Our Delicious Daughters Ch. 7


Now Jamie took charge. “Don’t swallow those loads, cunt!” Jamie said to Maria and she jumped off the bed. She took out a coil of clothesline from the dresser drawer and ordered a startled Maria onto her back on the bed. “Give me your hands, you little father-fucking slut,” she ordered. Maria complied and was soon tied securely to the bedposts. “Now your legs” and she tied Maria’s ankles efficiently to her thighs so her legs were parted. Maria was helpless, all she could do was arch her back and show off her swelling breasts.

Then Jamie took one more length of rope and tied it tightly at the base of one of Maria’s budding tits. It swelled and the nipple became distended. It began to turn pink then red as it inflated around the tight restriction. Her other tit was soon in the same state. I was stunned to see Jamie use my daughter in such a rough way. But it turned me on to see Maria so helpless.

Jamie went to the closet. She removed a necktie and a clothes hanger and returned. She blindfolded poor struggling Maria with the necktie. Then motioned to me. “Do you see how sensitive her poor nipples are, Uncle Ed?” I want you to put this on her. She held out the hanger. When I saw that it was a plastic hanger with strong clamps on the crosspiece to hang pants, I understood what she wanted me to do. I stepped forward and took the hanger. She grabbed one of Maria’s tits and held the nipple still so I could get a good grip on it. I heard her muffled scream and realized how effective at keeping Maria’s mouth closed the double load of cum was. Jamie slid her hotly used muff over her face. Jamie held the other tit up. I slid the other clamp along to line up with her other nipple. She groaned into Jamie’s ass as I let the pressure go between my fingers and the nipple became pressed between the plastic jaws. Now Jamie reached down and pulled the hanger roughly upwards, stretching Maria’s helpless tits. “Use your tongue to paint my pussy with some tuzla escort of that cum you’re keeping. Make me cum and maybe I’ll let go,” she said tugging her dangling tits even further into the air. Maria winced and began to sloppily slather some of the cum in her overflowing mouth onto Jamie’s clit. Knowing she would get relief for her aching tits as soon as she had given her mistress pleasure, she worked magically and soon felt Jamie’s hips bucking in furious orgasm.

Jamie slid off Maria’s face but the pulling of her tits didn’t stop. Blindfolded, she could not have guessed that the hanger was tied to a length of rope that was tied to an eye in the ceiling. She was held firmly in place by her distended nipples.

Jamie came over to me and eyed my erect cock. She deep throated my cock and said, “Now watch my dad fuck your little girl.” And she got up and retrieved some clothespins and neckties and returned to the bed where poor Maria was still bound. She straddled Maria’s head and tugged the rope connecting the hanger suspending her tits to the ceiling. Maria winced but she kept her mouth closed to retain the cum in her mouth. Then Jamie leaned over her and pinched one of her widely exposed labia and attached on of the clothespins. It vibrated tautly on her stretched lip. Maria moaned and Jamie put the second pin on Maria’s other lip. Then she parted them, holding them flat against Maria’s tensing thighs. With the neckties, she tied one around each of Maria’s upper thighs covering the clothespins and holding her cunt wide open. “Come here dad,” she said to Jimmy. “Give her a hard fucking.”

Jimmy placed the head of his huge cock at the exposed inner labia of my daughter’s widely spread pussy. In a few minutes, both of them were moaning and Maria bucked up against the long powerful strokes of her Uncle’s monstrous cock. Jamie watched her dad wildly pound her cousin. Her entire body bounced but her tits were held in place by the hanger and tuzla escort bayan the nipples stretched painfully at every lunge. But it all added up to massive pleasure for the hungry teen. She could feel how deeply her’s uncle’s prick reached. She began to orgasm. Again and again she was driven to cum, pulsing her pussy against the rough intruder.

I thought I might get left out but Jamie beckoned me over. She whispered to Maria, who was bouncing, her tits swinging by the nipples, “Give you dad’s cock a nice warm cum bath, open your mouth!” She did and Jamie got out of the way so I could force my cock into my daughter’s cum-filled orifice. I could see the white puddle in there as I pushed passed her lips. Maria used her tongue to splash the cum around my cock as it penetrated her willing mouth. When my cock was fully coated, Jamie pushed at my hips and I removed it from Maria’s hot mouth. Jamie pointed to the narrow gap between Maria’s upstretched and inflamed breasts. I positioned myself and pushed my cock between my daughter’s tied tits. As she got hard fucking from Jimmy, her cleavage jiggled around my erect prick. The cum from her mouth greased the path. As I fucked her titties harder, I could see it pull her nipples as her bound breasts separated to accommodate me but the clamps kept the swollen nubs firmly in place. Jamie craned her head to the underside of Maria’s abused breasts and as each of my lunges popped out from between my daughter’s swollen globes, she licked the end of my cum-coated pecker. With my thrusting and Jamie’s licking, Maria’s tits soon glistened, covered with some of the cum from her mouth.

I moved back into Maria’s mouth to get more cum to lubricate her juicy tits. Jamie grabbed the hanger and put her fingers on the vicious clamps. Then she slid them closer pulling her nipples together and tightening her red, swollen cleavage. When I moved back to her fucking her tits, it was noticeably tighter. But now my increasingly escort tuzla forceful lunges were pulling her nipples more brutally. She moaned and Jimmy really pounded hard, turned on by his niece’s tit torture. Jamie told Maria, “Now cum again, and then you can swallow the cum in your mouth. Every drop!” Maria came again, and swallowed and swallowed. Jimmy groaned and started to cum into Maria’s pussy. As they both spasmed and spasmed, Jamie watched her dad’s big cock pump another big load into Maria’s rounded belly.

I sat back and let the two catch their breath. Then Jamie told me to get between my daughter’s widely spread legs. I could see deeply into her cunt—it was plundered by my brother’s horse-sized cock and the clothespins still held the outer folds of her cunt apart. I could see a pool of white bubbling semen gathered just inside the lips of my little girl’s cunt. Her continued aroused spasms caused it to shift slightly and some dribbled out and spilled out onto her exposed asshole. Jamie told me, “Fuck this slut’s virgin ass.” I was still wet from the cum-assisted tittie fucking and her ass was becoming bathed in cum from her well-used pussy. I lined up my cock, and started pushing. It popped in with less resistance than I expected, but it held me firmly as I fucked. I began to rock harder and harder as Maria moaned. As she began to beg for more of my hot cock up her ass, Jamie untied the ties holding her labia clamps and then removed the clothespins. Maria groaned with relief and picked up the pace she was using against her father’s loins. Then Jamie untied Maria’s ankles and Maria immediately wrapped her freed legs around my lunging hips. Jamie took a minute to explore Maria’s well-fucked pussy with her finger and pulled out more of Jimmy’s white sperm. Jamie looked at me then stuck it in Maria’s mouth where it was dutifully licked clean. I really began to give Maria a good deep assfucking. Just as we were each nearing another climax, Jamie unclamped Maria’s tits. The sudden pain from the inrushing blood was matched by the intense pleasure she was wringing from my violent ass fucking. We both came as Maria screamed and cried with joy.