On the Beach with Daddy


Each summer my husband and I partake on a 2 week long exploration of nude beaches in Jamaica. I love watching men and women in their most natural form, and I do enjoy it most when some men have unpredicted reactions on seeing my nude form. I must say though I do pose a striking form as I am a 22 year old, buxom 36dd pear shaped, red curly haired married libertine woman, and I love to show off my breasts and trimmed pussy.

The first time I attended a nude beach was when I was 18 years old. That year I also discovered I was strangely attracted to members of my family.

On a Saturday morning at the breakfast table, my father announced that we were heading to the beach. I was delighted at having the opportunity to showing off my body to everyone in my new skimpy bikinis. I quickly headed to my room to change into my wicked weasel bikini. As I entered my room, I saw my brother lying on my bed with a pair of my panties on his nose and a hand on a beautiful uncut cock. His penis was slightly curved, not very big but I noticed he was also shaved. A deep musky sweet odor permeated the whole room. He was gently rubbing its head with his thumb, letting the precum leak over his hand. He looked up at me and in surprise, pulled his underwear back under his ass covering his quivering penis and said in a whimper:

“Please Nancy don’t tell Mom. Last time she caught me doing this she whipped me on my balls with a wooden spoon. I was hurting for days!”

Surprised at hearing that this wasn’t the first time he was enjoying my pussy smell and at what my mother was doing to him when she caught him. I replied:

“It’s ok Robert, here you can have these, they smell stronger I wore them all night!”

I smiled at him as I pulled off my white lace panties and threw them at the bed, running my left hand over my landing strip and caressing my pubic hairs. While he looked at me dumbfounded, I slowly turned towards my dresser and leaned forward, parting my legs slightly and feeling the air caressing my opening pussy lips. I looked over my shoulder and said with a grin:

“You don’t mind do you, I have to change in my bathing suit, we’re going to the beach.”

I was busy looking for my wicked weasel fishnet black halter bikini, when I felt two hands gently grab my ass cheeks and a nose sniffing my parted pussy lips. I truly adored the sensation, when a wet pointed tongue parted my lips licking my slit from my erected clit to my quivering asshole. A shiver of pure ecstasy reminded me it was my brother licking my pussy, I jerked upright, and trapping his nose is my ass crack and yelled over my shoulder:

“Get off Robert; you have my panties, now go get ready we’re leaving in a few minutes!”

Embarrassed he promptly left my room with my panties in hand. Before he closed the door, I noticed my mother was watching us from the hallway. She had a hand inside her panties and another rubbing her breasts over her camisole top. I hear him yelp in surprise when he saw her, then he ran into his room shutting the door. My mother quickly followed him.

Finding my black fishnet wicked weasel bikini, I promptly put on the string bottoms, and adjusted the triangle top over my breasts, my aroused nipples poking through the fishnet fabric. I truly looked tuzla eve gelen escort like a horny slut, satisfied by my look, I put on my white cotton tube dress and running shoes and headed outside to the car.

My father was already in the driver’s seat, I decided to sit next to him in the passenger seat, my mother and brother sat in the back. While my father was driving, I slowly hiked up my tube dress, so that my fishnet covered pussy mound was clearly visible from the driver’s seat. I noticed my dad glance at my lap a few times, I closed my eyes remembering the feeling of my brother’s tongue on my pussy and imagining my father licking me. I was surprised to feel a hand caressing my mound, I opened my eyes and noticed my father’s hand had crept from the stick shift to my pussy and he was rubbing my lips gently over my suit bottoms. I opened my legs letting him know I agreed to his touch, his fingers soon found my erect clit poking through the fabric. And just as abruptly his hand left me in my aroused state, we had arrived at the beach.

The beach was filled; we found a nice quiet spot near the edge of the dunes although a bit far from the water’s edge. I slowly pulled my dress over my head, displaying my provocative bathing suit to the staring drooling men around me, including my father.

My mother stared at my bikini in shock: “Wow Nancy we’ll have to beat the men off you with a broom you looking like that, we can see your landing strip and your pussy lips clearly through that suit!

I turned around proudly and bent over laying my blanket on the sand, lying on my back proudly displaying my pussy and tits to the surrounding onlookers. My brother and father were staring at me while laying their towels on either side of me. I made sure they got an eyeful.

I was enjoying the sun tanning my body, when I noticed that I was lying alone with my father, my brother and mother were enjoying themselves in the water. My father leaned over next to me and said in a whisper:

“You know this beach has a nude section, seeing that you have no problem sowing yourself off we could go try it out if you like?”

I quickly nodded yes, trying to hide my excitement at seeing my father’s penis and balls. We got up, grabbed our towels, and started walking, my titties bouncing delightfully in my tight triangle bikini top, I was enjoying the stares I was getting from men and women alike. I felt a hand caressing my bare ass cheeks, realising my father was happily caressing my ass. I felt I should do the same and gently placed my right hand over his ass. We looked like a couple of lovers taking a stroll on the beach instead of father and daughter. My father glanced at my tits and said:

“Once we get there, instead of being father and daughter why don’t we pretend we are lovers, which will avoid any unpleasant remarks or stares. I can’t wait to see those beautiful bouncing tits of yours in the nude!

Once we got to the edge of the nude section, my father Jules, promptly took off his white swimming trunks. I stared at his uncut penis, hanging between his legs, he was unshaved and had a full pubic bush, his balls we low and big, hanging proudly on either side of his cock. He saw me staring, grabbed his penis in tuzla otele gelen escort both hands and jerked it a few times, making his dick grow a little and letting it sit in a semi erected state, the head of his dick poking proudly out of its foreskin. He mentioned for me to come near. I was still in awe at his amazing dick, now starting to leak some liquid from its tip. He turned me around and untied my triangle top, letting my breasts free. He started to take off my bottoms, but I turned to him and giggled while saying:

“Oh daddy I’m not too sure I want to take off my bottoms, my lips are getting wet and I’m a bit embarrassed. Can I just be topless for the moment?”

He was surprised at my comment but kept his cool and replied while caressing the underside of my breasts:

“Sure Nancy whatever makes you comfortable!”

He leaned forward, his dick brushed against my back and he kissed both my nipples softly, making me jump in pleasure, then he wonderfully pinched them saying:

“Just making sure you’ll be all ready to show off your titties in their best form!”

I giggled and gently pushed him away, his cock rubbing across my back. His dick odour was very strong and masculine, it quickly got me even wetter and I felt my clit coming out of its hood, poking through the fishnet fabric of my bottoms.

We decided to lay our towels next to a young couple out of sight in some nearby sand dunes. They were both very attractive, sporting deep tans. My father asked them if it was ok if we joined them, they both looked at us and our bodies and nodded. They promptly introduced themselves as Mike and Sabrina. Sabrina looked about my age with curly black hair, with small breasts and an unshaved heavy bushed dark haired pussy. Mike was athletic, blonde with a completely shaven uncut penis, somewhat smaller than my fathers perhaps due to the fact that it wasn’t erected.

My father sat down next to Sabrina and I placed my towel next to Mike, making sure to bend over and give him a good display of my ass.

Mike wasn’t into much conversation but he looked at my body with lust in his eyes. He asked me :

“Nancy, is there a specific reason why you didn’t take off your thong, it’s not like it’s hiding much…”

I realised he was right and decided to take it off; he hungrily licked his lips when he saw my protruding clit and puffed wet parted lips. My father was also staring at me, while leaning over Sabrina and caressing her wonderful bush. Mike looked at them; he shrugged his shoulders then gave me back his full attention.

He grabbed a bottle of tanning lotion next to his blanket and straddled me facing my feet. His legs spread over my own, his asshole was opened, I couldn’t help myself but take a good whiff of his puckered shit hole when he leaned over and started applying lotion on my legs. Mike’s penis started to grow on my breasts, its foreskin drawing back. When he leaned to apply lotion on my legs, his dick was pointing directly at my mouth. His dick had an unmistakable vagina smell, he had clearly just recently finished enjoying Sabrina’s pussy,. I raised my head and started to lick it, wanting to taste their sex juices. My father soon left Sabrina’s bushy pussy and joined Mike. tuzla sınırsız escort He leaned in front of my cunt, opening my inner lips he stuffed his nose right inside my hole, taking a deep breath.

My father said:

“Mike you have to get a sniff of her pussy, it smells so wonderful!”

With that Mike crawled over to where my father was and took his place sniffing at my cunt. My father took Mike’s place straddling me, his ass sitting on my breasts, his penis now started to get erected pointing at my breasts, he leaned down and smelled my opened pussy, clearly enjoying my aroma. Mike and my father each alternated in smelling me. When my father leaned over to smell my cunt I would raise my head and lick the now unprotected smelly knob of his cock.

I felt a finger probing my pussy and asshole. I was cooing in pleasure with now both my hands and mouth around my father`s cock, I started puckering my asshole and moving my hips in pleasure, hoping that at least one of those fingers in my holes was my father’s.

I heard Mike shout in surprise:

“My god Jules, she’s still a virgin! You haven’t fucked her yet, she clearly wants it, and look at her she’s panting like a slut!”

When my father leaned over his dick now fully erect and leaking my spit and his precum over my breasts, his strong male scent of his leaking dick intoxicating me with lust, I leaned forward and started licking his heavy hairy balls. He had a strong musky sweaty taste and his ball sack tightened at the touch of my tongue. My father surprised by my tongue on his balls, stood up and decided to give Sabrina some attention. She was watching us with avid envy in her eyes. As Mike took his fingers out of my ass and pussy and handed them to Sabrina I had to fight an irresistible urge not to poop. Sabrina and my father then proceeded to lick Mike’s fingers clean.

Mike then facing Sabrina, sat on her face, opened his butt cheeks and put his anus on her mouth, which she then started avidly licking. My father straddled Sabrina’s and inserted his wet cock into her hairy cunt and started a rhythmic fucking. I sat cross legged watching them while fingering my clit trying to achieve an orgasm at the same time as them. As my father started coming inside Sabrina, Mike raised his asshole off her face, took his dick in his hands and lowered it to her mouth while releasing a small trickle of piss in her mouth. She started rubbing her bushy cunt lips and clit with my father’s shrinking penis still inside her. She came quickly unable to swallow Mike’s piss she let it dribble out of her mouth.

I came quickly at the sight of this bizarre sexual activity, exhausted laying back down on my towel caressing my breasts softly. I drifted off to blissful post-coital sleep.

I woke up about 30 minutes later; with my father caressing my trimmed pussy telling me it was time to get going. I started to grab my towel and bikini, Mike got up and kissed me full on the lips while gently inserting a finger in my pussy. Rotating his finger as he was playing with my tongue; I asked for his phone number dying to see him again.

Mike got a felt pen from his beach bag and wrote his phone number on my palm while reinserting his finger in my cunt. After he was done I said to him with a naughty grin:

“Thanks for a wonderful time, by the way that isn’t my boyfriend, he’s my father!”

I wiggled his finger free of my pussy and ran away trying to catch up to my father while holding my bouncing tits in one hand and the other holding my towel and bikini, my pussy leaking all over my thighs.