Our Shared Bathroom Ch. 07

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It had been over two years now since Michelle and I were married. We had a really nice wedding, not too expensive, but well decorated and fun. Michelle agreed not to spend too much on the photos and videos and instead we put our money into great food at the reception, and a DJ who brought a great attitude and had a lot of good music. All our family and friends had had a blast and we knew it was a success when even Michelle’s grandmother joined the dancing, cane and all.

Jen and I even shared a dance together, laughing together as whispered some of our memories of the unbelievable things we did together three years prior. We were both happy now, she with James and I with Michelle, and we were both very supportive of each other and content that we were forever together in the way that mattered.

Michelle and I had remained in the town we grew up in. We bought a little house and Michelle had taken up gardening while I tried a few hobbies, being most successful with woodworking. She was enjoying her work at the nursing home and was due for a promotion after her recent training. I often teased her that it was her figure and her strawberry-blond hair that helped her keep the old men under control and not the training she had. I was probably right too. And just as she was enjoying her work, I was doing well at my company, now having my own office and working hard to maintain a strong list of customers.

Jen and James had been married a year ago in a church on the other side of town. They opted for a more traditional ceremony and had their reception in the old, gray, stone hall of the church. The setting was gorgeous, with the candles and flowers they had picked out. Jen looked stunning in her wedding dress. Her dark brown hair was braided along the sides of her head and cascading halfway down her back. Her veil was held to her head by a delicate crown of ribbon that had been wrapped in with flowers. James looked good too, having obviously bulked up from all his work at the garage. They made a great couple together and everyone appreciated and enjoyed their wedding.

Jen and James had moved out of state soon after their marriage, and it was rare that we got to see them. However, it wasn’t long before we got word that Jen was pregnant, so a visit was in order. Things didn’t work out well for us as we tried to plan. Michelle’s workplace had undergone some management changes and the was unable to get away. I had other engagements besides work, and also could not get the time free.

It was actually almost seven months later when my schedule cleared up. Unfortunately, Michelle was still unable to go, but she urged me to make the visit anyhow to see Jen and James. It took another week before we had made all the arrangements, but I finally arrived one Friday evening.

When Jen greeted me at the door, my heart stuck in my throat. She looked absolutely beautiful. It had been so long since I had seen her, yet she looked just as pretty and joyful and sexy as when she was a senior in high school. All the memories of our sexual experimentation came roaring back into my head in just the few seconds it took for her to happily shout my name and hug me. I felt her swollen stomach and breasts press against me and smelled the perfume of her hair as I returned the embrace.

“Come in! I’m so glad you could finally get here! It’s so good to see you!” she gushed as she stepped out of the doorway and I grabbed my bags and stepped in.

She showed me into the guest bedroom where I dropped my stuff off, then led me into the living room. The scent of some Italian meal was in the air, awaking my hunger. I sat down on one of the sofas and Jen sat next to me, giddy with excitement. She was wearing a loose blue shirt and jeans, both obviously maternity clothes, and her feet were bare.

“Where’s James at?” I asked.

“Oh, he’s working late at the garage tonight. He’ll be home soon. They do the work on the trucks for the Post Office and a few were dropped off today.” She explained.

Then, after a moment, I realized she was just gazing at me.

“Um, Jen? You there?” I teased.

She laughed. “Sorry! It’s…I’m glad you’re here.” She said, smiling.

I looked at her, and she looked into my eyes, still smiling.

“I’ve missed you too.” I told her.

She grinned more, then took a breath and looked away. “Okay, okay, I have to get dinner ready. You just relax.”

“Oh no you don’t!” I protested. “I’ll not have my pregnant sister do all the work while I sit around! Let me help out.”

She agreed and, after I helped her up, we went into the kitchen and got the meal ready. James arrived home and greeted me warmly. We all had dinner and enjoyed a good evening visiting. Jen went to bed earlier than James and I, but it wasn’t long before I turned in too.

When I awoke the next morning, I found I had slept in pretty late. I got dressed and found my way to the bathroom, then went in search of Jen and James.

I made my towards the living room where I could karataş escort hear music. Entering the room, I say my sister standing in front of the TV, working out to an exercise video. She had her hair pulled back tight in a ponytail and was wearing a white sports bra and gray sweats. Her stomach was bare, and my breath stuck in my lungs for a moment as I admired her in her pregnant glory. She was sitting on a large, blue, yoga ball with her hands on her neck, elbows pointed out to each side as she followed the video’s lead.

I stepped over and sat down on the couch where she could see me. She glanced over and smiled, but looked back at the screen, puffing with exertion as she worked to keep her seat while gently bending to work one side of her abs.

Her face was rosy and she was sweating from her workout. I could tell that the pregnancy was making her face just a little puffy, and it looked like her breasts has swelled a bit as well. She had put on some weight, but it only served to amplify her womanly curves as she had done a great job keeping her arms and legs toned. Her butt was a little rounder, her hips and chest a little wider, but that was all. And it made her look great. Especially with that big, round belly hanging out there, stretching her skin tight.

She glanced back at me and a suspicious grin spread across her face.

“Are you going to sit there and watch me the whole time?” she asked.

I just sat back and smiled. “It’s the best thing I have going on right now.” She smiled, then turned her attention back to the screen.

I silently gazed at her, love and pride filling my heart. She was such a beautiful girl and she would make a beautiful mother. It just showed in the way she carried herself. Her eyes now carried that kind and patient look, like she knows more than she’s going to let on. She looked peaceful and yet determined at the same time. Seeing her there, ponytail wagging back and forth as she worked to keep herself fit even while pregnant, I knew her child was going to grow up loved and cared for.

A few minutes later, the video was over and she asked me to help her up off the ball. After she gained her footing, I then helped her sit down on the floor where she could stretch out.

“Mark, would it bother you if I took off my bra?” she asked, stretching an arm over her head.

I laughed. “What do you think? But won’t James mind just a little?”

“Oh, he had to go to the garage for a few hours. It’s just you and me, bro.” She said, smiling.

“Uh, well, yeah. Go ahead. Please!” I said.

She laughed, then reached down and pulled the edge of her bra up, releasing her full breasts, then pulled the wet fabric over her head and tossed it to the side.

“Oh my gosh! That thing was killing me!” she said, cradling her naked breasts in her hands. She quickly rubbed them to get the feeling back and resumed her stretching. I was fascinated seeing how her breasts rubbed against the top of her stomach in the position she was in. She glanced over and grinned. “Mark! You’re staring!” she said with giggly embarrassment.

“Sorry sis, you are incredibly hot.” I said, smiling at her.

She changed arms and said, “Oh yeah, even though I’m so fat.”

I made a face and said, “Hey, shut up! Don’t you dare think that. You look fantastic. You look like a million bucks.”

Jen thought about that. She reached out and took hold of her thigh and leaned forward, just a little. Her glistening breasts pushed against her round stomach. The freckles sprinkled on her shoulders stood out well in the light.

“So, do I still turn you on, even like this?” she asked, looking up at me.

“My god yes.” I admitted.

She giggled. “Prove it.” She looked at me with a daring grin.

I stood up and gestured at the mound of my erection bulging in my pants.

“Mark! I mean show me! Don’t mess around with me. I’m pregnant and I want to see it!” she scolded, laughing at the end.

This was great. I unbuckled my belt, undid the front of my jeans, then spread them open and pulled the front of my briefs down to expose my penis to her. She looked fully at it and smiled.

“Hey, I remember you!” she said, merrily.

“Oh trust me, he hasn’t forgotten you.” I said.

She smiled. “Bring him over here, let’s see if he really does remember me.”

I walked up to her and she reached up and put her hand on my dick, pulling it down. It was like heaven having her touch me again.

She looked up at me with shining eyes and said, “Come here, come to mama…” then she leaned closer and slid my penis between her lips. Her mouth closed around my shaft and her tongue began to slide across my stiff flesh.

My eyes rolled up in pleasure and I put my hands on my hips to steady myself as she sank my penis deep into her mouth. Her tongue ran back and forth over the width of the base of my shaft. Then she began to bob her head up and down my length, stuffing her mouth karkamış escort with me until her spit began to dribble out of the corner of her mouth.

She slid me out most of the way and looked up at me happily, sliding the tip of my penis side to side across her extended tongue. A few drops of spit fell on her chest and belly, shining in the light. She looked back down and reached a hand between my legs and tucked her fingers up into my scrotom. My skin was really sensitive to her touch and she smiled when she felt my dick jerk.

She pushed her mouth forward again and drew me back in. up and down my shaft, then pushed her head forward even more. I felt the head of my penis hit the back of her mouth, then felt her throat relax and her head sank in even deeper until her nose pressed in against my pubic hair. Her fingertips tightened against my crotch and she began pulling and pushing her head back and forth by only an inch, squeezing my penis in and out of her throat. Her chin jutted out into my balls and her nose pressed harder against my body. She paused, and I suddenly felt her lips wrap around the very base of my body, tightening around the hair and flesh surrounding my cock. She had swallowed me completely, and now she used her hand to pull my balls gently forward and rub them around on her chin.

She finally drew back, sliding me the whole way out and gasping air in happily. A thick trail of saliva followed after her and landed again on her round stomach. She smiled up at me, then looked down at herself and rubbed the spit in with her hand.

“So do you remember that?” She asked, grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh…my…” I stuttered, then pulled the yoga ball and sat on it. “Where in the world did you learn that?!” I asked in disbelief.

“Well, you don’t think I got this by washing his socks, do you?” Jen said innocently, pointing at her stomach. I shook my head and she laughed.

She reached down and pulled her sweats down to her knees, then sat on her side and pulled them off her legs. She looked up at me, her wet breasts heaving, her round stomach protruding out over her black panties. Her hair was a little more unkempt now, but most of it held together in the ponytail while the rest hung down around her face. Her forehead and chest was shimmering with sweat.

She looked straight into my eyes, and slowly a smile spread across her face as she invited me.

I looked right back into her eyes and my smile came bursting out of my heart and onto my face. I tore my shirt off over my head, then stood up and worked my jeans and briefs off.

Standing totally naked in my sister and her husband’s home, I walked up before her and knelt down in front of her. She didn’t say a word, but just grinned excitedly as I reached out to her hips and slowly peeled her panties down from under her belly and over her hips. She held herself up and allowed me to strip the fabric from under her butt, then lifted her legs as I slid it along her bare thighs, over her knees, and off.

She folded her legs together casually, but then allowed me to slowly pull her knees to the side, keeping them together and turning her lower body so that she leaned on her side as her buttocks came off the floor and her pussy was exposed. She laid her upper body down, reaching one arm up and resting her head on it as her great belly rested on the floor and sighed with satisfaction as she felt my hand on her hip.

My erection was strong by this time, but I needed more of my sister before I could satisfy myself. I laid down on my side further down on the floor so that my head pointed toward her butt. I reached up and pulled her cheeks apart to expose more of her pussy. Her hair had grown longer than when we had been together last, but it looked right. She looked inviting. My wife, Michelle, loved it when I licked her like this, but there was something about Jen that made me hungry to taste her between her legs.

Greedily, I pressed my mouth against her warm, moist pussy and heard her gasp in delight. My lips pressed against her own hairy lips and her butt cheeks were warm against mine. I slid my tongue out and dipped it into her cunt. She was already wet with excitement. For the first time in years I tasted her fluids as they leaked out of her vagina. Her pussy lips were swollen and fleshy, and as I gouged her flesh with my tongue, I could feel her lips growing firmer as her stimulation built.

I focused my tongue on her clit and heard her gasp out an “Oh god!”. I twirled her erect nub around and then licked it straight up and down until I could feel her trembling. Her legs had begun to feel tacky as she started to perspire, and when I took my face away to look at her, I could see droplets of her clear fluid had run down her cheek and into the carpet.

I got up and scooted myself up behind her so I could put my arms around her sides while I brought my penis up toward her pussy. The sun poured in through the blinds as we lay together kilis escort on the carpet in the middle of the room. She reached back and pulled my hand around her and put it on her belly and then gasped as she felt the tip of my penis touch her cunt.

Gently, I inched myself forward. My penis squished between her swollen lips and sunk into her body.

I pushed it in deeper. Jen bit her lip.

Deeper. Her hand grasped mine and held it tight on her stomach.

My body became one with hers; my penis sticking fully her quivering vagina.

Suddenly, we were both still, paused in the midst of our union.

“Do you feel him?” Jen whispered.

I smiled, feeling the vibrations under my hand. “Yeah!”

“He’s kicking!” she said. She turned her head back to smile at me and say, “He knows I’m enjoying this.”

I bent forward and kissed her, fully. When our lips parted and our eyes opened, Jen looked at me with something more than love. Now it was lust.

Obliging her, I hauled my penis down her passage, then thrust it back up inside. She grunted and laid her head back down on her arm. Her cunt felt different, now that she was pregnant. It was a tighter squeeze, as though she was gripping my shaft. It was harder work, but the feeling of her body holding me so tightly was exhilarating.

I continued to plunge myself deep into her body. My skin meshed with hers and our bodies jostled together. The glands in my body pulsed lubricant out through the tip of my penis which mixed with her body’s excretions until our genitals were wrapped with our mingled fluids. The hairy base of my shaft and my balls merged together with the course hair in her cunt as I pumped myself in and out of her until the hair of both our bodies was moist and saturated with our love.

My hand firmly grasped her belly where her child lay, an unknowing member of the new body Jen and I had become. His kicks continued as his mother and her brother celebrated their love together. I worked my other hand under her body and placed it on her belly, then moved the hand I had on top onto her breast. She gasped and moaned again as my warm hand caressed the teat that would soon suckle her child.

“Oh god, Mark, you’re milking me…” Jen gasped, feeling my fingers squeeze her swollen nipple. I was surprised to feel my fingers suddenly wet and realized what she meant. I continued to squeeze and fondle her breast, working out a few more drops of her milk. Her body had not yet started producing the milk she could yet, so it was only a minute before I had drained her. She moaned and clasped her hand over mine on her breast tightly.

She started to tremble, lightly. I continued sliding my flesh into hers. She moaned and began to shake. I felt her cunt pulse with warmth and grow wetter.

She began to whine, trying to hold back a groan, but she couldn’t help it and her loud cry filled the room as she came to an orgasm. I held her tight and worked my penis in and out between her dripping pussy lips. I could feel my balls getting wet from her cum and could barely get any friction with her this wet.

After a few moments where she strained and shook and cried out in ecstasy, she dropped her head down to rest.

The room was quiet, and the sounds of our labored breathing and the sloshing of our genitals echoed in our ears.

“Mark,” Jen said. “Think it’s going to be a while before we can do this again?” she asked, panting.

I grunted. “Yeah, probably.”

She gasped again. “Do you want to do me in the ass?”

She felt my rhythm falter and grinned back at me.

“I sure do.” I said, bending over to kiss her again.

“I thought you would. Go ahead. I don’t let Mark do it. It’s just for you, hunny.” She said.

I kissed her again and as our lips pressed together her tongue pushed into my mouth. After a few moments, our lips separated and she gave me a knowing smile. She wanted me to enjoy her however I wanted.

I slid my penis out of her cunt and reached down and positioned the tip against her anus. It was a much less elaborate entrance into her, but all the more thrilling because this was the absolute pinnacle of her privacy. Her anus was what she would keep guarded even from her husband, and she offered it to me, her brother, freely.

Gently I pressed myself against her. It took a moment where I could feel her trying to relax until I began to easily sink in. The texture of her anus was much more stimulating than her vagina. For such a simple entrance, the nerves in my penis registered an incredible texture inside.

Jen reached her hand down and put it on her hip as I slowly pushed myself all the way in. My balls and groin tucked into her butt cheeks as my dick slid up into her ass as far as possible. I began to slowly pump myself in and out of her until I felt her muscles loosen and it became easier.

It had been so long since we had done this. There was no doubt we were both thinking about the first shower we had taken together and how this had been the result.

A moment ago we had been one body. We were still so now, but it was a different body. We had been two equals, united in love. Now, she had submitted herself to be used for my pleasure. My sister had opened up herself to assuage my lust, and I was hungrily devouring what she offered me.

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