One Night Can Change Your Whole World Ch. 02

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Thank you for all the comments on chapter 1 of this series. I personally didn’t think it was as good but I’m glad that it was liked a lot more than I thought it would be

Huge thanks to WA001 for editing the story and recommending to have it published.

As always, comments are always welcome.



The following morning, Ashley woke up in a bed that was not hers. She looked around and panic started to set in as her groggy mind tried to remember what had happened the previous night. She could feel her pussy throb as her body remembered what had happened and was trying to force her mind to remember it.

Then it all came back. She remembered being back in bed with that mysterious masked stranger. She remembered having some of the best orgasms of her young life and also remembered calling out her brother’s name again and that made her moan loudly.

Ashley couldn’t explain why she would always think about her brother during sex but she just recently started to call his name out and it would enhance her sexual experience tenfold. She remembered they were close when they were younger, but when they kissed for the first time, mostly just siblings being curious about it, she had felt electricity go through her and it had scared her. She didn’t know why she had felt this way, but it made her cut ties with the closeness she had with her brother.

She still loved her brother and would do anything any sister would do for him, but she needed to keep it only as a sibling bond as going any further made her feel guilt and fear. This new guy however, had made her feel everything fantastic she felt with her brother and ex-boyfriend as well as other things she couldn’t explain. She laid there wondering how things were going to play out going forward and decided she could get a quick orgasm out before she had to leave the hotel room.

It didn’t take her long to achieve the orgasm her body so badly needed as she was already more turned on than she had been in… pretty much ever. She started to play with her clit, running her fingers through her slit, but she couldn’t get her orgasm to crash over. She used her hand and fingers to pinch and pull on her nipple, yet she still couldn’t get her orgasm to come.

Ashley was starting to get frustrated as she didn’t know what she needed to do. She leaned over the bed for her purse and pulled out the little vibrator she took everywhere with her. Knowing when all else failed, she could use her favorite little friend to help her get her orgasm.

She placed it right on her clit as she felt the shocks of pleasure shooting through her body. She used one of her other fingers to dip into her honey dew and finger herself while she held it in place. Still, she would get close but not go over the edge.

After about 10 minutes she got extremely frustrated and screamed out in anger, thrashing around on the bed. When she was done letting out her anger, she realized she probably looked like a spoiled little child who didn’t get their favorite toy at the store. This made her smile, but still she wasn’t able to get her orgasm. Already, she knew that if she couldn’t get it to cum, she would be sexually frustrated the rest of the day and that could cause problems.

Then again, she didn’t know when she would see her mysterious stranger again and if this is what it was going to be like masturbating going forward, then she would have trouble over the next week. Yes, Christmas was fast approaching and she would at least have the craziness of her family to keep her occupied but she didn’t want to snap at anyone, due to her sexual frustration.

Then something hit her. When she woke up and her mind was still groggy, she had moaned due to a thought in her head. She smacked her own head trying to remember what it was that she was thinking about when she moaned. Remembering she was thinking about what happened last night and she felt her clit throb and her pussy twitch in anticipation of it happening again.

She tried to use this along with her vibrator but she still couldn’t achieve orgasm after a couple minutes. She stopped and tried to think some more. Then she thought back to what was happening last night and it was a great feeling but what was it that made her orgasm that special. Then it hit her like a tank, causing her to gasp loudly as her hand flew to her mouth.

A picture of her brother had popped into her head while she was being pleasured last night and when she called out his name, her orgasm seemed to not only increase exponentially, but it hit her faster and harder than she had expected. This is what she needed to get her orgasm today.

She closed her eyes and pictured her brother. At first it was just his smiling face, which was handsome in and of itself, but not enough to drive her to orgasm. Then she thought about the last time she had seen him at their pool. He was not extremely muscular or well gaziantep grup escort defined, but he was also not chunky in any way. It had been over a year ago, but it was the most recent picture of him that she had in her mind with his shirt off.

This still was not enough. She groaned in displeasure as she was about to give up. Then it hit her. A thought and picture popped in her head. She was sitting on her bed with her brother and they were talking. It was the summer before she started high school and the last time they had been close. They were acting friendly as they always did and started having a tickle fight.

Even though she was older and a little bigger than he was at the time, he would still win each time and pin her down, tickling her from under her arms to her sides and across her stomach. It was what happened next that made her freak out a little bit. After Adam had stopped tickling her and they were both out of breath he looked down at his sister, while he had her hands pinned above her head, he looked her in the eyes.

For a second, she had thought that he was going to laugh at her for winning or do something that would make her squeal, such as licking her face or something else she would find to be disgusting. However, instead, without warning, he moved his head down and their lips met briefly. For those ten seconds that their lips met, she felt shocks running though her body. It made her feel something that she had not felt between her legs before.

That is what had scared her at the time. She realized later that she had been turned on by the kiss and it was this that caused her to get extremely wet, but she was still a virgin then and had only touched herself once or twice and it had never felt like that.

Ashley broke the kiss after the ten seconds was over as she did not know what to think. She managed to buck her hips and get her brother off of her as he had a stunned look on his face. This gave her enough of an opening to get out from under him and regain herself.

After that day, each time she would see him, she would tingle. When he would sit next to her, she would have an underlying feeling to want to reach out and touch him, even if only for a few seconds but resisted the urge to do it. This caused an awkwardness between her and her brother. After that day, she also stopped wearing bikinis around the pool as well, for fear of her brother getting too close to her, at least she would wear shorts over her bikini bottoms for fear that she would get too wet and he would notice.

While she was thinking back to what happened, she noticed that she had been unconsciously playing with herself and she was nearing the orgasm she had been chasing for about an hour. She still could not hit the point she wanted that would make it crash, so she decided to focus on the kiss. In her mind, she was kissing her brother again. However, this time, instead of pulling away quickly, she brought her hands up and wrapped them around his neck and their tongues started to go at one another.

This caused her orgasm to rise up to new levels. As she felt it about to crash over finally, her mind took over and soon she and her brother were both naked and touching each other for the first time. In her mind, she stopped and looked at her brother’s handsome face and it was not his twelve year old face that she remembered from the kiss. This was his face from when she saw him yesterday. This was his older self. Of that she was thankful that she wasn’t going to cum from thinking about a twelve year old and instead was thinking about him as a man.

Her orgasm hit her hard and almost without warning as she arched her back and moaned out loudly. She rode her orgasm out for a good minute or two before she was able to open her eyes and regain and recompose herself. When she finally did, she looked down and noticed that her vibrator was missing. She looked to the side and realized it was sitting next to her from when she was frustrated. She didn’t realize that it only took her barely touching herself for her to have one of the best orgasms from masturbating just by thinking about her brother.

That thought again gave her a shiver through her body. The thought of his naked body lying atop hers. His hard cock pounding into her hard. She had another mini orgasm just thinking about him, while her hands rested on her side. She never knew that was possible but it also felt like she was being stuffed by his cock over and over.

Ashley finally sat up, sexually satisfied for now and realized she needed to get up and check-out of the room. She had a quick shower and got dressed, hoping she didn’t smell of sex too much. She grabbed all of her stuff and headed out to the front desk. At the front desk when she went to check out, the clerk had told her that the gentleman had taken care of everything and that she just needed to turn in her key.

She güneyşehir escort made her way to her car and got in. She realized that she hadn’t checked her phone and saw she had a text from Tanya saying to call her from the night before. She was curious as to what Tanya had wanted as she had already talked to her regarding the party. They were almost best friends but Tanya had always shown her displeasure for her being with her ex-boyfriend. Because of this, it caused a strain in their friendship.

By the time she was home it was 9:30 am. She saw that her dad’s car was missing but her mom was home. She chatted with her mother for a few minutes and then headed up stairs. Checking her brother’s room, she noticed he was gone and his door was wide open. She wondered where he was but knew she had no pull on keeping an eye on him. She just hoped she could talk to him, though she wouldn’t be able to express any of her new found feelings for him. Who would in their right mind understand that their sibling was having sexual and emotional feelings about them and wasn’t either crazy or had something wrong with them?

Once she was settled into her room, she heard her phone ring. She jumped and grabbed it, a part of her hoping that it was her brother. When she looked at the caller, she saw it was her friend Tanya so she decided to answer the phone, “Hey girl, what’s up?”

“Damn girl, why didn’t you answer your phone yesterday?”

Ashley needed to come up with an excuse and said the first thing that came to mind, “I was tired and passed out early.”

“Well, I know you are home for the Christmas break, but Dane is spreading around that you broke up cause your fucking your brother,” Tanya explained.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Ashley yelled into the phone. This was bad. She couldn’t have her ex-boyfriend spreading rumors that she was fucking her brother, which wasn’t true. But the fact that she called out his name was and was almost as bad as doing the actual deed.

“Yep. He is also saying he dumped you when he found out and has proof that you were sleeping with him,” Tanya replied. “Now, my question is: is it true or is he just a liar like everyone knows he is?”

“Really Tanya?” Ashley said in a sarcastic way, “Come on now, you really think I would be sleeping with Adam?”

“Actually, I was kind of hoping you had,” Tanya said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Wait, what?” Ashley asked confused.

“Yeah, I wanted to know if he would be worth it. He is really hot and I’ve had a crush on him for a little bit, but from what happened at the party, I have been thinking of really going after him if he is interested, but I don’t want to find another pencil dick either.”

“Well, I haven’t actually seen it and I definitely haven’t slept with him, but I have seen him hard through his pants and I can say that he doesn’t look too small personally.” Why was she getting wet

“Oooh. Well if you don’t have a problem with it, would you mind if I went after him?”

Ashley wanted to say ‘NO, he’s mine!’ but she couldn’t and knew she had no leg to stand on in stopping her friend from chasing her brother. She needed to keep it together and not let Tanya get a hint of what she was thinking.

“Go ahead, I don’t mind,” Ashley replied, trying her best to keep her sadness from her voice. Still, if her friend was going to date him, she could get all the juicy details of their encounters without having to sleep with him herself.

“Awesome, I may call you for some hints into what he likes, so I hope you don’t mind,” Tanya said, hoping it wouldn’t be too weird asking her friend for advise on her own brother, “Well I better get going, I got some things to plan now that I got the go ahead.”

“Tanya wait!”

“Yeah what’s up babe?”

“I umm… I,” she started but didn’t know how to bring it up.

“Just spit it out. You have never been one to hold yourself back,” Tanya stated, wondering why her friend was acting so weird.

Ashley sighed as she needed to get it out since Tanya had brought it up, “What did you mean by you were hoping me and Adam were sleeping together?”

“Oh, that,” Tanya said feeling uneasy that she had said what she did. “Well… you know now that I have a crush on Adam.”

“Yeah, I have kind of known that for a while.”

“Well, I have kind of had a crush on you as well. Not that I am a lesbian but I always thought you were really hot,” Tanya said, actually blushing even though she was on the phone.

“Wow, I never knew.”

“Yeah, I kind of kept it to myself. But when I heard that you two might have been sleeping together, it actually sounded really hot. I was hoping it kind of did, though I didn’t want everyone else to know.” Tanya could feel her own juices starting to flow and would need to masturbate again today. After she heard the rumor that Dane was spreading, she was able to get islahiye escort herself off a couple times as she thought of a way of having a threesome with them. But now that she knew it to be untrue, there still may be a way to get it to happen. She would just need to orchestrate the circumstances and make sure they enjoyed themselves and it wasn’t something that would scar either of them for life.

“Wait. If you have a crush on both of us, then why would you want us to have sex then?” Ashley asked confused. Since Friday night, everything for her had felt like she was in some alternate life of hers.

Tanya giggled on the phone, “Simple. If you two are sleeping together, then it could have been easier for me to be with both of you. I mean if I were to catch you both together, I could easily convince you both to let me join in.” Though in truth, she would have even gone so low as to blackmail them if it came to that. She just hoped it wouldn’t come to that and she could use her seductive skills to convince them that it was worth trying, even if it was just once.

“Damn! I never thought you were interested in me or being with both of us like that!”

“Well, I have always had a kink of being involved with an incest couple. In the past I had tried to move on my brother, but he never gave me the time of day. Then when I found out he was gay, I knew I never had a chance with him.” Tanya did her best to keep her sadness from her voice. She had gotten over her brother a while ago and had pushed that part of her behind her. But that didn’t mean she was going to give up on trying to be involved with an incest couple. Or in the least being able to watch and reap the benefits afterwards.

“Aww sweetie. I’m so sorry. I know being close to your brother can bring up feelings but…”

“I have always had these feelings since I liked my first boy. Actually, the first boy I liked was my brother. When I lost my virginity in high school, I was thinking about being with my brother… I just had my world shattered when I found out he was gay and he didn’t want to be with a girl ever,” Tanya finished.

“I… really don’t know what to say. But one thing I will say is, if me and Adam ever do get together, I will talk to him about bringing you in with us as well, not that it will ever happen,” Ashley finished with a giggle.

Both girls ended the conversation finally and Ashley sat back on her bed. She was curious about if she could get Tanya’s help in sleeping with her brother. Though she hadn’t fully told Tanya her feelings for her brother and she still would need to tell her brother of her feelings.

Then again, there was also the mysterious man that she was with Friday and Sunday nights. She had so many things to think about and how she should proceed. She knew she was in love with her brother or at least in lust, that much was obvious to her now after talking to Tanya and how her mind and body reacted to hearing about Tanya wanting to date Adam and also having a threesome with them. On the one hand, she was jealous. While the other side excited her to no end. The mysterious man also did things to her that no other person had done yet and he didn’t seem to be upset by her calling out Adam’s name, though she had told him it was her ex-boyfriend.

Ashley finally got off her bed, got changed and went to leave her room and heard noises coming from her parent’s bedroom. She had thought she was the only one home, but it seems she wasn’t alone. When she got to her parent’s door, she heard moaning and noticed the door wasn’t fully closed.

She peered into the door, pushing it lightly and noticed something she probably shouldn’t have. Her mother was laying on the bed, partially strapped to the bed. She had one hand free and was slapping her own pussy with what seemed to be a flogger. Her mother was always a beautiful woman she thought, but she didn’t know she had this kinky side to her.

Her mother (Vikki) was a blonde like she was with large breasts. She had kept her shape so that she had very little fat on her but her ass was something that most men would stare at, if they weren’t looking at her breasts.

Ashley had been envious of her mother’s breasts and ass but never had any reason to get really upset since her mother had never moved on one of her boyfriends. From what Ashley knew, her parents had a wonderful relationship. They were even set to go on a weekend trip this coming weekend after Christmas.

Ashley watched in awe as her mother spanked her pussy with the flogger. She could also see a large vibrator jutting out of her pussy and nipple clamps on her breasts. She began to think that that was probably where she got her kink from. She could hear her mother starting to moan louder. She moved her own hand inside her shorts and started to play with herself as she watched her mother getting herself off.

Ashley started to feel a small orgasm coming off as she watched. The way her breasts moved, the way her pussy sucked on the vibrator and her nectar leaked out the sides, the look in her mother’s eyes as she brought herself closer to orgasm. Ashley started to think about what it would like to be with her. To suck on those wonderful breasts, to be able to wrap her lips around her pussy and bring her to orgasm, but mostly to be able to taste her lips.

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