Ozark Weekend


*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activities are at least eighteen years of age.

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Donna Mintz was bubbling with excitement as she packed her suitcase. Donny, her older brother reminded her, yet again, it was just for the weekend. Realistically? She could get away with one outfit for daytime wear, another for nighttime wear.

“Shut up; I’m not wearing the same thing three days in a row,” Donna said. “I’m not some gross guy.”

She checked again that she had her swim suit and that she had an extra bra as well. She also made sure she had a pack of disposable razors, a tube of toothpaste, even though she was sure there was a tube still at the vacation home, and three pairs of socks.

“Dad was here? Your butt would already be in the car,” Donny said. “Ready?”

Arthur Mintz was in Little Rock, Arkansas, at a convention. He apologized to Donny, but he had not been the one in charge of scheduling the convention.

“Dad, it’s cool,” Donny had assured their father. Donna and I’ll go up to the mountain home, huh? One last weekend before I go?”

At the thought of her big brother going, Donna’s eyes did fill with tears. After two years at Myndee University, Donny had decided college was not for him. He had decided he would not be following their father into real estate. Feeling rudderless, adrift, Donny had joined the US Navy.

“Know why they say ‘Join the Navy, see the world?'” Arthur had said, a small smile on his lips. “Because more than three quarters of the world is covered by water.”

“Uh huh,” Donny had smiled.

Now brother and sister were travelling, driving toward the Ozark Mountain home. When their mother left Arthur Mintz, ran off with a man just a year older than Donny, Connie had fought a bitter battle to get the mountain home in the divorce. But a judge had decreed that the property and the building had belonged to Arthur Mentz’s grandfather, Donald Arthur Mintz, then to Michael Robert Mintz, Arthur’s father. Therefore, Connie Mintz had no claim to the property or any existing structures.

As they drove, Donna looked at Donny. He was handsome, with a cherubic face, a mop of curly brown hair, and deep soulful eyes. He stood at just under six feet tall, and still had the swimmer’s build he’d developed in high school.

Donna too had dark curly hair that she’d allowed to grow to just above her heart shaped butt. Her big brown eyes were usually hidden by her collection of sunglasses; Donna collected sunglasses.

Not that many boys ever paid any attention to her eyes. They usually did not look above her 32DD breasts to her pouting lips, snub nose, or large eyes.

Neither one of the Mintz children had inherited Connie’s blonde hair, or ice blue eyes, or demanding disposition. Donna and Donald Mintz took after their father. Donna did, however, inherit Connie’s substantial chest. She, thankfully had not also inherited Connie’s wide hips, thick thighs and jiggling buttocks.

(Connie claimed that motherhood had caused her hips to widen, but a photograph from Connie’s high school yearbook showed she was well on her way to developing the wide hips, thick thighs and jiggling buttocks at least eight years before motherhood.)

“Finally! About to starve to death,” Donna said as they pulled up to Falgout’s Grocers.

Falgout’s was a small grocery store, carrying the basics of milk, butter, eggs, bread. For more exotic items, many would have to travel nearly forty five minutes to the nearest Walmart.

But Falgout’s also had a deli in the back that made the absolute best ham and Swiss on rye. Mr. Randazzo, the sole proprietor of Falgout’s would not tell anyone the secret ingredients to his mustard spread. Nor would he tell anyone why he had named the grocery store Falgout’s.

“Uh huh, knew y’all be back,” the man said and already began toasting the rye for the two sandwiches.

“Mr. Randazzo, how you make them so good?” Donna asked, perching her butt on one of the stools.

“Ancient Chinese secret,” the man quipped.

“But you’re not Chinese,” Donna said.

“See? That’s why it’s a secret,” the man said as he slathered the mustard onto the warm bread.

“Donna, what kind chips you want?” Donny asked, looking at the meager selection.

“Classic, and she gets the cherry lime,” Mr. Randazzo said, putting the two plates on the counter.

“How you remember that?” Donny smiled.

“Pretty girl,” Mr. Randazzo shrugged. “You? Have no idea what you get.”

“Uuumm,” Donna enthused as she tore into her sandwich.

“Well, if you don’t like it, just say so,” Mr. Randazzo chuckled and rang up the meal.

At the mountain home, Donna and Donny set about opening the windows, to let some fresh air into the building. It did not smell bad, just smelled a little stale.

It had once been a one room shack, with a dirt floor and oilskin shades over the two windows. Over the years, Michael Mintz, then Arthur escort bayan Mintz had done modifications, additions. Now, the only thing of the original structure was the large stone fireplace.

Then Donny helped Donna put clean sheets onto the full sized bed in the smaller of the two bedrooms.

“Got the other sheets?” Donna asked.

“We uh, hey, we,” Donny blushed and looked away. “We don’t need, we don’t need more than the one bed, huh?”

“Huh? What you mean?” Donna asked her big brother.

Then his arms were around her and he was kissing her. Donna was too surprised to do anything.

Her arms, which had been up, to pull her sunglasses from on top of her head to over her eyes were now pinned against Donny’s muscular chest. She could feel his muscles against her fingertips.

She could feel his thick tongue as it entered her mouth. She could taste the mustard, could taste the nacho cheese corn chips, the cola he’d had just thirty minutes earlier.

She could feel his soft lips against hers. She could feel the light stubble of his mustache and beard and realized Donny had not shaved that morning.

She could feel his muscled abdomen brushing against her breasts through the material of her tee shirt, the material of her bra. She could feel Donny’s hard cock as it pressed against her abdomen.

“Only need the one bed,” Donny whispered in her ear, then resumed kissing her.

Donna returned his kiss. She sucked hard on his tongue as her small hands felt up and down his chest, his abdomen.

She pressed her crotch against his muscled thigh. She could feel her panties becoming quite wet with her excitement as they kissed.

“No, guess not,” she whispered as his hands began to tug her tee shirt up.

She had spent so much time debating on which outfit to bring, what outfit to wear, in an attempt to draw Donny’s eyes from the beauty of their surroundings to her. She had even thought to bring her pink dress, even though their mountain home was no place for a dress.

He flung tee shirt, and her sunglasses which had become entangled in her tee shirt onto the bed.

The warm, almost hot summer breeze fluttered in through the open window and Donna shivered as the gust fluttered across her shoulders. ruffled her long curly hair. She shivered again as his hands, his slightly calloused hands began to touch her flesh.

“OH, she moaned softly when his fingertips grazed her abdomen.

“Oh,” they both moaned as his hands grabbed her heavy breasts.

Donny eased her bra straps off of her shoulders. The summer breeze from the window continued to flutter across her bare skin.

“God damn,” Donny moaned as his fingers came in contact with Donna’s large areolae, her hard nipples.

Donna began to pull Donny’s polo shirt up. Her fingers raked across his taut abdomen, his hard pectorals. He moaned as her fingers toyed with his nipples.

And now their bare chests were pressed tightly against each other. The breeze continued to flutter in through the open window, but all Donna could feel was Donny’s overheated flesh against her skin.

Again, their lips touched, their tongues touched. Donna wrapped her arms around Donny’s muscled back. Her fingernails gently raked down his back to his narrow waist.

Donny moved her tee shirt, her sunglasses, her bra, and his polo shirt to the small table next to the bed. He then pulled her to lie on the bed, like next to him.

They continued to touch one another, continued to kiss. Then Donny pulled back and looked at Donna’s form, nude from the waist up.

Her breasts were two melons on her slim chest. They were a light brown, probably from the tanning booth. Her areolae were a darker brown and were crinkled in her excitement. Her areolae were roughly the size of a silver dollar in circumference, possibly even larger. Each nipple was a fat nub, sticking up hard and proud.

Donna’s waist was a slim one, most likely thanks to years of ballet and other dance classes she’d taken ever since the age of three.

“Are you, have you ever…” Donny gently asked as he began to unzip her Daisy Duke shorts.

“I, I’ve never even had a boyfriend before,” Donna admitted.

“Oh yeah? What about Kevin?” Donny lightly teased.

“Shut up!” she squealed then giggled as he chuckled.

“Hate him,” she giggled.

She had worn panties, but they were soaked through and now the crotch of her denim shorts were dark with her excitement. Donna moaned as Donny eased both shorts and panties down her shapely legs.

Her small hands tugged at the snap of his khaki shorts and she found that Donny had gone commando. His six inch erection popped out as she unzipped his shorts.

“Oh,” brother and sister moaned again as Donna’s small hand stroked up and down the length of Donny’s cock.

“Oh!” Donna gasped as Donny’s fingers combed through her thicket of brown curls, found her drooling slit.

Then with a groan and a curse, Donny’s cock erupted, spurting his semen onto Donna’s belly and the underside of her tuzla genç escort breasts.

“Shit!” Donny cried out as a second jet of his semen splattered out onto Donna’s flesh.

Donna giggled and scooped some of Donny’s semen onto her fingers. Then she sucked her fingers clean. Watching her do this caused another burst of semen to shoot out of Donny’s cock.

“Quit!” she giggled and again scooped up more of his semen.

Donny again kissed her, stuffing his tongue into her mouth. His semen spread onto his chest as he clutched her tightly.

“Oh!” Donna moaned as his hands gripped her breasts, smearing his semen into her skin.

“I Just, I just got to…” Donny moaned and rolled Donna on to her back.

“Ugh!” Donna cried out as Donny’s cock battered through her hymen.

It hurt. At first there had been a pressure against the lips of her pussy, then her wetness lubricated the path.

Then there’d been the sensation of his cock pressing against her hymen. The uncomfortable pressure had been followed by a sharp stab of pain.

“Oh God, yes,” Donny hissed as he pumped his cock in and out of Donna’s pussy.

To him, it was a feeling of pleasure he’d never had before. He’d had sex before; he’d almost become engaged to Lynn Helmont and they’d used the back seat of her Chrysler a few times, the bed of his pickup truck a few times. They’d even driven up here and used this very bed on more than one occasion.

Then his mother suddenly took up with that slime ball Arnold, or as he called himself, ‘Arnioh’ Trussaud. As if making Arnold sound French made the twenty one year old man less of a sleaze.

While Lynn agreed that Connie was wrong for abandoning her husband, agreed that Arnold was wrong to pursue a married woman, Lynn had suggested that the forty three year old woman should have just had a fling.

“What?” Donny had asked.

“Well, yeah, I mean, your dad’s what? Almost fifty now?” Lynn had said, shrugging her shoulders. “He’s slowing down. Well, your mom’s just hitting her prime. Arnold’s still in his prime.”

Lynn smiled and rubbed the lump in Donny’s jeans. Donny’s cock did not respond as he looked at her.

“Arnoh’s in his prime; just like you are, baby,” Lynn cooed. “Connie should have just gone off, had her fling, and kept it to herself.”

“So, uh, when I’m forty and you’re forty three, you’re going have a fling?” Donny asked heatedly.

Sex with Lynn had felt wonderful. Her pussy had gripped Donny’s cock in a warm, wet grip.

But Donna’s pussy was a liquid furnace. A snug furnace that gripped, squeezed, stroked his cock, bathing his cock head and shaft with a fiery heat.

“Ugh, oh shit no,” Donny sobbed out and began spraying Donna’s pussy with his semen.

For several long moments, Donny lay on top of Donna, grunting and wheezing. Finally, he let out one long shuddering breath, then rolled off of Donna.

“I’m bleeding; get me a rag,” Donna said, a catch in her throat.

“You’re, it’s your time of the month?” Donny asked.

“No,” Donna said.

“Hey, aw shit, aw Donna, you, you’re a virgin?” Donny asked, sitting up.

“Not no more,” Donna giggled now.

“Aw hey, aw baby, I’m so sorry,” Donny apologized as he did scamper to the bathroom to get her a face cloth.

The hot water heater was still on ‘Vacation’ setting, so the water only got lukewarm. Donna took the damp cloth and sponged her sore pussy. Donny watched as his semen oozed from her raw looping pussy and felt his cock again jerk to life. She smiled at him as she used the cloth to wipe his semen from her belly and breasts.

“Donny then urged Donna’s legs apart and put his mouth on her pussy. He licked and sucked at her heavy lips, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Donna. Then he tried to force his tongue deep into her pussy.

He batted his tongue against her clitoris and Donna jerked and moaned. Donny then mounted her again, driving his thick cock into her.

“Oh, yeah,” Donna moaned, pleasure welling up inside of her.

Donny had already blown two large loads of semen so was able to last a while. By the time he could feel the sperm bubbling up in his balls, Donna had her legs firmly wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck. She sucked on his tongue as they grunted and thrust against each other.

“Oh! Aw fuck, God,” Donny cried out.

“Yyyeeesss,” Donna hissed in orgasm.

Once he’d caught his breath, Donny did go and adjust the hot water heater. Then he grabbed the package of Oreo cookies from the counter and brought that into the bedroom.

“Uh, where’s the milk?” Donna asked.

“Really? Seriously? Can’t have…” Donny asked.

“Yes, seriously. Can’t have Oreos without milk,” Donna insisted.

Donny dressed and pulled his shoes on. Donna remained naked, except for her sunglasses. Brother and sister had a very heated kiss, then Donny left the vacation home.

Mr. Randazzo smiled when Donny scurried into the store. He watched as his sole customer located the cooler and grabbed two cartons tuzla kendi evi olan escort of milk.

“That’s whole milk,” Mr. Randazzo said. “Doesn’t your sister drink skim?”

“Damn it,” Donny smiled and returned one of the cartons.

Mr. Randazzo rang up the whole milk, the skim milk, and the package of chocolate chip cookies Donny decided he had to have.

Donna was still lying in bed, nude when Donny returned. He poured her skim milk, his whole milk, then carried the two glasses into the bedroom.

“There, whiney butt,” Donny teased.

Donna ate five Oreos and five chocolate chip cookies, after dunking the cookies into the milk. Then, with the remaining quarter inch of milk, Donna wet a finger and painted each large areolae.

“Milk. It does a body good,” she hinted, thrusting her chest out.

Donny put his glass and the two bags of cookies onto the bedside table. Then he hefted Donna’s large breasts into his hands. They kissed for a moment, then Donny bent and sucked on Donna’s left areolae.

“Oh,” Donna moaned approvingly.

Donny nuzzled, squeezed, sucked and slobbered each of Donna’s breasts. Then he again put his head between her legs.

After a few moments of sucking and licking Donna’s pussy, Donny rolled onto his back. He grabbed Donna’s hips and pulled her to squat her pussy over his face.

“You ever, you ever suck a dick?” Donny asked, indicating his hard cock.

“No,” Donna admitted. “What I do?”

Donny had only received a few blow jobs in his twenty years. But he did his best to instruct Donna, by using one of her fingers as a teaching tool.

Then he resumed sucking and licking Donna’s plump pussy lips. Donna bent and took Donny’s cock into her hand. Then she opened her mouth wide and took the head of Donny’s cock into her mouth.

“Mm-hmm,” Donny encouraged as Donna’s tongue slobbered saliva onto his cock head and shaft.

Donna’s left hand stroked Donny’s hard cock. Her right hand began to toy with her large nipples.

“Mmph!” Donna grunted as Donny’s tongue swiped across her hard clitoris.

“Mmph!” she grunted louder when Donny repeated the swipe.

“Mm-hmm!” she moaned and swallowed more of Donny’s cock into her mouth.

She increased the suction on Donny’s cock. She could taste his flesh, his sweat, his excitement as she stroked, licked and sucked his thick cock.

Her shriek of orgasm was stifled by the cock in her mouth. She shuddered through a second orgasm when Donny began to finger her pussy.

“Mm, aw yes,” Donny moaned and Donna’s mouth filled with his load of semen.

Donna sucked and swallowed Donny’s spunk. The first few spurts, she swallowed down to make room for the next spurt. The third and fourth spurts she held in her mouth, savoring the flavor.

Then brother and sister wiggled to lay on the pillows. The warm breeze fluttered through the window, caressing their sweat soaked skin. Brother and sister slumbered, her back pressed against his chest, his arm around her waist.

“I’m hungry. You hungry?” Donna asked.

In answer, Donny gripped his semi-erect cock.

“Come on,” Donna giggled. “I mean real food.”

Nude, they pattered to the kitchen. Donny made Donna squeal, then giggle when he grabbed her delectable buttocks as she bent, peering into the pantry.

They heated two cans of beef stew and Donna took the rice from the freezer and cooked a pot of white rice to go with the stew.

They did feel naughty as they cooked in the nude. That deliciously naughty feeling continued as they sat and ate, still nude.

After they’d washed, dried and put away the bowls and spoons, and two pots, Donny pulled Donna into the living room. They stood and kissed for a moment. Then Donny sat in an overstuffed recliner and pulled Donna to sit in his lap, facing away.

Both moaned as his hard cock slid into her wet pussy. His range of motion was limited, pinned down by her weight. Then he reclined the chair and pulled her to lay on top of him.

“Ooh!” she sighed as he cupped, squeezed her breasts.

“Ooh!” she moaned again as his right hand travelled from heavy breasts to wet slit.

She shivered as she felt his lips against her ear, her neck, her shoulder. She shuddered as his fingers found her clitoris.

“Yyeess,” she hissed and shook in orgasm.

Darkness fell as they lay on the recliner, his cock in her pussy. She shuddered through a few orgasms brought on by his fingers. Then he urged her to turn and face him.

Again, his cock found her welcoming pussy and they joined again. Then he urged her to move, to hunch her pussy against him.

“Ooh!” she grimaced in orgasm as his cock punched in and out of her.

“Aw shit, aw yes,” Donny grunted and spewed a few spurts of semen into her pussy.

“I need a shower,” Donna declared after they caught their breath.

“Hmm? Oh, oh yeah, got the hot water on; should be ready,” Donny agreed.

Donna closed, but did not lock the bathroom door. She adjusted the taps and stepped into the tub. A scream caught in her throat when a pair of hands grabbed her just as she stepped into the water’s spray.

Donny pinned Donna against the shower wall and slid his cock into her from behind. His hands cupped her heavy breasts as he thrust in and out of her wet pussy.