Outside the Envelope


Outside the EnvelopeI wasn’t busy, so when my friend Amanda asked me to sit her son Mark last Saturday night, I agreed readily. I appreciated her situation: she was a single mom whose husband had left her over a year ago and, since no one had heard from him since, she had had to rely on her paycheck from a floral shop. I don’t think she’d had a date in months. So I had no problem freeing her for an evening out with a man.She dropped off her nine-year-old son off at my place around 7:30 PM. I knew Mark well, so I didn’t try to impose an arbitrary bedtime on him: he was a very energetic nine-year-old and liked to stay up later than most k**s, so I put on the kettle to make some tea for us. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw that Mark had already poured the tea. I cautioned him about handling a boiling kettle, but he just smiled and said, “I do this mersin escort with Mom all the time.”I added milk and a cube of sugar to my cup, with milk and zero sugar to his. Hey, I didn’t want to keep him up all night!We played checkers as we drank. Having tied at 2 games apiece, we were just starting our fifth when I started getting drowsy. I found it increasingly hard to focus, making basic mistakes, allowing Mark to go ahead 3-2. I got up to go to the bathroom again, but never made it, passing out just outside the door.When I (at least partly) woke up, I was on my bed, totally nude. Mark was naked too, fucking my cunt as I lay on my back. The little bastard had d**gged me!I managed to raise my groggy head and look at him. “Um…Mark, stop.” This earned me an improbably-hard slap across the face, causing me to gasp out loud and, shamefully, escort mersin my slit to get wetter. “Shut up, bitch!” he ordered meBut I wasn’t ready to give up yet. I needed confirmation. “Pull out and show me your dick!” I demanded. When he asked me why, I shouted, “Just show it to me!”He did, withdrawing his manhood (boyhood) out of my twat. His penis wasn’t big–three inches long, maybe–but it was fully erect! I let my head fall back onto my pillow, submitting to his authority, the Authority of The Hard Cock that God gave to men to control women. I actually succumbed to whatever d**g he’d used once again, drifting back to sleep as this young stud continued r****g me.When next I awoke, his young meatstick was at my mouth. He had straddled me, sitting on my upper chest, his legs pinned my arms to my sides, rendering me helpless, establishing mersin escort bayan his complete control over my head. The sheer realization of his POWER caused me to orgasm forcefully. I cried out in my powerless womanhood, and he took the opportunity to thrust his stiff prong into my mouth. I dutifully wrapped my soft, painted lips around his conquering erection as he proceeded to facefuck me.I moaned in pleasure as he came forcefully on my tongue, savoring the taste of pure, young semen, untainted by cigarettes, alcohol or d**gs. It was like fresh mountain water, and I spent so much time savoring it before swallowing that his third spurt of jizz actually seeped out of my mouth, dribbling down the sides of my face. My degradation was complete.Eventually, the boy allowed me to get up, and I hurried to the bathroom before his cum completely dried. I gazed into my mirror, in awe of how CLEAR his seed was! After using the toilet, I returned to bed and curled up against Mark, thanking him for taking me so manfully.In fact, my Catholic guilt was telling me I should return Amanda’s $20 fee!