Party Girl

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Kelly was having a great time at the party, despite the drunken antics of her boyfriend she had been dancing for hours and was high on the energy and excitement! The host was a guy she didn’t know, a friend of her boyfriends, he was very good looking and she had been admiring him all night. He was with a stunningly beautiful girl who she presumed was his girlfriend.

At about 1 a.m., her boyfriend had passed out in a drunken pile on the couch. Typical! She thought, but she was determined to carry on enjoying herself. Marc had seen Kelly from across the room at the start of the night, he had been impressed at what he saw, she was very attractive and the clothes she wore highlighted her sexy body to perfection. She was wearing open toed high heeled black shoes, her feet very petite and slender, her toenails were painted a scarlet red to match her fingernails.

A little black dress was cut to reveal an expanse of tanned athletic thigh and the outline of her black g-string could occasionally be seen when her body was positioned in a certain way. Her ass was perfect, a deep cleft dividing the pouting rounded globes that had been toned and firmed by endless hours of aerobics and gym work. The low cut dress revealed an eye-catching cleavage that drew the eye of every man in the room, her golden breasts seemed to shine in the light, this was because Kelly, knowing how men adored her stunning tits always rubbed moisturiser over them before she went out. Marc could see most of the men glancing bursa escort over at the Brunette who was dancing with a couple of girlfriends.

His cock twitched in his pants as he thought of how he would love to get inside her little knickers tonight. Looking over at the boyfriend, who was already some was towards being completely drunk Marc could see his opening. Checking that his girlfriend was safely out of sight he moved over to chat with Kelly, with his casual but interesting conversation he soon had Kelly listening intently. He got her a drink, making sure that he was generous with the spirits and soon, after several top ups, Kelly was well on her way to joining hr boyfriend in a drunken stupor. Marc went back to his girlfriend and chatted with her and her friends for a while, occasionally going back to Kelly to make sure that her drink was full. Finally the guests started to leave until only a few were left, Marc suggested that Kelly and her boyfriend may like to sleep it off in a spare room. Kelly agreed and Marc and his girlfriend helped to put Kelly’s comatose boyfriend to bed. Kelly staggered after them and went into the bathroom to prepare for bed.

Marc and his girlfriend wished Kelly goodnight and retired to his bedroom, he pretended to be too tired to make love and lay in the dark waiting for the lovely blonde beside him to fall asleep. When her breathing was deep and regular he got up and went to the spare room. He could see the 2 sleeping figures bursa merkez escort on the king sized bed, the boyfriend fully clothed but Kelly was naked, the sheet pushed down to the waist to reveal her large firm mounds.

Marc stood looking at Kelly, his cock hardening as he stroked it, gradually it grew towards its full magnificent size, shaved around the balls and base it jutted out obscenely from his stomach, a tear of precum forming at the little eye in the middle of the large head. Marcs body was toned and muscular, his legs and ass powerful and rock hard. He moved over and slipped into the bed next to Kelly his hand stroking up and down her body, he gently played with her breasts and then moved down to rub at her pussy with his thumb, the lips moistened and opened allowing him to slip a wet finger inside, he casually played with her until she was moaning in her sleep, her pussy wide enough to accept his considerable girth.

He moved over Kelly straddling her chest, she was lying on her back and he rubbed the end of his thick penis across her lips, smearing his precum over the soft, pouting flesh. Kelly licked her lips and then moaned, Marc rubbed his meat all over her face, feeling himself harden even more. He slipped down her body and positioned himself over Kelly’s body, spreading her long slim legs he positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed inside. Kelly moaned loudly as he pushed in to the hilt and began to gently move bursa sınırsız escort inside her, he felt her moisten around him, the grip of her pussy was incredible. Gradually he built up speed till he was thrusting hard inside her, her Moans intensifying till her head was thrashing from side to side with ecstasy.

Suddenly Kelly’s eyes sprang open and the two stared into each others eyes. Kelly’s mouth drew open with a gasp as she realised who was fucking her, but the sensations of the big tool kept her quiet. She lay under Marc her mouth open gasping as he continued to plow into her. Kelly gave in to the power of Marcs majestic tool and began to stroke her hands up and down his back, opening her legs wider and grabbing his muscular ass to pull him into her. Marcs thrusts increased their depth and speed, Kelly’s eyes opened wider, “be careful, I’m not on the pill” she moaned.

Marc smiled, “I don’t give a shit” he grimaced, close to cumming. Kelly knew she should have tried to push him off but the sensations of his huge cock inside her tight pussy overwhelmed her and with a loud moan she wrapped her legs round his sides, spurring him on.

“Take my cum bitch!” gasped Marc and he gave one final push, their eyes locked as Marcs prick spasmed and spurted a long stream of steaming seed straight into the depth of her hot cunt. Stream after stream followed as Kelly came long and hard.

When he was finished and his limp dick had slipped out of her, followed by a stream of his cum, so plentiful had been his spend into her pussy, Marc rolled over and lay for a while. Kelly lay silent for a couple of minutes before moving down the bed to give Marc a long slow blow-job letting him spurt another stream of cum down her willing throat. Hope you liked this babe!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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