One Girl’s Amazing First DP

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My very very close, and very very best, girlfriend Jessica, who is older than me, and 2 grades higher in college at the time, had recently tried double penetration, and was telling me all about it. You know…normal every day girl talk…lol!

…By the way did you know that, in a study, it was determined that girls speak approximately 80,000 more words than boys do, on average, per day? Are there too many zero’s there? …maybe not enough? …lol.

Well, needless to say, I got really turned on listening to her, as she described her amazing sexually charged, highly erotic event, in great, step by step, detail, and said her experience with it was “beyond incredible!” So, thereafter, I started having periodical sexual dreams, awakening soaking wet down there as a result, and possessing a longing that I was having an increasingly harder time keeping under control.

I subsequently told her how badly I wanted to try it, for which she eagerly encouraged me to “go for it!”, but gave me some cautionary words of advice that I want to share here with other girls who are also thinking they might like it, or at least curious enough about it to want to maybe give it a try.

“To start with,” she said, “for the best first time experience, you want to do it with boys you really like and trust, but not just that.” she continued, “Make sure that you don’t have any oversized penises involved” …as she knew I wasn’t into the SM part of BDSM.

She further exclaimed, “Wait until you’ve done it a time or two before going for the gusto, so to speak…lol!”

Also, have a “colon hydrotherapy” performed at a local holistic center, like the porn stars do, so you are nice and clean way up there, or you could do an enema at home.

You also want to be relaxed and highly charged erotically which can be done with some sexy porn playing on a big screen in the background. Make sure it is porn that turns “you” on.

And don’t worry about the guys…when they’re with a naked lady, that’s all they care about, trust me! …lol. And for the good ones that you like, it will be all about you anyway, not about them, or you wouldn’t be choosing them…am I right? Well, at least until it comes time to shoot their load anyways…lol.

We talked about size and what I think my limit would be for a first-time thrill, which was still a little above the average.

Then she said, “You know the party you are helping me put together in 2 weeks when my parents are in Europe?”

“Sure,” I answered.

“Well, you are going to have your first dp experience in style at that party …just leave it to me!”

I couldn’t believe she said that!

“What do you have in mind?” I inquired.

Without hesitation, she said, “Don’t worry, I will make sure you have the hottest first time dp experience any female could ever have!”

Wow, I knew she meant it, as she never made promises she didn’t carry through on. We have been friends forever, so I knew that already.

In my anxiety, the two weeks seemed to be an eternity. It just couldn’t go fast enough for me, making every moment of every day torturous in my anticipation of what was to cum!…so to speak…lol.

Like mine, her parents house is huge. Her brother is lead guitar player and lead singer in a local blues rock band with a very sexy lady as a complimentary lead singer so they were all set up to come over and play that night. I just love blues rock…and her brother…lol. Wow, this was going to be amazing!

I met with her for a final planning session. She showed me the list of over 100 invitees, mostly from college or just her outside friends, of whom many I knew personally, and some others remotely, but I knew who they were and liked them. Jessica knew them all well, and I look up to her and trust her immensely, and do still to this day.

The invitees, which were about half and half in the sexual make up category, were allowed to bring a trustworthy guest or companion. Jessica wanted more guys than females in attendance, to make sure the single females attending would all have the best chance to end up happy with a hot guy. She knew that the even split would do that as many of the females invited were lesbian and bisexual, so she limited the number of gay and bisexual guys that were invited, so that mostly straight guys would be in attendance for this one.

The invites mentioned “sexy sensuous club dress encouraged!” but all of her invited friends already knew that anyway, as few dress sexier than Jessica does, even on a daily basis!…lol.

In spite of my feeling like it would never get here, the big night finally did arrive!

This really was something you’d normally only expect to see in a movie, and there were professional grade cameras and personnel present getting the band on film.

The band was rocking in the giant great room with easy glide laminate floors, filled with an incredible array of sexy guys and females enthralled Beylikdüzü escort in some of the most erotic dancing you may have ever seen! Butts, busts and crotches bumping and grinding together to the beat of the sexiest array of rock dance tunes the band could master, and they were excellent!

The leather furniture, including more than one chaise lounge, were filled with females sitting on guys laps, or laying on top of them, doing what only the imagination could limit. Some lesbian and bisexual females were dancing with each other while experiencing some deep sensual kissing mixed with the delightfully sensuous use of their hands and fingers exploring the lower and upper more reactive regions of each other’s anatomy. It nearly had me wondering why I didn’t just skip the rest and settle for such a thing myself…lol.

The majority of the house was cordoned off, and she did have security for the party (which my dad actually provided and insisted upon), but some areas were left accessible, including three bedrooms for which Jessica wanted reserved for females that might have a hot new acquaintance that they wanted to maybe ‘get to know a little better’, let’s just say…lol.

Jessica came over to me and sensuously whispered into my ear over the music…”I want you to drink two beers honey.”

“But why?”, I said, “You know I rarely drink.”

She answered, “I know but this is a very special occasion and being relaxed will give you the best experience you could have, and I told you I was going to make this your best, didn’t I?”

I immediately responded, “Jessica, I am so fucking excited! But you are keeping this so secret, I am not sure what to expect?”

“Don’t worry girl – have I ever let you down before?! Just do what I tell you and this will be a night to remember! …OK?!” she said as she looked intensely into my eyes.

“Yes Jessica, I trust you completely, you know that,” I said starring back.

“Yes, and I love you Laurie, and you know that!” she said, and then she put her hand to the back of my head, pulled me into her and kissed me in a most loving and erotic way.

OMFG! …I was trying to catch my breath! …this was already more than I had expected!!

OK, two beers for me can have the effect of many beers for some others, but I did just as Jessica had instructed. Before long two jaw droppingly hot guys, I knew only from a distance, came over to me and kissed me, one on each cheek. Then, each taking one of my hands said, “Come with us!”

Wow, even though I had two beers now and was feeling buzzed already, my knees were suddenly getting weak. I can’t completely explain the feelings that went through me. Delight, amazement, star struck, are just a few, as these guys were top athletes in college and Jessica knows I have the uncontrollable hots for athletes! I mean every sexually open minded female at my school, or theirs, would die to be in bed with these guys, and chances are, many have!

As we started to walk down the hall to one of four master bedrooms, I realized that we weren’t alone. Behind us were several more guys. OMG, what was happening!?

I trusted Jessica and I knew this had to all be a part of her plan, but so unexpected!…not to worry…right?…I told myself, Jessica knows what she’s doing…I know she does, shot through my shaken mind.

The guys brought me over to the bed as I heard the sound of the door shut, and lock, behind them and me. They turned me around to face them, which is when, to my amazement, I realized that a total of 6 guys had entered the room with me!

My favorite, and most sexy, black and red, baby doll dress was immediately lifted over my head, with sighs, and then remarks, of “GOD DAMN, I knew this bitch was hot but I had no idea she was this fucking erotic!!” …This coming from the guys as they looked at the sexiest lingerie in my wardrobe, I had only recently purchased for just this occasion.

Suddenly I was surrounded by them all. Then I felt my bright red lace trimmed nipple less bra being unstrapped and my black thigh high rose pattered nylons and black and red lace crotch less panties being quickly, and without hesitation, lowered to the floor …OMG!

As I lifted each leg up so they could throw my panties, nylons and garter on the lounge chair, they said, “We’re going to leave your red high heels on you Laurie, you look so intensely erotic in them!” Jason, a star wrestler on the college wrestling team, said. They were 6″ heels which made my ass stick out more when I stood in them.

Then they drew back the lavender comforter and pink satin top sheet, leaving the pink satin bottom sheet 3/4 exposed. Did Jessica set up this sexy alluring bed set just for me? …I asked myself in amazement. She knows those are my favorite colors!

Jason threw his shirt on the lounge chair as well, and again, my knees got weak, as I looked upon this totally buff, incredibly hot guy’s bulging muscles exposed from his top half, chest, arms and stomach, Beylikdüzü escort bayan and soon to be bottom, as he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to the floor with his boxers. …Am I going to say OMG again!? A perfect 7 inches just as I had told Jessica I wanted! How could I tell, you ask? …it was already hard as a rock and I know cock sizes by just looking! YES, OMG!! …I’ll say it!!

Ryan, who was on the football team, was next to him, now dropping his pants as well, saying, “Jason’s your bottom man, I’m going to be your top, baby” as his pants, and underwear, hit the floor.

…OK, is there a phrase exceeding OMFG?! Because I needed it here…another perfect seven, maybe seven and one half inches!! And both were shaved smooth, but so were the rest of the guys. All but 2 of them said they did it just for me as Jessica had requested. My fantasy was now up close, personal and happening! The other 4 guys ran in sizes from 5″ to 7″.

“Jessica told us you wanted to try double penetration for the first time …will this really be your first time Laurie? Tell us the truth,” Jason said, as Ryan and the other boys looked on.

“Yes, Jason,” I told him, “I always wanted to try it ever since Jessica told me how much she loved it.”

“That is so cool,” he said, “I have heard so much about you from Jessica, and many others, and have got to say we have all been looking forward to making your fantasy come true for you tonight! Is that what you want Laurie?”

“Yes!! I have been wanting this too for such a long time!” I answered, “But I had no idea that Jessica would outdo herself so much like this!” I continued.

“OK,” he said, as he got right up to me and took a breast in each hand and explained…”Well, only one of us has broken his promise and had sex or masturbated during the last 5 days. We agreed to that with each other because Jessica told us that you are a fanatic for cum …is that right Laurie?” the questioning continued.

“Well…so you are going to get ‘all’ my confessions from me tonight, are you Mr Jason?” I queried.

“Yes, that’s all part of the erotic pleasure, don’t you think Ms Laurie?” he shot back, and then continued before I could speak.

“Uh, well, there aren’t too many guys at school I know that haven’t already heard that anyway, so I don’t think it will be a confession that we aren’t already aware of baby!” as he moved one hand to my ass and the other one to my vulva.

OMG, again!! …does he know how easily I get aroused? …does he really want to take me so quickly? But I wasn’t complaining, no, not even a little bit – this was the dream of a lifetime!!

My mind was racing in a thousand directions…that’s the second time he said they have heard about me in college …you’ve got to be f*****g kidding me! I said to myself.

“Well, yes, you’ve heard right Mr Jason, but I didn’t know the whole school knew about it!” I confessed, as I slowly responded to his statement, while realizing that I had developed a reputation preceding me. I really didn’t mind that, and actually love it, as I love sex, and I find nothing wrong or abnormal about having it in all of its erotic forms and manifestations, albeit, somewhat limited in scope up till now.

“OK,” he said, “Well, we have lots of cum for you tonight then baby! So, if that’s what you like, than that is what you are going to get, and lots of it!! Are you sure you still want to do this?” he said, awaiting my reply.

“Are you kidding? …what would you do if I said no?” I said joking with him, but before he could reply, I said, “You know I want to do it! Now quit your teasing and come on!”

How was it that I was now becoming more sexually aggressive then the boys were even, becoming almost like a female bitch in heat? A feeling unlike anything I had felt before was taking over, like an instinct for lust for which I had no control!

Jason took his hands off my vulva and ass and laid on the bed nude with his cock sticking straight up, and said,. “OK, bring her here, you know the drill!”

Wow!! …had they rehearsed this?!

Immediately Ryan and another very strong college guy picked me up, at 130 pounds, as if I was an empty tray in the cafeteria, and set me down on my knees with my legs spread wide, straddling either side of Jason, while facing him with my now dripping wet pussy centered directly over his cock.

Suddenly, I felt Jason’s hands from the front and then Ryan’s from the rear invading my already highly tantalized tunnel, anxious to test my moisture level. Jason reached with one hand behind my head and pulled me down where our mouths met and while his tongue invaded my long awaiting oral chamber, our tongues began to intertwine in solidarity. Jason’s other hand remained in the ever more aggressive exploration of my, not so virgin, vagina, which was now seeping in the erotically abundant overflow of pure, and highly desired at that moment, natural female sexual lubricating juices.

Ryan signaled Escort beylidüzü Jason that he was in place and ready to go. Suddenly, I felt Jason’s fingers pull out of my pussy and Ryan’s tongue now replacing it exploring every crack and crevice of my most intimate sexuality, while taken aback by the level of my wetness.

“God Damn girl, I have never experienced a bitch in heat as wet as you are! Fuck, you’re dripping down all over Jason’s fucking cock and balls!” he said excitedly.

I could then again feel Ryan’s tongue going back and forth from one orifice to the other while omitting sounds of joy as Jason fondled and nursed the protruding and engorged nipples on my fully erect titties.

As Jason continued his energetic fingering and passionate kissing, Ryan, prepared in advance with a special organic edible lubricant, began filling my rear exterior pleasure pod using an over sized liquid dropper. Then with hands on my hips and both knees on the exterior, with Jason pushing my knees outside of his, and my legs spread wide and to the max bringing my aching, and pulsating, pussy right down on, and onto, Jason’s throbbing cock!

OMG! …it entered me quickly and completely as Ryan slid into position with his cock pressing hard up against my anal opening. Now both Ryan and Jason began their highly sexually charged invasion of my intensely begging orifices!

This is something I had been craving for months, even years, and the time had finally arrived. While Jason maximized his penetration of my vagina, Ryan slowly entered my longing anal opening. The pressure was intense, with some initial pain, but with great pleasure quickly overwhelming it.

My loud moans were quickly becoming high pitched screams of ecstasy. I felt Ryan’s hand covering my mouth in my uncontrollable outbursts of incomprehensible pleasure. If it weren’t for the loud band music in the background outside the door, everyone in the house would know of the long awaited sex orgy now in full blown session.

The four remaining guys weren’t about to be left out and wasted no time site seeing …suddenly I felt my hair being pulled back and my face redirected to an already pre-cum soaked cock, and had hardly opened my mouth when it was entered forcefully from a guy standing on the bed in front of me. In my peripheral view, I could see the other three guys stroking their fully erect cocks in longing anticipation of, what they fully expected, was to be their turn at the deeply carnal pleasure now being experienced by their counterparts!!

I wanted to respond more fully but my now cock-muffled moans were already getting to an uncontrollable level, off and on.

“Wow, Laurie!” Jason said, “You are so fucking wet down there! GOD DAMN! I’m having a hard time keeping it from flying out of your cunt!”

‘Yes, I know Ryan’, I wanted to reply as I felt his cock withdraw and re-enter my pussy with ease, and since I was still being face fucked by another athletic boy and couldn’t verbalize my thoughts.

The guy, I could tell, was about to shoot cum down my throat, which he suddenly did while forcefully pulling my head as hard as he could against his bald pubis above, and his smooth balls below, and was not about to let go until the last drop had vacated his gigantic testicles!

OMG!! …I could feel the large volume of sperm being sporadically pumped into my throat, well on it’s way to my stomach, as he spasmed hard, within the seconds he remained, and shouted.


I was now gagging hard and profusely as he finished his final assault and pulled out before I fainted from lack of oxygen. I had been trained well by guys to hold my breath for long periods of time, but there was still a limit that had nearly been reached.

Not to be left out, both Jason and Ryan began, what sounded like, the beginnings of a climax of their own. But before I could cherish the moment, another guy took the place of the one that just finished in my mouth and began pumping away madly, while pulling and pushing my head back and forth, as the prior boy did, as if I was his personal blow up sex doll that he was going to cum in for the first time!

But the really big moment was here! Both Ryan and Jason in an array of simultaneous profanities, similar to my first face fucking admirer, now filled me in both ends with a volume of hot steaming cum like I had never experienced before!

This was everything Jessica said it was going to be!! …AND MORE!! …with so many sensations of such, more than pleasurable, orgasmic intensity!


Suddenly I pushed the boy in my throat off of me in a violent motion and started to scream at the top of my lungs.


It was so uncontrollable as I was now in total and complete orgasmic abandon with them and squirting hard and heavy in full climatic over kill!!

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