Our Kids Ch. 03


I watched as my wife and our son disengaged. A strand of his cum continued to connect his cock to her pussy until she moved far enough away that it snapped and dangled for a second before attaching itself to her thigh. At the same time, a half-gallon of his spunk gushed out of her cunt and landed on the carpeted floor.

“Now look what happened.” Becca chuckled, pointing to the puddle between her legs.

“Yeah, mom, you’d better clean that up before it stains or something.”

I grabbed some tissues from a nearby box and handed them to my wife. She dropped to her knees and began gathering up the spunk in the paper. Watching her in that position, her nice firm tits pointing at the floor, hanging a bit and swaying as she moved, my cock once again got the urge. Without hesitation, I dropped behind her and thrust him in to her sloppy and stretched fuck hole. Of course it was hot and gooey and the combined juices of my wife and our son’s recent coupling quickly squished out and covered my cock and balls.

“Oh, yeah baby, fuck me good!” Becca almost shouted.

“Hey, that’s not baby, that’s hubby.” Trevor pointed out.

He moved around and watched us rut. As I turned to him, I saw that his cock had already recovered its stiffness and was raging, wanting more of his mother’s hot fucking pussy. But then he moved so he was on his knees in front of us. He pushed his cock forward so that it was touching his mother’s lips. Without any of us saying a word, she opened her mouth and eagerly took his slime covered meat all the way in. She reached up with one hand and cupped and caressed his balls as he closed his eyes and began thrusting into his mother’s willing throat. I could feel her cuntal walls gripping and grasping my cock.

I knew that Trevor would last for a long time since he had just cum a few minutes before. By the same token, I knew I would not. The blow job from Tinley, the pictures on the computer, the lotion with Sasha and Tinley and the fuck scene of Becca and Trevor were way more that my little penis brain could handle. In just a few minutes I felt the cum churning in my scrotal sac and I boiled from my balls in a massive gusher. Rope after scalding rope of my fuck sauce geysered into Becca’s womb where it mixed with our son’s cum and filled her beyond capacity. As I continued to pump in and out of her the frothy mixture flowed out of her pussy and ran down my balls in a sticky mess. I felt weak kneed and short of breath.

By now Trevor had picked up the pace and was avidly fucking his mother’s face. In a few more minutes I saw the veins on his neck and forehead bulging and his face turned a bright red.

“Oh fuck mom…I’m gonna fuckin’ cum again…oh fuck…fuck…you fucking suck so goooooooood!” He held on to her head as he shoved his cock in one more time, burying her nose against his pubic bone.

Suddenly a round of applause erupted. I turned to see Sasha and Tinley clapping their hands and shouting.

“Wooo whoooo! Way to go guys!” Our little girl was cheering us on and there was no doubt about the lustful look on her face. Sasha was standing behind Tinley and she had one of her hands between our sweet daughter’s legs. A finger was nearly buried to the knuckle in the sweet folds of her young sex. Her other hand was covering one of Tinley’s breasts and the fingers were teasing the taut little bud of her nipple.

“That was like soooooo fucking hot!” Sasha beamed. I saw Tinley’s eyes close and her body shuddered as an orgasm swept through her.

The aroma of sex filled the room. Becca moved away from my now flaccid cock. She was still on her knees but her lovely body was upright. She put her arms around Trevor’s body and held him close. She turned her face toward me and it was covered with a huge grin. The sheen of cum was still on her chin.

“I just love my guys!”

I grabbed some more tuzla escort tissue and caught a huge gob of cum just as it was about to release from her body. Then I used the same tissue to catch another spoonful as it emerged from my cockhead. Now the damn tissue disintegrated and I ended up with paper glued to my meatstick.

“Nice job Mr. Compton.” Sasha smirked, seeing my predicament.

“You girls are very nasty. You should not have been watching that little display.” Becca pretended to scold.

“We’re nasty? Look who’s talking…taking on two guys at once…and one was your own son!” Sasha was laughing. Her beautiful full tits shook and jiggled. “Trevor certainly put on a show though…I wouldn’t mind a little sample of that cock when he’s ready…!

“Sasha! You’re so bad!” Tinley said coyly.

“Oh come on, little miss prissy! If he hasn’t put that thing in your hot little pussy already, I bet you’ll let him as soon as you can! Or maybe you’re more of a daddy’s girl. Do you want your daddy to clean of his cock and fuck you with it? Tin? Do you want to lay down right here on the floor and let your daddy please you with that snake of his?”

Tinley blushed cutely and looked at me.

“If he was my daddy, I’d sure let him fuck me with that thing…”

“Hell, Sash,” Trevor burst out, “word has it that you let just about anybody fuck you with their things!”

“Oh yeah Trev? Then why haven’t I let you fuck me with your thing?”

“Hey baby, you just said that you would…”

I noticed that Trevor’s cock was beginning to grow again. Ah, the joy of youth! Quick recovery and impressive staying power!

Sasha’s eyes were glued to our son’s prick as it quickly sprang to life.

“So Sash…do you want to go up to my room or do you want to do it right here with my family watching?”

“Just don’t tease me Trevor…fuck me right here…if they want to watch that’ll be just fine.”

She quickly sat on the floor and then reclined. Her tits swayed slightly as she positioned herself. The hard rose-colored nipples pointed at the ceiling. She spread her legs and thumbed her own clit as she waited for our son to position himself between her shapely tan legs.

Trevor dropped to his knees and grabbed her hips. He almost roughly lifted her body, the muscles of his arms, chest, neck and abdomen flexed. He looked like a sex god as he pulled her to him and let her little hand, with the shiny enameled nails reach between their sexes and guide his throbbing cock into her eager fuck hole. She quickly wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled herself as far onto his pole as she could manage.

“Fuck me Trevor…that feels sooooo fucking good!”

In just a few seconds they had established a good rhythm and their bodies slid together almost silently. The only sound was their breathing and the wet sounds of his cock sliding in and out of her hot cunt.

I reached for the camera and took several pictures. One was a close-up of her fingers pinching her nipple. Another was of her finger rubbing her clit. I was careful to include the tattooed little devil in the frame.

“Fuck me…fuck me…fuuuuck mmmeeeeeeee!”

In no time at all, Sasha thrashed her way to a wild orgasm. “Fuuuuuuuck! I…I…I…I…I’mmmmmm cuuuuuuuuummmmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg!”

I didn’t count, but it seemed that the little bitch had at least four or five major cums in just a few minutes. Her body was covered in sweat and her skin was flushed. Her nipples were bright little buds that looked like the wanted to burst from her chest.

“Oh Trevor…oh Trev…oh….Trev…oooooooooh!”

After they had stopped for a few minutes and their breathing had returned to normal, things kind of broke up. Becca went to make sandwiches and get cold drinks ready and I went to clean the tissue from my cock. Trevor and the girls went out to the pool and languidly moved pendik escort around in the cool water. They hugged and talked and the whole atmosphere seemed so innocent and idyllic. Three nude teenagers just relaxing in a swimming pool…

Becca was almost finished preparing lunch when I came into the kitchen to offer some help. I brought with me a warm damp washcloth, which I used to tenderly clean my beautiful wife.

“Yeah, thanks honey. Things were starting to get pretty sticky down there.” She kissed me as I finished my ministrations.

“This has been some afternoon! I think this incest thing is moving right along in our family.”

“Yeah, honey.” She replied. “And in Sasha’s family. And in my sister’s family and in your brother’s family…and in who knows what other families…”

“It just seems so natural. People who love each other and who know each other and who care for each other…what could be more natural than having sex together? It actually seems more natural than not having sex together. That’s moral prohibition…or whatever it’s called…really seems unnatural and un-normal. Everything seems kind of backwards, actually.”

We took the food out to the patio and called the teenagers.

When Trevor emerged from the water we noticed that his cock was semi-firm again. He turned and put his hand out and helped Sasha step from the water. As she stepped on to the deck, she leaned forward, draping her arms across his shoulders and pressed her firm body into his. They kissed, their tongues dancing and wrestling, as their bodies swayed together. Tinley was climbing out of the deep end, using the ladder. I noticed Sasha put her arm around Trevor and press her body against him as they walked to the stack of towels.

“Shit…now it looks like they’re in love.” Tinley giggled as she pressed the water from her hair.

It turned out that we were one chair short at the table, so Becca sat on my thigh as we all ate our lunch in nude splendor. I couldn’t keep my eyes from roaming first to the large tit just inches from my face and then to the firms melons on Sashs’s chest and then from the sweet cupcakes of our daughter.

The tabletop is of clear glass, so we all had a very clear view of Sasha’s hand resting on Trevor’s thigh.

“You guys are such a great family. I really like being with you.”

“Thanks Sasha…you never said anything like that until my brother fucked your brains out.” Tinley joked.

“Yeah huh! I’ve always liked your mom…I didn’t really know your dad until today…but he’s hot. Remember the first time I saw him?”

“Yeah, when you said ‘I’d fuck him’ when I asked if you thought he was good looking.”

“Yeah, see? And now I know Trevor better…lots better. Before I thought he was just the big water polo stud strutting around in his varsity jacket with the “All League” patch on his sleeve.”

“Yeah, and the sausage in his Speedos.”

This time Sasha actually blushed. “Well…yeah…and the sausage in his Speedos.”

“Wait! She actually said she’d fuck dad?”

“Trevor…she’s a slut…she’d fuck anyone!”

“Gee, thanks Tinley. I was just blown away. Here I thought I was some hot dad and now you say I’m just another penis.”

“Well, yeah, dad. You are just another penis, as far as Sasha is concerned. But not to me and mom.”

“Really? What am I to you two?”

“Well, honey…you’re our penis!” Becca chimed in.

Tinley quickly moved from her chair to my available thigh. She reached down between my legs and playfully stroked at my cock. “Yeah daddy, you’re our penis. If I have to share you with that nasty lady. But if I don’t have to share, then you’re my penis.” She bent forward and slipped her sweet little tongue into my mouth. I felt her firm little tits as she pressed them into my chest.

Sasha was smiling brightly at the patter. “I love you guys! aydınlı escort Mr. Compton, I may be a slut, but I don’t fuck just anybody. And I’d be honored to fuck you sometime.”

“Sasha, you just added 5 years to my life!” I said. “The honor would be all mine.”

“Oh please! You two guys are making me sick, fawning all over her. If you aren’t careful you’ll be drooling on her tits!” Becca laughed.

With that, I grabbed the tit that was closest to me and bit the nipple firmly but gently between my lips.

“You know, the first time my dad and brother fucked me I really wanted it. I had been going out with Joey Fontana and he had put a lot of pressure on me. I had given him head a bunch of times but I didn’t know if I wanted him to fuck me. Then one night my dad and mom were at a party and my brother walked in on me while I was in the shower. He did it on purpose. He just started kissing me and the next thing I know we’re fucking on my bed. A little while later our parents came home and walked in on us. Without saying a word my dad stripped and started fucking me too. He and my brother swapped their dicks in and out of me.

Dad fucked me for a long time. He even changed positions a few times. His big cock just made me feel so good I wanted it to go on forever. Then my brother stripped my mom, she looked really hot that night and I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing panties under her short skirt., Anyway he just laid her down on my bed next to me and started pounding away. It turned out that it had been a big set up.

Joey had told my dad that I was a blue baller and so my dad said he’d take care of it. Then he set it up to have my brother break my cherry while he and mom were out that night and they would walk in on us and he’d get his turn. Mom was in on it too. She had been fucking my brother for years!”

“Wow, Sasha. That’s a hot story!”

“Yeah, Mr. Compton. So that’s how my family turned me into a little slut! And boy, am I glad they did.”

“That is such a hot story.” I shook my head. “Your dad has a daughter he should really be proud of.”

She giggled, I watched her tits jiggle.

“I remember the first time my dad fucked me.” Becca said. “It was like the greatest thing that had happened to me at that time of my life. He truly made love to me. It was much more than just a hot fuck.” I reached between my wife’s legs and stroked the hard nub of her clit.

“That is so cool, Mrs. Compton!” Sasha’s eyes were big, almost as big as her hard nipples. I knew she was watching my finger slip into Becca’s hot slot. “When my dad fucked me, that was what it was, just a hot and heavy fuck. But now he makes love to me. It is so fucking special when he does.”

Things got quiet for a little while as we all thought about what had just happened.

After a while, Trevor asked me if he could talk to me in the house for a second. We excused ourselves for a few minutes.

“Dad, you know the houseboat trip next month? I would like to invite Sasha. Would that be okay with you and mom?”

“Sure Trevor. I think you would be crazy not to invite her. The worst thing that could happen would be that she would say no. The best thing that could happen would be that you and me would get our brains fucked out by not just two but three hot pussies.” I grinned broadly. As we returned to the patio, I could tell that Mr. Johnson approved of the idea a well.

Sasha eagerly accepted the invitation. She looked into my eyes as she got up and gave Becca a hug and a kiss and then sat down on my lap to kiss me. She kissed me hotly, her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. Her huge breasts were pressed into my flesh. I couldn’t help it. My cock started to grow again.

She reached down between us and gently massaged my cock and balls, playing with the drop of precum that had presented itself at the tip of the bulbous head. She brought the pearly fluid to her lips. Looking into my eyes, she said, “I’m looking forward to getting to know you guys even better.”

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