Part The First

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I knew we had been drinking for a few hours at that point. Time was more of a suggestion than an actual number in the real world. I knew it had been bright enough outside to see the distant pines swaying in the wind, now, when I looked outside, all I got was the milky blackness of the deep night. It’s darkness helped everything that was to happen, it may have even been the cause of what happened. I’ll let you decide that part, by the end, you will each form your own opinion as to why everything occurred that night.

The martinis we had been sipping turned into the martinis we were drinking like water, the martinis turned to shots of vodka, and finally the glasses were put away and all that was left were bottle and eager hands pouring the amber, clear, and black liquids down throats that had a thirst that mere water would simply not quench.

We were sitting on the bog leather sofa in her living room, around us were scattered the deserted soldiers of the evenings battle, bottles of Jack and Jimmy, Smirnoff and Grey Goose. Were more than relaxed, we were finally sated. She got up and seeming slid over to her bathroom, when she returned, she was wearing nothing but a afghan blanket and in her hands she carried a bottle of blue fluid that looked suspiciously like antifreeze.

“Come over and rub my back for me hun? It has been barking all day and all that drinking will help the muscles relax enough for you to work the knots out of there.”

With a nod I rose from where I was sitting and joined her on the mahogany colored wood floor that spread from one end of the house to the other. She eased herself down to the floor and threw open the blanket to reveal her magnificent body for me to feast on with my eyes.

She is a woman of impeccable beauty, standing 5’10”, around 190 pounds she exudes woman from every fibre of her being. Her supple and ample breasts measure out at an alarming 54DD and there was not a single ounce of sag to them, they stood proudly on her chest, the quarter sized anadolu yakası escort nipples erect and hard as rocks poking at least two inches from her skin as she eased herself, face down on the floor. Her back was marbled beauty, not a single imperfection, just a cascade of alabaster white skin that ended in an ass you can bounce a quarter off of. It was tight and firm and with the same strength as her bosom. it sat proudly on her, begging you to touch it over and over again until she was satiated.

A wry grin spread on her face as she looked at me clearly ogling her nude body.

“Sweetness, we can get to show and tell later, for now, put a little of that massage lotion on your hands and get busy with my back.”

Never one to displease a Lady, I generously applied the mint smelling lotion to my fingertips and slowly placed them on the small of her back, the touch eliciting the smallest of sighs from her as she placed her face firmly against the floor, her raven black hair cascading over her shoulder with a delicious little curl.

My hands worked slowly over her back, the muscles underneath the probing fingertips were indeed stiff and painfully knotted, with tender care I slowly worked the knots out until her back was a perfect measure of happiness and relaxation.

I had noticed as I worked that her soft little noises had progressively become louder, sometimes, when I hit an especially low knot on her back, near her voluptuous ass, she would outright moan and lift her hips to meet my hands, I had thought she was doing it on purpose to amuse me and herself, but in the end, I decided she was actually unaware of it.

With a flick of her swan neck, she flipped her hair onto the other side of her neck and looked at me with a look I could never forget if it was my last day on earth and I was a blind man. The look begged me to not stop anything I was doing, to go until she asked, no, begged me to cease it all.

Without ataşehir escort a seconds hesitation I moved closer and she rolled onto her back, her delicious breasts pointing straight into the air, the nipple even more firm then they had been before I started, the afghan still covering her lower half, if not for modesty, than for warmth if nothing else. She closed her eyes and mover her head until her hair was splayed behind her like a train on a wedding gown.

I applied some more of the soft blue fluid to my fingers and worked it, ever so slowly, into her shoulder blades, the muscles reacting to the slightly warming fluid in the gel and the muscles becoming like butter in my hands as I kneaded the muscles on her shoulders over and over again until, they too were perfectly relaxed and without a single memory of their former situation.

My hands moved slowly to the warm mounds of her ample cleavage, sliding softly into the warm valley between them, running the cool gel in the cleft of them. Reaching my hands over the slopes of them to put the gel all over the diamond tipped nipples. Her soft moans echoed in the room now as my hands rubbed the tips of the nipples with the gel, her body squirming and writhing about from the waist down as I then began to pinch the gel into her nipples ever so softly, twisting as gentle as baby hand at the nubs of her bosom.

Determined now, my hands squeezed harder, eliciting noises from her that could be described as moans or as whimpers of the pleasure that I was hoping that I could give her. Her legs spreading as my hands now squeezed the nipples harder, turning them in my hands and pulling them from their fleshy home to reach the heights. Leaning forward I blew softly onto them, her back arching and her hand shooting between her legs, her fingers rubbing in forbidden areas damp with the wet of sex.

Both hands pulled and pinched the eraser hard nipples now, the pretense of massage over as her fingers worried ümraniye escort her clit like a dog would worry a bone he had found as a treat. I knew her fingers had entered her when her back came off of the floor and she pushed herself into my lap, her muscles tense from the pleasure, her head looking up at me with a hunger I knew I could sate if only time and God would allow it.

With the quickest movements, my hands stopped their movements, the puzzled look on her face was quickly replaced by one of unparalleled pleasure as my mouth founds hers and we caressed each others tongues for what seemed like hours on end, my hands reaching to the very tops of her womanhood before withdrawing up to her breasts and squeezing the surplus of woman flesh over and over again, her cries getting louder and louder. The smell of sex was in the air and her fingers which reached to my mouth were damp with her taste.

The sweet, intoxicating taste of her womanhood was all my mind could take. Gently laying her head on the floor I slid my leg over her and straddled her middle, her breasts level with my now growing member. Without even a seconds hesitation I slipped down her body and attached my hungry mouth to her nipple like a child at teat. I slowly circled the nipple with my tongue, enjoying the mint taste of the lotion as my teeth scraped across it’s peaks, making her back arch even more. Biting softly on the pebbled flesh I heard guttural moans escaper her with a quickened rapidity. Switching to the other breast, my mouth continued it’s magic as her hips began to grind upward into me, her damp snatch soaking through the loose material of my jeans and making my cock all the more impressed with her.

My hands ran down her breasts, warm now from the excitement she was feeling. My finger tips trailing down her body, the softest touch making her moan loudly as I knew she was ready for more.

I slid my body down her, never breaking eye contact as my naked chest slid down hers, coating my own body with the glistening oil as my face arrived at her sweet core. The hairless perfection of her damp box was more than my sense could take. I ran my tongue slowly up the pink slit making her shudder and reach her hands to my skull to pull me into the wetness. I reached up with both hands and held her arms to the ground.

Good things take time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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