On the Panty Trail


Margaret huffed and puffed as she climbed the stairs to her room at the top of her little guest house. It had been a long day. All her guests had turned in and now she had a quiet evening ahead of her.

She undressed and took her clothes over to the laundry basket. But what was this? The lid was at an angle! She was sure she hadn’t left it like that. She looked inside. Oh My Goodness! Someone had been in it! Margaret looked and yes, she was pretty certain, atleast three of her pairs of panties were missing. She tutted to herself. She had a pretty good idea of what had been going on. She slipped on her silk dressing gown and left her room. Down the stairs she went to the first floor landing and stopped outside the door of Room 1. It had been taken by a builder from watford called Dave.

Margaret listened at the door. She could hear heavy breathing. She pressed quietly on the handle and opened the door ajar. What she saw made her mouth drop open and her eyes widen in disbelief. There on the bed was Dave, stark naked. With one hand he was clamping a pair of Margaret’s worn panties over his nose, while, with the other, he was rubbing his stiff cock. He breathed in and gasped. Then he breathed in again, as hard as he could, held his breath and then spluttered loudly.

“Ah!” Margaret heard him mutter. ‘I love the smell of a nice old cunt!

You can imagine Dave’s surprise, and how he nearly fell off the bed, when the door pushed open and in came Margaret!

“So!” Maltepe Escort said Margaret, standing there with her hands on her hips, “You like the smell of an old cunt do you? Well, have a go at this!”

And in a moment, Margaret was flat on her back on the bed with her wobbling thighs spread wide apart and her chest heaving as she looked down between her jiggling tits at Dave’s lust-crazed face as he gobbled away at her tingling pussy.

“Oh My God!” squealed Margaret, squeezing Dave’s head between her thighs as she came.

As Dave went off to wash his face. Margaret pulled her robe closed again, picked up her discarded knickers, tucked them up her sleeve and quietly slipped out of the room.

“That’s one pair down, two to go!” she smiled to herself.

The next room had been taken by a plumber called Mike. Margaret paused outside his door and listened. Moans and sighs were coming from inside. Margaret gently opened the door a crack and peered in. She couldn’t help gasping at what she saw. Mike was standing there naked in front of the mirror. He had his stiff cock in one hand and a pink pair of Margaret’s panties in the other and he was rubbing his swollen glistening knob up and down the crusty streaks on her gusset. He was sighing breathlessly and his legs were shaking as he moaned,

“Oooh! God, that feels good!”

Then Margaret saw him wrap her dirty panties around his purple helmet and start to wank Anadolu Yakası Escort furiously.

“Ooh I love your pussy!” She heard him growl.

A moment later, she was in the room. Mike nearly jumped out of his skin.

“So, you like wrapping my dried pussy juice around your cock, do you?” she asked. “Well try the real thing!”

And in a moment she was there on all fours, her tits swinging backwards and forwards as Mike pounded away in her pussy. He pulled out just in time and pumped a pool of warm cum into his cupped hand. As he staggered off to the bathroom, Margaret tucked her abandoned panties into her robe and slipped


“Two down and one to go!” she smiled.

Room 3 was occupied by an older man, a salesman called Frank. When she listened at the door she couldn’t hear anything. Hmm, she wondered as she pushed the door ajar. Was she wrong? No, of course she wasn’t! There was Frank, squatting on the carpet naked except for Margaret’s white lacy thong which he was pulling up his arse crack, hard! Margaret could see his hairy balls hanging down and swinging about below his bum.

She heard him moan, “Ooh, Lovely! This was jammed up her arse, rubbing her sweaty arsehole and now it’s rubbing against mine. Oooh!”

Frank literally fell over when he heard Margaret’s voice behind him but within a minute he was on his knees, going cross-eyed as he pushed his hard cook in and out of Margaret’s tight İstanbul Escort arsehole.

“There we are, Love!” laughed Margaret. “You wanted to feel my arsehole. Now you are – from the inside! And she clamped her muscles tightly around his thrusting cock and squeezed him, hard.

As Frank went off to get some tissues Margaret retrieved her panties and left the room. Mission accomplished! Three pairs of panties retrieved. Margaret was about to head back up to her room when she paused outside the last door on the landing – Room 4. She had let the room to a nice young worman called Ellie. Perhaps, she thought, she had better warn her about the Guest House’s resident panty perverts.

She knocked gently on the door. No answer. She pushed the door open and Goodness me! What did she see? You’ve guessed it! There was young Ellie, lying on the bed naked, legs apart, playing with her pussy, with a big pair of Margaret’s dirty granny pants tuned inside out and stuffed in her mouth. Ellie was sucking and sucking away as Margaret’s dried crusts softened and the flavour of her old granny cunt flooded through her mouth.

‘Well!’ thought Margaret as Ellie looked up at her, quite unabashed, ‘Everyone around here seems very keen on the smell and taste of pussy. Maybe I should have a try?’ And so there we leave Margaret, hungrily sniffing another woman’s musky panties then kneeling between her thighs, locking eyes with her and seeing the ecstasy on her pretty young face as she tongued away on her clitty, probed her slippery, honey-soaked hole and licked at her sweaty arsehole.

It had been an eventful evening for Margaret, after all. And a successful one too. Four pairs of panties recovered and a whole new hobby discovered. Well done Margaret!