Pathetic, Medium or Large

Big Dick

‘Nothing in this world would keep me from this wonderful man! He has been my mother’s lover since before the death of my father, while I was just getting into adolescence,’ I thought. I had first noticed the computer man at school going with her to social occasions. The first time was at the Concours d’Elegance to see classic cars of a bygone age, that had been lovingly restored, so that they gleamed and shone. In truth my elder sister and I had no interest in cars but were more attracted to the kids’ playground where lots of games were available for us. Fun food was also in plenty. Mum did not object when we asked to be bought what she always called ‘junk food’, and seemed to want to stay with Mr Kerrie more than she wanted us. We were also busy and did not mind in the least!

At school I tried to be at the table he would be serving during lunch. It was the custom that we kids sat on benches at a long table, at the head of which the teacher sat. He or she would serve each child with portions we described as either large, medium or pathetic. I chose a position three places away from the teacher and when I succeeded in being at the computer man’s table would ask for a pathetic (small) portion so that I could ask for a second helping. Then when we had had enough, and dessert was served, I would help clear the table by stacking the dishes at the head of the table near him so that the duty teacher would let our table out first because it was the tidiest. He always thanked me for doing that in his musical voice that I loved so much.

In the computer room, he worked in an alcove just inside the door, and through which we must troop to get into the lab proper. I would find him at his computer and wish him good morning, to which he replied in that awesome voice. After the lesson as we left I would wave at him. Sometimes I managed to arrive earlier and stop by his desk and chat him up about the computers or to ask him what he was doing on his screen which looked so different from what Mrs Insole taught us in the lab. If I encountered him in another part of the school I took it as a bonus, since it was so rare.

With my mother, they must have been seeing each other when we were not present, and away from dad’s presence. I thought about this much later when I was in high school but at the time, I just enjoyed that I could speak to him at school and outside as well.

Once, during school holidays we came back from piano lessons to find him and mum in the living room on the same seat. She was a bit red in the face when we walked in on them, and she looked sort of shy. As we went upstairs I remarked on it to my sister who simply told me to shut up. I thought it all very strange. What was he doing in our house? Why were they on the same seat yet there was plenty of space in the living room?

I remember other instances of coming upon them and they looked surprised. So I resolved to be more alert. My sister always refused to talk about it with me. But I began to notice him touching her, or holding her hand furtively, especially when my father was around.

Came the evening when my father was on a foreign trip, and I heard movement in the upstairs corridor near my parents’ bedroom after we had been sent to bed. I crept out of my room taking care not to wake my sister in hers, and found my parents’ bedroom door slightly ajar. Through the chink I spied Mr Kerrie holding my mother and their mouths locked to each other. My God! What was he doing here at night? Before I could work out an answer, they started removing their clothes. All this confused me. Before I knew it my legs were carrying me away from that scene back to my room. There was a strange tingling between my legs. When I went to the toilet, I noticed a slippery wetness on my panties I had never known before, adding to my confusion. What was happening to my body? I put on a fresh pair and climbed into my bed. I longed to go and ask my mother but I knew this was not the time do so. I would wait until morning, I resolved. Soon I fell asleep.

I woke as the light was creeping back. I remembered what had taken place in my parents’ bedroom and my heart fluttered in an unfamiliar manner. In the bathroom I could not see anything but a dried up spot where the slippery stuff had been. What could that have been, I wondered.

A faint sound like a door closing, in the direction of my mother’s room startled me. Then I heard someone miss a step on the staircase as they went down. I thought maybe Mr Kerrie, unused to the house in the darkness, had made that sound. So he had spent the night with my mother! I badly wanted to ask her about my body’s strange behaviour, but I somehow knew from my sister’s reactions these matters were not to be talked about.


My father was dead! We stood in a tight group beside his grave as his body was being lowered. My mother held my sister and I closely, our tears falling uncontrollably. The news of his motorcycle accident near Naivasha had come as a shock. I remembered Dikmen Escort my mother trying to dissuade him from that sport, now that he was no longer young. But he loved his machines almost too much. He kept them in an addition to the car garage where he would spend time cleaning and polishing them. Why didn’t he let the driver do that as he cleaned the cars? Now those awful motorcycles had stolen my father from us.

I wanted Mr Kerrie to be with us, but he stood a little distance away, outside the family circle with a few teachers from school. I could see his eyes were on us, as if he too wanted to come to us, but was somehow prevented. After the short ceremony was over people came to tell us how sorry they were about our loss but their words sounded hollow to my ears. Then we were guided gently to our car to take us home. So many of our relatives were there. I did not want any of them as much as I wanted to see Mr Kerrie, who was nowhere to be seen.

He only showed up the next day among other guests. I rushed to him and held him.

“Where have you been Mr Kerrie? We have been so lonely!”

“Don’t cry now, Ummi! Your aunts and uncles kept you company, didn’t they?” he said soothingly.

“But it is not the same!” I almost wailed.

“Ummi, please let Mr Kerrie greet the rest of us. Don’t be selfish,” my mother chided me.

He held my sister briefly then embraced my mother, rubbing her back. I thought her eyes looked moist. At that precise moment the image of the two in my parents’ room came back, and the tingling of my secret place started up. It was all very strange.

“Girls, you may go upstairs now,” my mother said.

I was more than glad to get to the privacy of my room away from all the strangers in our house. I was still torn between that wish and that of wanting to stay near Mr Kerrie.

My ardour for Mr Kerrie only increased the more I saw of him, in school or at home. One afternoon, during hockey training, I sprained my ankle and had to sit on the sidelines. I asked Miss Mbochi if I could go and look for a shade to sit in. As I walked off the field towards the Music Rooms, an idea struck me. Could Mr Kerrie be in the computer room? I hoped he would be alone, although I would not have been able to say why I wanted it to be so.

He was busy at his laptop which he once told me he brought to school to use in his work. I had asked him why he did not get the school to buy him one, and he said there was no need since his own was already available.

“Mr Kerrie, may I please come in?” I said from the entrance.

He looked up suddenly, obviously not expecting anybody.

“Oh, its you, Ummi! Come in! Should you not be at hockey?”

“I was sir, until I sprained my ankle.”

“I am sorry, Ummi. I hope it does not hurt too much.”

I felt his words of sympathy bury themselves deep in my heart. “Not too much, sir. But I can’t play very well today. I should be OK by tomorrow. I hope.”

I stared at his laptop screen. “That looks like the class trip we took some weeks ago, sir!”

“It is indeed. I am working on some pages of the school magazine.”

My eyes opened wide. “Is this how it is done? I had no idea. How clever you are, sir!” He scrolled to show me other pages of the magazine as they will look when printed. It looked just like the real thing, but on screen rather than on paper.

“Its better here, actually. Look, I can zoom in to see this part better.” The words seemed to grow in size and the faces in the photos became so big!

“Wow, that is marvellous, sir!”

He noticed a spelling mistake, and moved to make a correction, just like we did in word processing lessons with Mrs Insole. But his method seemed somehow different.

“Would you like to come here in the afternoons to help me while your leg gets better?” he asked me.

“Could I really?” I was trembling with excitement at the very idea of spending afternoons with him. My heart beat like drums in the African bush.

“Yes, I want to give you some jobs in the computer lab to help me.” I was jumping up and down with excitement. Not only would I see him at lunch or at home when he visited, but also here in the computer room. I would feel like a grownup. Wait till my friends and classmates hear this!

The next week was pure bliss. It went by so fast because I was enjoying myself so much. I was doing real work, not just schoolwork. There was the afternoon he came to look at what he had given me to do, and his body so close to mine almost drove me mad. It felt so good. When he touched my shoulder in pointing out something, I almost did not hear what he was saying. It felt like he had a live wire in his fingers. I did not understand what was happening to me.

I enjoyed his touching me or sometimes I became brave enough to touch him. Once he had his arm around my waist as I stood next to him. The explanation I needed to perform the next job was almost lost. He looked down at me with such kindness in his Eryaman Escort eyes I wanted to lay my head on his shoulders. Every night I replayed those scenes as I lay on my bed.

Soon my sojourn was over when my ankle was better and I had to return to the hockey field. But Mr Kerrie was no longer so distant as he had been before that. When accompanying my mother, and he was present, I wanted him to hold my hand as we walked. My mother would look at me quizzically not able to understand the closeness we seemed to be enjoying.


When I graduated from that school for Peponi Secondary School, I missed lunch at Mr Kerrie’s table and visits to the computer room. I had to make do with his visits at home which, however, seemed to be more frequent since the death of my father. My young mind did not make the connection until much later, in my third year of high school. I just enjoyed being with him, to the apparent consternation of my mother.

When he held me, his hands felt so good on my body. It had felt so nice that I wanted that hug to last forever.

Often I would place my body so that he could touch my wrist ‘accidentally on purpose’. Sometimes this happened in the presence of my mother, something he seemed very eager to avoid. This gave me new material for my visualisations in my bed. I did not desire any of the boys in school to touch any part of my body, yet I hungered for Mr Kerrie’s touch.

By the age of eighteen I wanted more from him, even that he should be the first to fuck me, to take my virginity now that I had overcome that barrier to everything that is good. It did not matter to me that he was my mother’s boyfriend.

My mother loved swimming, especially at the Hilton Hotel’s pool. Frequently she took my sister and I with her. This was how I caught my first glimpse of Mr Kerrie’s body. He came out of the pool, with his yellow swimming trunks tight against his black skin. I was amazed at how dark his shiny, wet skin was. My mother caught me staring and I blushed deeply.

I still tried to follow him with my averted eyes as he went to lie on the recliner and wished he would not cover himself. But, no! He threw his towel over his form and covered everything of value to me.

When he was next in the water, I wanted him to teach me the backstroke which I had never got the hang of despite being on my school’s swimming team. I had even won medals from when I was little. But backstroke had eluded me all along. He was kind enough to let me float face up while he held me by my back.

“Paddle with your feet the same way you would in other strokes,” he said. He seemed to have eyes for my breasts, however. I faltered and in trying to regain balance, my hand, while underwater, tried to hold onto him. Unfortunately in my panic, it grabbed the front of his trunks so that I found myself with a handful of black cock! He nearly fell over in shock.

“Oh, pardon me, Mr Kerrie!” I panted.

He looked at me reproachfully and said, “I hope your mother did not see what you have done. You may yet be lucky that it was under water.” I suspected his attitude was because of my mother being at the edge of the pool in her recliner. What if we were alone, I thought. What would he have done?

We made another two tries by which time he only needed to hold me up by one hand. In that time I noticed his big black cock under his brightly coloured trunks. So he got excited, too?

Getting back my balance I threw my arm around his neck for support. This brought my boobs in contact with his upper arm. I heard his indrawn breath, as I felt a shot of electricity from his indirect touch. I climbed out of the pool expecting him to follow me out. But he hung back.

He swam a few lengths, changing strokes as he went. When he eventually came out and headed for the recliner next to my mother, he quickly covered himself with his towel.


He pushed gently, parting my vaginal lips. I felt every movement of his cock as it nearly tore me apart. I have wanted this for so long, but I never bargained for such discomfort, even though I was no longer a teenager. I swore that if it became actual pain I would ask him to stop everything. He paused, panting lightly. So it was not easy for him either? He pulled back and I flinched, feeling some pain. He stopped and the pain stopped. He then resumed his inward push.

“Oooooh,” I screamed. I was free to do so as neither my sister nor my mother were home that evening. I felt it to be a reenactment of that night so long ago when I had spied him with my mother. She was on a trip out of town, while my sister had gone for a sleepover at her friend and classmate’s house.

I was exultant that at long last I had a real cock in my pussy, and that it was the one I hankered after for such a long time. For years I had masturbated myself to sometimes knee-trembling, toe-curling orgasms fantasising about just Esat Escort such an experience. I was therefore determined to bear the discomfort which Tim (I had long since dropped the formal address picked up from my prep school) assured me would be replaced by enjoyment, ending in an orgasm with a cock in my pussy. How I longed for that!

For sure this was the final act in our lovemaking, so let me take you back to how he had begun. He had started by kissing me, driving me almost nuts with pleasure. He touched my breasts with purpose, twirling one nipple between his fingers as he sucked the other into his mouth. My pussy ran with my juices of lust. He licked and sucked my tummy and belly button, while his hands ran over my thighs, drawing loud sighs from me. He lightly pinched my inner thighs making me jump. But I could feel his mouth going further south, while one hand had returned to the attack on my tits.

I felt his warm breath in my mound of Venus and almost lost control of my senses. He was truly a masterful lover. Drawing his lips over my light pubic hair, he continued to part my legs. I desperately wanted his touch on my pussy, but he was intent on torturing me to the fullest. His lips made contact with mine.

“Yeow, Tim!”

He mumbled into my pussy lips which in itself felt very stimulating. He pinched a nipple as his tongue darted out and tickled my outer lips. My legs flew apart, welcoming him to do whatever he wished. I felt that wicked tongue inside my slit sliding on my juices. He ran it up and down driving me to delirium. Then I felt his wet tongue flat against my pussy. He lapped me like a doggie a few times, before he arrived at my clit.

He pressed it in then began pushing it side to side. My hips were doing a dance of their own invention on the bed. His movements became faster and faster. When he pulled the whole clit and inner lips into his mouth, I lost it completely.

“Aaarrgggh! My god, my god, my god!” I felt myself lifted out of body like John on the island of Patmos. My legs stiffened like a clown’s stilts. My pussy throbbed and pounded mercilessly. His groans of pleasure vibrated through his lips onto my pussy, intensifying my pleasure. Then he flattened his tongue against me licking up and down. At first this calmed me somewhat, but the contact with my insides started to excite me again.

“Oh, lord have mercy,” I cried. He lapped my clit from side to side driving me up the staircase of delight. He pushed my clit with the tip of his tongue, while squeezing my nipple severally. “Oooooh…” was all I could offer. Suddenly my clit was trapped between his teeth and upper lip. He pulled gently, held then abruptly he let go. A violent heat conquered my entire groin, spreading like a virus all over my lower body. I felt my legs stiffen and juices pour out of my pussy.

“Arrrgnnnnn!” I offered in whatever tongues, whether of men or of angels, I had no care. His tongue slowed its movements and I came down from the skies gently. He slid his body up and kissed me with my juices all over his mouth and chin. I tasted myself for the first time.

“Oh, thank you so much, Tim! You have handled me like your own programmed computer!” He pinched my inner thigh playfully.

“I enjoyed taking you to seventh heaven, Ummi!” he replied. “Oooh, what are you up to now?”

For I had grabbed his cock and squeezed it gently. “I have hungered for this to open up my fallow ground! Do you promise to give it to me today?” Even before his words came out, I felt it twitch.

“You must understand it will be uncomfortable, even painful at first. But once we get past that, it will be very enjoyable. I want to give you the best a woman can expect from her man.”

I hugged him tighter at hearing these words. His entire personality ever since I knew him as a little girl in prep school told me he would do as he promised.

“If you feel any pain at all, please tell me to stop. And I will.”

“Of course I will,” I assured him, though my hunger for cock might make me grit my teeth until the pain passed as he had promised me.

He lifted his body and I opened my legs in the classical ‘missionary position’. He placed his cock gingerly at my pussy lips and commenced the push earlier described. When he pulled back, giving me a stab of pain, he resumed his push patiently until finally I felt him at my cervical entrance. I dreaded his pull in case it was painful. He rested for a few ticks of the clock.

Amazingly when he pulled back not only was there no pain, but the earlier discomfort had faded. He made shallow movements, checking if I was comfortable. I was elated. I had achieved my first penetration, not with a young guy who didn’t know what he was doing, but with Tim. I told him to try longer strokes, to see if they will produce any discomfort. He pulled out more and came back in. A few more of these strokes and we were off and away.

He increased the frequency and speed and it did not take me long to hit another orgasm, albeit my first with a real man’s cock in my pussy. My, did it feel wonderful!

“Aaaaargh, Tim my sweet, my sweet!” I yelled. How wonderful to have a stiff cock inside when my orgasm subsided enough to allow a return to my senses. He was making small gentle movements like those of a bus driver waiting for his hour of departure. He was looking into my eyes with such warmth.