Parent-Teacher Conference

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Content warning: incest, reluctance, forced feminization, spanking


“Jamie, stay after class for a sec. I need to talk to you.”

Shit. What does he want from me? And why today? My stepdad’s expecting me home right after school and I’m so fucked if I’m late.

“Uh.. okay Mr. Johnson, but I’m kind of in a hurry. My stepdad really doesn’t like when I’m late.”

“It’ll only be a few moments, boy. I’m sure he won’t mind.” He said ‘boy’ just like my stepdad, with their slight southern drawls.

“No offense, sir, but you don’t know my stepdad…”

“Well you’re just gonna have to deal with him later because I need to talk to you, boy.”

“What about, sir?” I was a bit nervous because Mr. Johnson was a huge and intimidating man. He was a strict disciplinarian who no one dared cross. I thought I’d been respectful to him, though, so I didn’t have a clue why he needed to see me. His close proximity and hand on my shoulder were making me shiver.

“I noticed you’ve been acting a bit funny since your mom moved out, boy. Is there a reason for that?” He looked at me mischievously, like he already knew my secret.

“Uhh.. no, sir.” I was trying to get out of his grasp but he held my shoulder tighter and marched us to his chair. He sat down and pulled me right onto his thigh. Red flags were waving in my head; this was not an appropriate student-teacher relationship!

“Hnnngg..” I winced when he delicately sat me down.

“See, boy, like that right there. I’ve noticed you doing things like that a lot recently. Wincing when you sit, waddling when you walk into class, blushing when I catch you daydreaming about the boys…” I squirmed nervously. I didn’t really care if Mr. Johnson knew I was gay, but he couldn’t know my other secret!

“But I’ve noticed more than just that, boy. You know, when you bend over to get your books, sometimes I see the little straps of your panties.”

Oh fuck! He knew! I scrambled to get out of his lap but Mr. Johnson held me tight. I didn’t stand a chance at escaping. He used to coach our college’s football team and is an ex-player himself. He’s got strong arms that are probably thicker than my torso, and with my twink body I knew he could keep me where he wanted me.

“You’re not leaving yet, little boy,” he breathed into my ear. “Not until you explain to me how you get these little damp spots on the back of your shorts every day.” He patted my bum.

“Most boys your age get those in the front, but you always seem to have a little wet spot seeping from the back, almost like it’s dripping out of you. Hmm, boy, how do those get there?”

His fingers were now rubbing on my shorts, directly over my hole. He was right, of course, I was leaking. The more he rubbed the more semen from earlier this morning dribbled out of my used pucker. I started sniffling.

“Who’s doing that to you, hmm, boy? Who’s the lucky man filling up that pretty little ass of yours?”

Lucky man? Pretty? I have to admit those compliments did make me swoon a bit, even though I was terrified of my lecherous teacher. It felt weirdly good to be appreciated by a man as handsome and masculine as Mr. Johnson.

“Oooh, Mr. Johnson,” I groaned. His hand had slipped under my short shorts and he was now touching my bare cheeks. His fingers were fiddling with the strings of the panties.

“Tell me, boy. Who makes you wear these panties? Who fills that sweet pussy?” His digit had slipped inside me and he was now fingering me assertively. Hours-old semen dripped out. I blushed shyly and looked down, I couldn’t tell him. Mr. Johnson used his other hand to tilt my chin up to his face. “Is it your stepdaddy, boy? Is he the one who claimed your pussy?”

God, he spoke just like him, calling my hole a ‘pussy’. These pigs! It’s like they don’t even think I’m a boy! I nodded my head softly to respond in the affirmative.

“I see, I see.” Mr. Johnson had a ponderous expression. Was he going to call the authorities? Doubtful, he just violated me with his fingers.

“Do you want to tell me how it started?” His expression changed from thoughtful to eager. This twisted fuck wanted to hear all about my time with my stepdaddy, probably so he could get his rocks of later. Typical man!

I shook my head; I was too embarrassed to share. But Mr. Johnson didn’t care much for my modesty. In a matter of seconds he stood me up, stripped me of my polo and shorts, laid me on his lap, spanked me 5 times, sat me back on his lap, and reinserted his finger into my hole. I was in such a whirlwind after his rough treatment I decided I should just obey, lest he smack me around even more. I already took enough of that from Daddy at home.

“I noticed a few stripes already marked beautifully on your supple cheeks, darling. Does your step daddy use the belt to show you he’s in charge?”

I nodded in a whimper. “That’s good, boy. You need it. A sweetheart like you needs a good hand every once and a while. Keeps you humble and honest. You understand?”

“Yes, sir…”

Daddy güvenilir bahis always said the same thing. When he laid me over his lap he always said he was doing it for me, to keep me in my place. I didn’t really understand what he meant and thought he was being mean but now Mr. Johnson was saying it, too. Maybe they had a point. Maybe big guys like my Daddy and Mr. Johnson do have to spank littler guys to keep us humble. No, that’s nonsense. I’m just being silly!

“So what happened this morning? Why were you hobbling into class with a little damp patch near your pussy?” His finger was still lodged deep in my hole and his other hand was loosely grabbing my neck, reminding me that I had to answer.

“Um… well… When I tried to leave for school this morning I went to the front door but it was locked from the inside. I shook it for a moment then Daddy grabbed my neck from behind.”


“Where the fuck do you think you’re going, boy! I didn’t tell you you could leave!”

“Daddy I need to go, I’m gonna be late!”

“You think I give a shit, boy? You know the rules. No leaving til you’re filled. And that’s final.”


“You see, Mr. Johnson, Daddy has a lot of special rules. Once my mom moved out and left us on my 18th birthday, things became really different with my stepdad. He started controlling me more: setting more rules, making me do chores, telling me what to do, not letting me leave the house as much. Then he started making me do stuff like rub his feet and shoulders. He started touching me all the time, having me sit on his lap, shower with him, and eventually sleep next to him in bed.”

“Did you like that, Jamie boy? When he touched you and paid attention to your sweet body and pretty face?”

“Um… yes… I guess. But that’s not the point, Mr. Johnson!”

“Oh but it is, Jamie boy. Continue.”

“As I was saying, new rules started coming too, like how I had to kneel by him when we watched TV cause he liked his ‘property’, as he called me, to show him respect. When I broke these little rules he’d spank my ass hard. He hung up belts and paddles all around the house so I could go fetch one the second he asked. When I broke a rule and he wasn’t around he made me get the belt and bring it to him in his office so he could punish me there. He says I should always be obeying him, even when he’s gone.”

“He’s right you know, boy. You should be. It sounds like you have a very good Daddy. He cares for you and provides for you, so it’s only right you follow his rules. Like I always say, a little hide tanning is proper for boys like you, and so is a strict regimen. He’s only doing it for your benefit.”

“But Mr. Johnson, it’s not just spankings! After a few times over his lap Daddy started commenting on things like my legs and butt. He said I had really pretty legs, just like my mom’s, and that I should think about shaving them to make him happy. I knew it wasn’t just a suggestion so the next day I shaved all over.”

“And did your Daddy appreciate your smooth legs?” Mr. Johnson was now rubbing them up and down to show me that he definitely appreciated them.

“Did he ever! That evening he told me I was going to get a special spanking. I didn’t know why because I was such a good boy all day but he insisted. After being over his lap for a bit Daddy started doing something different. He started pushing his finger up against my… my butthole! Can you believe it, Mr. Johnson! Why would he want to do that??”

“Well, Jamie, he’s just doing what comes naturally to him. When he sees a pink pussy like yours – and please, call it by its proper name from now on – he just can’t help himself. He’s a man, Jamie, and when he sees a pussy he fills it. So when your Daddy tells you he needs to put himself inside you he’s just doing what he’s supposed to do. You should really take it as a compliment, doll. It means he likes you.”

“Does it really? But then why does he do it so rough? He pounds me til I’m almost crying then makes me clean his dick up with my mouth!”

“But does he cuddle you after?”


“Ah, so he’s not so mean now, is he? You see, when your Daddy takes you rough it’s because he wants to be as deep inside you as possible. That’s how he shows you his love, boy. Through fucking you hard and marking your walls with his jizz he’s telling you he loves you, and I think you ought to be a bit more willing to receive him.”

“But sir sometimes it hurts!”

“Nonsense! I won’t hear it. A pussy is made to take cock, boy. I’m sure he’s just hitting your little boy button so hard that you feel overwhelmed, but that doesn’t mean you’re in pain.”

“My boy button?”

“Yes, Jamie. This.” He glided his finger to my nerve bundle and jammed it up hard. He kept pushing while alternating up and down rubs.

“Eeeeeeee! Oh! Oooo Mr. Jooohnnsooonn,” I couldn’t say much but I think I now understood what he meant by my ‘boy button’. And I guess he’s right. Sometimes when Daddy’s fucking me he rams into it and it feels sooo good! güvenilir bahis siteleri I just wish he would be a little more gentle, at least once…

“Alright now get back to your story.”

“Yes sir, sorry. As I was saying. Daddy never lets me leave the house without getting my pussy filled…”


“Over the couch, boy! Daddy’s cock is angry and only your pussy can settle it now.”

Daddy grabbed me by the scruff and brought me over to the arm of the couch. He’d installed an angled leather mound on it. Now when I bent over it my pussy popped up to the perfect height for Daddy to take me.

“Tsk tsk tsk, boy. Trying to leave my house without your pussy filled. You’re going to regret that!” He yanked my shorts down and started pulling the belt out of his loop.

“You’re lucky you’re wearing your panties, boy, or this would be a whole lot worse. Now I’m just gonna give you three quick ones, so thank me after each. Got that, boy?”

“Y-yes Daddy…”


His belt cracked my bum. He used a soft, wide belt and didn’t go too hard, but he still put the fear of God in me.

“One, thank you, Daddy!”


“Two, thank you, Daddy!”

I was waiting for the last one but instead Daddy said, “pull your cheeks apart.” Noooo, not this again. I pulled them back perilously, knowing what was coming.


“Threeeeeee! Thank you Daddy!!” He sent the belt right down my hole and damn, it hurt!

“That’s a good boy, now stay there. Daddy’s gonna take you quick so you can get to class.”

He lubed his cock urgently and slid it in. It was still open and abused from last night’s fuck (not to mention the fill up Daddy did at 3AM) so he slipped in easily. He fucked me roughly and deeply, and as he approached his climax I too found myself shaking to the core with pleasure. My cock rubbed up enough on the leather mound and together we came.

Daddy made me clean him up after then redressed me and sent me on my way, properly spanked, fucked, and filled.


“I see, Jamie. It makes sense now. Your shy demeanor in class around big men like myself, your seductive cock sucking lips, your constantly leaking pussy, your marked cheeks. You’ve been a pussyboy this whole time, right under my nose.”

“But Mr. Johnson, my Daddy, he-“

“Your Daddy, what, boy.” He cut me off harshly. “Your Daddy’s just doing what any man in his position would do with a pussyboy living under his roof. He’s putting you to work, making good use of you. You should be thanking him, boy. Not every man knows how to tame a bitch like you.”

I was crying softly now with the revelation that Mr. Johnson wasn’t going to help me at all. In fact, his finger still hadn’t left my bum. No, Mr. Johnson was just like my Daddy. Another man who was going to use my for his pleasure. To my shame, my cock was harder than ever.

“See boy, it’s natural for you, too. You’re sitting on my lap in panties with my finger in your bum and you’re hard as a rock! You’re a little pussyboy; it’s just what you are. No need to be ashamed.”

His niceties warmed me up and suddenly I felt his lips on mine. Next thing I knew we were kissing passionately, Mr. Johnson sawing his finger in and out of my pussy as I bounced in his lap.

“On your knees, boy, now!” Here we go, what I was secretly waiting for. When a man gets so turned on he can no longer stop. And all because of me.

“Yes sir,” I complied. I was getting excited to suck Mr. Johnson. He really was sexy. Bearded, mid-30s, well over 6 feet, with a hairy, athletic body. He also looked a lot like my Daddy who I kinda had a crush on. I tried to act reluctant around Daddy because I was embarrassed to be his pussyboy but that didn’t stop me from getting turned on when he took me. Maybe in the future I’ll try to be more willing like Mr. Johnson said.

“I’m assuming your Daddy’s taught you how to do this, boy?”

“Yes, sir. He usually makes me practice for at least 30 minutes after dinner while he watches TV.”

“Your Daddy’s a very good man, training you like that. Now you’ll be able to show me what you can do, to the best of your ability. Remember, boy, I’m your professor. I’m gonna be evaluating your technique and if you don’t want an ass whoopin’ you better get good marks! Go on, now! Put yourself to use!”

To use. Yes, to use. This was my use. Sucking men like Mr. Johnson and Daddy. This is what I was made for.


Mr. Johnson let me suck him then came in my mouth. He told me he wasn’t going to take my pussy because he didn’t think it was right for a man to take another man’s bitch without permission. He was a man of good morals, Mr. Johnson.

When I got home, as expected, Daddy was pissed.

“What were you doing, boy! You’re 30 minutes late and I’m fucking starving! Get on your knees now, bitch, you’ve got some explaining to do!” I got to my knees to beg forgiveness.

“Oh, Daddy! It wasn’t my fault, I swear! My teacher held me after class because he wanted to talk to me about something. iddaa siteleri He thought I was acting funny lately, especially when I walked. He said it looked like I had something up my butt!”

Daddy’s face went white. Good. I wanted to scare him. I was sick of him controlling me all the time.

“Uhh.. which teacher was that boy?” I could tell he was nervous.

“M-Mr. Johnson,” I stuttered out. I wasn’t sure if this was the right answer, but I’d rather not lie. Unfortunately it must have been the wrong answer.

“You mean Richard Johnson? The old football coach?” His frown was slowly curling into a smile.

“Yes sir…”

“I see,” When he confirmed the name Daddy’s expression changed from sullen to sadistic, with a touch of nostalgia. I shivered.

“Go to the kitchen and make us some dinner, little boy. I’m gonna make a call. Don’t come into my office, you hear me!”

“Yes, sir…”

He whistled down the hall eerily and flashed me a big grin before slamming the door shut. Daddy didn’t come out of his office for a long time. He popped out to tell me I could eat alone and to leave his food warming then went back to the phone. I could hear him cracking up in there, laughing like I hadn’t heard him since my mother left. When he finally came up to bed it was almost midnight and he looked a bit tipsy. I pretended to be asleep and he nuzzled up behind me, both of us naked as he insisted.

“Don’t mind me, sweetheart, just gonna eat me a little piece of peach pie.”

He was grinning and holding me gently and it was actually sort of nice compared to his usual roughness. He slipped down the covers and parted my cheeks. For the first time ever I felt his warm breath against my hole, his coarse beard scratching my rosebud. It was amazing.

“Mmmmm, Daddy!” I spread my legs wider so he could get deeper.

“My baby likes when I eat his little pussy, hmm?” He flipped me over so I was on my back and pulled my legs up. We could see each other while he ravished my hole. He slurped and licked and I cried out, loving every second of Daddy finally being gentle and giving me pleasure.

“Oooh Daddy I need you inside me now, please!” Oh my god! Did I just say that? I can’t believe I begged Daddy for his cock, I’m such a slut!

“I see you’re being a bit more willing now aren’t you?” He smirked when he said ‘willing’, the same word Mr. Johnson had used. I can’t even imagine what he’d been talking about in his office. I didn’t want to ruin the moment by asking so I pretended not to notice.

“Yes Daddy, please! I really need it. I want you in me pleeeaaasse!”

“Of course, baby. Do I ever deny you?”

I shook my head and held him tighter. My Daddy never denied me his cock, that’s for sure. He entered me slowly and was so pleasant compared to his usual ruthlessness. Someone must have given him tips.

“Oh Daddy take me deeper!” I begged. He gave me what I needed. We made love, actually made love, for almost an hour and by the end we were both spent. We slept off our primal need and awoke the next morning. Daddy was sure to remind me that even though he may have been kind last night, my chores were not to be forgotten.

“Get breakfast ready for us, you have class in an hour. And make sure you leave time to get filled. You know the rules.”

“I know Daddy, I didn’t forget.” I kissed his lips and hopped up to make us some food. We ate, I cleaned, then I got dressed in my ‘uniform’ as Daddy calls it. He thinks I look absolutely adorable in it and doesn’t give a shit that the boys at school make fun of me.

It’s a pair of short navy shorts, tight enough that Mr. Johnson can apparently see some of my leakage! A pair of dainty panties, white shoes and long socks, and a tight short sleeve polo. I always look like a goody two-shoes church boy and feel like a child amongst my college peers who obviously wear whatever they want. I do sort of love my uniform, though, because Daddy helps me tuck in my shirt and comb my hair and always touches and kisses me all over when I’m dressed.

“Pretty as a peach, doll. Now bend over the couch and spread that pussy. Time to fill you up.”

I did my routine and he did his and soon we were deep in another heated fuck. He was speeding up and crouched over me to whisper in my ear.

“You know, sweet heart, Mr. Johnson and I go way back.”

What! This took me out of my coital reverie and I started squirming out of sheer confusion. Daddy was hunched over me in doggy, using one hand to hold my shoulders with his other hand covering my mouth. I struggled in his grasp but he continued fucking.

“That’s right, boy. Me and Mr. Johnson used to be on the football team together back in college. But we weren’t just buddies, boy, we were much more than that. Mr. Johnson and I had a little hobby.”

Daddy switched to a calm fuck as he spoke, my mouth still covered. He sneered:

“Yea, baby, we had a hobby. We’d take cute little boys like you, boys from the cheerleading squad and the gymnastics team, and we’d make em do things for us. Kinda like what I make you do. We’d make em suck us, we’d fuck the hell out of them, they’d clean our rooms, we’d spank and beat em, and still they’d come crawling back every time. Just like good little pussyboys do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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