One Night

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I guess I should tell you a little about myself before I tell you my story. To those who do not know me well, I usually seem a little shy, alone, and quiet, but looks can be deceiving. I live on adrenaline, passion, and excitement. Those fortunate enough to learn this are never disappointed. But I digress…now back to my story.

I have always been kind of a loner. I dated, but could never really care about someone enough to really get close to her. That all changed one special night.

It was my first semester at college; I was a freshman, out of my league, but driven right into the center of my element. There is no greater thrill for a loner than a campus of twenty five thousand.

I came to school knowing only one woman, one friend, a girl who broke the mold and all of the rules that came with it. She was geometrically perfect, not too short, and not too tall. She had long, golden blonde hair that flowed like a river over her porcelain skin and dark, jade eyes that always seemed to have something hiding behind them. Her lips were always soft to the touch, and her smile could stop a man in his tracks from fifty feet away. She was petite and had an amazing wild side.

Seeing her there, fingers laced around the steering wheel, pink, painted toenails peeking out from leather sandals while she shoved the pedal to the floor, made me want her more than anything. She was the only one who could intimidate me…seduce me. She was the only one who could really get under my skin, and I loved the feeling.

I will never forget that night. The weekend had been long, but great. There had been alcohol anadolu yakası escort and dancing surrounded by fast cars and faster women. I loved the rush. I could not seen past her, though, as I passed row after row of blonde hair and breasts. Whenever I even came close to one of them, I thought only of her. I was not obsessed, but no one could compare to her.

We had been dating for awhile but never gotten serious, but I was always wondering if I would have what it would take to please her. I finally got the chance a couple of days after my weekend had ended, and we were back at school together. She was crashing at my place, and things were going well. I had pulled out all the stops. The lights were made dim, and the mood was set thanks to candlelight and slow, soft music. I had always been somewhat timid around her, but now I had to see, had to be aggressive, had to show her I knew what I was doing.

I leaned in slowly, my eyes locking onto hers as I kissed her slowly and softly, all the while my heart racing. Out lips met, and feelings of warmth shot through my body. It took all my strength to let my hand wander slowly down her neck, fingertips rubbing lightly over that silky skin. Downwards they trailed, so hot I could almost see the steam rising from them as button after button was unclasped on that innocent, white blouse. Our lips parted further as my tongue slid into her mouth, locking with her own. A quick, soft moan rang in my ears. It was a sound I will never forget. My head moved lower, always keeping just behind my fingers as ataşehir escort I kissed along her neck, letting my tongue run slowly across her skin.

I will never forget how perfect her breasts were. They were small and pert with hard, pink nipples due to the cool air in the room. My lips encircled those sensitive buds as my hands cupped and caressed her angelic mounds. She sighed as she arched her back upwards, pushing herself against me with desire. My fingers traced along the rim of her white, cotton panties. I pulled at the waistband, teasing her before letting my hand slip inside.

I leaned up, kissing her roughly with a lust only a lucky few ever experience as I slid a finger across her now moist pussy lips. I played with her, biting down gently on her nipples with just enough pressure to cause pleasure as I pressed my finger against her tight entrance, sliding in slowly, moving upwards to massage the most sensitive areas inside her. I kept this up, thrusting sometimes two fingers at time into her as we kissed, until her moans grew in length and volume. Then I would stop and take the time to run my fingers over her skin, lips, clit, whatever I could do to keep her on the edge. I was controlling the moment, and I loved the feeling. But I knew she would not let me down.

She stood up and straddled up, bending down and sliding my boxers to my ankles, freeing my aching erection. The sensations she gave me were intense. She licked slowly, then more roughly all around, biting at my thighs gently, all the while completely avoiding my manhood. When she finally ümraniye escort moved to it, I was in ecstasy. Her lips wrapped around the head as her tongue played over it, running from the base all the way down the shaft. I moaned and pulled her towards me, turning her to straddle my face as she ground against me, sending my tongue deep into her sex.

The aroma made me dizzy with pleasure as my tongue parted her folds, imitating her rhythms, letting it slide from her aching clit all the way downwards, thrusting one finger into her. Her soft, warm hands caressed all over my skin while her mouth moved farther and farther down my shaft. My breathing quickened, and I moved my fingers inside her more and more quickly. She bobbed her head up and down, taking me in completely, with a rhythm perfectly matching my thrusting fingers. I felt her body tense, and her inner walls clenched around my fingers when she came. The sensation was too much for me, and l moaned aloud, throwing my head back, as I came into her mouth. She swallowed every drop. Her seductive, animalistic, jade eyes focused on mine as she turned and crept up my body, a satisfied smile on her face. She gave me a deep, wet kiss, the tastes of our juices mixing.

Afterwards, we lay there together, reviling in our ecstasy. That is when it happened. I shot up like a rocket, almost falling off the couch. I was panting, my shirt soaked in sweat and a large bulge in my jeans. I managed to stand and stumbled into the kitchen, quickly splashing some water on my face and tried to focus. About that time the phone rang. It was her. I quickly regained my calm as I tried to shake away the dream that had seemed so real.

“Hey, Sweetie, I was just thinking, why don’t I come over to your place, and we can have dinner. I have a surprise I want to give you.” I could only blink and smile as I agreed, thinking this time it would be real, and who knows how far it could go…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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