and pulled it away from her puka. He repeated this procedure a couple more times. Then with her pussy lip still in his mouth he rubbed his tongue along the entire length of its inner surface. Tara immediately bucked her hips into his face and held it tight against him while his tongue traveled back and forth along the labia.

“Oh! How long is he going to do this? How long can I stand it? Oh, oh, don’t ever stop!” she thought. But he did. As he let her pussy lib slowly slide from between his lips she relaxed her pelvis and thought about Drew’s mouth.

“I just love his mouth. Those lips are so smooth and gentle and when he touches me with them…Ooh! Please touch me!”

As if reading her mind, he nearly ingested the lip on the other side of her pussy. Her hips slammed into him again and drove his nose into her puka. Drew loved her reactions. They made the taste of those delectable lips seem even sweeter than they were. Their velvety smooth texture nearly made him go nuts with desire.

Before his attack, this would be the time when his cock would reach its greatest length and only when he entered her tight puka cunt would he be any stiffer. This would also be time when his precum would be oozing out of his darkening cock head. But that was then, now he wanted her tiny man-in-the-boat. But first, Tara needed his tongue in her pussy and that little puka with its steady dribble of pussy fluid was drawing his tongue toward it like a giant magnet. God, he loved it and wanted that slightly astringent, but ever so savory taste on his tongue and lips. He tentatively inserted the tip of his tongue around the edges of her puka to lap up the little droplets. Then with a thrust as hard as he could muster, he drove his tongue into her pussy as far as he could and wiggled the tip from side to side.

Tara let out a gush of air and a sound that was part guttural groan, part whine, part sob, all mixed up with “YESSSSSSSS!” He didn’t know how she made that combination, but it was sweet music to his nervous system. In fact, was it his imagination or was his cock beginning to stir? He didn’t have enough circulation in his cock to get a ‘woody’, but it was definitely larger. “Maybe there was still hope”, he thought.

Drew made several more quick, hard thrusts and wiggles into Tara’s pussy. He forced his hands under her okole and grabbed her ass cheeks. He squeezed them sharply creating a slight jolt of pain which only added to her pleasurable sensations. At the same time, he set up a slower, softer, more constant shoving of his tongue into her pussy. The squeezing and tonguing became synchronized. Tara’s hips joined the rhythmic motion and it became a three-part symphony of hands, pussy, and tongue all playing together. She always liked his tongue in her and now she awoke from her semi conscience state.

“Oh God, Drew, . . OH! MY! GOD! Drew, that feels so good. Oh yes. Oh, do that. Your tongue. . . Suck my pussy. . . OH! MY! GOD! , YESS!” Suck my pussy!!! Ooooh Yess! Eat my cunt!, Com’on you prick. . . Eat it!”

“Fuck, she must really be excited,” he thought, because Tara rarely ever used such graphic language. Drew loved to hear her talk this way and wished she would do it more often. “Tell me what you want, bitch and I’ll do it,” he shouted to himself, silently.

After a few moments, his tongue began to tire and he moved to another part of her cunt. As he withdrew his tongue from her puka, he enveloped her labia by drawing them up into his mouth again. He alternated between gently chewing her lips with his teeth and swabbing them with his hot, humid tongue and breath. Tara rocketed to the next level of arousal

Drew moved his tongue back toward her anus and teasingly licked the tender flesh between her cunt and ass. Tara was delirious. Her vocalizations were no longer words that he recognized; they were unintelligible . . . more like cooing and whimpering.

Drew was truly enjoying this. He loved eating her pussy. He knew every stage of her arousal and loved the reactions that his tongue and lips could elicit from her. He wanted to see her cum. He lived for that moment. The only thing better than eating her to orgasm was fucking her to orgasm. He couldn’t do that any more but he could eat her tonight.

Drew recognized that the whimpering indicated that she was getting close to cuming. He moved his tongue to her clit and tried to uncover the organ by simultaneously pushing the protective skin back with his lips and drawing the tip deeper beylikdüzü escort into his mouth with a strong sucking action. Her clitoris began to stiffen and protrude. The sheath around the enlarging organ relaxed and exposed more of the tip to his tongue. He sucked it and fluttered the tip of his tongue on the tip of her clit at the same time.

As her clit yielded to his efforts, he slowly inserted his middle finger into Tara’s cunt. She flinched backward as it entered her but let out a low guttural moan and then bore down with her hips and moved in unison with his stroking. Her cunt walls were silky smooth and wet with her secretions. Her cunt muscles enveloped his finger and seemed to be clinging to it. His finger found the area behind her mound and at the same time he rubbed and stoked it. Her puka may be small, but it was more that adequate for his finger. Her fluids increased and he began to insert another finger into her. He got as far as his second knuckle when, “OW, that hurts” she whispered. He immediately removed the second finger but made a mental note to do something about enlarging that puka in the future.

While his finger was working on Tara’s cunt walls, his tongue switched from a light fluttering to a more pronounced flicking of her clit from side to side and up and down. He knew what that it would not take long now.

Tara moved to her right hand to her other breast and began stroking; pulling and pinching .Now both hands were vigorously massaging her breasts. She savored the sensations of her cunt, clitoris, and breasts all being worked at the same time. Her nervous system was building to a crescendo. A few minutes of this and she would not be able to take any more. She placed her hand on Drew’s head and tried to push it away as if she were trying to escape. He resisted. She squirmed. He bore down harder. She whimpered and tried to move her hips away, but his hand gripped her okole cheek tighter; his middle finger increased pressure on the back of her mound; and his lips and tongue held onto her clit.

“I can’t take it. I can’t take it any more” she shouted in a loud whisper.

Drew knew differently. She could take much more and he increased the speed of his tongue. After about two minutes of this, he could tell that she was very, very close. Her pussy was no longer moist. It was wet and her juices were cascading like a flood.

“Stop, I can’t take it. Stop. Please. Please, I can’t do it any more!” Her whispers raised in volume.

Drew immediately stopped flicking her clitoris, but wrapped his lips tightly around it and began to suck it like he was sucking milk from her breasts. He rubbed the tip of her clit with the soft under side of his tongue. At the same time he replaced his finger in her cunt with his thumb. He took his middle finger, still coated with her pussy juice and slowly inserted it into her anus. He drove both his thumb and finger deep into each puka and began to rub her pussy and anus walls together. Tara squeezed her legs tightly against his head.

THAT DID IT! Tara let out a muffled, whispered scream. Drew could feel his balls beginning to tighten and he could feel the familiar tingling in his flaccid cock. If he weren’t for this diabetes, he knew he would have an enormous hard-on right now. However, he was capable of a physical release of his nervous system; he just wasn’t able to do it by fucking. Drew continued his pussy/anus rubbing and increased the pressure of his lips and tongue on her clit.

Tara screamed again. . . silently. Her mouth was wide open. . . Air rushed out once. . twice. . . again. . . But not a sound escaped. Her legs went rigid and tightened even more around his head. It became hard for Drew to breathe, but he would not stop his sucking and rubbing. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably. Slowly the shaking moved up her legs to her torso until her whole body was wracked with hundreds of mini convulsions. The lips of her pussy were engorged with blood. They looked and tasted like dried apricots soaked overnight in sweet, aromatic liquid. Juices flowed out of her pussy in copious amounts. She didn’t squirt, she never did, but she bathed his chin with that fabulous nectar that only she could make.

Her orgasm was so over whelming that Drew experienced his own physical release. It hit him like a flash and for a brief moment he couldn’t move. It was not the same as cumming with his cock buried deep in her pussy and his balls pressed up against her ass. It was not the same as feeling the friction between his cock and the slick walls of her fabulous cunt or feeling her cunt muscles grab his prick and work it like a milkmaid as her orgasm progressed. There was no discharge of any kind, but it was pleasurable and it satisfied him immensely. That didn’t happen every time he ate his wife’s pussy, but tonight, for some unknown reason, it did. Tonight was special.

After a brief time, Drew backed off. His face was covered with her juices. He laid his head on her mons and waited for Tara’s convulsions to subside. After what seemed like an eternity her shaking stopped. Three or four minutes later her breathing became more normal.

Drew had a sheepish grin on his face and a smile in his voice. “Is that what you had in mind?”

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