Our Montreal Adventure

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I want you to imagine we’re in Montreal again. The same wonderful hotel. The same beautiful room. We’ve enjoyed another absolutely fabulous meal at an amazing little restaurant and upon our return; we decide to have a little drink at the hotel lounge.

The place is busy, but not exactly packed by any means. The lights are low with candles flickering everywhere. Music fills the room with sensual “Just a little weekend away in this beautiful city. No real special occasion per say. Just a nice weekend of good food, good fun, rest “Well we were just about to head up to our room but I guess we can stay to enjoy the drinks you’ve bought. Sure. Why don’t you “I’m sorry, their English is not too good.”

Chantal moves her stool even closer to me as her hand slides unnoticed under the table onto my thigh. The two young men move closer to you as one places his hand on your back while the other leans his hip into you ever so gently “You sit here Marc!”

The two men have walked you past the entrance to the room and are on either side of you as you stand on near the bed edge that faces the open part of the room. As the men now run their hands all over your body, Chantal walks around the room lighting candles that we had left from the night before.

The men grasp “Does your girlfriend like to suck bursa escort cock Marc?” I answer gladly in the affirmative; “Oh she certainly does “you think Sabrina can suck cock? Wait til you see what I can do!” She then proceeds to take the entire length of my hard cock into her mouth. The men have picked you up from your knees on the floor and guide you to the bed on all fours. Jean takes up position behind you while Francois is on his knees in front of you presenting you with his massive tool. Jean enters your soaked little pussy roughly and unforgivingly as Francois grabs your head and forces you to take his huge cock.

Jean begins to pound your little pussy relentlessly as Francois slowly “He can’t cum inside her! He’s not allowed. Tell him he can’t cum inside of Sabrina!”

Chantal turns her head and yells at Jean in French. He quickly pulls out of your tingling pussy “Oh yes! Sabrina’s a good girl! She loves to swallow every drop and licks it all clean! She’s my perfect little cocksucker you know!”

Jean is absolutely spent having blown his entire load all over your neck, chest, breasts and stomach. Francois being none too impressed as even he was hit by some of the flying semen. Now its Francois’s turn. His erection raging and straining and in need of release. He lies back bursa escort bayan on the bed with his head propped up on pillows and motions for you to take up place between his legs. He spreads them wide and lifts them up in the air motioning for you to lick and suck his balls. He says something to your in French that you don’t understand. You look towards Chantal as she interprets.

“Lick his ass sweetheart. He likes it when you lick his ass this time me shrugging my shoulders with a gesture of do it If you want to babe? You don’t have to buy don’t let me stop you darlin’!

You begin to lick and suck his massive testicles as he pumps his own cock with his hand. You venture lower and lower tickling the skin that stretches from his scrotum to his anus. All of a sudden you two hands spread your own cheeks apart and the wetness & warmth of a tongue around your own tight little bum. You glance back to see Jean behind you licking and teasing at your little ass.

His fingers work into your swollen little pussy as his tongues works in and out of your tight little bum. Jean is very good. “Oh my goodness” you think to yourself. “This guy is almost as good as Marc!” You are really getting into it as Francois forces your head to lick his anus. Almost begrudgingly your tongue begins bursa bayan escort to circle his bum hole as Jean is fully engulfed in your own. The sensation is driving all of you wild. Francois is stroking his cock madly as you lap at his ass. Jean is fingering your G spot while fucking your tight little hole with his tongue. You can feel your orgasm building as well as Francois. You can feel the weight of his balls grow with cum as his orgasm grows and grows. You’re about to explode as jean works your pussy and ass with his tongue and fingers. Francois sits up and gets to his knees. Jean lifts your hips back up ’til you’re on all fours again. Francois is jerking his massive cock madly and shoves its into your mouth. As he begins to pump your mouth and throat with loads of salty cum, Jean inserts a finger into your bum. Two fingers stroking your G spot and one deep into your ass while the largest cock you’ve ever had pumps massive amounts of cum into your mouth and throat. You begin to orgasm wildly as cum drips out of your mouth and down your chin and onto the bed. You buck wildly from having both your holes fingered relentlessly. You can’t believe how much semen raged out of the massive cock. You swallow once, twice, a third & fourth time yet still can’t take it all.

You are completely satisfied. Completely satiated. You have been completely filled to the brim and are drenched from head-to-toe in a sweet mixture of your & their sweat & cum! You look over to the chairs at the end of the room to see Chantal & I taking the baton & continuing in our little Montreal Adventure!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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