One Last Time

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I know I shouldn’t be here. This is a dangerous place for me to be. Maybe tonight was not such a good idea. Yes, it’s true we are still friends and all we did was go to dinner, but now we’re back in here. In your bedroom where we spent many nights doing many things other than sleeping. They all seem to hit me at once as I lean against the side of your bed

You look so beautiful tonight in that black pajama set with the very form fitting tank top. I love the way it rises and falls as you breathe. I see that you are speaking to me, but I have not heard a thing that you have said. My mind is racing with ideas and memories.

It has only been a few weeks since we last touched as lovers. But it feels like a lifetime ago. I can barely keep my hands still. They fight me in their longing to hold you. God, why do I fight them? My mind has already given in.

We talk of pleasant times and warm memories. We touch as friends, light and innocent. I pull you near to hold you close for what feels like the last time, God you smell so good. You feel so right in my arms as my fingers start to trace familiar patterns across your back. They feel their way under your shirt. You say nothing of their intrusion. Your skin in so warm and my lips are so close to your neck. I can feel you breathe as my hands reach under your clothes. Yet, you still say nothing.

Bravely, I kiss the side of your neck; I feel your body give in to me. I hold güvenilir bahis you tighter as my hands wander further. I begin to kiss you more, starting from the left side of your neck and continuing on to the right. More urgently my hands slide up and down your back, reaching down kneading your ass, then trailing up to trace your spine. I hear you moan and I can feel your body as it adjusts to allow me better access.

Finally you speak. You say words that you know you should, questioning all of this. But your body tells a different tale, one of longing and needing. You needed this as much as I. So we both give in and taste each other’s lips. With a kiss we silence all doubt and concern about what the future holds. There is only now. Only we exist.

The taste of your lips is exquisite, but I need more. With my hands already underneath your top, I slide it up and over your breast. I feel you give yourself to me as my mouth surrounds your nipples, sucking and kissing like never be for. My tongue dances and journeys around your nipples from one to the other. But that is still not enough, for either of us.

You give me a look that I have longed to see for quite some time. Your hands reach down and unbutton my pants. You drop to your knees and look up at me with a smile. Yes, this will be good. I feel your hands around me, then the tip of your tongue. Finally, I feel your mouth engulf me. My head spins with delight, güvenilir bahis siteleri yet I know that with all of this I will not last. You smile up at me when I warn you of this.

“Good. Then when you get hard again, you’ll be able to fuck me longer.”

All thoughts of a reply are lost as you continue. You are so commanding at this, I feel myself reach my limit. Your hand replaces your mouth as I come on your chest. You let go of me and begin to rub your hands all over, a look of sheer pleasure on your face. Still I need more, as I can see do you.

Quickly, I reach down, picking you up and throwing you on the bed. Our need for words is lost. Our voices are only used to speak in moans and growls. Our bodies have taken over, and speak to each other’s. I remove what is left of your clothes, and slide you over to the edge of the bed where I can taste you easily.

I waste no time, your taste is so sweet and so pure. I indulge myself within you. I use my mouth, my tongue, and my fingers in concert, making sure that you every last desire is met. I read your body and you reach orgasm. The first is subtle, building slowly into a deep relief. But the second one is strong. So strong I can hear you voice crack as it goes raw.

We stop. Both breathing hard for what seems like minutes. The look in you eyes tells me that you still are not ready to quit. Neither am I. I climb above you between your legs. I slide iddaa siteleri gently between your lips as I press down. I am inside you. Slow at first, but picking up rhythm. I can feel your lips swell and tighten around me. Oh God, how I had feared I’d never feel this again!

If ever there was such a thing as a pure moment of clarity. One moment where all things in this world made sense. Then it would have to be when we make love. I feel this more than think it. With each thrust I feel your body and mine work together, moving as one. I slide out of you and you turn around beneath me, letting me see that gorgeous ass of yours. You rise up as I spread my legs apart, allowing you to get on all fours. I slide back into you and begin to slam you . . . hard.

I know how much you love this, me behind you, my huge hands grabbing at your breasts and shoulders, pulling myself further into you. Or when I slide my fingers up into your hair, gripping tight at the roots like I was commanding a wild horse to do my bidding. And even when I reach down and grab ass, pinching and smacking it with passion. I love it too.

I feel myself reaching coming again. I thrust away with all I can and come hard inside you. I fall to your side and gather up close to you. Our bodies are warm and covered with sweat as we lie together. You are in my arms once again with your back to me, my lips kissing the back of your neck. So many people said this was a bad idea. That coming here with you could lead to a compromising situation for a couple that had just broken up. At this moment, with your naked body spooned up against mine. All that I can think to myself is.

Man, where they ever right!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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