On The Loose

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Anna stepped down to the tarmac at Budapest’s Ferihegy airport feeling a frisson of excitement as she sensed Hamad, the Arab she had sat next to on the flight from Athens, close behind her and suggesting they get a taxi together to the Liget Hotel they were both booked into.

During the flight he had been gregariously charming and polite while Anna was remembering the excitement of joining the ‘mile high’ club with her English white knight on her last flight from Singapore to Athens.

White knight had accompanied her during the long delay at Changi, arguing with the disinterested officials from Alitalia who could not tell them when their flight would be continued.

When finally they took to the air they found an empty centre aisle row of 4 seats and made themselves comfortable cuddling up under a blanket.

Before long white knight had his hands slipping into her blouse and releasing her bra strap, he met no resistance. His warm fingers circling and lightly squeezing her nipples soon had her newfound sexual appetite aroused. She let her hand wander down his body until it alighted on the tent pole of his desire. Conscious of the other passengers around them she nevertheless slid his fly zip down and let her hand in to feel the very warm and very hard meat that was his twitching penis.

White knight’s hand had in the meantime moved to the top of Anna’s trousers slipping the pants over her knickers down to her knees; he was then able to ease his hand into the knickers and down to the magic triangle. So, with one hand he pampered her aureole as the other gently moved over the outside of her distended vagina.

Anna, trying to quietly excite his penis with her smooth hand movement, realised they were both breathing rather heavily and uttering little cries evidencing their activity to the surrounding travellers, some of whom were peering through the gloom in an effort to glimpse the erotic sight. This had the effect of raising the excitement level for the two of them and white knight moved to enable his fiery weapon to slip under the leg of Anna’s knickers and reach her now very wet slit. The pressure of his hand forced the tip of his penis into her welcoming volcano, rubbing over her clitoris as it went. The effect was to bring on an immediate orgasm from both parties that resulted in ecstatic moans readily heard by all in the cabin.

The remainder of the flight was sleep interspersed with trips to the toilet to clean the liquid residue of their frolic from Anna’s knickers. From the accusatory stares of her companion travellers they knew of the mission she was on.

Such were her erotic thoughts as she had sat next to Hamad, now he was suggesting a taxi ride to their hotel and she was very warm and damp at her crotch.

The taxi ride was long and they kept up a conversation with Anna telling Hamad about her home city of Budapest; in the background of her mind were images of her, a Jewish princess, having sex with a well hung Moslem Arab and she was concerned the increasing damp patch in her knickers would seep through to her trousers.

They reached the hotel, Hamad paid for the taxi, they then booked in to their reserved rooms but before going to the rooms Hamad asked Anna to accompany him for dinner that evening; she readily agreed then went to her room to shower and change. Anna needed to relieve the sexual frustration that had developed during the plane and taxi journey through her recall of the ‘mile high club’ incident and her later amatory adventures in Athens with her white knight and the friends he met with there; she threw off her travel clothes and lay on the bed, one hand immediately feeling the hot, damp patch between her legs whilst the other squeezed her erect nipples.

Very quickly she reached a satisfying orgasm halkalı escort whilst fanaticising over the potential sexual encounter with Hamad.

They met in the foyer at the agreed time and Anna suggested a well-known restaurant she had previously enjoyed. The meal and the evening went pleasantly and they returned to the hotel for a nightcap. Amiable and charming, Hamad did not suggest or hint at any amorous dalliance, much to the chagrin of Anna whose imagination had been running wild.

As they moved closer to retiring to their individual rooms she was desperate to fulfil her fevered imaginings. When they reached the lift she asked Hamad directly to come to her room; he showed no surprise or shock and replied coolly that he would be delighted but he would first go to his room and change into something more comfortable. Anna went to her room ensuring the door did not lock as it closed behind her.

She quickly removed her clothes including her now very wet knickers, threw a skimpy nightdress over her head and slipped between the comfortable sheets on the king size bed.

Hamad soon quietly entered He was dressed in a short silk robe that highlighted an evident bulge at the apex of his shapely athletic legs. He moved toward the bed with an expectant smile. Anna threw back the covers displaying her delicious body barely covered by the nightie.

Hamad slipped off his robe and Anna gasped at the sight that met her eyes. Glistening abs topped by rippling fur covered pectorals, and a huge, erect penis. She wondered how her body would be able to accept such a monster but it was going to be fun finding out.

Hamad remained standing near the head of the bed and Anna could not resist moving slightly to give her the chance of kissing this wonderful sex tool. As she ran her lips over its length he gently held her head closer and as pre-cum appeared at its massive head she slipped it into her wide open mouth.

Anna’s tongue and lips soon had Hamad’s blood pounding threatening to bring on a unwanted early climax so with smooth insouciance he held her head still while he slowly drew out his shaft from its warm abode.

He moved gracefully on to the bed alongside Anna then in one unhurried movement removed her nightie. He stared admiringly at her ample breasts then kissed each of the very erect nipples ending this caress with a quick brush of the tongue and a squeezing nibble.

One hand ran down her stomach and on to the black bush surrounding her anxious vagina. Continuing to nibble her nipples he pressured a long elegant finger into her lubricated slit, slightly curving his digit as he entered between the labia and she felt a delicious twinge as he brushed the ‘G’ spot.

His lips left her breasts and laid delicate damp kisses down her stomach. She automatically parted and lifted her legs as Hamad moved between them. His tongue and kisses moved down the damp inside of her thighs then found her clitoris briefly before diving into the welcoming vagina; his erstwhile buried finger emerged to rub gently on her ‘little penis’.

He gripped her thighs and worked energetically with his tongue and finger while loud expostulations came from Anna as she savoured a master at work. Soon orgasm was on the way and she threshed her body whilst hoping not to lose the captivating actions of her partner. She exploded, spraying his face with her ample love juices then quieting to lie in the cooling liquid under her relaxed nether parts.

Hamad moved slowly up Anna’s body presenting his love juice coated lips and tongue to hers and she gratefully accepted the taste from her nectar. Then she realised the head of that huge tool was now at the supple entrance to her vagina, taksim escort just touching the vulva, exerting a little pressure, until finally it slithered inside, causing the two of them to arch their backs in pleasure, Anna lifting her hips to denote her want for more, which she duly got as he fed the lengthy rod down to her cervix.

Anna gasped with delight while Hamad held himself in position to ensure he imparted and received maximum pleasure; then, with a gentle to and fro his great rod received and gave the most sensuous pleasures of the flesh, twitching each time he felt the sharp contractions of this magnificent vagina.

Once again Anna was about to reach a climax; she relished the thought and swung her hips wildly to ensure the massive tool would touch every part of her vaginal walls, heaving and now shouting she exploded again twitching and squirting her love juices whilst Hamad attempted to maintain his position buried deep inside her. Gradually she subsided back onto the now sodden sheets, delighted with the feel of that erect and steel-hard penis filling her sacred orifice.

Hamad put his hands under Anna’s back, lifting her gently toward him. Then he moved under her and on to his knees, still buried inside her. She could now feel her vagina being stretched in other directions enhancing the pleasures provided by her supple and monstrous lover. She could tell by the more rapid movements and the sounds of ecstasy coming from him that he was nearing orgasm and the thought excited her so much she very soon reached the same level. He gave one final thrust, shouted with glee and exploded inside her, filling her with hot semen, squirt after luscious squirt, and bringing on her third and seemingly never ending orgasm.

Slowly the excitement subsided into contented euphoria and then relaxing sleep.

Anna awoke with the sun up and a pleasant feeling of gentle pressure being applied to each of her vertebrae in turn. She realised it was Hamad counting the steps of her spine; she also realised that a delicious warmth rested between her thighs, buried between her nether cheeks. She automatically put her hand between her legs, gently pressuring her nether area and feeling the warmth turn to hot and hard as Hamad’s great penis stretched from the tip of her vagina to her spine.

Anna moaned lusciously, “What a wonderful way to be woken up.” Laughing, Hamad leaned over Anna and brushing her hair apart kissed her ears and whispered, “I want to sodomize you!”

Anna could not believe what she heard so asked him to repeat it.

“I want to sodomize you.” he repeated loudly and urgently.

A twinge of excitement ran through Anna although the idea of that monstrous tool entering her rear-wise was frightening.

“I will make it comfortable for you and you will enjoy it.” Hamad continued with confidence as he then slid his hand over her thigh and between her legs, replacing her own hand in gently stroking the clitoris.

“Now, roll over and up on your knees,” he said.

Anna complied, lifting her hips and arching her back to provide easy access. Hamad, whose great tool had slipped from its comfy position in her crease, moved in behind and rested his head between her legs. His tongue then flitted around and in her vagina ensuring the free running of her love juices then moved over the tender bridge between her vagina and anus.

She felt his tongue on her anal button, exploring, lubricating, as she then tensed to feel his long, delicate finger enter her vagina; another finger followed as her pleasure pot expanded to accept this exciting intrusion. Now, his thumb rested on her clitoris and shivers of sexual excitement racked her body as she started an anticipatory climax; his fingers reacted, and şişli escort with rhythmic precision he coaxed her to orgasm whilst still encircling her anal ring with his tongue.

As she came down from the high his fingers slipped from her and traced their wet passage over the bridge to the anus.

She felt his shapely fingers circle her anal orifice, then with gentle application, pushed first one, then two into her passage easily expanding the entrance way to accommodate the twisting and dipping digits, If it is all to be like this thought Anna, sodomy will be very pleasant and exciting, and she relaxed to more enjoy the unusual sensations.

Whilst Hamad’s fingers continued to lubricate and sensitise her anal passage he manoeuvred his monster pleasure-rod close to her vulva. Soon its was buried deliciously between her labia. A wonderful ecstasy followed as she realised his fingers in her anal cavity could be felt through the membrane to her vagina and that he was exciting his embedded penis by feeling it with his fingers.

Such an understanding brought on yet another orgasm, the contractions in her vagina flowing through to her newly discovered erogenous zone, her anal passage and rectum.

Hamad’s love tool was still very hard and erect as he withdrew it from the deliciously satisfied vagina then, grasping it with his free hand, he aimed it at that expectant spot where his finger still played. She felt the hot lubricity of his head nesting against the distended orifice and shivered with expectant excitement. Gentle pressure pushed and expanded her sphincter muscles and suddenly, with a small explosion, the huge head was into her rectum as her anus closed tightly around his shaft. Now she felt the slow slithering of that monster as it penetrated deep into her rectum.

Sharp pains cooled her desire but briefly, quickly being replaced with the sexual anticipation for more, and the filling of the rectum transferring contractions into the still twitching vagina to which Anna’s hand now returned.

Resting awhile, Hamad’s hand also found its way between Anna’s legs and gently nuzzled her clitoris as she entered three fingers into her throbbing vagina.

Then, she felt it move, that head being withdrawn, just a little, then return, then a further withdrawal and return, the pace quickening, the pain being replaced by the fire of burning desire,

“More and faster,” cries out Anna as her fingers quicken their masturbatory efforts and tingle at the feel through the membrane of that plunging penis.

Hamad withdraws even further and thrusts harder and faster, quickening his pace also with his hand on her clitoris, he is now panting and groaning as his climax builds, then with a effusive gasp he comes, his penis twitching and jerking within her rectum, releasing volumes of semen that gush out of her anus, run down the bridge and surround the vulva.

Anna finally explodes, strong cries ring out, her hips are forced backwards to receive as much of that hot-rod in her rectum as can be, her ejaculate covers her hand and mixes with Hamad’s semen, she gives herself totally to that monstrous Arab.

Slowly the fever dies down, with her head buried in the sheets, she licks her tasty fingers breathing heavily, Hamad is stuck to her back panting and murmuring, she offers him her hand so he may also enjoy the taste of that wonderful admixture of love juices.

She gradually lets her knees slide from under her until she is prostrate on the bed, Hamad still buried within her: she feels him gradually withdrawing his now de-tumescent but still engorged weapon. She feels behind her, and managing to locate her target, gives it a few squeezes in appreciation of the work done.

Dozing, she smiles: this Jewish princess is sore and satiated, fucked and sodomized by a monstrous Arab Muslim. What a paradigm for the comity of nations; the distaff side should freely submit themselves to the other’s warrior class for sexual gratification.

It seems Hamad agrees as he also lets out a satisfied sigh and visualises his future encounters fucking and sodomizing this Jewish princess.

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