Out of My League

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I’m a big, fat girl, and not very pretty to boot. My friends in college, though, were gorgeous. They kept me around, mostly to take care of things–hold a purse, keep a table, get a different size dress, even guard the ladies’ room door during one of their trysts. It’s not that they were cruel, just thoughtless sometimes. I guess they felt entitled, and at times it seemed like everyone else agreed. Boys were just playthings, just like everything else. It was nice enough, I rationalized, better to have friends that ignored me than no friends. It’s not like anyone was beating on my door. They did take me along to places I would never ever have gotten into otherwise: clubs, parties, concerts.

Stacy was the biggest bombshell, spoiled rotten by her music executive father. She claimed she could get any guy she wanted, which seemed true. Meg was also stunning, with black hair, she was Stacy’s polar opposite, though more into partying than anything else. Holly was the sweetest, a Senator’s daughter. She only had steady boyfriends, no hook-ups. My experiences in sex had been limited to a few drunken events that I could barely remember. I’d only even been kissed a few times.

They decided we were all going to Jamaica for Spring Break in our junior year. They didn’t even ask me, just bought my tickets and took me along. Spring Break was crazy, as you can expect. They got lots and lots of attention. I spent the second night in the living room of our hotel suite as Meg had some guy over. The week went by with more of the same. I was starting to feel a little low. It happens sometimes. Every insult seemed to dig a little deeper, getting pushed out of the way for a mirror, watching their purses while they danced. One morning I was getting ready and when I came out from the bathroom, they all looked at me for an instant and then separated. We went to the beach, them wearing tiny bikinis and me in a giant one-piece. Sometimes two of them would break off and whisper to each other and toss little glances to me. As they lay out, the boys came flocking. Stacy made this one guy rub lotion on my back before she let him rub it on hers. Stacy isn’t the kind of girl you say no to, so even though it was humiliating, I eventually gave in. They started talking about guys, and asking what kind of guy I liked. It was unusually cruel, even for them. They kept at it, pointing out hot guys who wouldn’t even give me the time of day, making me say that I liked them. It bothered me. Finally this gorgeous hunk of man walked by and I said he was the one, hoping we could end this game. Minutes later Stacy left, following him.

We hung out for awhile before Meg and Holly decided to wander and I came along, dutifully carrying Stacy’s stuff. Late in the afternoon we stopped by a crowd and there was Stacy on stage with my guy, dancing. She saw us and waved, as if taunting me. I turned away immediately, knowing that night I would be alone and she would be in the next room enjoying his attentions. As I turned, my eyes caught Meg flashing a smile and a “thumbs up”. As soon as she noticed me she acted nonchalant.

We went back to the hotel and cleaned up and then went to dinner as Holly was treating. I was feeling unmotivated and didn’t even bother to put on make-up or a nice top. They both got margaritas but ordered sweet tea for me, without even asking what I wanted. As we sat after dinner, Meg’s cell rang and she glanced at me before jotting down some information. With a smile at Holly, she came over to me and blindfolded me with her scarf. I protested to no avail, and Holly soothed me. They took me by the hands and soon I was being led down the sidewalk. They deferred all my questions, bakırköy escort just told me they had a surprise for me. After what seemed like a half an hour, we entered a hotel and went in an elevator, then a room.

“Finally! Took you guys long enough,” I heard Stacy say.

My blindfold was removed and I saw Stacy, Meg and Holly standing together and smiling at me. “You’ve been a really good friend,” Stacy started, “So we wanted to do something really special for you.” She held out her hand to offer what was behind me, and I turned. There, on the bed, was a naked man with a huge, hard dick. He was tied down, spread-eagled, gagged and blindfolded. My jaw dropped. I could feel my nostrils flare in arousal in spite of myself.

“It’s that guy you liked. I got him for you!” Stacy proudly announced, clapping her hands in happiness. I just stared. “He’s the quarterback for the University of …,” she continued, “and he’s probably gonna get drafted. And he’s all yours!” She clapped again. I was silent, still trying to gather the situation.

“Do you like him?”

“Yeah, her eyes are practically popping out of her head.”

“Good, I had to work really hard to get him. Go on, touch him,” she said, giving me a little push.

“Oh my God,” I protested, “you can’t be serious!”

“Is that a bow around his cock?” Holly asked.

“Yeah, so he’s ready to be unwrapped.”

I stared some more. This was wrong on so many levels. I didn’t know where to begin. Nonetheless, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. He had a phenomenal body, and did I mention he was huge?

“Go on, touch him.”

“Guys, no way! This is rape!”

“It’s not rape if he doesn’t say stop.”

“You gagged him!” I stuttered.

“Yeah, so? Besides, you can’t rape a guy.”

“Mfft wufffed cpthhht” the guy said.

“See? He said he wants you to get on top.”

“Yes, you can rape a guy, and it’s illegal.”

“Not here in Mexico it’s not,” Holly said. I turned to her, shocked she was agreeing to it. Besides, we were in Jamaica.

“Jeez, he’s big.”

“Guys, no. I’m not going to rape him!”

“Oh come on, guys rape girls all the time. Besides, he agreed. He even paid for the room himself, so when you’re done you can just bail and no one will ever know.”

My mind was swimming in confusion. They were actually serious! To my everlasting shame, I actually considered it…an opportunity like no other. I shook my head.

“C’mon, it’s not like you can get laid any other way.”

“Stacy, that’s a terrible thing to say!”

“It’s true. Besides, we’re not supposed to use first names, Holly.”

“Okay guys. Let’s leave her alone with him before we say any other names.”

“No! Untie him!” I protested, but they were already leaving. I grabbed Holly’s hand and begged them to say, but she only hugged me and smiled.

“Enjoy,” she waved and then the door shut behind them.

I cursed quietly before returning to him. Since he was tied on top of the sheets, I couldn’t find anything to cover him with. His enormous erection throbbed in the air.

“Dude, I am so sorry,” I begged. I hesitated for a few moments, considering just running away before I resolved to free him. I pushed the blindfold off his eyes and repeated my apology as I undid the gag. His eyes stared silently into mine before I started trying to undo the rope holding his wrist. “I’m so sorry about this, she really is out of control,” I apologized.

The knot was amazing. Stacy isn’t the strongest girl, but she had managed to make a loop around his wrist and then knotted it in such a fashion that I couldn’t get it loose. After fumbling with it beşiktaş escort for a few moments I gave up and went to the other side of the bed to try the other wrist, trying to avoid peeking at his privates. Piled on the floor were three more pillows, so I quickly pulled off a pillow case and draped it over him, creating a huge tent. It didn’t fall straight and I instinctively reached in to straighten it before catching myself, glancing at his eyes in embarrassment. He said nothing. I went to work on the other knot. I don’t know where Stacy got knot tying skills, but these knots were incredible. I apologized to him again and was about to offer to run down to the front desk for scissors when I got a strand to budge. A few tugs later and I could see how to undo it. I paused as a thought crossed my mind.

“You’re not going to hit me are you?” I asked.

“No,” he said quietly. “Why would I do that?”

I flinched a smile at him and continued to work on the knot. When it was done, I slowly released it and stepped back, waiting for any sudden moves. He smiled at me.

“Thanks,” he said and reached over to work on this other knot. I went to his foot and used the same method as before to untie both of them, finishing before he had even loosened his other wrist. I waited for a moment and then joined him, pushing his hand out of the way, and in moments he was free.

“Thanks,” he said, leaning up on one elbow.

“I’m really sorry.” He nodded.

“And thank you for not raping me.”

I smiled weakly at him and our eyes locked for an instant before I had to look down. I straightened. “Well, okay, I guess I’ll go now.”

“So your friend did this to me…for you?”

“Yeah, I guess. I am so sorry,” I frowned.

“They must think a lot of you.”

I shrugged. “They usually don’t think about me.” I glanced into his eyes again and then backed up. “Were you going to call the cops?”

He laughed softly. “No. ‘Sides, like your lawyer friend pointed out, you can’t rape a guy in Mexico.”

I glanced back at him, wondering if he also was so dense as to think Jamaica was in Mexico. Another chuckle indicated he was joking.

“Okay,” I announced with a nod and turned to the door.

“So is there any way I can repay you?”

I froze as I tried to process his comment, wondering if he had intended a sexual innuendo. I shrugged.

“It’s just you and me. Is there anything you want?”

I swallowed without daring to look at him. The silence was deafening. Finally he spoke again.

“Anything you might want to…do?”

I was speechless. There was no way a guy like that would offer such a thing to a girl like me. Silence filled the room as I tried to decide how to answer. “Oh,” I finally managed to squeak. “I don’t think you’d want to…” There was another long pause.

“You let me worry about what I want,” he growled. “I’m asking you what you want.”

The bottom fell out of my stomach and suddenly the room felt too warm. Surely he was just teasing me. There was no way he could be serious. I swallowed and glanced at him, leaning towards me on one elbow, naked but for a pillow case over his waist, looking like a bronzed Greek god. I couldn’t meet his eyes.

“What do you want?” he said softly.

I swallowed again. “I would like to be with you,” I whispered.

“You are with me,” he replied.

He was teasing me. I knew it, but I didn’t care. He was still talking to me, which is better than I could have ever expected. I tried to give a confident laugh, but it sounded strained. “I would like to have sex with you,” I blurted, glancing over for just an instant as I felt myself beylikdüzü escort blush. A pregnant pause filled the air as I awaited his laughter.

“Come here,” he said quietly, and patted the bed beside him.

I backed up slowly, unable to look at him, and sat down with my back to him. I cringed as the bed sagged mightily. He took my hand lightly in his and I felt him lay back. I stared at our intertwined hands, a gorgeous man, holding my hand.

“Kiss me,” he whispered, and I whimpered in fear, knowing his rejection was coming. I didn’t move. “Kiss me,” he repeated and rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb.

Before I allowed myself to think any more, I turned and leaned down to him and kissed him. I was shocked at the aggressiveness of my action and tried to pull away, but he held me in place. I was afraid to lean any closer, lest he felt my substantial weight on him, but he pulled me over. I sprawled over him and melted into his lips, our tongues battling. His skin seemed to burn against mine, hot and hard like molten steel, as my hands caressed his supine body. Suddenly he was active, pulling my shirt over my head and opening my bra. He rolled me onto my back and mounted me while we kissed, and I could feel him pressing into my thigh. Moments later we were both naked.

I felt like I was on fire and every touch of his burned me anew. He moved down to my breasts and his lips were no longer on mine to silence me. My moaning filled the room as he sucked my nipples and fondled my breasts. I had never even dared to fantasize about such touches. I was so lost it took me a moment to realize he had stopped sucking me. Suddenly, I felt a kiss on my thigh and I squealed. Now, I don’t trim, much less shave, I mean, what’s the point? I was mortified that he was down there, but there was nothing I could do to stop him. He didn’t seem bothered by my lack of grooming and I practically screamed as he started to lick me. I looked wildly around for something to muffle my cries but there was nothing available, so I clamped my hand over my mouth. My ragged squeals filled the room as he pushed me into the most intense orgasm.

I lay gasping for breath and he rose above me, pausing as if for permission. I pulled him up and he entered me fully, his lips on mine. He started to fuck me and I stared at his perfect face in amazement, cumming again and again before he did. He finally collapsed on top of me and slid to my side. I expected him to roll out of bed and leave, but he held me instead. And then, to my astonishment, he showed me affection. Sweet, simple, male affection, stroking my cheek, smiling at me, light kisses, soft words. I was in heaven. He pulled my hand down and I found him hardening again. I was amazed and eagerly nodded my assent. He entered me again and started to make love at a more measured pace. He was strong and passionate and flexible and put me in positions that I had never imagined, even picking me up and fucking me while standing for a few seconds. Some positions I just couldn’t get into, but he would just smile and move on to another one. He finally came again and I waddled out to the bathroom to clean up.

He was still in bed, under the sheets when I returned, and he held them up for me to join him. I did, turned off the light, and fell asleep in his arms. Later that night I was awoken by his kisses and found him hard again. This time I just lay back and let him have his way, as I was very sore. Like ouch sore. Fate has a strange sense of humor, making the last time I ever made love to a god so painful that I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. This time when I returned from the bathroom he was already sleeping, and I quietly got dressed and left.

He plays on Sundays now, and I have followed his successes. Sometimes I wonder if it ever happened at all, but then I look into little Adam’s eyes and smile. One day he will ask about his father, and I will tell him that one night, I met a prince…

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