Passion at Work

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Sandy arrived at 7:30AM, a half hour before the company would officially open, and 15 minutes before her boss would walk through the door. She loved this time of day, with the quiet of the office and the brilliance of the morning sun shining through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. It was peaceful, and she felt welcomed here. And for that, she liked welcoming her co-workers as they started their days. It was a wonderfully normal day for her.

The floorplan was purposely non-traditional, with the CEO’s office being visible from the front door. This allowed the CEO, behind a glass door of his own, to be seen working as his subordinates entered the building. This arrangement was perfect for Sandy, as she enjoyed being the only person her co-workers would encounter before they saw the CEO.

After turning on her computer, Sandy made a pot of coffee, and boiled some water for tea. She loved the purity of tea. Once seated, she worked on the basics of maintaining order for this small company. She was unaware, as she was every day, that Joe had watched her arrive and imagined himself standing with her as she elegantly moved through her morning routine.

Joe was entranced by her long, strong dancer’s body. He was as drawn by her quiet, kind nature as he was by her physical beauty. She had the confidence one earns over 55 years, but also radiated a youthful aura usually gifted only to the young.

Joe had loved Sandy for over a decade, and was quick to offer her a job five years ago after her divorce. She certainly didn’t need the money, and the position made little use of her educational background, but she accepted it because it allowed her to interact with a collection of interesting and interested people. The job was a vital part of her social network.

Joe walked through the door at 7:45. “Good morning, Sandy.”

Sandy came out from behind her desk to great the CEO. “Hey,” she smiled, “just wait one minute! Is that a new suit?” She said as she brushed lint off his shoulder. “You’re looking very handsome!”

Joe blushed, and wished that he could comment on her fitted red dress, or her matching stilettos, or any number physical characteristics that intermittently sped or stopped his heart, but he couldn’t. “I’m surprised you noticed.” He smiled broadly. “I’ve got a big meeting today, and I’ll be gone for most of it.”

“Well, you’ll be missed.”

Joe smiled at that. “Just don’t let the inmates burn down the asylum while I’m away.”

Sandy dismissed the comment with a wave of her hand. “You can count on me.”

And Joe did count on her. He gathered the files Sandy had placed on his desk, called to confirm the meeting location, and although not showing it, sadly left the building. He was so caught up in thought that he almost ran into Jeff.

“Hey Boss!”

“Good morning, Jeff.” Joe replied. He liked this young man. At 35 he was hitting his stride, and knew it. He had the confidence of someone who knew they would do great things, and Joe liked having that attitude expressed at the office. “I’ll catch you later – I’ll want an update on the Steven’s issue.”

“Sure thing, Boss.” Jeff smiled his confident smile, but he wasn’t ready to update anybody on the Steven’s case. The two men parted ways and went in opposite directions.


A small window opened on Sandy’s desktop.

“Hey! Is lover boy there yet?” It was Liz, Sandy’s oldest and dearest friend.

“Not yet, but soon! He just bumped into Joe.” Sandy and Liz had been joking about Jeff for almost 6 months, right after Jeff started flirting.

“You’ll smell him before you see him!” Liz joked.

“Don’t be mean. :” Sandy wished she never told Liz about Jeff’s overuse of aftershave, and anyway, she was sure that this trait would fade with the other’s picked-up years ago in his fraternity.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Jeff gushed.

“You’re just saying that because Joe’s out.” Sandy teased back.

“I’m saying it because it’s true.” He smiled, but then confessed. “But it is easier when the boss isn’t here to fire me for harassing you.”

Sandy smiled at that. Jeff was a handsome young man, with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. He was tall, with what looked like a swimmer’s body under his neatly pressed suit. He motioned as if he had more to say, but had to drop it as the others rapidly entered the building. He moved on to his office.

With a loving smile, Sandy greeted each and every colleague that entered the building, remaining behind her desk until Mike arrived, 10 minutes late.

“Mike! Why are you late?” Sandy frowned as she walked towards the young man.

“I overslept, Mrs. M.” He replied.

She flinched a little at the ‘Mrs.’, since she no longer was one, but she was aware that old habits die hard. “You’re lucky that Joe is out.”

“You won’t tell on me?” His question was more of a request.

“Of course not, Mike.” Sandy allowed. “But you need to be careful, OK?”

“I promise.” And with that he was off.

Sandy had known Mike since just before her divorce, and knew that he helped her son come to escort gaziantep bayan tanıtımları grips with the dissolution of her marriage. She had hoped that the boys would be lifelong friends, but time and distance have worked against that possibility. When her son went off to a prestigious 4-year college, Mike – like many poor African-American men – could only afford community college.

But she was proud of him. In his two years, he obtained an associate’s degree and also a certificate in internet technologies. She was happy to recommend him for a position once one opened.

“Well?” Liz fired.

“Well what?” Sandy played.

“Lover boy – how’d he look?”

Sandy typed. “Gorgeous.” As she sent the note, another window appeared, strangely containing the same word.

“Gorgeous?” It was Jeff. Sandy was not surprised, as this had become Jeff’s motif. He was polite – almost formal – when sharing space, but more aggressively flirtatious on-line.

“Yes?” She replied back to Jeff.

“I meant it. You are unbelievably beautiful.”

“You are a flirt!”

“I’m a man.” And there it was, the truth. Jeff, although 20 years her junior, was a man, with man’s desires and needs. Sandy’s heart fluttered a little. She replied. “You’re sweet, but I need to work now.”

“He’s at it again.” She immediately fired back to Liz.

“You should fuck him.”


“What has it been, 6 years? And don’t pretend to be so innocent.” Liz knew Sandy too well for Sandy to protest.

“Almost 7.” Sandy confessed.

“Why not him?” Liz asked. Sandy paused, she could come up with no reason.

“I’ve thought about it.”

“Spill!” Liz demanded.

“I’ve thought about having sex here, at work.”

“Slut! LOL!”

“Cut that out!” Sandy demanded.

“You should do it! LOL! You can handle a younger man!”

“Right now, I need to handle some work.” Sandy offered this as a way to avoid the larger issue. She did miss a man’s touch, and she appreciated Jeff’s attention.


The office hummed, with people coming and going, with phone inquiries, with the small but necessary tasks that take time and energy, but not thought. Sandy looked up, surprised that it was already 11:30. She would meet Liz for lunch.

“Sandy.” The message came to life on her computer.

“Hi Jeff.”

“I have a confession – can I share it?”

Sandy could feel her heart race. “Okay”

“It’s a big one. Still okay?”

Sandy thought about this, thought perhaps she should shut it down, but she was so curious. “Yes.” She replied.

“I have a very specific fantasy, and I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Should you stop thinking about it?” Sandy replied, with words designed not to encourage nor shut down conversation.

“It doesn’t matter what I should do, this is the only thing I can do. Do you want to hear it?”

“Do you want to share it?” Sandy tentatively replied.

“Yes, and you’re in it. Can I share it?” He asked.

Sandy waited a long time. “Yes.”

“Okay.” Sandy could feel the nerves in his word. “I’ve wanted you for years – for as long as I’ve known you.”

Sandy paused, not sure how to answer, then offered. “Is that the fantasy?”

“No. I want to make love to you here, at work. In the dark. In complete silence.”

Sandy’s heart raced. “Hold on.”

She sent a quick note to Liz. “He wants me!”

Liz fired back. “All men do, they’re dogs”

“No, I mean here, at work.”

“What did you say?” Liz asked.

“Nothing yet.”

“Say yes. You deserve some fun.” Sandy pondered her friend’s sentiment. And although foolish, it was undeniably exciting to her.

Sandy messaged Jeff. “How would that work?”

“Thank God – I was nervous when you didn’t respond.” Jeff confessed.

“How?” Sandy replied.

“Only you and Joe have keys to the executive conference room. Through the door in the back of the room, there is small a lounge with a couch.” She knew exactly what he was talking about.

“I know.” She offered.

“Unlock the conference room, then go into the lounge, close the door, and turn the lights off. I’ll enter the conference room, lock it, and then turn the lights off before entering the lounge.”

“Jeff – that sounds crazy.”

“I know.” He confessed. “But exciting. Do I still have your attention?”

There is no way he could comprehend how exciting this was to her. “Yes”

“And then, without words and in total darkness, with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, my fantasy can be realized.”

“That is an exciting fantasy.” Sandy stated.

“Let’s make it a reality.” When Sandy didn’t respond, Jeff continued. “I’ll check the door at 12:30, if it’s locked I’ll know you decided against it. If it’s open, I’ll be the luckiest guy in the World.” And with that he logged off the system.

“Liz – he has a plan.”

“What are you going to do?” Liz asked.

Sandy answered honestly. “I’m not sure – but let’s cancel lunch for today.”


Over escort gaziantep bayan telefonları the next 20 minutes Sandy thought of all the reasons she shouldn’t go to the conference room, and there were many. She didn’t need a reputation. She didn’t need an awkward work experience. She didn’t need the hassles of a new relationship. No, she thought, maybe she did need those hassles. What she didn’t need was to be fired. She had almost decided against it when the phone rang, caller ID said it was Joe.

“Hi Joe, how goes the meeting?” She asked.

Joe smiled at the sound of her voice. “All is well here, but it’s going to take longer than I expected. I have a late afternoon appointment; would you please cancel it?”

“Of course.” Sandy replied. “When should I reschedule it?”

“Anytime tomorrow will be fine.”

“Consider it done!” Sandy waited to hear him hang up, but she heard nothing. “Anything else?”

Joe didn’t want to hang up, he just wanted to listen to her talk. “No, nothing else.” In his mind he said. “I’ll miss you until I see you tomorrow.” Then hung up.

Sandy looked at the clock – 12:25. Was it fate that Joe called at this time, essentially confirming that he would not be there to catch her, that her job was thus safe? She decided it was, and picked up the conference room key.


Sandy followed the directions exactly. She entered the conference room, being careful to leave the door unlocked. She walked past the expansive table to the back of the room, opened the door, and turned on the light.

She had only seen this room once, but she knew what its purpose was. The smart TV and camera on the wall allowed for comfortable Skype meetings, and the centrally placed couch allowed for excellent visibility. But in reality, this is where Joe hid to watch television.

Her heart was racing so fast she found it hard to concentrate, but she continued to follow directions. She closed the lounge door, and turned off the light. Now only the TV’s LED and the conference room light from under the lounge door was visible. She stood behind the couch and waited.

She didn’t wait long. She heard the conference room door open and close, and then heard the lock twisted shut. She was becoming short of breath as she heard the footsteps cross the conference room and then stop. She could tell he was waiting, unsure if he was teasing her or having second thoughts.

That question reaffirmed her decision: Sandy prayed he wasn’t having second thoughts. And then God answered her prayer – the conference room went dark. The lounge door creaked open, and then shut. She heard him rest his weight back against it.

“I’m here.” She whispered. “Shhhhh.” Was all she heard back. She could sense him now, moving toward her, and she could smell his aftershave. She could no longer hear actual sounds, as her heart was exploding in her ears.

Sandy waited, and then pressed back against the strong hands once they gripped her shoulders. She offered her neck and was immediately rewarded. The hands now explored her sides, caressing the edges of her breasts, as her neck was taken by his lips. Sandy’s body ached, and she felt that he ached too.

He broke from her, and she was aware that she missed the heat of his body. She next felt his hands on her hips, tracing down her long legs, resting for a second on her ankles before travelling upward, going up and under her dress, clasping her thong, and pulling it from her. She stepped out of it, now fully aware that she was still in heels. He pressed the thong into her hand.

Her body, now on fire, was up against the back of the couch. She felt him drop to his knees, part her legs, lift her dress, and then taste her. His confidence was undeniable, and he was not denied. She bent slightly while pushing back on to him, and shook at the pleasure. He expertly teased, and pleased her, bringing her close a few times but never letting her orgasm.

By the time he pulled from her, she didn’t want him, she needed him. As he slowly scaled her body, she could feel his warmth, his hardness, rise with him. Sandy felt him tease her, rubbing his length along her wetness, and longed to feel him inside.

Slowly, at first, she felt him press. Her body was ready for love, but it needed time. When his head entered her, almost popping inside, she gasped. He liked that sound, reached around, and squeezed one of her breasts roughly. She exploded. It had been almost 7 years since someone other than herself had made her orgasm, and she almost cried over what she had been missing.

Then she almost cried with the pain and pleasure of his size. His movements, cautious and slow at first, had grown hard and fast. She hadn’t expected his power, or endurance, but was thankful for them. His fantasy had become hers, and she was experiencing a dream – floating from one explosion to another.

This was unlike anything she had experienced, and when he was close, he tried to push deeper into her. She was up on her toes to protect her cervix when escort gaziantep bayan videoları she felt the immense pressure and impossible duration of his release, and then another pulse, and then another. She stopped being aware of them after her orgasm struck, but she was aware of how he expertly elongated her pleasure with his movements.

Panting now, he kissed her neck, nibbled her ear, and then withdrew from her. In a second he was gone. Sandy rested for a few minutes in the dark, trying to contemplate what had just occurred, but there was no simple way to package the experience.


Once steady, Sandy cleaned and exited the conference room, quickly made it back to her desk, grabbed her pocketbook, and went into Joe’s bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked fine. This surprised her. Her short reddish-brown hair wasn’t out of place, and her make-up needed only a slight touch up.

No one would suspect, she thought, and then stared deep into her own dark eyes. She hadn’t suspected that this was possible, and this surprised her too. Not surprised by the realization, but surprised that she felt guilt-free. She walked back to her desk.

Sandy sent a quick note. “Liz, I – we – did it.”

Liz fired back. “Really? I can’t believe it! Spill. Did lover boy live up to his name?”

Sandy wondered how to answer that. Jeff was so much more than expected. The experience was more than perfect. She had no words. “Oh yes. Just yes!”

“I need details!” Liz demanded.

“And I need to get some work done. Want to come around tonight?” Sandy offered.

“Fine – but only if you’ll tell me everything.”

Sandy wondered how she would find the words when another message popped up.

“I have never had an experience that even comes close to that.” Jeff confessed.

Sandy shot back quickly. “Neither have I. It wasn’t just perfect, it taught me what perfection could be.” She worried after sending the note, it may have contained too much information, and way too soon. “Too soon.” She thought, now recognizing that a future was possible.

His response calmed her. “It was life changing.”

She smiled at that and tried to get back to work. She was unsuccessful. She wrestled for 10 giddy, distracted minutes when another message popped up.

“I’m serious – it was life changing. Go back to the lounge now, please. I need love in the dark one more time today. At least.”

“I can’t.” Replied Sandy, and this might have been a physical truth, but he used the term ‘love’.

Jeff’s response was clear. “I believe you have to. I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

Five minutes later, Sandy found herself in the darkened lounge.


The door opened, and she heard him enter. Instead of saying anything, she rubbed her foot across the carpet. This created all the noise necessary for him to find her. And when he did, he immediately started kissing her. They shared their first true kiss! The passion of the moment was undeniable, and she could feel her body rapidly preparing for his.

She had never experienced darkness and quiet like this. She thought that perhaps with these sensations muted, her other senses were heightened. This would make sense of everything. Jeff seemed more than expected in every aspect. His beautiful lips were fuller, his body stronger, more muscular. His passion inhuman. It was all so much.

And then he pushed her down into a seated position on the couch. He took her hands and brought them to his center, wrapping them around his penis. He felt hard, and thick, but the most amazing thing was how heavy he felt. Sandy pulled him into her mouth.

Sandy felt unbelievably sexy as she stroked him and licked him and took as much of him into her mouth as she could. She fell into a cadence, and that predictability was impacting him. Unconsciously, Sandy picked up her pace and then desperately worked to please him. She was sweating now, and her jaw was sore, but she was driven to discover his taste.

She almost screamed in disappointment when he pulled from her. Aggressively he rotated her, pushed her down on to her back, pulled the soaked thong from her, and moved between her legs. She thought she couldn’t handle it again, but it was emotionally harder to disappoint him. She felt him press into her and she shifted her hips to grant him full access.

She felt his elbows rest against her shoulders and she held tight to his waist. She understood quickly. His elbows were there to prevent her from moving away from him. She also knew that he needed her. He needed her like every biological creature needs a mate. This was not just about sex, this was about eternity, immortality.

The two ceased being individuals and became one unified mass of passion, of lust, of love. They came together, and the combined power led to an emergent beauty, a most unexpected understanding. There was no point denying it, they were soulmates.

Once their breathing calmed, he kissed her again, pulled from her, dressed, and left her in the dark. She waited a few minutes, basking in the beauty of new and unfamiliar emotions. Then followed the same process as before, only this time he had left with her thong.


Sandy sat down at her desk, euphoric and (very) sore from the day’s events. A dark cloud lingered in her mind, though, and she tried unsuccessfully to push it away. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, Sandy!” She thought, but the idea wouldn’t fade: she couldn’t give him a baby. “That’s how it will end.” She sighed.

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