On Patrol

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It’s a warm summer afternoon…I’m driving down a long road in the country in my new shiny, black, fast, kick ass convertible Boxster – bumping jams and enjoying life. It’s a gorgeous day and I am taking in all the smells of such a perfect day, fresh air, blooming flowers and my own sweet perfume. As I drive along, my mind wanders to the time of my youth, hanging out, having fun, and living fast without a care in the world – always wishing for a car like this.

I am deep in my thoughts and before I know it, I am doing 75 mph on a 45 mph road. As I notice my speed and begin to slow down, I hear that dreaded sound…sirens. Shit, just my luck, I think as I pull over. I look in my rear view mirror and see a motorcycle unit with lights flashing, red and blue-red and blue. I watch as the officer removes his helmet then dismounts his Harley, and begins the walk to my car.

When he reaches me he says, “Hello, do you know why I pulled you over?” Of course my immediate reaction is to get defensive and mouth off, but when I look up at him, my defiance leaves me immediately. I’m left virtually speechless as I gaze into his big brown eyes. They are beautiful and draw me into him instantly. My mind starts to wander where it shouldn’t as I eye this fine law-enforcing official. His lips are full and look so soft, he’s very tall, he’s got massive arms, and big hands. My God, this man is gorgeous.

He smiles, rather devilishly, as if he knows my thoughts and snaps me back to his attention as he asks another question; “Are you all right?”

“Uh, yes, Officer, you just caught me off guard. I, uh, was just thinking, and, um…hmm. What was the question again?”

“Ma’am, why don’t you step out of the vehicle?”

“I, I, I… is that really necessary Officer? I’m fine, I, I, I.” is all I mange to say. Christ, I am stuttering, he must think I’m a moron. “Please exit the vehicle,” he says as he opens my door. Upset, I get out.

“What’s the problem Officer?” I growl at him. “Do you realize how fast you were going?”

“Why no” I say, very innocently. “You were doing 95 mph in a 45 mph zone.”

“What??!! I was only doing 75, you…” Shit, what a dumb ass I am, number one rule when pulled over…keep your flaps shut! I gain my composure with the quickness and smile my sweetest most loving smile, “I mean…REALLY?? That fast??” Too late, cops are smarter than we give them credit for. My little slip up was not anadolu yakası escort missed by this one!

“Well, looks like we have a problem here, now don’t we?” FUCK!! Ok girl, turn on that charm, don’t need another point on your record. “Well, it doesn’t have to be a problem Officer,” I say with my very best eye fluttering, head tilting, breasts pushed forward, finger in the mouth move!!

“Turn around please” he commands me. “What? Why?” I squeal. “You heard me, turn around, place your hands on the trunk of the vehicle.” I stare at him in disbelief, he’s got to be joking me, no fucking way…no way, he can’t be serious. “I am only going to say it one more time, turn around please.” I do so, hesitantly.

“Are you armed ma’am” he asks me. I shout “No, what the hell kind of question is that?”

“Then you don’t mind if I search you?” he asks. “Officer, I am wearing 2 pieces of clothing, this dress and my panties. Where could I possibly hide anything???” Before I can say another word, he begins to pat me down, err up.

“Spread your legs” he instructs me. He starts at my ankles and runs his hands slowly and gently up my legs. This takes longer than I think it should, but fuck if it doesn’t feel good, so I don’t protest. He gets up to my thighs and continues to rub me more than “pat” me. His hands are so soft, his fingers long and steady. He touches every inch of my thighs, my nipples start to get hard. He tells me to stand up straight and put my arms on my head, then proceeds to touch, or rather caress my arms – again, it’s slow and gentle. Is he doing this on purpose? Why does this feel so good? I shouldn’t be getting turned on…

He makes his way to my clothed areas; he inspects from the back of my neck to the top of my ass, each movement gets me hotter, wetter. Shit, I can’t be enjoying this can I? Finally he moves his hands to the front of my dress and cups each of my breasts. His hands are warm, and tender. My nipples get harder and of course he notices, but just keeps “searching” for a weapon. I don’t mean too, but I let out a soft moan. When I do, he slips his hands into my dress and plays with my nipples. I’m immobilized; I can’t do anything but take it.

He whispers for me to put my hands back on my vehicle, and I do so. He lifts up the back of my dress and sees my bare ass. “I thought you said you were wearing panties ma’am” ataşehir escort he asks me in a low voice. “I lied” I managed to say, breathing a little heavy. He pushes his body into mine, leans down and speaks directly into my ear, and I feel his hardness pressed into my ass, “Are you concealing any weapons?”

“The only thing I’m concealing is my throbbing clitoris,” I say seductively.

At that, he takes his hand to my pussy, only to find out I’m not lying this time. With his fingers he touches my clit, rubbing it and flicking it until he feels my pussy muscles tense up…then he stops. I was about to ask why when he placed his hand over my mouth. He then takes my hands and handcuffs them together in front of me. He pulls my hair so that I am resting against his chest and holds me there while his tongue explores my neck…finding that spot on the back of my neck that makes me his.

He turns me around slowly to face him. He moves his mouth close to mine, letting me know who’s in charge by the look in his eyes. I try to speak, but before I can, he guides me down to my knees. He steps into the circle of my handcuffed embrace, and releases his dick – it appears to be pointing directly at my mouth. What else can I do?

I take his hard dick into my mouth. My arms wrapped around his waist I begin the slow decent down his shaft. I take every inch of this mans dick into my mouth, slowly back up and then down again. I suck at the head like it’s a lollipop, tasting his love juice as it creeps out. I lick and suck at his large dick for what seems like an hour, caressing it with my tongue, nibbling, blowing, and sucking. My pussy getting wetter with each groan that escapes from his perfect lips. He grabs the back of my head and forces his hardness deep into my mouth. With all of him in my mouth I nearly swallow the head, he releases his hold, removes himself from within my arms and stands me up.

He flips me back around and I am facing the rear of my car again. He grabs my ass hard, and as I begin to moan, he pushes me down to the car and spreads my legs apart, wide apart. Then I feel it, his hard dick, pressing on my wet hole. My hole is so tight; it takes him a few thrusts before he can break through. I roar with delight. I can’t believe what is happening, this fine man is fucking me, good and hard and all I can do is take it. He feels thick and solid inside me, fighting ümraniye escort my tightness. Each thrust making my pussy wetter. He pulls out and again pulls me up to him by my hair.

He leads me to the hood of my Boxster and lays me out. He spreads my legs and licks me from my ankle up to my calf, then up my thigh to my wet pussy. He pushes my dress up and licks my stomach up to my breasts. He teases each nipple with his tongue and fingers, then licks his way back down to my pussy. He takes my clit into his mouth and rolls it over his tongue. While my clit is in his mouth, he inserts two fingers into my pussy. I moan and squirm with intense pleasure. He works magic on my pussy and clit. My hands still handcuffed, all I can do is enjoy the ride. He flicks my clit with his tongue and pinches it with his fingers and each flick and each pinch bring me closer and closer to orgasm. Finally I can’t hold it, and I come – HARD. He is keen to this and doesn’t let up on my pulsating clitoris. He keeps at it, bringing about orgasm after orgasm.

My body, completely spent, is shaking. He pulls me up, and kisses me with his tongue that is covered in my juices. He then lifts me into his arms and carries me to his Harley, kissing me smoothly the entire way.

I am right about his lips, they are soft, and sweet and warm. He sets me down on his bike and continues to kiss me, as we face each other on this powerful machine. He lays me down so that my back is on the gas tank and pulls out the handcuff key. He repositions my hands so that they are around the handlebars and secures me there, then slips the key back into his pocket. I am completely helpless, chained to the Harley…it’s a fantasy come true.

He lifts my dress, exposing my pussy once again, and in one graceful move enters me. I lift my legs and wrap them around his waist to ease in his dicks placement within my wet walls. He leans forward and grabs the handlebars, so he can thrust into me with full force, and he works me out.

The power in his hips sends waves of ecstasy throughout my body. He gives it to me, good, deep and hard. In and out, his hard dick makes my pussy cream, again and again. He moves faster, and harder, all the while I scream at the pleasure he is giving me. The sweat from his brow falls on my bare breasts, I always liked that! The sex grows more intense, he slides into my pussy with a mission, it’s his turn to come. He fucks me like nobody’s business, ramming my pussy with his hard dick, over and over, in and out and in and in and in and out and in. I feel his dick swell, I know he’s about to come. He grabs my hair and rams up in me one final, hard, pounding time. My back arches, my legs tighten around him, holding him into me as he explodes deep into my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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