Older, Married and My Boss

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There’s nothing better than fucking a married woman. Nothing. The chase, the struggle to do the right thing and giving in to the wrong thing, the secrets and danger: nothing makes me feel more alive. Whenever I met a married woman at work, at Barnes ork with her again for another two weeks. I befriended her on Facebook. already had her phone number: working in the cafe, we had each other’s numbers in case we needed to have a shift covered, or be called in. I’d never texted her before. One night, after a few beers, when I knew she working (and knew she’d have her phone) I texted the safe text: “What’s up?”

Her reply, a couple minutes later: “Trying to close.”

“Busy tonight?”

“Ugh, I wish. I’m soooooooooooo bored.”

“Who are you working with?”



“We’re almost done. I made him work. I brought my whip ;)”

I felt stirrings. “Are you in black leather?”

“Corset and stiletto boots hahaha.”

I shifted uncomfortably, my insides turning to ice. I struggled to think of something clever to say, but I went blank. So I said one of the things I promised myself I wouldn’t ask: “Did your husband go home with anyone from the party?”

I knew the answer: he hadn’t. But it was a easy way to bring the subject up, the subject of her being a swinger.

“No. But he hooked up with someone he met on tindr after we got home.”

Then another thing I promised I wouldn’t say: “It’s so fucked up you can’t fuck other men.”

“That’s life.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. I opened another beer and downed half of it in one gulp. “Want to play Truth?”

“How do you play that?”

“We ask each other questions and we have to tell the truth.”


I took a moment to think of something tactful to say. “If you could fuck any woman in the store, who would it be?”

“Cassie,” was the prompt reply.

“She’s hot. I’d pick Bridgett.”

“Too skinny. And she’s irritating.”

“Your turn,” I reminded her.

“Would you have sex with an older woman?”

My face burned. “Of course.”

“I wouldn’t hahaha.”

“lol why not?”

“They’re too threatening. I like to be the one with all the wisdom and experience.”

“I bet you have a lot of experience.”

“And no wisdom hahaha.”

“How old are you?”

I had heard rumors, and needed to know. She told me: 40. She was fifteen years older than me. Then she pendik escort texted: “brb”

I texted, “You don’t look it.” She didn’t. She barely looked 30.

I thought carefully how to phrase my next question, and what it would be about: “What’s the craziest sexual thing you’ve done?”

I knew a reply would take a while because the store was closing in ten minutes and the next half hour would be busy. Jared would have left twenty minutes ago, so she had a lot to do on her own. But she was fast.

I was half hard, and I started rubbing it through my jeans. I knew I shouldn’t encourage it. I wasn’t sure what was worse: the fact that she was married, fifteen years older than me, or my boss. Fuck all those things made this even more exciting.

After forty-five minutes, I received: “When I was teaching at Texas Tech, I fucked two of my students in a threesome. Both girls.”

After a moment, I got: “But that’s kinda vanilla. I watched my husband fuck a hermaphrodite once.”

I texted two WOWs. “I think the threesome his crazier because it’s so fucking hot.”

“It was :). What about you?”

I couldn’t get the image of her fucking two girls out of my head. The possible combinations of positions. I got completely hard.

“I haven’t done anything like that. But I once peed on my last girlfriend.”

Here response shocked me: “That’s so awesome! I’ve never met anyone before into golden showers. You win: you’re crazier.”

I stopped trying to censor myself. “This conversation is making me hard.”

“Me, too,” she replied. Then immediately added: “J/k.”

“lol. But seriously, a blowjob sounds really good right now.”

“Oh, I know. It’s been ages since I’ve given one. My husband doesn’t like them from me.”

“Why not? Do you bite?”

“Hahaha, only upon request. He only likes them from men.”

“Well, I’d always like one from you.” I couldn’t believe I wrote that, but I sent it anyway and opened another beer.

“My favorite thing to do is lick the tip slowly, like it was an ice cream cone, until you’d beg me to take all of it in my mouth.”

“I’d shove your head all the way down on it.”

“Until I gagged.”

“Then I’d fuck those big beautiful tits of yours.”

“It’s been so long since someone’s done that.”

I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t stop the flow of every dirty thought I ever had about her. “I’d bend kartal escort you over the counter at work and fuck you and spank your amazing ass.”

“I’d squeal and scream.”

“I’d fuck you with your legs on my shoulders, so I could go very deep, and then pull out and cum all over your tits and stomach.”

“I’d climb on top of you and sit on your cock and grind on you and dig my nails into your shoulders as I fucked you til I screamed.”

“I’m really close to cumming.”

“Me, too. My husband is in the chair next to me and he fell asleep hahaha”

That did it: I came with a loud groan. I shot so hard it hit my shoulder and couch behind me. I told her what happened.

“Hahaha. I’m flattered. I came so hard I had to bite down on my hand. Now I have teeth marks.”

“lol. I have to go clean up.”

“Okay, I’ll see you at work at some point. Have a good night.”

“I’ve already had a good night.”

I hadn’t wanted to end the conversation, but I did look like a Japanese girl in a bukkake porno and I was suddenly very sleepy.


I stayed away from the store until my next shift. Even though I went in every couple of days when I was off to get coffee. I was afraid my presence would make me seem too eager, that she would read it as me trying to fuck her. It wasn’t. Or maybe it was. I don’t know. I just knew I should stay away.

When I did work, she and I only worked for a couple of hours together. I was coming in for a closing shift and she was finishing an opening. She wasn’t in the cafe when I arrived, and I calmly asked Cassie where she was.

“Her office.” She said it with a bitchy tone. “I wish I could spend hours in an office doing work.”

“She probably is doing work.”

We had a few customers and got through them quickly. We had about twenty minutes of down time before a couple more showed up. It was a slow day. There was a lot to do in the cafe though: dishes and restocking. That happens when it’s slow. We’re more apt to talk and fuck around.

After what felt like an appropriate amount of time, I told Cassie I had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t need to, but I went anyway. Then I went to receiving. It’s where the manager’s offices were. No one was in receiving nor the main manager’s office. The door to her office was closed and I knocked gently. She opened the door. She waved me in. She was on a conference maltepe escort call; she hit a button turning off the mic.

“Conference call,” she said. “With all the cafe managers in the district.”

“I don’t care.” I took her by the waist and kissed her hard. Her mouth opened eagerly and I felt her teeth against my lips. I took her ass in both hands and squeezed and she squeaked and I felt her mouth smile under mine.

She was wearing a lowcut black dress. I grabbed the front of it, as well as her bra underneath, and pulled it down, making her tits pop out. I held them in both hands and pinched the nipples as she worked opening my fly. When she had me unbuttoned and unzipped, she had her hand down my shorts and wrapped around my cock. She stroked me gently, unlike any other girl I’d been with. She didn’t jerk it hard or squeeze it until I thought it would explode. She was delicate and eager, as if barely able to hold in need of it.

I spun her around, and pushed her over her desk. She stared down at the phone, her conference call still going, as I lifted her dress, pulled down her tights and underwear, and with effort pushed myself inside her. I fucked her hard and she was so tight and she moaned, grabbing my shirt as if desperate to pull me in deeper. I thought about her fucking asshole husband and how sweet it would be to fuck her in front of him. And how great to fuck her in front of customers, in front of the other managers.

Then it was just great to think about the fact that I was fucking her. That it was amazing to be inside her and hear how much she was enjoying it.

She pulled her skirt up and shoved some of it in her mouth, and bit down hard as she came. When I was ready to cum, I warned her.

“Go, go,” she gasped.

Grabbing her, I fucked her fast and hard and came gallons. I pulled out gently, she whimpering as I did.

We fixed our clothes, both of us panting and smiling and laughing.

“I’m going to go home like this,” she said, “with you dripping out of me.”

“I’m going to stay like this, so I smell like you all night.”

“You better get back, you slut,” she said.

I pulled her to me roughly and kissed her again. I opened the door and the main manager was standing there, looking pissed off.

“Didn’t you hear me knocking?”

It didn’t go so well after that. We both received formal written reprimands, with the warning that if something like this happened again we would be fired. If we carried on any kind of relationship outside work, we would be fired.

Everyone in the store found out. And everyone thought we were crazy and awesome.

But that didn’t end the story. Actually, it was just the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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