Paradigm Shift Ch. 04


Chapter 4

A week later on Saturday night, Steve and Margo Betts held a neighborhood party. The format was the same, only it was at their house rather than someone else’s: BYOB, and bring some kind of hot side dish or hors d’oeuvre. We arrived with wine, an interesting dish KC made with Brussels sprouts, and a plate of cheeses and crackers than I’d carefully crafted.

Our appearance together resulted in a lot of happy faces. KC stayed pretty close, but did get trapped in conversations about topics not of my interest, so I’d fade away slightly and join another conversation group. We were always in sight of each other. I think she wanted me to know that she wasn’t off in some side room banging someone.

Marcie came up and planted a huge kiss and me, and praised my skills and passion as a lover. She begged me for a repeat performance, even assuring me that she’d clear it with KC. I suggested that she wait a week or two. Later, I saw her talking to KC, but I figured she was teasing me. KC already knew about my evening with Marcie and Doug, but at the stage we were at I didn’t think either of us should entertain sexual time with anyone else.

Kelsey sidled up to me, and also became quite affectionate, putting my arm around her shoulders and giving me a few kisses. I appreciated the gesture and kissed back, but when I could I shot back to KC’s side. She’d seen the little attempt at seduction, and laughed at how shy I seemed.

Kelsey was a hot woman about ten years my senior. I joked with myself that she was my ‘Mrs. Robinson,’ but I had to allow her seduction or try one of my own. Until only a couple of weeks earlier, I’d been quite dedicated to KC, but I wasn’t sure some of the time where that relationship would end up.

Darlene was at the party too, and I learned from KC that she was going to stay over in our guest room. That wasn’t a burden, although it did mean, we had to temper our outbursts during our lovemaking. We’d done it many times before. Since the blowjob in the shower, Darlene had remained kind of distant, so I figured that was a one off. I think we were Darlene’s main social life, especially since she showed up for all the neighborhood parties, along with many others, even though she had an apartment on the other side of town.

The party seemed staid, by some standards. I didn’t see anyone go off with anyone who wasn’t his or her partner, and except for a lot of flirting, everything else seemed prim and proper. I thought it was kind of boring compared to a couple of the other parties over the past six months, even the one where I’d caught KC fucking that drummer dude. I was pleased that the dude wasn’t in attendance. There was no telling what I might have done if I’d seen him.

As with many parties where the action is slow, people started to drift away on the early side. I suggested to KC that we head home, and she was all for it. We headed out, and as we left she gave a signal to Darlene that we were leaving. Darlene was in the midst of a discussion with a small group so she just waved us on.

KC and I did a little smooching on the way home, pausing along the short walk to make out. She even pulled up her shirt and had me sucking on her tits, just to vary the routine and to be a little daring since we were standing in the middle of an unlit street.

As we walked in the front door, KC said, “Please come and make love to me. I need you.”

I was all for that idea. We left a couple of lights on for Darlene, and quickly retired to our bedroom. KC came in behind me, and soon we were naked and playing at giving each other orgasms in the middle of our king-size bed.

KC mounted me cowgirl style – ‘save a horse, ride a cowboy,’ as she often said – and I alternated with her help by sucking on her breasts and nipples, and kissing her. My God, I loved this woman more than I could even articulate. I pushed all other thoughts from my head.

KC had worked through a half-dozen orgasms, when she decided that I should be eating her to the next orgasm. She continued to straddle my body, but knee-walked about two feet north, and settled her pussy right onto my waiting lips as she held onto the headboard. She tasted like the nectar of the gods, and I went right to work.

I wasn’t paying any attention to my cock that we’d left waving in the cool breeze behind KC. Thus, I jerked to a high state of alert when I felt another person on the bed, and then before I could move or say anything, that person straddled me and sank a warm, moist, snug pussy down my cock, or perhaps I should change the point of view and allow that my cock penetrated deep into said pussy as I drove my hips upward in reflex action.

I looked up at KC with a very uncertain look on my face. My tongue was still lapping at her pussy, and my face was covered in her savory girl juice. She was smiling at me. She whispered, “I love you. I want to bring you all sorts of pleasure and arousal too. Please don’t be upset with us for doing this. We couldn’t think of any other way to make this happen except a little altyazılı porno subterfuge.”

KC moved her pussy off of my face and settled into my side for a kiss. In a flash of vision, I could see Darlene happily astride my cock. She smiled at the two of us, and looked deliriously happy.

Darlene leaned forward and kissed me. She whispered, “I love you too. Thank you for not immediately throwing me out.”

I was feeling odd. I certainly didn’t want to ‘throw out’ someone like Darlene – or for that matter KC, but I did have problems with what was going on. Darlene was the fourth female I’d had sexual relations with in the past two weeks, and the whole situation started because I found KC fucking some drummer dude that fit her bad boy fantasy.

I enjoyed the sexual play with the two girls, finishing when I jettisoned my man juice deep inside Darlene. To my surprise, KC was right there as the cleanup squad, going down on her sister with tongue and fingers rapidly sucking and shoveling the cum from deep inside her sister into her mouth. From there, the cum and Darlene’s girl juice made it either back to Darlene’s mouth or to mine. KC was passionate and obviously horny. We were worked up, and this was fun. We ended up covered in each other’s sexual juices.

KC was the beneficiary of the next round of fucking, but when I had my climax, Darlene was perched on KC’s face getting eaten and tongued to orgasm. I collected the two naked girls into my arms and we went to sleep.

I was in the kitchen putting a breakfast together for the three of us when I heard the shower start. It ran a little extra, and I figured that was to accommodate not only KC, but also Darlene. Five minutes later, the two of them appeared.

I poured them each a cup of coffee and orange juice, and then smiled at the two of them. I have to admit that my smile was forced. I wanted some answers. As much as I had enjoyed fucking Darlene, I thought what had happened was a bit of a step backwards for KC and me.

I said, “Anyone care to comment on last night? You know, the whys and wherefores?”

KC suddenly looked worried. “We wanted to do something nice for you because we both love you. I love you heaps, and I invited my sister to be part of what we share. I know you like her, and that she loves you. It wasn’t sex with some other guy … it was us loving you. I didn’t think you’d be upset. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not … yeah, I’m upset,” I said. “I didn’t get a say in what happened. Suddenly, I had a very nice pussy surrounding my cock. I liked that a lot, but I didn’t get asked. What would you two have done if I’d come unglued? I would have been within my rights to toss the two of you out last night.”

KC and Darlene looked at each other with anxious expressions.

I turned to KC’s sister, “Darlene, you know that KC is on tenterhooks with me. I’m trying to be a good boyfriend and fiancé to her, and try as I might I keep messing up by being with other women. You happen to be number three after Marcie and Cameron. I’m not doing a good job of my fidelity, and here I am trying to set a good example for KC, so that when she’s at the same party with drummer boy again she doesn’t feel compelled to go off and fuck his brains out. I like you. I even love you. I’m just not sure we should have had sex or that we should keep doing that.”

Darlene nodded. “I’m sorry. I was selfish. I wanted to be with you, and to share and feel what KC has with you. If I upset anything between the two of you, it’s my fault. I pestered KC to let me do what we did until she gave in. The way we did it was even my idea.” She started to tear up, “I love you; I really do. I wanted to be with you – to make love with you. I want to do it again and again. Please don’t shut me out, or shut KC out either. We both want you and need you. I wanted …”

I held my hand up, “All is forgiven. I do have another issue to raise, however.” I looked between the two women with a serious expression, and then turned to KC, “Since WHEN are you incestuously bisexual or sapphic? I guess we haven’t been in a group situation before, but you seemed mighty comfortable going down on your sister last night, and vice versa.”

KC blanched. “We don’t do it often, or haven’t recently. I told you I was a hellion in school. Well, I seduced my sister.”

Darlene quickly interjected as though to correct a major error, “I was more than willing.”

KC went on, “I was about seventeen, and Dar was two years younger. No one else knows.”

I posed, “And you have sexual relations with each other?”

Both girls nodded. KC whispered, “Yes. We love each other. I’d told you earlier that I had sex with some other girls in high school. Well, it … carried over to Dar. We’ve done everything you can think of together. Some of it was experimental, but most of it was us loving each other. We’ve never stopped since then.”

I roamed around the kitchen, feeling restless from what had happened and what I’d discovered.

KC said in a soft tone, “We love you. I want mobil porno my entire life with you. Please forgive us for what we’ve done and what our needs are. We’ll try to change … but you know how hard it is.”

I nodded, “I do know, and I forgive you. Don’t change on my account. I’m surprised and interested, but I’m not angry … well, except about not being consulted before hand about last night. That said, I am trying to figure out how to live with all of this, if I can.”

KC was smiling up until my last couple of sentences. Suddenly, she turned and ran off into the other part of the house, leaving Darlene and me. We heard a sob just as she exited the room.

Darlene shook her head at me. She nearly screamed at me, “You are the luckiest man in the world to have my sister. Sure she’s got a kink in her armor, but everybody does. Damn, haven’t you learned anything in your life about people. You really can be an asshole at times.” She sounded angry, and on that note she turned and rushed off to coddle KC.

* * * * *

I walked down the street to see Don and hopefully have a second cup of coffee or even an early beer. At this point, I even thought a nice glass of Hemlock might be nice – it would put me out of my misery about whether to stay with KC or not – and now, by association, I figured that Darlene was part of the deal.

Don was changing a taillight on Edie’s Mercedes. The car was just old enough to use bulbs rather than the LEDs that seemed to last forever. Access to the bulb had been made next to impossible by design.

He looked up, “Oh, hello there. You look like the unhappiest guy in the world. I thought things were improving over there.”

I nodded, “Yeah, I said something careless, and put KC in a little crisis. Darlene too, I guess; they’re over there together.” I gestured back at my house.

“About whether to move on with your life with KC … or without?”

“Pretty much sums it up.” I unfolded a stepstool, and sat on top. “I am so messed in my head whenever I think about it. KC says I’m overly ‘value laden.'”

Don laughed, “A polite term for anal retentive – or an asshole who won’t change his mind, by any other name.”

“Am I?”

“Yeah, from what I see. There’s a bit of hypocrisy in your life too. Do you think of yourself as a progressive and a liberal?”

“Yes, up until now.”

Don said, “When we think about the set of values we have, we tend to treat them all equally. So for instance, someone might treat the importance of an intimate relationship on the same par as being law abiding, independence, taking risks, and inner peace.”

I nodded in understanding.

He went on, “But in our day-to-day lives, those things are NOT on a level with each other. Being friends with someone threatens your relationship; I contend that you can’t have inner peace and live with someone else; feeling independent conflicts with having a relationship; and taking risks might conflict with all of the ones I happened to mention, for instance by failing and becoming dependent on someone else to live.

“Of course, we might have a hundred or more other values. They’re all NOT on a par. We prioritize them in some way. A businessman might prize his reputation and ethical conduct, in contrast to a porn queen who puts being passionate and entirely open to others in first place. We each put some stuff ahead of others.

“So, this is where you are with KC. You have been asked to reprioritize your values. To ease off on fidelity, exclusivity, and adherence to strict moral code, in favor of openness, sharing, going with the flow, and adapting to each situation as it occurs. Oh, yeah, love comes before any of those and don’t you forget it.”

I spoke, “You make it sound so easy.”

Don said, “KC loves you, and you love her. Is love at the top of your list?”

I nodded. “I think so, at least I’ve come to feel that way over the past few weeks after all this shit hit the fan.”

Don asked, “Were you jealous when you saw KC fucking that other guy?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“Did you think she was going to leave you for him?”

“Maybe. I got angry.”

“KC loves you; she’s not going to leave you for some asshole drummer. I know the guy; he’s about as unreliable as they come, but I hear he’s a good fuck. Edie did him one time.”

“My God, what did you think?”

Don laughed, “I wasn’t jealous. I knew she’d be back in my bed that night, and probably be even more loving because I’d given her that freedom without making a big stink about it. Do you know about compersion?”

“Compersion? No.”

Don said, “It’s kind of the opposite of jealousy. Instead of reacting negatively when you see your partner doing something with someone else, you react positively. As a simple example think about watching some boy scout helping an elderly woman across the street with her groceries; how do you feel?”

“Good, I guess. Warm and fuzzy about the aid being given.”

“So, you see KC having a passionate sex izle fuck with some dude and popping off orgasms; how do you feel?”

I was silent for a moment, “I guess you’re telling me I should feel good that she found someone who could get her off, excite her, and provide some alternate romance in her life?”

“I am. Think about it. Put her happiness, excitement, joy, passion, and pleasure ahead of your own. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do for someone you love.”

“Do you do that with Edie?”

“I do, and I am the richer for it.”

We were quiet for a while, and then I said, “I made love to Darlene last night. KC was right there, and even helped orchestrate the situation. The two of them turned out to be bisexual, at least with each other.”

Don studied me. “Does all that upset you?”

“Honestly, I’m unsettled because of it.”

“Break it down. Why?”

“I feel I was unfaithful to KC, for one, and right in front of her even though she helped set it up. I feel that way because I was with Marcie and Cameron too. KC and Darlene playing at sex with each other turned me on, and I feel kind of disappointed in myself for getting aroused.”

“Jesus,” Don said, “You really are a tight ass. You fuck three hot women over the span of a few days, and you feel BAD about that? You should be on top of the world. KC gave you an all-time free pass to do that. She is hoping you’ll be happy and find pleasure in those relationships, BUT she wants you to come home to her. She also wants you to see that those other relationships are not scripted by Walt Disney where everybody is like a storybook prince and princess.

“Marcie fucks you and other men, while Doug watches. You said that Cameron got engaged the day after she got back from fucking your brains out for three days, and she wants a replay sometime, and she plans to tell her fiancé and get a lifetime pass to be with you whenever she wants. I could go on, pointing at house after house around the neighborhood – Tyler and Kelsey, for instance. No one, I repeat NO ONE, has a straight, storybook relationship. There’s something strange, odd, kinky, weird, or unusual going on in every one of those households.

“As for the bisexual stuff, just fucking enjoy it. Ninety percent of husbands and boyfriends dream of their wives and girlfriends having sex with another woman and letting them watch. You are one lucky SOB that you even got one night, let alone the rest of your life. The other ten percent of men are gay and wouldn’t care.”

“You’re not helping.”

“I’m not agreeing with you, if that’s what you mean. Take a look around. I’m giving you an alternate viewpoint to being a high moral ground tight ass. We sinners have much more fun. We sinners live in the real world, and aren’t trying to protect an unrealistic paradigm about how the world ‘should’ work. We live in a world that works for us, and is fun to be in most of the time. Sometimes there’s a little pain, but there is in the other world too.”

Don finished his taillight project, and indicated that I should come into the house. We went in and got coffee. I was quite pensive. Edie came and gave me a huge kiss. She also put one of my hands under her t-shirt so I would feel her braless breasts. In the span of ten seconds, I could feel her nipple harden and get excited. She kissed me on the lips again, and I stopped rubbing.

Edie said, “Someday, I hope soon, you and I are going to make love. I think we’re going to rock each other’s worlds when we do.” On that note, she strolled off into the other part of their home. I couldn’t help but notice how well her little ass filled out the cutoffs she was wearing. I also couldn’t help notice, but she’d started me on a hard-on.

When I got home, I found a note: ‘Gone grocery shopping with Darlene. Back soon. [heart] KC. I sat out in the backyard and had a good think. KC seemed back on an even keel when the pair got home. Neither of us mentioned my careless remark, so I left things alone.

* * * * *

KC and I were pretty much a couple again, except we both knew I was agonizing over the decision about the long-term feasibility of our relationship. More than that, I figured that sometime in the foreseeable future KC would have that ‘urge to merge feeling with some other guy’ sweep over her, and I’d really have to face the issue once and for all. Our current living together and lifestyle was a holding action. In a way we were teasing each other, only the stakes were very high.

I went out of my way to show KC that I loved her. This wasn’t a false front either. She was carrying my heart around, and I’d reluctantly resigned myself to having it broken if I couldn’t adapt to her needs. I kept hoping she’d rescind her statement and curtail her need to be with other guys, but when I got logical about it, I knew that all we’d be doing is suppressing her true needs and desires; and that was not an acceptable solution either.

At night when we were in bed together, I’d ask KC to tell me another one of her true-life sexy stories about her past. Despite my inability to cope with what was happening to us in the present, I loved to hear about her time with some other guy in her past. I got to thinking that this was my ‘kink,’ but I wondered how many others I had that I hadn’t labeled.