One Night at Work


This is a tale of male on male, group, non-consensual sex… if this sort of thing is not to your liking, don’t read it… If you are intrigued, and/or into such things, please carry on. Also, bear in mind, this is not a story of actual events or people, it is mere fantasy. All characters are over the age of 18.


One Fateful Night…

It took place, this event that shook things up in my life, one late evening while at my night-shift job as security in one of the massive buildings at a local university.

My job is generally very mundane… in fact, it’s usually downright boring as hell, truth be told. I usually walk the expansive facility, checking doors and windows, making sure they’re secure. I sometimes read an e-book on my iPad, but even that gets tiresome. The hours drag by, my mind wandering, hearing noises that are not even any reason for alarm, or weren’t actually noises at all… I’ll get up from my desk to go check them out and find absolutely nothing that could possibly have caused it. Then, out of sheer boredom, I walk the halls once again, checking and rechecking doors.

Sometimes my mind wanders, and I will create fantasies in my head about that young, hot female student I occasionally have seen during the day when I arrive to work prior to the students clearing out for the day… or about that gorgeous 30-something sweetheart of a teacher, Ms. Creighton, on the fifth floor… or even of that older, yet very sensual woman who teaches on the third floor… all fantasies, grant you, as none have even remotely suggested any form of interest on my behalf. I doubt they even realize that I exist… which is okay… I am really a very happily married man… it’s just that the mind wanders for entertainment, but I physically wouldn’t in actuality.

This was yet another of such endless evenings on the job… thinking of what I would be doing with any one of the previously mentioned women or countless other beautiful, sexy females that I have seen on campus.

I left my office to go on one of my walks, meandering around the six-story building, checking the exterior and interior doors, making sure all lights are off that should be, making equally sure that all nighttime lights that should be on for security are on. After my walkabout, I returned to my desk and stare bleary-eyed at the monitors, expecting exactly what I saw… nothing. I reached for my iPad to check my email… then, maybe I’d take a look at my Facebook page… whatever. As I reached over for the iPad, I swear I saw something on one of the security monitors…

I looked at a few of them, yet saw nothing. I shrugged and reached once again for the iPad, and saw it again, this time noting which particular monitor it was. I stared at one of the fifth monitors, and saw nothing… but, wait… the faintest motion. I blinked my eyes, thinking they were playing tricks on my bored-shitless mind. There it was again, right at the conference room doorway next to Ms. Creighton’s office and classroom. The door to the conference room was open… it wasn’t during my last rounds. I scanned the in-out roster on the computer, and verified that all faculty and staff had, in fact, left the building. There should be no one on the fifth floor, or any other beylikdüzü escort floor for that matter.

Usual protocol was to call 911 and have the dispatcher send a cruiser over… being an unarmed security guard, it was for my own protection… just in case. But, in this situation, I figured maybe I had missed that door on my way around, failed to make sure it was latched… and the motion was simply the air conditioning had kicked on and off, and the door was moving with the air movement. I was a bit intimidated at the development, yet at the same time, welcoming some form of action to break up the monotony of the evening.

I watched the monitor for a few more minutes out of caution, and saw no more motion. I left my desk and proceeded to the elevator and once inside, pressed the button for the Science suite on the fifth floor. Elevators take so damned long, but it sure beat the hell out of walking up the flights of stairs that would take me to my destination.

Once the elevator reached the floor I needed, and the doors slid open, I listened intently for any noises, and then peered around the door and down the hall for any more sign of movement. There was none.

I left the elevator, turning left towards the room in question walking quietly, cautiously, muttering to myself that it was all needless, that I would get to the doorway of the conference room, and upon checking it out, would find nothing out of the norm, and simply close the door, making sure it latched properly before making my way back down to the security office. But, I still couldn’t help the minute feeling of anxiety that I had.

Approaching the door, still hearing and seeing no signs of life, I eased up the feeling with considerable relief, and walked into the room, reaching for the light switch.

A strong hand grasped my wrist, pulling me into the still darkened room with nothing more than the moonlight breaking the eerie darkness. My wrist was twisted and my arm brought up roughly behind my back and another hand slapped against my upper back between my shoulder blades as I was forced face down onto the conference table in the center of the room. I was told by a young-ish male voice to behave and do as I was told, and I would walk out of this in a while unharmed. I heard the chuckles of what seemed like a few others in the room.

The Voice asked if I understood… I replied “Yes”, thinking “Great, what the hell did I walk into?” I was to get my answer sooner than I had anticipated.

One of the other voices said, “This is going to be awesome! I’ve never done a uniform before!” The other muttered their agreements.

The Voice told me that they had been watching me for a long time, and tonight, they had decided to hide away until the building was empty. They were getting to come get me, but I saved them the trouble by coming to them!

The Voice told me to get on my knees as its owner roughly pulled me up off the table and a little away from it.

“Fuck! What was I supposed to do now,” I said in my head as a hand on my shoulder pushed me downward to my knees.

I heard some noises, some that sounded like shoes hitting the floor, then belt buckles being undone, then zippers and pants being taken off… bolu escort

“What the hell,” I asked myself?

Before I could complete the question, my arms were taken in unseen hands, and yet another from in front of me grasped the top of my head and pulled me forward. I could barely discern the shape of a figure standing before me very close.

The Voice commanded me to open my mouth. I hesitated just long enough to receive a smack across the side of my head. I opened my mouth and felt something being pushed in. It could only have been the head of a cock, according to a few previous encounters with men and boys.

The owner of the cock, presumably The Voice, forced his member into my mouth, going in a few inches, then withdrawing almost all the way out, then back in again, but deeper this time, and out again, then back in still deeper to the point of causing my gag reflexes to start up.

Knowing that I was outnumbered and at the mercy of these boys, I tried my best to comply and relax my throat. I was able then to quell the gagging, and open my throat to accept the cock that I was being fed, and then after a bit more pushing, I felt the belly of my assailant touch the very tip of my nose.

He began to pump in and out, in and out, fucking my face slowly at first, and then soon increased the speed of his motion. I proceeded to suck hard on his member and moving my tongue along its length as he fucked. Before I knew it, he started jerking somewhat involuntarily, and I knew he was about to cum. He started to moan softly at first, and then got louder as I felt his cock swelling in my mouth.

He withdrew to what seemed like halfway out to where the head of his dick was on my tongue, where he remained for a moment, long enough for me to taste what could only have been a small amount of pre-cum on the mushroom. The pre-cum tasted sweet rather than salty, and I enjoyed it, thinking that I had never tasted any quite that good. He then plowed his cock back in and fucked my mouth more forcibly until he spasmed and started shooting his cum into my mouth and down my throat. His cum was filling my mouth and throat and I did my best to swallow every bit of it, leaking only what seemed like probably a small amount out of the corners of my filled mouth.

Once his spasms slowed down and ceased, he pulled his cock completely out my mouth.

The Voice, confirming that it was, indeed, his cock I had just sucked, said, “You are a good cocksucker! Judging from the fact that you were sucking and tonguing my cock and that you swallowed my load, you enjoyed it!”

With my mouth now free of cock, I said that yes, I did enjoy it, and they didn’t have to hold my arms.

“You all can take me and do whatever you want to me. Have your way with me!” This brought cheers from all of my assailants.

One of them switched the lights on and as my eyes adjusted, I saw that there were four of them, all naked from the waist down, all (except that belonging to The Voice) with their cocks in hand, stiff and hard as rocks. They were all perhaps between the ages of 18 to maybe 20 or so. The Voice was what seemed like the oldest of the group.

I was told by The Voice to strip my clothes off, which I did, standing in front bursa escort of the group. I hesitated when it came to opening my pants due to the women’s’ silky, lacy thong I was wearing, but as I dropped my uniform pants, my hard on became undeniably noticeable in the thong as it was mostly sticking out of the triangular patch in the front.

One of them said, “Wow! He even wears girly panties! I guess he did enjoy you fucking his face, Tommy! Look at his dick!”

I then finished removing my clothes, including lastly, my panties. Each of them, at this, removed their shirts, as well, so all of us were completely nude, cocks at the ready. Even The Voice’s cock had returned to its hardened state at the sight.

Tommy, as I now knew The Voice to be, told two of them to grab the narrow side table from the wall and bring out into the open area of the room.

He instructed me to lay across this side table so that my head was off one side, and my ass and cock were off the other side. “Spread your legs, Cum Slut!” he commanded, “We’re going to see just how much you love cock!”

At this, the other three stood in front of me, one with his cock in my face, the other two waiting to either side, watching and fingering their stiff members. The one pushed his cock into my mouth, which I greedily sucked and licked as he crammed it deeper and deeper in and began to pound my mouth.

Tommy, having remained behind me, out of my line of vision, moved in behind me and probed my asshole with his finger before inserting it none-too-gently, fingering my pucker. I relaxed at his advanced which allowed for easier entrance into my man-cunt. He progressed to two fingers, then three, exclaiming, “Damn, cunt, you really are into this kind of thing!”

He pulled his fingers out, and in seconds, had his cock buried into my pussy, pounding mercilessly into and out of my ass, as I hungrily continued to eat the cock of the first of the other three.

Almost simultaneously, the one with his dick in my mouth, and Tommy both began to hasten their pounding at my either end, both exploding their loads of cum at the same time into my orifices. I swallowed one’s cum, while my ass took in the other’s… I loved the sensation of the warm liquid shooting into me!

When both had spent their loads, the one in front pulled his cock out of my mouth. Tommy, still quite erect, pulled his out of my ass and before the next one could penetrate my mouth, Tommy came around and jammed his cock down my throat… this was my first time sucking any dick that was just in my ass, but I had no problem sucking it in and licking his member clean…

This brought more cheers from the others.

I was told that the other two had yet to take me, and indeed they would. One stuck his cock into my mouth, and made me suck him, yet only for a few minutes, at which time, he pulled out, and let the last of the group fuck my face while he, in turn, went behind me and rammed his cock into my asshole without mercy. Again, I was being fucked at both ends. The one whose cock was buried in my man-pussy was the first to blow his wad, filling my ass with his warm cum. It was only moments before the one in mouth lost all control and blasted my mouth and throat with his.

All of them having had their fun with me began to put their clothes back on at Tommy’s say-so.

Tommy The Voice, bent down in front of me and told me, “We are done… for tonight… you have been such a good cock sucker, cum-slut, that we may be back some other time.”