Panties, Pantyhose and Mom Pt. 05

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After dinner, we sat in the living room, still naked, and talked, at first just all getting to know each other, meaning Linda learned things about mom and me and we learned things about her, things I did and didn’t already know. And the more I leaned about Lin, the more there was to like. She wanted to be a Special Education teacher, and she adored children. She planned to work at a summer day camp before college started, where she worked for a few years. “If you don’t know what you’re doing for the summer yet, Gary, you should look into working there. They always need counselors. It’s fun, and you still have your weekends and evenings to yourself. And you’ll get to spend more time with me” she smiled with a little teasing look. “Seriously, it’s fun, outdoors, and it’s rewarding. You also meet new people, summer friends. I love it each year.”

I had no idea what I was going to do for the summer. I was inclined to just bum around and hit the beach, though mom wasn’t thrilled with that plan. “Can I think about it? I’ve never worked with children before; I don’t know if I’d be any good at it.”

“Of course you should think about it. Though, you’d get to see me in a bathing suit every day…”

“Gary,” mom said, “if you don’t do it, I just might! Just to see her in a bikini…mmmmm!”

Linda laughed. “Sorry, no bikini’s. They kind of frown upon it. They think the male staff will be too distracted at the pool, and they might be right! But I have some one piece suits that will make you forget about a bikini.”

“I’ll think about it. Sounds better than doing nothing. Make a little money at least.” It sounded good, actually, but I still needed to think this over.

“Ok, now, onto more immediate concerns” mom said. “I have a thought how you might seduce your parents, Linda, especially in light of what your mom said when Gary picked you up, that there wasn’t much she wouldn’t do, or something like that?” Linda nodded her assent. “Start simply. What do you wear around the house, you know, at night, when you’re alone with them?”

“Just a long robe, usually, or a long shirt, almost down to my knees. Very modest.”

“Well, that’s the start, dear. You need to be more provocative, to put the seeds in their heads, and see how they react. If they don’t object too strenuously, it’s a good start. Then do subtle things, like sit on your fathers lap wearing something with a very short length, barely covering your panties. And wear sexy panties when you do. You’ve seen what that simple thing does to Gary. A lot of men are like that with sexy panties. It gets them very excited. Maybe your father will get a hard on involuntarily. Then see how your mother reacts. Does she tell you to put more clothes on, or tell you you’re too old to be sitting on daddy’s lap.” The way my mom said ‘daddy’ caused Linda to let out a moan as she closed her eyes. The thought of fucking her father really got to her.

“I almost wish I was home tonight to try it out…almost” Linda said with a wicked smile. “I can’t believe my pussy is wet again. Just thinking about fucking them has me burning up!” She looked at me with need on her face. And my cock was actually starting to rise again. 18 is a great age.

“Well, I think I’ll leave you two alone for the night. I think you need some time together. We can still have some fun tomorrow before Linda has to go home.”

“Mom, you don’t have to go. We don’t mind, do we?” I was trying to be polite, but I did really want some alone time with Linda.

“I do have to go, honey. You need some personal time. I’ll see you both in the morning. Love you both.” Mom kissed us both, much better than a mother would normally kiss her son and his girlfriend. Damn, I was thinking of Linda as my girlfriend. And it made me very happy to do so.

After we heard her door close, I held Linda in my arms and kissed her as my sweet lover. “I really like you, Lin. A lot.”

“I was just thinking the same thing. I can’t believe I treated you so bad so recently. I feel terrible about it, still.”

“Stop feeling like that. It’s long forgotten and you’ve made up for it a thousand times over.” I caressed her cheek and kissed her softly. Linda liked that a lot and she made a soft purring sound.

“You’re so good to me. I’m glad your mom left us alone for the rest of the night. Even if we’re done being playful” Linda said as she looked to me hopefully.

“I know what’s on your mind, you naughty girl. Come to my bed, babe. I’m sure we can think of something to do.”

She kissed me, then ran her tongue into my ear. “I’m as naughty as you want me to be or as good as you need me to be. As long as you’re the same for me. Now take me to bed.”

It was a great night, on top of a great day. The cherry on top, so to speak.


After another great threesome with mom, we showered and I took Linda home. Again, we stopped around the corner for a little private time before I dropped her off. We kissed gaziantep manken escort and held each other as best we could.

“I know we’ll see each other tomorrow at school, but right now it seems like weeks away” Linda said softly. “I don’t know how I’ll manage.”

“It does feel like a long time. You’re the best thing to happen to me in a long time.”

“You really mean that, Gary?” she asked, looking up at me.

“I do. You’re a great woman, Lin. Fun, funny, sexy, beautiful and smart. What more could a man ask for?” We sat quietly with our thoughts for a few minutes. “Are you going to try to seduce your parents?”

“Honestly, I’m very nervous about it. I’m going to try, though. I have to know. If they shut me down, so be it. As long as they don’t think I’m a freak.”

“I think you’re a freak. You’re freaky, anyway.” We chuckled as we kissed.

“Takes one to know one, asshole” she said with a giggle. I broke into laughter too, and we laughed over a dumb joke, if you can call it that. “I wish you were going to be there to help me. What if they disown me?”

“Lin, they’re not going to disown you. You’re their daughter and they adore you. But, if for some strange reason they did, you can always call me to come get you. I’ll help you out and so will my mom. You won’t be homeless, I guarantee it. Now relax, and, if you want, put your plan in motion. Call me later if you want or need. I’ll have my phone handy. We’d better get going; you’re already 10 minutes late.” I started my car but before I could put it into gear, Linda grabbed my hand and held it.

“I think I love you, Gary. Crazy, isn’t it. After just a few weeks. You don’t have to say it back. It’s too soon, I know.” She looked down at our joined hands.

“What if I want to say it?”

“Huh?” She looked at me like my words didn’t register with her.

I enunciated slowly. “I said what…if…I…want…to…say…it?”

“Do you Gary? Really, do you?”

“I think I love you too, Linda. Same with me. I hurt when we’re not together and it only feels good when we’re together. I think that’s the beginning of love.”

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed my face all over. “Damn you, Gary. Now I really don’t want to let you go. I just want to bring you home and make love with you, get wildly fucked, then make love again” she said through some light tears.

“Sounds wonderful, Lin, but your dad said you had to be home by three, which was 10 minutes ago. What’s so important, anyway?”

“We’re Italian. Sunday dinner is a big thing with us. Sometimes my aunts and uncles come over, with my cousins as well. Today, it’s just me and my parents, though my mom will still cook enough for 12. We’ll be eating leftovers all week, not that I mind.”

“It might be a good chance to start working on your parents. Wear something very sexy, something you’d never wear around them for dinner. It could get the ball rolling.”

“Why don’t you join us? We can flirt in front of them, Get them nice and hot.”

“I can’t, honey. Too bad we didn’t think of this earlier. We could have had my mom here also. Who knows what might have happened.”

“Come in with me, baby. We’ll ask my parents if you can stay, or invite your mom and you can go get her while I get ready. My pussy is itching just thinking about this.”

“OK, let’s give it a try. Could be a lot of fun, and even if not, we love really good Italian food.”

Lin kissed me and we went to her house, now 15 minutes late. Her father frowned at her when we walked in the door. “You’re late, young lady. You know dinner is in 45 minutes.”

“Sorry, daddy” she said with a slight emphasis on ‘daddy’, with a little sexy lilt. “Can Gary and Janice join us? I know mom made enough to feed an army. They were so good to me yesterday and this morning. Please?” He had no idea just how good we were to her.

Bill said “Let’s talk to your mother. Gary, just give us a second, ok?”

“Sure, Bill, no problem.”

It was only a minute later when all three of them came out from the kitchen. “Hi, Gary, nice to see you again” Cara said in a flirty manner of her own. Yeah, there were definite possibilities here.

“You too, Cara.”

“So Gary, why don’t you call your mother and see if she wants to come over. We always have plenty of food on Sunday’s. And any friends of Linda’s is always welcome.” Cara wasn’t only flirty and lovely, but she was very sweet as well.

I called mom on my phone, and she took a half a second to say yes. She told me she’d drive over herself, so I should just relax and she’d be over by 5. “Mom,” I spoke low into the phone, “wear something special.”

“Oh I will” she giggled. “See you soon, baby.”

Cara said “Well, since we’re having company, I’d better go change. Bill, you and Gary can add two more placesettings while Linda and I get dressed. Hmm I have to figure out what to wear to meet your mother, Gary!” gaziantep masaj yapan escort she said with a giggle of her own. She lit up like a schoolgirl. It was very cute and sexy. And I swear I could see a bit of an exaggerated wiggle of her ass as she climbed up the stairs, followed by Linda, who gave me a sexy wink over her shoulder that her father saw as well.

Bill and I reset the table with two more placesettings without saying much at all. He had me help him get a large platter from a high cabinet and he said, while I held this heavy, huge, expensive serving piece “I have a pretty good idea what you and Linda were up to yesterday, Gary.” I froze, afraid I’d drop that beautiful platter if I so much as breathed wrong. “Linda is an adult, she can make her own choices in life. Cara and I don’t treat her like a child. I just want to make sure you treat her with respect and don’t hurt her unnecessarily. She’s a smart, clever and gorgeous young woman, don’t forget it.” The way he said gorgeous told me he thought of his daughter at least a little more than in a fatherly manner.

I handed him the plate and I said “Bill, I really like Linda, a lot. I’ll always be good to her. And my mom adores her already. You should see how they get along” I said in a way that had to make him wonder a little.

We finished setting the table and all that was left was to wait for the ladies to join us. Linda was first, and she made a memorable entrance. Lin wore a royal blue dress that fit her like a second skin and came to just above her knees. I couldn’t be certain if she was wearing hose or not; if so, they were very expensive. Black high heel pumps and a strand of pearls, real or faux, gave her a look more mature than her years. Light makeup and brushed out natural red hair completed the vision of sensual delight in front of her father and me. And he was taking notice as well; I could see him checking her out, and so could Linda.

A few minutes later, Cara came down, and she was also stunning, in her way. Petite but curvy. She wore a light blue blouse and a black skirt that hugged her ass like a sheath. She did wear hosiery, black, that clung to her short but shapely legs, and she also wore black pumps, but with a chunkier heel. A gold chain around her neck with a small cross was simple but classy. Lovely.

“You’re a lucky man, Bill” I said kind of cheekily. “You get to live with two of the most gorgeous women alive.”

“Isn’t he the charmer” Cara said with a lusty lilt to her voice. “Hold on to him, Linda. Men like him don’t come along often, especially not at your age.”

A few minutes later, just after 5, the bell rang and Cara and Bill answered, meeting mom and inviting her in. Both Linda and I kissed mom on her cheeks, though we both wanted to kiss her lips. Mom wore a red dress that hugged her bust but flowed around her hips. She wore sheer stockings that had a black thick line right up the center of the back of her legs, with red strappy sandals. She was just as sexy and stunning as Cara and Linda.

After a cocktail for the “adults” (Lin and I had iced tea) we sat down to a feast. Mom could cook when she had the time, but Cara could have run a restaurant. Baked clams, chicken with Italian herbs, veal meatballs, pasta with homemade sauce (or gravy, as Lin’s family called it) and salad, and all enough for 10 instead of the 5 we were, and all of it delicious. Oh, and warm, fresh bread. We ate like it was our last meal, and there was enough left over for another round of people.

After Lin and I cleaned up (and snuck some kisses and pinches in the kitchen), we joined our parents in the family room. Our folks were all getting along great, and Bill was flirting with mom openly, with Cara’s obvious consent. Even she and mom were flirting with each other. Instead of sitting together, Lin sat next to her father, very close, and I sat between mom and Cara, who was cozying up to me. When mom noticed that, she got close from my other side.

Having not one, but two sexy older women so snug against me was playing havoc with my hormones. It was even worse when I watched Lin rubbing her leg against her father’s leg. Poor Bill was the only one who looked like he didn’t know what to do, whether to take his daughter in his arms and then take her or to leap up and throw mom and me out of his house. The rest of us seemed to be ready for anything, but it had to be all or nothing. So around 8:30 mom and I got up and made our excuses about having to leave, early day tomorrow and all that. Lin took me to the kitchen to kiss me goodnight with a little privacy and whispered in my ear “Go home and fuck your mom, baby. Just tomorrow behave, so you have a full tank for me Tuesday after school! I think by the end of the week something will change here. If it all works out, Saturday night could be a very special night! Now, go have some fun while I suffer without, and we’ll see each other in the morning. gaziantep masöz escort I love you, Gary.”

“I love you too, Lin. I’m sorry you’re just going to have to take care of yourself tonight. Call me later if you want; maybe mom and I can talk you off. Or will that make you jealous?”

“A little. But I know it’s just sex for you and Janice. Your heart belongs to me.”

“It does. You naughty, sexy woman. Would you like to come over tomorrow?”

“As well as Tuesday? Very tempting. Let me see how much homework I get tomorrow. Not all of us are so brilliant.”

Before I could respond, mom called to me “Gary, stop kissing that lovely girl already! We should get going!”

“Sorry, honey, I have to go.” We kissed a final time, a kiss that made me ache for Linda. She was very easy to fall in love with.

I followed mom home and in the elevator, she said “I have a feeling things are going to happen pretty quickly in that house. Like in a matter of days.”

“Linda and I were saying pretty much the same thing when we were alone in the kitchen. You seemed to hit it off with Bill and Cara.”

Mom smiled. “I did. Cara is a lot of fun, and she seems like a little ball of sexual energy. Bill has it in him too, but he’s more cautious. But I don’t see him holding out with those two around him. Linda needs to keep the pressure on him.”

The elevator stopped on our floor, I opened our door and by the time it closed mom and I were groping and kissing like we’d been deprived for weeks, not a few hours. We stood there in the entranceway with our arms around each other and our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths.

“Mom, I’m going to fuck you so hard. My only question is do you want it here in the living room or in the bedroom?”

“Well, first I want it in my pussy and my mouth. As for which room. why not both?”

Why not indeed. We staggered over to the couch and before I sat her down, I unzipped her red dress and pulled it over her head. That’s when my cock reached a new level of hardness.

She had on a red bra and panties that matched her dress, and her lined stockings, which were almost invisible on her legs, had a matching red thick elastic band on her thighs. My mom knew how to dress for success and for sex.

She sat on the couch in front of me and unbuckled my belt and opened my pants. Mom reached in a pulled out my cock from my briefs, which were down around my upper thighs. She grabbed onto my dick and pumped it in her warm, slender hand, making me moan out loud. “You wanted to see your girlfriend fuck her father, didn’t you, Gary. You wanted to see her kneel on the floor in front of him with her broad ass sticking out while she sucked on his dick. And you wanted me and Cara to do the same to you. Tell me, Gary. Tell mommy what you wanted to see.”

Fuck, I wanted mom to suck me, but she kept jerking my dick while she talked all that filth. “Yes, mommy, I really wanted to see Linda blow her daddy. I wanted her mom to lift the bottom of her dress and finger and lick her juicy cunt from behind. And I wanted to fuck both you and Cara right there on the floor.” I felt my mom tease the head of my dick with her wet tongue as she held the root in her hand and the other hand cradle my swollen balls.

I had to hold onto mom’s head to keep myself steady on my feet. “Keep telling me what you wanted to see” mom moaned. She was sucking the head only, her hot hands on my genitalia as she teased the crown.

“I hoped Cara would pull Linda’s panties aside as she ran her tongue up and down her daughter’s muff. Maybe she would have put a finger in her asshole too. Cara seems like the type that will do almost anything in bed. Then Bill should have fucked Linda hard from behind while she buried her face in her mother’s gash. Maybe they all would have cum together. He could have pulled out and shot his load all over Linda’s gorgeous ass.”

Mom took my whole length into her mouth and she was bobbing up and down quickly while my fingers grasped her short hair as best I could. I groaned as I fucked her hot mouth and her spit was all over my dick and my balls, and a strand of her slobber fell to the carpet. “Oh, fuck, Gary. You’ve got to fuck me now. Come and take mommy any way you want!”

I didn’t need to be asked again. I pushed her back and grabbed her legs, pulling her so her ass was hanging off the edge of the cushion. I got to my knees and pulled mom’s red panties to the side. I stuffed her cunt with my cock just as the musky scent of her hit me in the face, inspiring me to fill her to the hilt. Between mom’s spittle on my cock and her own natural moisture, fucking her was smooth and easy, even as tight as she was.

“Mom, you feel so fucking good” I moaned. “Like warm, wet velvet.”

“Your cock is pretty great as well, son” mom grunted. “Just keep fucking me nice and hard. And you’re supposed to call me mommy!”

“I thought only in your bedroom. We’re in the living room.”

“True, but isn’t it so much hotter that way?”

She was right. “Sorry, mommy. I’ll try to remember.” I pushed her legs way back so her knees were almost on her tits. I was able to get deep inside her pussy, and it felt great for both of us.

Mom said through her gasps “I think Linda is going to be fucking her parents very soon, Maybe even tonight or tomorrow. When are you bringing her here again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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