Pay It Forward Ch. 02


Pay It Forward Ch. 2

It had been a week since Chris had been tricked into having sex with her son. She knew it was wrong but no longer cared. She was hounding Cassie every time she saw her and pleading for another chance. Meanwhile. Cassie was also facing no small rebellion from Jeff who having had a sample of his deepest fantasy also wanted more.

“C’mon Cassie, why can’t we play with mom again?”

She told him, “You know why baby, if we do, she’ll never bring in another playmate.” Cassie said, “Just be patient. Cassie knows best.” Then she looked at him and said, “You have been a good boy lately. How would you feel about another hot tub party?”

Jeff lit up and asked her, “You mean like the last one?”

She giggled and said, “Even better!”

He said, “I’m in.”

Cassie told him, “I’ll text you when to come over. Be ready.” As Cassie left, she told Chris, “We’re having a party tomorrow I’ll pick you up at noon.” Before Chris could even reply, Cassie was out the door.

The next day Chris was waiting and wondering what Cassie had in store for her.

At noon Cassie sailed in and asked Chris, “Are you ready to party?”

Chris replied, “You never even told me what to wear. I’m just in jeans.”

Cassie said, “You’re fine. It doesn’t matter, come on.” They got in Cassie’s car and headed for the country, past the edge of town, pulling into a small lane. “We’re here.” she said.

“Where?” Chris asked.

“My house silly!” said Cassie. They got out of the car and Cassie said, “Let’s go out back.” They went to the rear of the house and Chris saw a large deck with a hot tub, an umbrella, table and an inflatable mattress. Cassie said, “Make yourself at home. I’ll get us some wine.” Chris sat at the table until Cassie returned. “C’mon, let’s get in the tub.” said Cassie as she handed Chris a glass of wine.

Chris said, “I didn’t bring a suit.”

“No suits allowed anyway.” Cassie said. “You are all stressed out Chris! And this will help, I promise.” Chris reluctantly stripped and quickly got into the tub. Cassie followed and they soon relaxed sipping the cool wine. Cassie went in and refilled their glasses and soon Chris was relaxing with her eyes closed, enjoying the jets and the soothing water. “Cassie was right.” she thought, “Maybe this will help.”

As she lay there a voice said, “Cassie, honey, who’s your friend?”

Chris quickly sat up, covering her breasts. A woman stood there, medium height, short dark hair, and wide hips setting off her large breasts.

“Mama, this is Chris, Jeff’s mom. Chris, this is my mama, Kelly.”

Oh, she said, “Jeff’s mom. My oh my, you did a good job there, he’s a sweetheart.” as she smiled. Kelly reached down to shake Chris’s hand forcing her to uncover her tit. “Oh how pretty!” Kelly said, causing Chris to redden even more.

“Why don’t you join us mama?” Cassie asked.

“Sure, I’ll just grab some more wine.” Kelly told her.

Chris leaned over to Cassie and said, “I should leave I’m uncomfortable.”

Cassie said, “Why it’s just my mama.”

Moments later Kelly came back out with a fresh bottle of wine in a bucket of ice and poured herself a glass and topping off Cassie and Chris’. She then pulled off her top and unbuttoned her jeans. Dropping her top onto the deck she unhooked her bra dropping it as well. She cupped her big breasts and lifted them saying “Oh my, that feels good.” Chris stared at her breasts mesmerized. Large, firm, wide dark areola, and a silver hoop through each nipple. Kelly dropped her pants and Chris caught a glimpse of metal at her pussy then she was climbing into the tub. She lay back and said, “Isn’t this nice? Just us girls.” Then she said, “Cassie honey, you know the rules, anyone using my hot tub has to pay the toll.”

Chris looked on as Cassie giggled crawled into her mother’s lap and proceeded to give her a long open-mouthed kiss. She moved back to her spot in the tub and Kelly looked at Chris and said, “Well?”

Cassie said, “Oh come on, Chris, it’s just a kiss.” She reached over and gently pushed Chris over towards her mother as Kelly pulled her onto her lap. “Hello sugar, pleased to meet you.” She then eased in and gently but lustily kissed Chris while slowly stroking her body. As she released the kiss, Chris realized she was aroused beyond belief. The women soon relaxed, and Chris didn’t realize that between Cassie and Kelly her glass was always full. The chatter between mother and daughter eased her mind. Soon her head was laying back against the tub and she was dozing.

She felt Cassie edge in from one side and say, “Scoot over here, Chris.” She pliantly eased over, only to feel a jet pulsing directly on her pussy. Her eyes opened wide as Kelly eased in from the other side.

“Relax and enjoy sugar Kelly said.”

Cassie kissed her and each woman started playing with a nipple. Cassie backed off and Kelly moved in. Between the jet constantly pulsing at her center and the two women’ s hands and the long delicious kisses, kartal escort Chris rose to a peak and cried out. Cassie and Kelly soothed and stroked her as she eased back into the tub.

Then she heard, “Wow, mom, that looked incredible.”

Her eyes shot open and saw Jeff standing at the edge of the tub. “Oh my god,” she thought with embarrassment, broad daylight, two women and me having an orgasm in front of my son. But as she looked on all she saw was lust on his face and thought, “Well, he isn’t ashamed of me.”

Kelly looked up and said, “Hello sugar, are you here to play with me?”

Jeff said, “Cassie said, just like last time, right?”

“That’s right sugar, mama wants what you have.” She climbed out of the tub confidant in her sexuality. Jeff’s eyes locked in on her and he tensed. She walked up to him cupped the back of his head and drew him into a long slow kiss.

Chris watched and asked Cassie. “You shared him with your mother?”

Cassie laughed “Sure, me and mama share everything.”

Kelly was slowly stripping Jeff continuing to kiss him all over. Chris asked, “Cassie, did your mom pay it forward as well?”

Cassie said, “Ah, well no, she got a special dispensation so to speak.”

Chris said angrily, “That’s bullshit! I’m his mom and I didn’t get a dispensation. I want a dispensation too, this isn’t fair. What did she do to get out of it?”

Cassie looked at her and said, “She let him fuck her in the ass.” Chris’s eyes shot open. Cassie said, “Mama’s the only one to take Jeff in the butt. I can’t yet but I’m working on it. Mama likes it. Still want the dispensation?”

Chris thought, “That’s not possible thinking of how much Jeff stretched her pussy.” she said, “That would have to be painful.”

Cassie said, “It is but mama is a bit of a pain slut.”

Chris said “What?”

“Mama likes a little pain with her pleasure.” answered Cassie.

Chris just looked at her not believing it all then said “Ahh, no, I’ll keep trying to find a friend.” Cassie just smiled at her.

Jeff, fully nude now was half hard from watching his mom.

Chris, now getting a good look at her son, saw he too was shaven, his cock even half hard was seven inches long and thick.

Kelly gave it a stroke, moved to the mattress, got on her knees put her head down and said “Cassie, honey, will you get mama ready?” Cassie got out of the tub settled in behind her mother spread the cheeks of her plump ass, leaned in and ran her tongue from her pussy to her asshole. “That’s my good girl.” Kelly moaned.

Chris looked on in disbelief as Cassie ran her tongue all over her mom’s asshole. Chris saw Kelly had a piercing thru the hood of her clit and wondered how in the hell that felt.

Cassie looked over at Chris and said, “Don’t just sit there, get Jeff ready.”

Chris asked, “What do you mean?”

Cassie said, “He needs to be really hard to get in mama’s ass, you need to suck his cock.”

Chris blinked. Cassie said, “Come on, Chris. Mama’s waiting.” Chris got out of the tub not meeting Jeff’s eyes. She stared at his cock which looked plenty hard to her. She walked over to him, knelt down, and licked the head of his cock.

He jerked. “Jesus, mom.” he said. She leaned in smelling his musk and rubbed her face against him. She licked from his pubis to the tip of his cock and licked the head. She was lost. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and ran her tongue around it enjoying the taste and texture. She took him deeper until she gagged then backed off. He moaned and she felt powerful.

Cassie said, “Its time honey.” But Chris didn’t pull back. Cassie pulled her by the shoulders and said, “Its mama’s time now, Chris.” Chris looked at Jeff’s cock. Every bit of ten fat inches. She felt proud she could make it so hard.

Jeff walked over to the mattress and Cassie took some oil and poured some on Kelly’s ass then poured some on Jeff’s cock. “Lube him up while I take care of mama, Chris.” Cassie started rubbing the oil into Kelly’s asshole sliding one, then two fingers in. Chris slowly stroked the oil over Jeff’s cock. Cassie reached over and grabbed Jeff by his cock and pulled it to her mother. She put the large mushroom shaped head up to her mother’s asshole and said, “Are you ready mama?”

Kelly looked over her shoulder at Jeff and said, “Give mama what she needs, sugar.” Jeff slowly pushed, Chris watched Kelly’s anus stretch impossibly wide and heard her take a quick sharp breath. “Shit! Shit! Shit that hurts!”

Chris said, “Jeff stop, you’re hurting her.”

“No, hell no, don’t stop!” Kelly said. “Gotta get the head in. Oh damn. Push Jeff.” Jeff gave a short sharp thrust, and it was in. Kelly started taking short quick breaths and said, “Hold on a minute.” Everyone stopped. Chris watching in awe.

Kelly said, “OK now, that’s better. Give me more.” Jeff fed in another couple inches. Kelly said, “God that’s good.”

Jeff said, “Jesus, it’s so tight Cassie.”

Cassie grinned at him and said, cumhuriyet mahallesi escort “Isn’t mama a wonder?”

Kelly said, “I need something to take my mind off of it. Chris sugar would you mind?” Chris looked at her not understanding.

Cassie said, “Lay down in front of her, sweetie.”

Chris lay down in front of Kelly who started licking her pussy. Chris took in a deep breath as Kelly said to Jeff, “slow stroking sweetie, I’ll tell you when.” She dove into Chris’s pussy with a vengeance as Jeff started slowly stroking in and out of her ass.

Occasionally she would let out a groan as Jeff went deeper. Chris watching her son over Kelly’s back and feeling the tongue quickly flicking at her clit climaxed loudly. Kelly pushed up and said, “Now Jeff now! Cassie! My nipples!” she screamed. Cassie grabbed a nipple ring and pulled sharply and told Chris do the other. Chris reluctantly grabbed the ring in Kelly’s other nipple and pulled sharply as Kelly cried out. Jeff started pounding into her deep and hard until finally she climaxed squirting fluid from her pussy as she screamed and collapsed. Cassie took a wash rag and began cleaning Jeff’s cock as Kelly lay there.

Cassie lay down and said, “My turn now baby.” Jeff was on the edge of cumming and lunged into her violently. She drew her legs back as he took her until with a final thrust, they both came. He lay on top of her gasping as she rubbed his sides.

“You did good baby, really good Cassie said .”

Jeff left to go home as Cassie hugged her mom. She tugged Chris and headed for her car. Chris was in a daze as they headed back to her house. As Cassie pulled up to her house and parked, Chris started to get out.

Cassie looked at her and said “Hey. I’ve got a great idea.” Chris looked at her somewhat afraid. Cassie said, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow about four o’clock and we’ll get our nipples pierced.”

Chris blanched, “Oh Cassie no.”

Cassie rolled over her objection. “Allie and I were going to do it together but then she left for college and I haven’t had anyone to go with me.”

Chris said, “Cassie please.”

But Cassie went on, “Jeff loves mom’s rings and they’re so sexy. We can go just like Allie and I were going too.” She smiled happily. Chris didn’t know what to say as she exited the car. She felt trapped. She also felt somewhat sated for at least one night even if she hadn’t gotten fucked. She resigned herself to whatever Cassie had in store.

The next day as it approached four o’clock Chris was tempted to leave but knew it would do no good. On the hour Cassie pulled in the drive honked the horn and Chris walked out the door like a lamb to the slaughter.

Chris got in the car pleading, but Cassie excitedly overrode her objections. “Won’t this be great? I can’t wait to show Jeff,” Cassie squealed. She pulled into the lot of a tattoo parlor telling Chris, “Mama’s known Joe for years. He worked us in as soon as I called him.” she ushered Chris into the parlor. Chris saw the guy at once. Older, half bald, tattoos everywhere, and a ring in his nose.

He jumped up, “Cassie girl, how you doing? How’s your mom? Sexy as ever I bet. Haven’t seen her since I did her hood.”

Chris was afraid to ask.

Joe said, “Okay girlie, show me the goods” and grinned. Cassie took her shirt off proudly showing her pert breasts. Joe said, “Primo, you’ll want rings for those berries like your moms.” She lay down and he prepped her, pinched her nipples in his clamps and pulled out a sterilized piercing needle. Chris almost fainted when she saw it.

Cassie said, “Hold my hand like Allie was going to do.” Chris grabbed her hand.

Joe said, “Take a deep breath and let it out when I tell you.”

Chris was mesmerized.

He put the needle to the clamp and said, “Deep breath.” Cassie sucked air in. “Let it out,” he said, and as he did, he slid the needle through.

“Woah,” she said. “What a rush. Not bad at all. Let’s do the other so Chris can get hers done.” Chris felt a buzz in her head as she watched Joe pierce Cassie’s other nipple. Cassie got up stood in front of the mirror and exclaimed, “I love them.”

Joe looked at Chris and said, “Ok, pretty lady, let’s see the goods.”

Chris looked at Cassie and pulled her top off.

Joe said, “Woah! Cones!” Chris quickly crossed her arms across her chest. Joe said, “No, pretty lady, they’re beautiful” easing Chris’ mind. Then he looked at her and said, “You have cones, they look awesome. You’ll want barbs.”

She said, “Barbs?” He said, “Barbells. Your nipples are too big for hoops.” She reddened. He said, “No, pretty lady, they’ll look incredible. But I’ve gotta tell you there is a little more meat to go through than on Cassie. I’m telling you they will be showstoppers, but it’s your choice.”

Chris looked at Cassie who looked at her patiently and knew what she had to do. “I’m ready”, she said.

Joe said, “Hold on.” He got two damp rags and some ice cubes and yunus escort said, “Hold these on your nipples and I’ll be back.”

Chris looked at Cassie and said, “I hope Jeff appreciates this.”

Cassie grinned and said, “I promise.”

Five minutes later Joe returned. “Ready, pretty lady?”

“Let’s do this Joe.”, Chris said. He clamped her nipple; Cassie grabbed her hand, and he gave her the same breathing instructions he gave Cassie.

“Deep breath.” said Joe. Chris sucked in all the air she could. “Let it out now.” he said, as the needle slid through her nipple like a bee sting. He quickly slid in the barbell, clamped her other nipple, and said “If you’re ready?”

She had tears running down her face but said “do it.” A second later it was over. She stood in front of the mirror as Cassie had, thinking they looked great but wondered how much her life had change in a few weeks.

They went to the car, Cassie was energized. Chris’s nipples throbbed but the feeling echoed down to her clit as well, and even through her pain she was desperately horny. As they drove back to Chris’s house, Cassie suddenly pulled into the local adult bookstore.

“Oh, Cassie please, I just want to get home.” Chris moaned.

Cassie said, “In and out, Chris I promise.” Chris followed her in and trailed behind as she looked at shelves full of things Chris wouldn’t have imagined weeks ago. She came to a selection of butt plugs. Cassie picked up a package that said beginners and walked on. She stopped in front of a bunch of harnesses with attachable penises. She eyed them, then grabbed a harness and an attachment that looked similar in size to Jeff then headed to the counter. Chris trailed silently. Cassie got to the counter and the attractive lady behind the counter looked at Chris and grinned.

Looking at Cassie she said, “that’s one fine MILF you got there, sweetie.” “Feel like sharing?”

Cassie smiled and said, “Sorry, this is private property.”

As they headed to the car Chris said, “private property?”

Cassie smiled again and said, “Jeff’s and mine.” Chris shivered at her words. They pulled into the drive at Chris’s house and went in.

Jeff was there and got up off the couch asking, “Where were you? I was worried.”

Cassie grinned, “We were getting you a surprise.”

Jeff looked at her and said, “Yeah, what?” Cassie pulled her shirt off showing Jeff her new piercings. He looked at them stunned. “Cass, those look awesome!” “That’s not all she said, Chris, show him.” Chris slowly pulled her shirt off in front of her son. He looked on stunned. “Mom, your nipples. They look incredible,” and he stepped forward.

Cassie stepped in. “Wait a minute, big boy. All look, no touch. They are sore.” He backed off but continued to stare. “You like she asked?”

“They’re gorgeous.” he said.

Cassie said to Chris, “I told you so” and smiled. She asked, “Chris, are you willing to repay him for his compliment?”

Chris asked, “What do you mean?”

Cassie said, “You never got to finish that blow job yesterday. Would you like to?”

Chris stood there topless, freshly pierced nipples throbbing, clit swollen, looking at her son. He looked at her and said, “Mom, please” in a pleading tone of voice.

She felt desired and said, “well, if you ask nicely.”

Jeff replied, “Pretty please?” and she laughed.

Cassie yelled, “Everyone naked,” and Chris wasn’t willing to argue.

As they all stripped, Chris looked at Jeff and said, “I would do anything for you.” He sat on the couch and she leaned in. She nuzzled his cock. Hearing Cassie rustling behind her. She was heady with desire and she suddenly took the head of his cock in her mouth.

“Oh god, mom, that’s so good. You can’t believe how sexy you look. I’ve seen you in my dreams for years with my cock in your mouth and here you are.” She felt powerful. She felt in charge. She sucked him in as deep as she could causing him to gasp. She felt Cassie behind her and felt something dripping down the crack of her ass, but she was too involved to care.

Cassie leaned over and said, “It’s the small one.” Then she felt pressure at her anus and a plug slid in. It didn’t hurt but felt different. She continued to move her mouth up and down on Jeff’s cock. She felt Cassie behind her once more. She felt something hard sliding up and down between her lips. She pulled off and looked back to see Cassie had the strap on belted on and a smile on her lips.

“Chris, we are going to rock your world.” Cassie told her.

Chris turned back to the job at hand and plunged her mouth back on Jeff’s cock. Cassie slowly slid the dildo into her making her groan. She started stroking her mouth up and down and then Cassie started matching her rhythm. Jeff started groaning and suddenly Cassie started pounding into her. She was driving Chris down onto Jeff’s cock too far, she was gagging but she could hear his moans and didn’t care. Cassie increased her speed and suddenly Jeff spilled into her mouth. She drank it like she was dying of thirst but couldn’t catch it all. Cassie gave one big push and Chris came with her cry blocked by the cock in her mouth.

She slowly backed off looking Jeff in the eye and was proud he looked so drained. Cassie slowly pulled the dildo from her pussy.