Oligarchs Ch. 01.5


[[I pulled this section out of the first Oligarchs story and altered it around that decision. In this deleted scene, Edith does get to see her mother before she goes to Hawai’i and thus knows exactly why Drew looks sick. One does not need to have read the first story to understand this one however.]]

Edith got to her mother’s room and found a silver plated serving tray with an unopened bottle of un-chilled champagne and two glasses. Edith ignored its possible meanings and proceeded to the door regardless. Polite behavior in her family dictated that no information, no matter how much of an emergency short of fire, was enough to barge into someone’s bedroom. She learned that lesson when she was just nine and caught her father Stanislov getting fucked by Constance with, what she later learned, a strap on. It did not matter this time however because, like Maria’s, this one was locked. She walked back toward her room but turned around when she realized that this conspiracy between Henri and Maria was not an emergency short of fire—it was worse. It would destroy her married future while flames would simply make insurance premiums rise. Having luck with side rooms not fifteen minutes ago, she opened the servant’s door to the bathroom and found the blonde Donna sitting on her right hip staring through a crack in the door to Constance’s bedroom. The caught woman’s eyes and mouth opened wide and she shook her head as if to say what Edith saw was not what it looked like. Edith was no fool and knew Donna was spying but Edith was curious first and furious second so she walked quietly to the crack giving causing so much interest. A quiet gasp escaped her mouth but she covered it with her hand as if to force the utterance back into her mouth.

Atop a narrow and clearly sturdy coffee table laid Edith’s attractive young tour guide Drew but his clothes were folded neatly in pile near his feet, his mouth had a large red ball gag in it, and his hands were handcuffed underneath the table which clearly had been moved from the nest of sofas five yards farther away from Edith and Donna. The onlookers saw his right side which pointed his head to the locked door where no help would come for him as he writhed weakly and screamed quietly into the ball gag. Edith was glad he had such broad shoulders otherwise the position would hurt much sooner. Before she could guess how long he was like that, her mother emerged from out of view. She wore a corset with garters, no panties to cover her jungle of gray and brown bush, and stockings so her large hips made her fifty year old ass jiggle with each step but her legs remain contained. Edith simply looked on in shock but Donna’s breath became deeply nasal and a bit audible.

The corseted Constance approached the helpless male and tickled him slightly as she rubbed a finger across his tight stomach and well toned chest. The handsome specimen was in no way a muscly man but quite fit and he seemed he could retain that the rest of his life with little effort.

“You know Drew…” began Constance in a scratchy British accent from decades of smoking and absence from her homeland “…I think I’m going to like having you whenever I please.” Drew seemed to plead and made make more noise under his gag but her nearly naked body concealed that part of him from the two women. “Of course that doesn’t mean I’ll be over a lot. Certainly more than once a year now that my daughter will with that handsome Yevgeny Fillmore…” she accentuated her words by spreading her hands over his chest and gripping his breast. “Oh why do you bother to scream?”she plead annoyed as she released him from her grip and looked down at him as she walked in circles.

“No one will do anything. My daughter will own you my good sir and she can tell you to do whatever she pleases. She’s a good girl so you can’t fuck her…you naughty boy…” she lightly grasped his petrified limp penis “…she’ll never cheat on her husband. She hasn’t even had sex yet and most women find a way around that by her age…but that doesn’t mean she isn’t clever enough though—she has convictions!” she grasped his scrotum and shrunken penis and Drew made a pitiful scream.

Edith knew her mother was right. She could have lost her virginity ages ago and not wait until 25. And she did have convictions. She was active in the Russian Orthodox church and while she was not entirely sure who God was or how he or she should be worshipped, the institutionalization of morals was an excellent way to keep people in line. Those convictions told her what her mother was doing was wrong. She nearly opened the bathroom door to stop the forced…whatever…and tell her mother the important news…

“Your family owes the Fillmores so much you’ll be here ’til you’re fifty even if they don’t cheat you you little commoner.”

…that was of course until she heard that. Edith hated debtors. Modern business nearly requires one to spend money one does not have but people who borrowed from billionaires were the chronically in debt. She seemed to recall a United States Escort Bayan Supreme Court decision that stated the thirteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which barred slavery, involuntary and indentured servitude, did not apply to debtors who did not sign indentured contracts. She guessed Drew or his family were just such people. Her hand grasped the doorway and gripped it tightly in anger.

“Make him understand Mom…” she whispered coldly. Constance released the man’s package and walked around him again as she spoke.

“Tell me Drew, do you think I’m attractive?” She traced one finger down sagging breasts’ cleavage. Tired of hearing his own muffled words perhaps, Drew did not reply. Constance’s face scrunched and she slapped him angrily and only then did he respond with the muffled words she wanted.

“That’s better…” For all she knew, Drew was calling her a “saggy assed whore.” Quite suddenly, Constance swung her leg over the naked man’s stomach and placed her hands upon his broad shoulders. It was quite low to the ground so her knees still bent and she could rest her weight upon the vulnerable man. His eyes moved back and forth from her pussy whose hair coarsely rubbed against his bare stomach and the eyes which carried such naked aggression. With great delicacy, she lifted his head and unstrapped the ball gag from the poor man’s mouth. He thanked her politely and stretched his jaw but was welcomed by a few loud bone cracks.

“You do one thing I don’t tell you to do, this stays on all night with you sleeping like this.” She did not even ask him to agree. Edith heard of this kind of sex play but Drew seemed to be in genuine fear of her mother. Her hips moved closer and Drew’s nostrils filled with the musk she secreted onto his chest like a wild animal marking its territory. He hated licking pussy and he hated bartending for rich folks but he needed to pay off his family’s debt any way he could and this seemed the best course. But he had not signed up for this! Quickly it was at his mouth and she held up his head to press it against her aching snatch. He tried to remember his old tricks from High School but the only thing that came to mind was to lick the alphabet. He dove right in, not going for the clitoris though, he remembered that part very well, and sloppily licked the older woman’s folds.

Constance had not had sex with anyone for over three years. Stanislov had gone impotent and refused to take erectile dysfunction medication because he “didn’t have a problem.” So while this young man clearly sucked her juices to the boring and predictable alphabet song it was still the best thing she had had in years; and besides, the hum accentuated the whole act when he neared her clitoris for the As, Gs, Is, Js, Ls, Os, Ss, Ts, and Ws. His unpleased silence otherwise magnified the deep pleasure she received and when Constance neared orgasm after a dozen minutes of this forced cunnilingus, she moaned and even screamed.

Constance and Stanislov had practiced bondage and submission before but it all felt so silly. Rape fantasies were only fantasies and her husband was not the type to be tied up and left for her pleasure—he was far too busy for that. Drew was an opportunity to genuinely rape someone without legal ramifications. Unfortunatley being a woman, she could not force a genuinely scared man, not a role player who longed for punishment and “rape,”to fuck her so she was confined to cunnilingus as far as submissive things he could do to her but there were other submissive acts she had in mind.

As she squeezed his head against her even harder and his tongue worked quicker, she neared the point of no return but quickly lept backwards onto his stomach to avoid a pleasurable orgasm. Drew’s sweaty head collapsed from exhaustion and surprise against the table and, his breathing deep with a quick tempo, compensated for the lost air. She too was sweaty and flush but she waited until her clitoris was not so close to orgasm before she dared move again. This afternoon was going to be long and she would ride out one cum as long as possible.

“I need to use the loo…” Edith and Donna gasped suddenly and nearly ran out the exit door but Constance did not come near the bathroom. Instead she stayed atop him and brought her snatch to Drew’s panicked face once again.

“Lick off my juice,” she commanded and Drew obeyed. He moved each slimy repulsive lip of the old woman’s pussy and searched for the bitter white mucus her menopausal body produced very little of. Without warning, she grabbed his head once again and slammed it into her cunt. But instead of giving him room to wiggle his tongue around, she clasped it tightly against her. He felt the muscles in her stomach relax and a slight sigh come from her throat as an unseen stream of hot urine hit the back of his throat and caused him to gag. Straining his neck, he escaped her stream and turned his mouth to the side where he spit the sickly yellow liquid onto the floor. She grunted loudly from the sting to stop the stream Bayan Escort from being wasted against his chin.

“We’re doing this again!” she screamed as she smacked him repeatedly. “You had better not give anything more for your maids to clean up or so help me!” she snapped.

“But Mrs. Zamyatin, it hit my gag reflex!” he pleaded.

“Then I guess I’ll just have to aim for your tongue so you can taste it better.” With that she brought his mouth to her piss hole, again Drew felt her muscles relax but this time she moaned with greater relief and the piss reentered on his tongue. It curled his tongue because of the foul taste and he wished to swallow his tongue to escape tasting it further; it took great effort of mind to swallow the urine that caused the revulsion. Unlike men, women’s piss does not come in a steady stream; A rifle with conventional bullets versus buckshot. That meant his mouth filled with more piss quickly; his cheeks expanded, his tongue depressed, and he stopped breathing—anything to get the foul liquid out of his mouth and avoid her painful slaps but this meant only swallowing. His quick grudging swallows could not keep pace and a pool rippled deeply in his mouth as the gusher shot and bubbled into it. Luckily her tight seal onto her pussy provided a stopper so even as the piss rose above his bottom lip, it did not overflow. A few sputtering sprays signaled its end and she let his head drop against the table. His cheeks were still filled with her bitter piss and he quickly tried to swallow it not to anger her. She pinched his nose.

“Hold it in you poor piece of shit,” she said maliciously. This was truly no game. Drew was suffering humiliation from a total stranger and, as his shriveled cock showed, in no way enjoying it. “Hold it…” she said encouragingly. He writhed his body in vain as if it would conserve precious oxygen and just as he was going to spit out the urine and damn the consequences, she released his nose. He quickly breathed through his flared nostrils but some piss piggy backed along with the air entering his lungs and he was sent into a furious coughing fit which spat the remaining piss into the air, onto his face, and the floor. Constance was furious and smacked coughing man with the back of her hand as he desperately struggled for breath and the removal of her poison.

“So that’s how you treat your superiors, huh? Well I’m not done with you yet…” she added menacingly. She turned herself around until her wide ass was directly at his chin. It was as hairy as her pussy, smelled far worse, and because the table he lied on was so low, she could sit down on his chest until it pointed right at him. To Edith and Donna it appeared as if his chest were a low chair that made her knees bend at an acute angle. “Be my toilet paper!” she commanded. Drew turned his head as far from the crack as he could and Constance quickly turned her head and glared. She lifted her ass into the air and forcefully dropped it onto his face. Again Drew was deprived of air as her smelly ass and cunt filled his lungs whenever he could get a quick breath. His mouth reeked of urine but it was the only way he could get as much air as possible without tasting it. Stretching his jaw to reach beyond her wide ass, he got some air but Constance pressed harder onto it and he shrieked painfully into her muffling flesh. Desperate for more, he gave up and breathed through his nose but the foul smell of the old woman’s sewer holes and her tickling hair took him into a coughing fit again; her tight seal upon his face forced him to cough in a near vacuum. Learning his lesson from earlier, he stopped resisting her and shouted “Mercy!” into her flesh between coughs; she eventually lifted it enough so he could breathe but still not escape her pungent asshole.

“Lick my ass or we’ll have to do that smothering again,” she said looking away from him as she grasped his penis which had shrunk like a frightened turtle, “and I know you don’t like that.” Drew could not agree more but the foulness of what she was asking him to do made him consider, however briefly, the merits refusal and suffocation. But when he thought about his debt ridden family, he swallowed his pride and no matter how hard he tried, not his tongue and licked between her anus and pussy. It was relatively hair free and least likely to hold any surprises.

“Mmmmm…” Constance softly sighed. He swirled his tongue, dragging the soft flesh with it but it must have been for a few seconds longer than she wanted for she slammed her ass crack over around his mouth and nose so all his breathing existed there. His arms vainly struggled under the coffee table and his legs kicked so violently that he did not feel muscle contractions in her abdomen. As he struggled for air, any air at all, she released a long wet fart that filled his lungs with his struggling breath and he shook his head to release himself from his foul smelling anal prison. She eventually raised herself yet again and gave him another chance to catch his breath but her ass Escort rested at his chest, wet with his saliva.

“Now do the hole…” was all she said as it came back down over his mouth. He again stuck his stuck his tongue out and licked around her small asshole. “Stick it in like you’re licking my cunt you wanker.”

Drew complied and, after a few attempts, penetrated his tongue into her rectum.

“Oooh, that’s nice….” she sighed as his tongue swirled inside her. At this point he did not care what his tongue was touching as long as he did not have to bring it back into his mouth so he went for it and faked, as best he could, the actions of a willing partner. Again Constance’s muscles tightened but this time he noticed it. He steeled himself to survive a fart into his mouth but this was quickly dispelled as her grunts became louder, her muscles stayed taught, and his tongue felt a firm, sharp object slowly coming to him. Her puckered anus stretched nearly an inch toward him with slurpy noises as a hard brown log of shit came from her bowels and poked its head out.

“Eat it!” was all Constance shouted. Though hesitant of course, Drew thought again of his family and bit the bullet. The shit was nearly two inches in diameter but only three inches stuck out without tapering so he assumed he had far more shit to go. Biting down right at her anus, he dropped his head back against the table and at first treated the warm load as he would hot food, delicately rolling it side to side to keep it from burning his tongue. He finally bit down on the wet shit but it did not break into pieces. It spread like a large piece of gum, pinched to almost nothing in the middle but thick on his tongue and his cheek before they dropped in their respective places. Chewing it, he paused every few bites to breathe through his mouth so he would not taste the foul waste nearly as much but Constance had other plans.

“Bring your head back to my ass and eat my shit!” she commanded. Drew looked and indeed there was more and it seemed to be tapering—ready to drop. “If that shit lands on your chest and not in your mouth, so help me!” The shit already in his mouth was too stuck together for him to swallow without fear of choking so he again opened his mouth in hopes of merely holding it in there. He bit the new shit into his mouth. It was longer than the first and stuck an inch out of his mouth right under his nose. His mouth was so full of shit he had to breathe through his nose, now making him taste it from within, and smell it from both her bowels and the excess sticking out his mouth. He nearly wretched as his first shit laced inhalation brought already swallowed shitty saliva and acid up his esophagus. “Now chew!” And he did. His jaw quivered, his mouth grimaced, his eyes teared with shame, but he chewed on. Bite after bite broke the brown shit logs into manageable chunks and his saliva mixed with it until it was liquid enough for his throat to handle it. After two minutes, the foul shit-berg that stuck out his mouth was completely in. Three minutes later, his pathetic whimpers were heard by Constance who had her ass inches from his face but kept her gaze upon him the entire time.

Finally he swallowed it all and his mouth was free from her oppressive shit but not the odor. The piss and shit was too vile to inhale and he desperately wished he could spit out his tainted saliva but he had a feeling Constance would not like that. Smiling, Constance lowered her ass to his mouth once again. “Lick!”

Drew reluctantly complied and swirled his tongue around her loosened anus. Now that his tongue was shittier than her crack, it was far easier but still disgusting. But it was when he stuck his tongue into her anus and he felt her contractions yet again that he felt another piece of shit coming. This time had could not prepare quickly enough and a lighter brown soft sticky viscous log launched into his mouth; when it struck the back of his mouth, it stiffly bent and made for the back of his throat to his gag reflex. At first he attempted to chew and swallow as he had before but it was simply coming too fast. Simply pressing the soft shit against his upper pallet, he flattened it and cautiously swallowed as inch after inch came and curled within his mouth. Just before the shit coming out his mouth neared the falling point it stopped, and Constance gave a contented sigh of relief. Drew did likewise but he knew he had plenty more to go.

Constance turned herself around to face him but kept her ass merely inches from his shit chewing mouth. “Look at you…” she said with a disgusted sneer. “You’re eating someone else’s waste! Only sick fucks like that. Do you like that!?” She knew he could not answer but she could not help herself but to demand unreasonable things from him. She pushed her palm against the exposed shit and clamped it down tightly. He struggled underneath her as the compacted shit neared his gag reflex and threatened to choke him. With audible pats, she tape the shit as if she were molding it while he slowly chewed. Suddenly her face scrunched and she turned to face away from him yet again and released a splattering wet fart onto his face and into his lungs through his nose. He nearly coughed since, deprived of his mouth again, he breathed entirely through his nose.