Out of Nowhere, a Gay Encounter


I still can’t believe this has happened.

I’m 48, a former athlete who played a little baseball and ended up in sports marketing with a major firm in New York. The city’s not for me, and I’m glad I get to travel all over for my job,

I’m divorced, a father of two girls and have enjoyed a healthy sex life since I was a teenager. And never once did I consider venturing out, especially not for the other team!

So how I ended up where I am now, well, let me just start from the beginning.

I’ve been in locker rooms my whole life, seen men in showers and walking around in towels or less without ever once having any feeling one way or the other. In fact, that’s exactly what I was saying to a complete stranger last summer in a hotel bar in Florida.

We were just a couple guys at a bar, talking sports and women and sex and having a few drinks too many when we realized we were the only two people in the bar. Even the bartender had walked away.

We joked that we owned the bar, and probably could run around naked and no one would ever know. We both laughed, and I raised my glass again. And then it happened. I realized the guy’s hand was on my thigh. I was shocked, and my first reaction was to say something or do something, but I didn’t. I froze.

I didn’t look at him. I didn’t utter a word. I didn’t move a muscle. Then he slid it higher.

Now I’ve looked back on this moment for more than a year now, and I still get flushed and light-headed thinking about it. But what I did was, I looked around the bar to make sure no one else was there.

Then I opened my legs for him.

I don’t remember the exact order of events after that. He slid his hand to my crotch and started massaging. I must’ve moaned or something because he actually moved his bar stool a little closer and started tracing his thumb and forefinger along the shaft of my cock, which was now hard and bulging.

“I’ve wanted to do this all night,” he said softly. “You’re so hot. I’ve never done this before in my life, but I wanted to feel your cock.”

I breathed out heavily and looked around again.

“I’ve, um, never done this either,” I stammered.

He rubbed my cock for several minutes before the bartender returned, rokettube looked at us kind of funny and said “last call boys.”

I finally looked at the guy next to me. He was staring at me.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“You know what I want,” he said quietly.

“I meant, do you want another drink?”

The bartender had his back to us while we discussed last call.

“Come to my room,” the guy said.

I turned white. Then red.

“Tab please!” I called out to the bartender.

“I’ve got this,” my newfound friend said.

I stood up. My cock was at attention when I turned away from the bartender and walked toward the door.

Standing a few yards away from him, I looked at the guy from head to toe. He was just like me. Mid-40s maybe, dark hair graying at the temple, a mustache and goatee more salt that pepper, and that familiar athletic look I’d been around my whole life. Tall, slightly muscular, tanned with the shoulders and ass of a former athlete.

“My God,” I thought. “He reminds me of me.”

And then he was walking toward me, the slow gait of a man who once ran and jumped and played sports with ease, a man who turned heads.

He was wearing a wedding ring, and he had a slight smile.

I walked out in front of him and hit the button for the elevator. I still didn’t say a word.

The door opened and he reached across me to hit the button of the top floor, the concierge level where I was also staying.

I breathed in deeply. Started at my reflection in the shiny metal elevator. I saw his hand go behind me. I felt it on my ass.

“Relax,” he said. “I’m as nervous as you are.”

His room was a suite, just like mine. In fact, we were only a few doors apart when he reached into his pocket a pulled out his room card, waving it over the sensor until the door clicked open.

“Make yourself comfortable,” he said, reaching for the remote. I watched him flip through the guide until it came to Adult Entertainment.

“What are you into?” he asked.

“What?” I said, absent-mindedly.

“Porn, What turns you on?”

Now I’d been divorced for a few years, and I absolutely had a preference for what I watched when I was in hotel asyalı porno rooms just like this one. I shook my head and didn’t say anything at first, so he flipped the remote to me and said to pick anything I liked.

Then he disappeared into the bathroom.
I’ve thought back to that exact moment many times in the past year. I wanted to walk out, pretend it never happened and never put myself in that position again. But I didn’t. I stayed, and when he walked out of the bathroom wearing only a robe, I nearly fainted.
I stood there dumbfounded as he took the remote from my hand.
“This is what I was watching earlier,” he said.
It was a pretty straightforward porn flick, two men in a sauna, a lot of steam and nervous glances and suggestive silence. A lot like the two of us in his hotel room.
He walked behind me, reached around and started to undo my belt. I could feel my chest heaving in fear and anticipation. When my pants fell, he guided me to the edge of the bed. I was watching the television when he went to his knees.
Then I did it again. I opened my legs for him.
He pulled my half-hard cock into his mouth. I looked down and saw a man I didn’t know sucking my cock into his warm mouth. I moaned and lay back. This was really happening. My heart beat faster and harder, and my cock was engorged as it grew huge, bigger and harder than ever before.
He sucked me slowly as I moaned and began to relax. He cupped my balls and I whispered to him.
“Suck me,” I said.
The sensation of a man sucking my cock then changed as he became more sensuous, licking me, worshipping my cock.
“Mmmmmmm,” he moaned as he slid his mouth down my shaft and began to lick my balls. He looked up at me and pushed one of my legs onto the bed and forcing me to roll over.
I felt his tongue slide between my ass crack as he slid his hand underneath. I raised my ass, got on my knees and let him have his way with me. I was lost. I could feel him in me, under me, rubbing, sucking and probing. I felt a finger slide inside me. I felt his head slide under me. Only then did I realize the porn flick had ended and it were in complete darkness.
Somehow, that was freeing. Somehow, at that moment, I became a different azeri porno person.
I wanted to cum, but I wanted to hold it in too. I was in another world when he smacked my ass as asked me a question that still rings in my ears.
“What do you want?”
I paused, took a deep breath, then said words that had never escaped my lips.
“Fuck me,” I said. “I want you to fuck me.”
I felt him move himself off the bed. I heard a drawer open and the sound of something being opened. I felt cold liquid being poured onto my ass, feeling it drip down toward my quivering ass hole, his fingers sliding up and down, probing into me, shallow at first, then deep. Then deeper.
And then it happened.
The head of his cock entered me, slowly pushing me apart as I groaned.
“Easy,” he said. “Tell me how.”
I relaxed and spread my knees apart, reached back and pulled on my ass cheek.
“OK” I said. “I’m ready.”
His cock entered my easily, sliding in and inch at a time, burning me as it stretched. I muffled a moan, more pain than pleasure, then realized his entire cock was inside me. I felt something I’d never felt before, something that made me shudder. My prostate felt his cock pressing against it, an indescribable feeling.
I wanted more.
“Fuck me,” I said through clinched teeth. “Fuck me harder.”
He thrust his hips and held mine, driving his pulsing cock into me.
“Yes!” he said, fucking me harder and harder as I begged for it and pushed against him so he could go deeper.
I could feel him tense his legs and his grip.
“I’m cumming,” he said.
“God yes!” I said in a low growl.
He came inside me in warm liquid that I felt deep within, a sloppy sound that gushed his cum out of my ass and down my legs, cumming more and more as he pushed deep in me, warm ooze making my hole slippery and hot as he made one final thrust and I gasped.
He slowly pulled his cock out and collapsed on the bed.
I was in complete shock, first frozen in a doggy position, a wave of self-realization coming over me as my ass throbbed and my legs burned.
I slowly climbed from the bed, felt around for my pants, sliding them on as I picked up my shoes and stumbled to the door. I walked out without looking around, fumbling for my room card and staggering into a lit room. I immediately turned the lights off and collapsed into my bed, curled into a fetal position, his warm cum leaking and running down my leg,
I reached down and grabbed my cock. I feel asleep jacking off.
I never saw him again.