Pat, Jim, , Carol Ch. 04


The next several weeks of summer offered more of the same for Pat, Jim, and Carol. Every chance she could get Carol fucked the two young men at the same time. She also made a regular habit of fucking Pat by himself. She would have done the same for Jim in a heartbeat, but whenever he was around Pat was around also so she never had the chance.

Both Pat and Jim quickly became much better lovers. Both were more confident and comfortable during sex and each was becoming skilled at knowing exactly how to pleasure her. Carol felt better than she could ever remember as her two young lovers tended to her every sexual need. The fact that the two 18 year old boys were constantly horny and ready to fuck pleased her greatly.

She and Pat, in particular, had become very practiced lovers. They fucked virtually every day, sometimes with Jim and sometimes without. There were several times when she and Pat fucked leisurely after the three of them finished and Jim left. On a couple of occasions she had even crept down to his room and fucked him while her husband was asleep in their room.

During this time the three of them tried and experimented with many different things, but there was still one thing that Carol had kept to her fantasies. She was growing more and more eager to try it with her two young studs. As July drew to a close Carol realized that her opportunity might be close at hand. Pat and Jim were going to be starting at the same college in the fall and would be rooming together. The school was about an hour away, so Carol knew she would still see them often.

The first weekend of August, about a month before they would move into the dorms, they were scheduled to attend a freshman orientation weekend. At first Jim’s parents had planned to attend but just a few days before the trip they received word that a distant relative had passed away. His parents felt obligated to go to the funeral and asked if Carol and her husband could look after Jim during the weekend trip.

“Sure,” Carol said trying to mask the excitement in her voice. “Jim is like a son to me anyway.” Carol already knew that her husband wouldn’t be making the trip due to some excuse about having to work over the weekend. She guessed that the only thing he had to work on was his beer gut, but she didn’t care since she would now have a couple of nights in a hotel with both of her lovers.

When the weekend arrived Jim walked over to Pat’s house. Soon after he arrived they got in the car with Carol and left. The drive went quickly as the boys looked over the agenda for the weekend. Both were excited about getting a glimpse of the college life they would be starting in a month. Both were also very aware that they would be spending the next two nights alone with Carol with no interruptions or distractions.

They waited in the lobby as she checked in. She really wanted to get a room with one king sized, but she knew that many of the parents for the orientation would be staying in the hotel and that it might raise some eyebrows if she and two boys as young as Pat and Jim checked into a room with only one bed. Certainly, people would assume she was their mother and suspicions would be raised. Instead she checked into a room with two queen beds and they carried their bags upstairs.

What she really wanted to do was strip them naked and fuck both of them silly, but she decided to prolong her wait and raise her own excitement. Instead, she suggested they go for a walk around the campus. The boys agreed and they spent the rest of the afternoon leisurely strolling around the many courtyards and buildings on campus.

On the way back to the hotel they passed a pizza place that was already packed for dinner. She suggested they grab a pizza and the two boys followed her inside. As they waited for a table she ordered a beer and had already nearly finished her second when they finally got a table. She drank a few more rounds during dinner and by the time they were done she was pretty drunk.

As they ate she sat next to Jim and across from Pat. Their booth was pretty cramped and with all the commotion in the place she figured she could take the opportunity to tease them a little. She pulled her foot out of her sandal and raised it straight across from her. Pat nearly spit out his drink as her foot moved to his crotch and she rubbed her toes back and forth over his rapidly stiffening dick.

At the same time she slipped her hand under the table and snaked it over to Jim’s lap. She rubbed his crotch as she teased her son with her toes. She continued for only a brief while before she said, “Well boys, I think I’m ready to go back to the room. How about you?”

They each agreed readily but neither moved as they both had raging erections. “What’s the matter?” she teased, knowing exactly what the problem was. They sat in the escort kartal booth for another couple of minutes until Jim and Pat both said they were ready.

As they walked out of the pizza place Carol felt the effects of her beer. She was very happily drunk and desperately ready to get back to the hotel. Jim and Pat walked on either side of her and helped steady her the few times she drunkenly tripped on the walk back to the hotel.

On the elevator ride up to their room she fondled their asses. She laughed as they walked down the hall to their room at the sight of their hard cocks straining obviously under their shorts. As soon as they got into their room she fell into their arms and took turns wildly kissing her two secret lovers.

She then thought of something she hadn’t done since their very first time together and she moved her hands up behind their heads as she continued alternating her kisses. She started drawing them both closer to her and she moaned loudly when she felt both of their tongues on her tongue at the same time as they met in a triple kiss.

Jim and Pat could feel each other’s tongues rub together, but both were so wildly excited by Carol and how horny she was that neither minded too much. They both eagerly continued the three way kiss as Carol’s tongue frantically moved all over their tongues and explored their lips and mouths.

It was only when Carol started to pull away from the kiss that they also stopped and looked at her. She pulled away just far enough so their tongues couldn’t reach hers and she still held their heads in her hands. She moved in closer just long enough for them to begin their kiss again and then she pulled away. She had been in the kiss so briefly that Jim and Pat didn’t immediately notice she was gone and for a moment they ran their tongues back and forth against one another.

When they realized what was happening they both pulled away and looked at Carol again. This time she smiled wickedly back at them and said, “I want to watch you kiss.”

They both stared at her in shock and Jim felt his stomach tense at hearing her words. She slipped her hands off their heads and slowly down their chests and stomachs until she fondled their hard cocks through their shorts. She continued caressing them for a moment and then pulled off her top and bra. She resumed fondling them through their shorts as she seductively rocked her big tits back and forth for them to see.

“Come on, boys,” she softly instructed, “do as I ask or you may not get anymore tonight.”

Jim doubted she could make good on her threat seeing as how she was already half naked and was clearly horny, but he didn’t want to take the risk. He and Pat were still standing very close to each other and as they turned to look at one another their faces were only inches apart.

“Yesssss,” Carol hissed as they each moved forward tentatively until their lips touched. Jim felt his best friend’s lips brush against his very lightly and then a little more firmly as they each realized that the kiss didn’t feel gross or wrong.

Carol continued urging them on as they continued their kiss for a while longer. Pat didn’t know what came over him, perhaps it was just how horny he was at hearing his mom wantonly urging them to continue, but he parted his lips slightly and tentatively stuck his tongue into his friend’s mouth.

For whatever reason, feeling Pat’s tongue caused Jim to part his lips and soon their tongues slowly danced back and forth between their now open mouths. “Oh, fucking yes,” Carol moaned as she excitedly watched and caressed her tits.

She couldn’t remain a spectator any longer and she moved back to the boys and resumed their three-way kiss. This time, however, she noticed that all three tongues were mutually exploring each other rather than both of the boy’s tongues focusing on her. Her already damp pussy was now dripping wet as she thought about her son exploring sex with another man while she watched.

She began pulling off the boy’s clothes and Pat responded by pulling her shorts and panties down her legs. Soon all three were naked and they stood together at the foot of the bed looking at each other excitedly. Carol sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the two hard cocks close together in front of her. She slurped Jim’s cock deeply into her mouth and swirled her tongue over it lavishly. After a few moments she let it pop out and replaced it with Pat’s cock.

She bobbed back and forth between their cocks for a few minutes before she pulled the boys even closer together. As she again let Jim’s cock slide out of her mouth she grabbed each cock and rubbed the tips of their cocks together. They slipped easily against each other as they were both heavily coated in her saliva and their own pre cum.

Both boys groaned as she stroked their cocks uğur mumcu escort and rubbed the tips together. She wantonly licked both cocks and tried unsuccessfully a few times to fit both cocks in her mouth. Every time she tried, however, the boys reacted in a way that let her know they enjoyed it. It made her very wet to think the boys were enjoying having their cocks pressed so tightly together.

She continued stroking their cocks and made sure that the tips rubbed together nearly constantly. She looked up at the boys and made direct eye contact with each as she licked their shafts or let her tongue drag over the two tips as they rubbed together. She kept this up for a few minutes and Pat was the first to lose his control.

“Oh fuck!” Pat exclaimed as he started cumming very hard. Carol licked his pulsing cock and kept rubbing the cocks together as Pat shot his cum all over her face and chest and all over Jim’s cock. Pat groaned and thrust his hips as his mom coaxed all the cum out of his cock. As he thrust his hips his cock rubbed nearly its full length against Jim’s cock causing Jim to moan at the sensation.

By the time Pat finished cumming Jim’s cock and the thick hair surrounding it were coated with Pat’s cum. Jim was excited by the warmth and wetness of his friend’s cum and moaned lustily as Carol stroked the cum back and forth on his hard shaft. Seeing Pat cum so violently had put Jim right on the edge of losing his control and Carol’s hands quickly pushed him beyond his limit.

He gasped and began cumming all over Pat’s cock and stomach. Carol had turned Pat slightly after he finished cumming so he was directly in front of Jim. Carol expertly stroked Jim’s cock as his cum shot out in long, white lines all over Pat’s semi hard cock and stomach.

Pat watched the cum land on him and was amazed at how aroused it made him feel. He had never before considered fucking another man, but he couldn’t deny how exciting it was to see Jim cum and to feel their cocks rub together.

Carol held both cocks softly after they finished cumming. She could feel the cum all over her face and on her big tits and it made her feel nasty and sexy. Her pussy was so wet and her own passions were so enflamed that she felt like she might explode if she didn’t get some relief soon. Despite that, she had one more thing she wanted to do to her “boys”.

She lowered her head to Jim’s cock and lustfully licked her son’s cum off Jim. She let her tongue drag up and down his shaft as she collected the salty cum and savored its taste before swallowing it. As she did this she massaged the cum in his pubic hair with her fingers until she had smeared it all through his hair and none of the white drops were left visible.

When she finished with Jim she moved to Pat and repeated the process. Pat had much more cum on him since Jim had been directly facing him when he came. She took her time and swept her tongue and lips over his stomach and cock repeatedly until she had collected all of the cum.

As she cleaned off the boys she looked up into their eyes and held the eye contact as she slurped up the cum. By the time she finished both boys had already begun to grow hard again and she could tell by the looks in their eyes that they were very excited.

If it weren’t for the burning desire in her own pussy she would certainly have sucked both cocks until they were completely hard again, but she needed her own relief. She moved to the center of the bed and lay on her back. She spread her legs wide and the boys immediately knew what she wanted. Pat went directly between her legs and teased her hot, wet pussy with his tongue causing her to cry out.

Jim sucked on her nipples and teased her tits but she roughly pulled his face to hers and gave him a long, deep kiss before she ordered, “Suck my pussy too.” She spread her legs even wider as Jim moved down next to Pat. At first Pat didn’t move and Jim sat and watched before Carol said, “You two play nice and share or mommy won’t let you play at all.”

Pat moved over slightly and Jim lowered his face right next to Pat’s. When Jim’s tongue touched her pussy she moaned, “Yessss, suck me.” At first Pat concentrated on her clit and Jim’s tongue slipped down to her wet pussy hole. Even like this Jim and Pat were pressed closely together as they continued teasing her pussy.

Only a few minutes later she called out very loudly and bucked her hips up into their faces as she came. Pat sucked and teased her clit and Jim shoved his tongue as far up her quivering pussy as he could reach. They both continued to tease her throughout her orgasm and only stopped when it had long since passed.

They raised their heads when she finished cumming but as soon as they moved away she lifted her head and looked at them intently before whispering, çavuşoğlu escort “Keep going.” Feeling the two tongues teasing her pussy together was driving her wild with lust and she wanted them to continue so she could prolong the amazing experience. She let out a long, soft moan as the two tongues resumed their positions between her legs.

Jim mostly confined his licking to her pussy hole and Pat focused on her clit. However, as Carol’s excitement began to build again she thrust her hips up toward their faces and rocked her hips from side to side. Jim had seen and felt her do this before and knew that it was something she did almost subconsciously when she was very excited.

He kept tonguing her as she wriggled beneath them but found that it was hard to keep his tongue only near her pussy hole. A few times he swept his tongue down toward her asshole, and once, as she rocked her hips, his tongue moved upwards and rubbed against Pat’s tongue near her clit.

Jim moved his tongue back down and resumed tongue fucking her but he couldn’t deny the surge of excitement he felt when his tongue met Pat’s as they both licked Carol. A few moments later Jim let his tongue move back up toward Pat’s tongue. This time he met Pat’s tongue even sooner and he knew that Pat must have also shifted his position searching for his tongue. They began to mutually lick and explore Carol’s pussy as their tongues nearly continually rubbed against each other.

Carol groaned louder now and could feel her next orgasm coming. The very idea that the two boys were tongue kissing each other at the same time they were licking her pussy was driving her wild. “Fuck me, fuck me with your tongues,” she urged.

Pat and Jim quickly shifted their position and began sliding their tongues in and out of her pussy in unison. Carol could only take a few minutes of this teasing. She put one hand on the back of each boy’s head and pulled them tightly into her pussy as she rocked her hips from side to side and came wildly.

Pat and Jim gently teased her pussy as she recovered from her orgasm and she moaned softly in appreciation. She let them continue for a few minutes and enjoyed their mutual attention, but she knew she needed a cock in her soon. She finally sat up and looked at her two young lovers. The sight of her juices coating their faces was wildly exciting.

She didn’t say anything but moved onto her hands and knees and looked back at them. They both knew what she wanted and Pat moved behind her as Jim crawled in front of her. They knew this was her favorite way to be taken by both of them together with one cock fucking her from behind while she fucked the other cock with her mouth.

She loved this position most of all because she felt like she could give herself completely to her two lovers. As the boys settled into a rhythm together she loved the wonderfully nasty feeling of bouncing back and forth between them effortlessly with the two cocks always inside her.

After having cum twice so recently Carol knew it took take a little while for her to cum again. She focused on teasing the two cocks and on making this fuck last as long as she could.

Although he had already cum once recently Pat knew he would probably cum again soon. This was his favorite way to fuck her. He loved the feel of her ass in his hands as they fucked. He also loved watching his cock move in and out of her and something about the way her pussy held his cock when they fucked like this made him cum a little quicker.

He and Jim fell into a steady rhythm of alternating their thrusts. He alternated between watching his cock disappear in her pussy and watching her mouth around his friend’s cock. He could feel his cum boiling and knew he had to cum soon.

Jim concentrated on fucking her mouth and resisted cumming as long as possible. Her lips and tongue were too much to resist and he finally gasped, “I’m cumming,” when he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. Carol intensified her sucking and tightened her lips on his cock. He started thrusting even harder into her mouth as he held out for a few more seconds before he groaned and filled her mouth with cum.

Carol moaned with his cock in her mouth, which only intensified the sensation for Jim. She let the warm, salty cum fill her mouth completely before pulling his cock out of her mouth and stroking the rest of his cum onto her face, hair, and wherever else it landed. She looked up at Jim and made sure he was looking before she swallowed his cum.

Seeing his friend cum brought Pat to the brink and he fucked her even faster. With a loud moan he pushed all the way inside her and held still as his cock pumped several heavy loads of cum deep in her pussy.

Carol groaned and pushed back into Pat as he filled her with cum. This was the point in fucking them that she loved the most. She could taste Jim’s cum in her mouth and felt the rest of his cum dripping down her cheeks as Pat filled her pussy. Soon afterward all three of them crowded together under the sheets and fell into a very sound sleep.

To be continued…