Our House Party Ch. 01

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A Party With Friends Ch. 1

Our Show and Tell Party

I see where the kids these days are having “Makeout Parties.” Well, it turns out that we had begun that before they did, but ours had a further twist.

Mary and I talked over our guest list. There were certain friends that met two qualifications: I had fantasized over the women, and Mary was attracted to the men. Those were the ones we chose to invite to our party. We had plans for the evening that we hoped would take our group to a new level.

We got dressed carefully. Mary was wearing a nice tight sweater, and a cute miniskirt. She sat down and crossed and uncrossed her legs a few times, and I checked out how her black panties flashed each time she did.

“I love your legs, you know,” I commented.

“I know it, you lecherous fool. But right now we have other things to do,” she replied.

I contented myself with running a hand up her thigh to caress the silky black panties over her pussy. Then we went to the living room and put out the hors d’oeuvres.

The doorbell rang. We answered it together. The first arrivals were our friends Jerry and Sandy. Jerry is short but well built, and a brash fellow. He grabbed Mary and gave her a kiss and I saw him pat her butt as he did. Sandy is more reticent. She gave me a quick peck and that was all.

It is funny, but Sandy was the only one of my fantasy girls I had actually ever seen naked. A while before we had been in the backyard in the hot tub, and had a few drinks to get things going. Pretty soon we decided bathing suits were not needed to enjoy the tub, and we stripped down. Sandy was the only one who did not want to get nude. She tried to come in the water in her bra and panties, but Jerry kidded her until she finally took them off, and quickly immersed herself. I had time to get a nice look at her ample boobs and broad pattable bottom, and her patch of brown pubic hair. She figured even more prominently in my fantasies after that. I wondered how she would react to our plans for this evening?

While I was mixing drinks our other friends arrived together. Bill was a red head, an ex football player, still broad and only slightly going to flab. His live in girl Karen had been Mary’s college roommate and she and I had traded sexy banter for years.

“Hi, Karen. You are looking even hotter than you did in college!” I commented.

“Why, thank you, George. I hope you keep thinking that way for a long time,” she said, with the arch look she often gave me. It was half invitation, and half refusal, and I kept guessing which it meant.

Ted and Sue were some of our oldest friends. They were both tall and good looking. Ted had a mop of blond curls and the ladies loved him. Susan didn’t like to wear a bra, and I could see her nipples pressing out the fabric of the thin white top she wore. That always turned me on. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in for a welcome kiss and felt those soft boobs press my chest.

We found comfortable seats in the living room, and I mixed up drinks for everybody. I hoped to loosen them up.

Mary started out with, “You know, you guys are our oldest friends. We are all very close, I think.” There were nods around the room. Ted raised his glass in toast to that.

Small talk followed. Another round of drinks went down, and I was feeling pretty good so I figured the others were too. All of the couples were sitting close. The guys were caressing their girls in a loving way, and the girls were cuddling with them. I carried the mood even further by pulling Mary close for a deep kiss. The other guys took that as an invitation, and soon all of us were engaged in pretty passionate kissing.

I ran a hand up Mary’s leg and rubbed her thigh. She pressed her boobs into my chest and gave a very soft moan. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the other couples following suit. Conversation was pretty much dead.

After a few minutes, I surfaced. Looking around I said, “Well, I can see things are heating up here. It seems like this is a night for other things besides drinking and talk. You know, we have several bedrooms. Maybe soon it will be time to start moving to them.”

All the guys gave big grins at that one. Ted had his hand on Sue’s tit under her soft top, Bill’s hand was well up under Karen’s skirt, and Jerry had an arm draped over Sandy’s shoulder so his hand fell down on her boob.

“Mary and I have an idea in mind,” I went on. “How about a game to play when we separate to the bedrooms?” Everybody looked interested.

She hesitated. I took it up. “Let ‘s keep it hot in here. But as we are making out, clothes can come off. That will make it even hotter. When we are all properly undressed for our sports we can separate to the bedrooms for privacy to do what we want to do by then.”

All the men looked enthusiastic. The women looked around at each other. Sue said, “Public foreplay right here?”

Karen again raised that arch eyebrow. “Until we get naked and hot? bakırköy escort HMMM, George has always tried to get me naked. But this is a bit different, I must admit.” Bill’s hand moved underneath her skirt and she squirmed. I was pretty sure he had just fingered her pussy.

Ted began unbuttoning Sue’s shirt then. Sue looked a bit surprised. She looked over at Karen and saw that Karen’s skirt was raised almost to her waist and Bill had his hand inside her panties. Karen opened her eyes and saw Sue looking at her. Then Sue and Karen nodded at each other.

Jerry squeezed Sandy close to him with one hand on her boob. Then he whispered to her. Finally she nodded too. His hand slid inside her top and he began pulling it up.

“OK,” Mary said. “We will go back to the fun until we are all naked, then. It will be a big turnon right there.But there is more to the game,” Mary went on. “Here are four cards. Each one describes a style of sex play. When you go to your playroom, you should read your card and try it out. Then, in half an hour, we all come back here and describe our experiences.”

“Wow, Mary, where do you get these games?” Sue asked.

I laughed. “Heyboy’s Party Games, of course. But sometimes we go a bit further than Heyboy, even.”

Susan gave her throaty chuckle. “Mary and I were English majors. We should be able to tell a good story. But I think Karen and George were math majors. What sort of description do you think they will give?” Eveybody laughed at that.

Mary and I were seated on the couch. I pulled her to me and put my tongue in her mouth for a deep kiss. Then I got my hands under her sweater and pulled it off, showing her pretty black lace bra under it. We pressed together and got passionate, and her hands sought my shirt buttons and pulled it off so I was bare chested.

I managed to keep contact with her body but look around the room. I saw that Bill had pulled Karen’s sweater over her head, and her tits in a white bra looked enticing to me. Bill had on a t-shirt under his polo shirt which showed off his broad chest well.

Susan I knew was braless, but Ted skillfully undid the buttons of her blouse and pressed her tits to his chest without making much of a show. She worked on his buttons and I got a bit of a look at her tits as she moved against his chest. Soon they were bare chest to bare chest.

Jerry was pulling up on Sandy’s top, but she was not cooperating. He undid his own shirt buttons, and then slid his hands up the back of her top. He pulled it up to show her bra strap, and finally got it over her head. Every couple was pressed close together and I knew things were heating up.

Mary is a great French kisser and I was already as hard as a rock. I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Then I ran my hand around her bare skin until I had her tit in my grasp. My fingers sought out the nipple which was erect and sensitive. She gave a little moan as I began rubbing it. Her hand dropped to my crotch and clutched my hard shaft through my pants.

I could see the other couples and they were all having some great foreplay too. Everybody was also looking around and watching everybody else. All getting hot and naked together was obviously very exciting for the whole bunch of us.

Sue had unzipped Ted’s pants and her hand was working inside while he played with her nice looking tits.

Bill had his had under Karen’s skirt and she rolled her head back and closed her eyes as she enjoyed it.

Jerry had his face buried in Sandy’s cleavage and his hand on her ass. Her hips were pressing toward him so I knew she was reacting to all this. It was really getting hot here.

I peeled Mary’s bra off and dropped it on the floor. Pressing her back a bit, I got both tits in my hands and rolled toward her on the couch so my cock was rubbing her thigh. Our mouths were still locked and our tongues working inside them.

Susan had pulled Ted’s pants down around his ankles, and was straddling his crotch humping him hard. He had a nipple in his mouth and his hands on her ass.

Bill had pulled Karen’s skirt off and was rubbing her white panties over her pussy. I could see the panties had a big wet spot on them. She had taken his shirt off and was fingering his nipples among his red chest hair.

Jerry now had Sandy’s bra off and was fondling her nice big tits. Her hand was busy in his crotch. Everybody was having a good time.

Quickly all the couples began dropping their clothes. Ted was now naked and Sue was straddling him with her white ass toward me, moving up and down against his cock.

Bill was behind Karen, rubbing his cock in her ass crack. This gave me a great view and my longtime fantasy of Karen naked was coming true. Bill had one of her tits in his big hand but the other one was a thing of beauty to look at, white but with an dark nipple which stood up hard. Above her pussy was a dark patch of brown hair which was exciting.

Even Sandy was naked now. beşiktaş escort Jerry was on top of her, pressing his cock against her belly and playing with her tits. She had his thigh between legs and was holding it tight.

Mary looks great with no clothes on, and she was rubbing my cock as I fingered her pussy. It was nice and wet, and I felt the pressure building in my shaft. I thought things had reached the right stage.

Reluctantly, I pulled away from her. We sat side by side on the couch, and I reached for the index cards we had prepared. “It is time,” I said, “to move on. Is everybody turned on?”

“Wow,” “You bet,” “Hot and ready,” were what I heard.

“OK,” I said, “each girl gets to draw a card.” I fanned them out and held them in front of me. I figured a bonus was that I would get a good look at the nudity of the ladies as they drew. I held the cards out to Mary and she pulled out the one with the slightly bent corner. I knew that ensured that we got Card


Susan stood up. Her tall body was graceful, and her round tits were firm even after nursing her two kids. I licked my lips watching her nipples as she walked toward me. Her eyes told me that she did not miss the gesture. Her pussy hair was light and was neatly trimmed and I could see the pink lips between her legs engorged with excitement. She drew a card, read it with a quizzical look, and took it back to Ted. He read the card and gave a sort of lopsided grin.

Then Karen walked toward me. Ever since college I had seen her naked in my fantasies, and in truth she looked even better than my imagination. That heavy dark pubic hair turned me on, even though her pussy was only slightly visible through it. Her tits were slightly pointy, and the nipples were large and dark. She saw me staring at her pubic area, and as she stopped in front of me she spread her legs a bit, one in front of the other, so that I had a good view of her cunt gaping at me. She took a card and read it. Then she gave me that famous arch look, half promise and half denial and took the card to Bill. He read it and gave her a big grin.

Sandy got up and moved toward me. Her big tits bounced a bit as she walked, and though her boobs were big, her nipples were actually smaller and lighter in color than any of the other girls. Her light colored pussy hair was trimmed back from her lips and I could clearly see that they were swollen and wet. I looked her in the eyes and she looked away. With her head half turned she took the remaining card. She looked at it and her eyes got wide. She walked back to Jerry, her nice wide ass swinging as she walked. Jerry read the card and gave that big lecherous grin he has.

Then I announced, “Whoever has card can go in the den. You will see why. The rest of us take the three bedrooms. We meet back here at 10:00.” That would give us 45 minutes to enjoy our instructions.

I pulled Mary toward me and grabbed her tits as I kissed her deeply and then with my hand on her ass we went down to the master bedroom. The others were following us.

Forty-five minutes later, we went back into the living room. Jerry and Sandy were already there, sitting in one of the big armchairs, both still naked. I noticed that Jerry’s big hardon was gone, though. Pretty soon Bill and Karen came in, naked and holding hands. It was still a big turnon to me to see Karen naked. We waited a while, and finally Ted and Sue came in, arms around each others waists.

We all looked around the room at each other for a moment. Mary and I were on the couch, and I was comfortably cradling one boob in my hand. Sue was on Ted’s lap in the big easy chair, her head on his shoulder and one tit pressing his bare chest. Sandy was sitting between Jerry’s legs and he had both her boobs cradled in his hands as she leaned back against him. Karen was next to Bill on the small love seat, one leg up on the seat so her pussy was open to Bill’s hand gently resting on it.

Mary volunteered, “OK, we had card

so we are going to start it off.”

“Yeah, yeah, show us how it is done!” Sue enthused.

George read the card. “It says ‘Card

: Oral only. Use your mouth any way you want to. Lick, Suck, Tease and don’t forget good old 69. But mouths only, nothing else.’ So we will make our report.”

Mary began. “When we got to the bedroom, I put my arms around George and rubbed up against him nice and close. He started kissing me deep. Then he began kissing down my body. He covered my neck and shoulders with kisses. Then he worked down to my tits. He kissed them and began running his tongue in circles around the nipples, getting closer and closer. By the time he got my nipples in his lips I was so excited I could feel my pussy dripping.”

I chimed in with, “I really like to suck her titties. I pulled the nipples in and out of my mouth and I felt her getting hot. I was about to put some fingers in her pussy when I remembered the rules on the card. So I didn’t even put my hands beylikdüzü escort on her ass. I just moved down from her boobs and kissed my way down her stomach. When I reached the top of her pubic hair, I kissed sideways to the edge of it and then followed it down to the top of her thighs.”

All our friends were listening attentively, and I realized that they were entranced both by our nakedness and our words. Several of them were fondling their partners gently. I realized that Sandy was running her fingers down herself following the path I was describing.

Mary said, “That was so exciting. He let his tongue move from one thigh to the other right across the base of my pussy. I knew he was teasing but my clit was crying out for attention. Slowly he licked from the bottom right up to the top of my slit, letting his wet tongue carry my juices up and over my clit. Then he began running his tongue round and round my clit. It felt so good …”

“I could feel her shuddering as I rolled her clit around,” I went on. “So I took it between my lips and sucked in and out on it. She was giving those little moans that I know mean she is close. I put my tongue into her cunt and wiggled it down deep inside. My lips still tickled her clit but I found the spot inside with the tip of my tongue and stroked it. She grabbed my head and pressed her cunt hard against my mouth. Then I felt it clenching around my tongue and her nails dug into my cheeks as she began cumming.”

“Waves were spreading through my whole pussy,” Mary affirmed. “It was one of the fastest and one of the best orgasms ever. I clutched George hard because it made my knees weak. He stood up, rubbing his body against mine, and held me tight a bit. I knew it was his turn then, so I kissed him deeply and then did as he had done, rubbing my body down along his with kisses all the way. I got to his belly and his shaft was twitching urgently. I dropped down a bit past it, though, and took his balls gently in my mouth. He loved that, and softly moaned as I sucked on them. Then I started licking, all the way up to the tip and all the way back down to the balls.”

“But I could hardly stand the teasing,” I butted in. “I grabbed her head and shoved my cock in her mouth. She deep throated it and ran her tongue around the end until I was about to cum. But then she pulled away. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. For a minute I was not sure what to do, but then I realized that she wanted to finish it with 69. That was great with me. I turned around and crawled on top of her. My cock hung down to her mouth, and I had a wonderful view of her wet pussy right in front of my mouth. So I bent down a bit and got to work, and I felt her teeth nibbling gently on the head of my dick. She was driving me wild with that stuff.”

“His tongue played with my clit and my tongue played with the tip of his shaft,”Mary said in turn. ” We kept that up for a little bit and both of us were right on the edge. So I put my hands up on his ass and pushed him down deep in my throat. He started to work his hips up and down, fucking my throat. At the same time he was tongue fucking my pussy, with in and out and rotation motions all at the same time. I moaned around his cock, I know. Then he stopped fucking me and pushed his cock in deep. I held my breath and took it all. I felt it throb, and I tasted his salty cum filling my mouth. He pulsed and pulsed and that warm stuff went down my throat.”

“It was the best climax I have had for a long time,” I added. “And while I was cumming I felt her hips press up and waves of contractions went through her pussy. Her mouth was too full for her to scream or I know she would have. I haven’t felt her cunt cum so many times in years!”

“We definitely liked the oral stuff,” Mary reported. “We will have to keep it in our repertoire!”

All our friends laughed at that. Then Jerry started clapping and they all followed suit. I squeezed Mary’s tit and whispered to her, “Good job, babe.”

Mary prompted, “OK, it is time for the next story. Who had card


There was a short pause. Then Jerry spoke up, “We did.”

I said, “Read it out loud. Then tell us how you played with it.”

Jerry chuckled. “I hope we can do as good a job as you and Mary did telling about it. Card

,” he read. “It says, ‘Hands only. Touch anything, do anything, but only with your hands. Jerk off, finger fuck, masturbate yourself or each other. But use nothing except your hands.’ At first I was disappointed. But then my mind started to see the possibilities. I looked at Sandy, and then I started circle jerking in front of her. She was watching close!”

Sandy squirmed at that. “Jerry!” she said.

“No kidding,” Jerry went on, “I was looking her over good, maybe better than I have for a long time, and she turned me on plenty. I whacked my cock good and fast. Then I told her to play with herself. Didn’t I, Hon?”

“Well – yes, he did. He was working on his shaft, and it was turning me on to see him do that. So I started to play with myself.”

“Go on,” Jerry said. “Give us a good description.”

“UM …” Sandy muttered. Then softly she said, “I ran a finger around my clit, and then up and down into my slit. It felt good. I was really wet by then, and I felt it building up.”

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