Open The Door!


(There is no underage sex in this story.)

Readers tell me they like plot with their sex. My sentiments exactly. However, we must not forget our real subject matter either! Please tell me what you think, anonymously if you must, but return email addresses will prompt replies. Many thanks for your attention!


Max pulled his finger back from the remote and watched the six foot door open. He pulled it further and stepped up into the big cab of his “eighteen wheeler.” Another week had begun. On Saturday morning, he’d be back in bed at home, some twenty-four hundred miles behind him. That about summed it up for Max Wealdstone. He drove auto parts from a plant in St. Louis, Missouri to an assembly plant in Laredo, Texas. Then he drove pallets and shelving parts back to Missouri. It was his business, his risk and his payoff. He took good care of his clients, and they took good care of him with regular work. Most independents would give their eye teeth to have what Max had, but few would have been as willing and diligent about service to have achieved it. Max was his own man, a truer definition of “independent” could not be found.

This trip began Monday at five P.M. when he picked up his loaded rig at the parts manufacturer, and drove southwest through the night. Three hours into the run, making excellent time for daylight hours, he past around Springfield, Missouri and traveled another ten miles before pulling off at an exit not frequented by most truckers. At just after eight pm, with the summer solstice only a week past, he needed no lights to see his way off the deserted exit and onto the local two-lane. A quick left turn, followed by a right at the “T” just a hundred yards further, brought Max and his Freightliner Coronado to a diner with a large gravel parking lot. He pulled the huge rig into the lot, steered around the back of the diner parked there years ago, and back along its side until his cab was even with the eatery’s end windows. Max let the six hundred horse Caterpillar idle for several minutes while he filled out his log and brought his paperwork up to the minute.

When he next looked up, the sun was falling faster and the night creeping in from the east. Max shut down the big rig and pushed on his side of the cab. The tall rearview mirror mounted on the door carved a wide arc as the hefty assembly swung open and exposed the driver to the view of the few diners inside the building.

Max struck a classic pose without knowing it. He was a tall, big man with a well proportioned mustache and short, black hair to match. His large eyes disarmed a first time acquaintance, a good thing for from a distance one could easily see workout program was in use. Max’s arms were as big around as some men’s thighs, and the rest of his body was just as fit and muscular. It was a man’s man who stepped down from the high cab of his way of life.

While two men in the diner looked with their mouths open, their wives, a couple of mature and matronly types, unhealthily overweight and apparently not caring how they looked, were quick to glance at the noise and then back at their plates. But one particular person in the diner did more than look. She ran out of the place and across the graveled lot. Rather than stopping, she jumped up and sideways at just the right moment and flew through the last few feet of air into the safest and most secure place she’d ever felt, in the arms of her lifelong hero and lover.

“Oh Max! It seems like a month! Not a week!” She wrapped her arms around his thick neck and kissed him hard on the lips. Their tongues searched each other’s out and locked in a familiar dance more like the thumb stomping game than a kiss.

Katie was twenty-six. She was tall and thin, with small firm breasts and only slightly wider hips. Her hair was short and her face was little-boy’ish, a collection of freckles and perky features that warned serious people not to expect her to listen to their woe’s. Her voice was a bit lower than one might expect from her appearance, but there was no doubting her zest for life when watching her with her man.

“Hey there, daughter!” Max broke their kiss and came up for air. He chuckled and squeezed her left breast with his supporting hand. “Miss me?”

She wiggled delightedly in his arms and said, “Miss you? Nah.” She pressed back into him and sucked his tongue from his mouth before pulling back and saying, “I CRAVE you!”

Max laughed and began to walk her to the door of the diner. The two men inside continued to watch in envy and awe. They hadn’t heard the exchange, but it was no secret around the tiny town that Max Wealdstone was the father of Katie, the owner of the diner. Every week they went through the same drill, and every week they looked like they were meeting for the first time in years. Women looked the other way not wanting to admit what they thought, and men looked doubly hard to see what they could see of the legendary story. And week after week, the legend grew.

The big trucker fixbet set his daughter down on the stoop of the diner and followed her inside. She flipped her hand toward his usual booth at the opposite end of the long room of booths and counter space and skipped like a child into the kitchen. Max slid into the booth and removed his sun glasses. He looked around, smiled at the staring women and winked at their men after their wives turned back to their plates in blush.

Katie returned shortly with large plate of steak and eggs, proportions not available on the menu. She smiled down at her old man as she placed his food before him and a cup of coffee beside the plate. “Oh!” She exclaimed as she felt his hand slid up her thigh from under the table.

Max laughed and asked, “How’ve you been, Baby? Husband treating you right?” He slipped his finger under her panties and along her slick crack, back and forth a couple times. Then he withdrew and brought a finger to his nose in a lewd gesture only his daughter could see.

She smiled but that hardly conveyed the urge in her loins, the sight of her father sniffing her aroma from his finger. “The usual, Daddy. He hits me every morning before he heads to the fields, and I don’t see him again till the next morning. He’s asleep by the time I close up here, and I’m exhausted at the time he gets up. I feel like a pincushion, and just as numb.” She smiled then, “Until Monday nights that is!” She wiggled her ass, a movement that definitely was seen by all.

They chatted a bit more and Katie went about seeing to her customers. She lied about the boredom in her marriage – it really wasn’t that way at all. But the banter had grown from months of this ritual and it pleased them both to be so crude. They talked on as few more diners came in for late meals or snacks before heading home, and eventually the place cleared out. By ten o’clock, Katie had turned out the lights and the place was dark. They were alone.

Max’s booming voice called out, “And just where the hell is my little girl now?”

Katie was born to Max’s wife, eight years before Max and she had met. He’d fallen in love with both of them and married and taken care of them ever since, that is, until Katie’s Mom died of cancer a few years ago.

Both Katie and Max had been devastated by the loss, a closer family being hard to find. The two of them bonded even more so than before, pulling together to get through their loss, and helping Max keep his business while still getting Katie through school. Katie was conscientious girl in high school, a very mature lady for her age, and Max was seldom home from the road. They needed each other at critical times, and took care to not cause each other harm the rest of the time. On those more cherished occasions when they were in the house at the same time, they talked more like mates, than father and step daughter. They succeeded and got through their loss together.

One Saturday morning, when Max was readying for bed, his clock virtually reversed from the world’s due to traffic, construction and the need to get there on time, and when the customer needed, Katie had gotten up early. She was joining her friends for a camping trip, an overnight to a nearby lake. She was excited too, for it promised to give her and her boyfriend, Billy Woods, a chance to have some fun both in and out of the sack.

But as she emerged from the shower, dried and walked nude toward her room, she heard a moaning sound from her father’s room and stopped at his door.

“Uhhhhhhh, Mary, ohhhhhhhh yes.” The sounds were pounding Katie’s senses from all directions. Her father was obviously masturbating, she could see through the crack his reflection in the bureau mirror. He was moaning, his eyes closed, and repeating Katie’s mom’s name. How awful, she thought. How very unfair! How terrible, she cringed, her Daddy was so lonely still, after all these years. While Katie had come to grips with her loss, her father still needed her Mom, still missed her so. Katie wanted to barge right in and hug him, but refrained somehow, and watched through the crack in the door.

“UHMMmmmmm…” Max groaned as his hand pumped up and down his shaft slowly.

Katie felt an immediate pressure between her legs. She let the towel drop as if she didn’t know it was there in the first place. Her hands went down and met over her pubic mound, the fingers of one covering the searching fingers of the other. When the under hand had slipped over the edge and started down over her swollen lips, she let the other hand retreat and move up to her stone hard nipples. “Uhmmmm…” She moaned.

Max heard the familiar sound and his eyes opened wide. He froze in place, his hand stopping at the bottom of a stroke, leaving inches of his stiff shaft above his fist, and pointing at the ceiling. His eyes began to focus and they rolled left toward the door. It was ajar. His daughter was up early, unlike her for a Saturday morning. The mirror! He shifted his gaze without fixbet giriş moving his head. There she was!

Katie, little Katie as his daughter but tall and spirited Katie as his house mate, stood stark naked in the doorway. He could see a column of her about six inches wide, from her toes to the top of her head. Occasionally, she’d move to one side or the other while her body gyrated uncontrollably and he caught sight of one breast or its mate. Her left hand was massaging them, pinching the nipples and massaging them again. Her right hand was pumping her snatch. Though he couldn’t see that deeply between her legs, there was no doubt she was fingering her pussy, even sliding her hand far enough down to have poked at her asshole if she was so inclined.

When she suddenly stopped, Max closed his eyes quickly and resumed his pumping, now reaching around one hand with the other to massage his balls as well. He let another moan loose, part forced and part from the lewdness of his daughter.

“Uhnmmmm…” His daughter said once again.

He knew he’d saved the moment, kept her from scampering away as if caught. He wondered though, how could she not know he saw her?

Katie was sure he’d looked right at her in the mirror. She saw the whites of his eyes. If her father hadn’t resumed pumping his cock, she’d been on the verge of bolting, but his act somehow calmed her and she felt more free, less afraid of being caught spying. She too resumed her movements, reaching further down to insert two, then three fingers in her sopping cunt. She knew already she’d have to take another shower, or smell like a cat house the rest of the day.

Right then, she didn’t care about anything but her father, his needs, and hers. She groaned loudly as the first orgasm overtook her.

Max stopped. He couldn’t help it. His daughter was masturbating, watching him masturbate. It made all the sense in the world, and just couldn’t make any sense at all. The secret is out, which in itself was ironic. Max was jerking off. Her secret was exposed too, however, and she was jerking off all the same. They had never had anything but Katie’s mom between them.

When she’d come home that Saturday night when she’d been taken for the first time, she’d only made him promise not to act on what she was going to tell him. He promised, and she opened up. They’d talked long into the night about the good and the bad of such behavior and pleasure, and they’d shared all they knew. Max had made good on his word not to interfere, and since then, she’d never hesitated to ask her father questions, or tell him of her exploits. It was the best possible relationship a father daughter team could have, or so both of them thought before tonight.

“Katie,” He waited.

She froze.

“Katie, Baby, come in.” He made no move to cover himself, or even remove his hand from his cock. She’d seen it all already. Why hide what was already known?

Katie let her hands fall to her sides. She thought about picking up the towel, but left it on the floor. She’d never tried to deceive her father before, so why try now? She walked in and half way to her father’s bed.

“Come here, sweetheart.” Max sat up in bed, and Katie stepped up beside him. Her hands were fisted under her chin, with her forearms covering her breasts.

“Sorry, Daddy.”

“Sorry? You have nothing to be sorry for, Baby. I am the one to be sorry, if anyone is. I didn’t realize you were up.”

“I think, we were both up?” Katie tried to smile at her attempt at humor.

Max looked down at his still stiff pole and laughed. “Yeah! We are both up all right.” He pulled her too him and kissed her on the lips as he had ever since she was eight. To his surprise, and for the first time, he felt her tongue shoot out form between her teeth and right up against his. Reflexively, he let his jaw open and her tongue in. It speared deeply, then curled around inside his mouth. He curled his own tongue and they found themselves suddenly hooked around each other. They remained still at first, then tugged as if enacting what they’d wanted to do for many years, and hinting what they’d like to do with the rest of their bodies.

Katie acted first, letting a hand fall to her father’s chest, then sliding down to his stomach. When he made no attempt to stop her, she continued her trek toward his loins and eventually felt his bush, then his hardened cock. She grabbed it firmly and held on to it as if expecting a fight to pull it back. But the fight never came. In fact, after a few moments, she felt his hips rise against her hand.

While she felt her body tense with the pleasure of touching her step father’s cock, she hoped she would never forget that moment. It was as if all her life she’d been waiting for that one moment to come. She had finally come of age, become a person, an adult, been fulfilled. Nothing wrong could happen from here. She was whole.

Max raised her up and brought her into the bed. He placed her on his stomach, facing him. “Honey, you are so much like your mother everyday, I don’t know if I can do this.”

She looked at him affectionately, “It’s ok, Daddy. Really. We don’t have to do anything. I’m glad we are so open though, and I have so much to be grateful for, having you.”

Max wanted to cry out, but knew he could not. It just wasn’t his way. He hadn’t cried at the funeral, just kept silent for weeks after. Now he was silent again, just staring into her eyes.

Katie leaned down and kissed him again, even more passionately than before. They hooked tongues again, bringing this new practice to the fore of their relationship quickly. She kissed his ears, his eyes, all over his head, and he did nothing to stop her. He kissed her back, and held her head and long hair in his hands. It was like holding her mother all over again, the hooked tongue kisses especially private to their past, or so he’d thought.

Suddenly Katie sat up, turned a one-eighty on her knees and hands, and dropper her pussy down on his face just as her mouth enveloped his cock. It was the boldest move she’d ever made in her life, and already she was beyond her own surprise. She shoved her head down and down until another first happened, she managed to push her step-daddy’s cock clear up into her throat.

Max was sucking his daughter’s entire pussy into his mouth as he felt the sudden tight hold on the head of his dick. In her throat! It had to be! Just like her mother! He sucked hard and pulled her gushing pussy lips down into his mouth. His tongue found and began to manipulate her clit, a tough little prick of a thing that seemed to want to defy him as well as egg him on at the same time. It actually moved in response to his severe stimulation.

The two of them explored each other, and all new territories for each, yet seeming familiar to Max. They sucked and pulled and blew and pulled until they heard the doorbell ring and they froze.

“Oh my God!” Katie blurted, raising her head and looking at the image of herself kneeling guiltily over her father face and cock.

“It’s ok, Honey. You go get ready. I’ll put some pants on and keep Billy occupied.” He started to move as if to push her off.

“No!” Was all she said, and she went back to work on his cock for a few more seconds. Then she jumped up like a kid in a sand box and exclaimed, “I’ll put him in the living room. You stay right here Dad! Don’t you dare move!” She didn’t wait for an answer, but flew out of the room, grabbing the towel up from the floor as she passed, and ran clumsily down the stairs to the front door.

Max just laid there in shock. His daughter had given commands just like her mother had done years before. She had laid down the order, and didn’t even wait for an acceptance. She’d just said do it, and he did it. God, he thought, it was so nice to be back with his love!

Katie settled Billy in the living room while she supposedly went to get ready to go. “Lousy alarm clock.” But instead, she rushed back to her father’s bed and finished what they had started. Both had to muffle their cries of ecstasy at climax, but the mere fact that someone was downstairs waiting, while they eat each other to the last orgasms of this first outing was unbelievably stimulating. They allowed themselves only a minute of relaxation before Katie got up, smiled warmly at her Dad, and then kissed him on the forehead before heading back to the shower.

And now, in the pitch darkness of the diner, Max knew what to expect. He walked slowly down the aisle between the counter stools and the booths. When he was nearly at the register, he felt the tug on his trousers and turned to the counter.

He felt the first pulls at his pants, then the unbuckling of his large belt. His eyes were beginning to adjust to the dark and he could barely make out the form of his baby, lying on her back across the counter, waiting for him.

She pulled his cock from his boxers and pulled on his hips to shove it down her throat. When it landed, it was held there for the next move.

Max leaned over in quite a lot of pleasure. The motion not only moved his cock deeper into his daughter’s throat, but brought his chest down on her stomach. Then he reached under her legs, pulled them apart, and dropped his head down on her pussy, his mouth instantly fixing itself around her mushy lips and aromatic wet snatch. He then straightened, bringing his daughter up and vertical.

They were still for a moment, then Max gradually turned them around. She was completely in his grasp, supported by his arms around her waist, her body upside down and vertical. He began working on her pussy with his tongue while she sucked on his dick like she knew exactly what it wanted. Max completed his revolution, clearing the parking lot and immediate area, and sat back on one of the stools. And there they stayed until Katie had sucked him dry, and Max had at least attempted to do the same to her.

“Baby, you are like a waterfall! Endless!” He spoke into her crack.

“Mmmmmm… you make me so, Daddy. And that last load was just as tasty as the very first time. You remember that? In your bedroom?” She smiled around his softening shaft.