Old Friends, New Flames Ch. 02

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Thanks for the comments and feedback on Part 1, they are appreciated and once again welcomed here. This is a direct continuation of “Old Friends, New Flames”, so I highly recommend you read the first story so you have the background information for this one. Enjoy!


Michelle and I had resumed our passionate/slightly drunk kissing as she rolled over on top of me. I decided then and there that I loved the feeling of young, firm breasts pressing into my chest, the hard nipples causing chills to run down my spine. I ran my hands down her soft, smooth back to rest on her silk underwear-covered butt before sitting up some and looking at her.

“Can I return the favor now?”

“Do you have any clue what to do?” She always did have a great wit, and right now it just kept causing me to become more and more attracted to her (as if having already gotten my first blowjob from this almost naked girl didn’t do the trick).

“I’m a quick learner!”

“Ok Jack, let’s see what you can do.”

We rolled around so I was on top of her and I started kissing on her neck, my hand moving down to squeeze one of her breasts, rolling the nipple through my fingers as it then traveled down her warm stomach, which was rising and falling with her heavy breathing. I then found my target as I started rubbing her pussy through the damp underwear, eliciting a small moan from Michelle.

“Mmm that feels nice…”

I took that as a good sign since I was basically winging all this, being a virgin who previously only had kissing on the lips as experience. I kissed over her collarbone and down to her breast and took the nipple in my mouth, sucking on it, causing a louder moan to escape her and her back to arch, forcing more of her breast into my mouth.

After staying on Michelle’s breasts for a few minutes I slid down her body as I kissed over her flat stomach and finally reached my destination. I start kissing over her damp underwear; it was a weird mix of tastes in my mouth as the fabric and her juices combined on my lips. I then moved down to kissing her inner thighs and finally sat up, looking back up her body, she was groping her breasts in her hands and had her eyes closed, but upon my removing of my mouth from her mound, she opened them and looked at me with an almost motherly smile.

“You’re doing just fine Jack, keep going!”

“Sorry, I just wanted to look at you, you look so sexy right now.”

I got another grin in Maltepe Escort response and then she laid back and spread her legs more. Taking the hint I reached up and started slowly sliding off her underwear and got them right down to her knees before I had to stop and stare at my first in-person naked pussy. Michelle apparently was a groomer as her’s was neatly trimmed, with very pronounced lips.

With a trembling hand I reached out and placed it on her pussy and just rubbed very slowly, and Michelle let out a low whimper. My hormones then took over as I spread her legs more, got down between them, and very hesitantly licked over the slit, getting a much louder moan in response.

“Jack, quit teasing me and just do it.”

Now feeling a bit like a jackass (it was only later when I had more experience that I thought that she probably liked the teasing, but just needed the release at the time) I spread her lips with my hands and lightly touched my tongue to her pussy. The taste was unlike anything I have ever tasted before, I would try to describe it but I firmly believe you should just go do it for yourself and find out. I then slid my tongue in all the way and started moving it around, causing Michelle to writhe her body in response and her legs to clamp on my head.

Remembering something that I had read on a website (and then saw in explicit detail in a demonstration video), I started trying to spell the alphabet with my tongue while buried inside her pussy. I felt Michelle’s legs squeeze my head even harder and muffled moans reached my ears as her soft thighs blocked out most of the sound. More juices started flowing from her pussy as I remembered another trick from my readings. I pulled my tongue out and saw Michelle look at me with this wild-eyed expression.

“What…why’d you stop?!” She said breathlessly, and it sounded really sexy.

“Just a second…” I moved back down and searched with my eyes for something I had only seen in video, all while listening to Michelle panting as she lay there. Ah ha! I found what looked like a hood, and then saw what I was looking for. I moved down and started licking this button-like thing.

“Oh…oh God…Jack, don’t stop that!” I congratulated myself in my head as I ran my hands up to her breasts and squeezed them, all while continuing my assault on her clit. More whimpering and moaning came from Michelle; along with some words I’d never heard her say before. Hearing Anadolu Yakası Escort them, though, had me rock hard.

“Mmmm, oh Ja…” She couldn’t even finish her sentence as I felt her legs clamp around me and her entire body tense up. Her hands found my wrists as my hands were still on her breasts, and she gripped tightly as she let out one last high-pitched moan and came while I lapped up the juices that flowed from her pussy.

She finally came down from her orgasmic high and let my head go and I slid back up her body, my hard cock pressing into her. Michelle had her eyes closed and was still breathing heavily while I felt her warm chest pressing into me when it would rise up with her breathing. She finally opened her eyes and stared at me, looking a little bit glazed over.

“That…felt so good!” She managed to pant out as her breathing finally started becoming more normal. I looked down at her as I tried to come up with something witty to say in response, but drew a blank. Luckily, my enlarged friend down south was doing something in response as one of Michelle’s hands traced down between us to grab my cock and started lightly stroking. She then looked at me very seriously.

“Jack…I want to do it.” I’m still in shock I didn’t cum right then.

“Wha…you…you mean?…”

Still not breaking eye contact she said in her serious tone, “Yes, I want you to be my first…I know you haven’t done it before either, but…we’ve known each other for so long, and I’d rather my first time be with someone I know and care about rather than some drunk frat boy.”

I was pretty glad I had decided not to join a fraternity back at my college right then. Is she falling for me? I shook myself out of this stupor when I remembered that she had just said she wanted to have sex with me.

“Ok…just promise me this isn’t the alcohol causing any of this, we’re not just having a drunk hookup here are we?” Am I falling for her?

Michelle just wrapped her arms around me, pulled me down closer and kissed me gently before pulling away to look at me. Without saying anything I reached down, grabbed my cock, and started rubbing it against her pussy lips, doing my best to be smooth about this, but fumbling some with nerves, excitement, and who knows what else.

I finally found the opening I was searching for and started slowly pushing in. I thought the blowjob I had received just a little bit ago was heaven, but Ümraniye Escort now I knew that this, this was the most amazing feeling in the world. I pushed just the tip of my cock in and it felt so warm, so tight, so…so right. I looked down at Michelle, who just looked gorgeous beneath me, not saying a word but looking at me, almost willing me to go all the way in.

As I continued slowly pushing in I met a resistance in her, and you didn’t have to tell me what this was. I looked down at her, both of us in absolute silence as we did all the talking with our eyes, the only sound in the room that of our heavy breathing. I pulled out just slightly and then plunged through, eliciting a cry from Michelle as her back arched up into me and her eyes closed.

I stopped for a moment as I sank all the way into her, both of us adjusting to these new sensations. She then put her hands on my shoulders as I started to slowly pump in and out, knowing I wasn’t going to last long. Michelle wrapped her legs around me and started moving her hips to meet my thrusts. I continued to just look at her (I have decided, besides the act itself, nothing is sexier than a woman’s face during sex) as my thrusts got harder and faster. She would let out these sexy little whimpers and moans, biting her lip on occasion as I placed my hands on her hips for balance.

Soon we had an awkward rhythm going to our motions, but being a virgin male in his first time I could feel that familiar feeling down in my balls, the tightening that was the signal that I was about to lose it. Right when I was about to do it Michelle let out a cry and gripped my shoulders hard as (I was shocked this happened) her pussy tightened even more around my throbbing member and I felt a wave of juices flow out of her around my cock. Well, that did it for me as one last, hard thrust into her caused me to grip her hips hard and have the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced as I shot my load into her.

We stayed in that position for what seemed like an eternity, both of us exhaling heavily as we just stared at each other. Finally I pulled out of her with a sticky pop and laid next to her, the cool air coming as quite the shock after being inside that incredibly warm hole. Michelle snuggled up to me and I put an arm around her, casually stroking her arm.

“This isn’t going to change anything is it?”

“Well…we’ll probably have to be sneaky when we’re back home for the summer.”


Hope you enjoyed, not sure if I will continue this or not, mainly intended it to be only a first time story, but if the demand is there I’ll reconsider (only if I can come up with something good). I do have some other stories in the work as well, so stay tuned!