Paying For It

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God, I am feeling nervous. I am sitting in this hotel lounge, twirling my glass of scotch around and around on the table in front of me. I can not believe I am sitting here…waiting for a date…no…not a “date”…a hooker. A friend of mine told me about this woman he knew who loves sex and wanted to make some extra money fulfilling a fantasy as a hooker. He said he would gladly pay her to sleep with him….but she was his wife’s best friend….and his wife is not that open-minded.

My thoughts are buzzing in my head when I notice someone come from behind me and stands at my table. Startled, I look up. The woman looks just as startled as we both give a nervous smile. She is taller, with short, brown curls and has that “girl-next-store” look about her. Her face is very cute and as my eyes drift down her body, I notice deep cleavage outlined by the plunging v-neckline of her black dress. She fills out the slinky dress well and it ends high on her thighs, revealing wonderfully shaped, hose encased legs. Her 3.5″ blacks high heels completes the picture.

“Beth?” I ask as I awkwardly stand and extend my hand.


“Yes…please…?” I motion towards one of the chairs. Beth glances at the chair and back at me and then towards the door. For a moment her eyes are filled with doubt and I wonder if she is going to just turn and walk out. She takes a noticeably deep breath and then lets it out silently. She turns toward me, a more relaxed smile coming onto her face and she moves towards the chair.

As she sits, my eyes are immediately drawn to the bottom of her dress as it rides even higher up her thighs, a flickering of white flesh appearing for just a moment. I settle back down behind my glass.

We begin with ordering a round of drinks and then move on to some anxiety-filled small talk. But as we talk, we both relax and the conversation flows more easily between us. Almost simultaneously, we realize our drinks are empty and again, silence fills the air.

Our eyes meet and I watch as Beth coyly tilts her head and this sexy smile crosses her face. As we sit smiling, I suddenly realize she is waiting for me to make the next move.

“I have a room upstairs for whenever you’re ready,” I say as calmly as possible. Beth continues to smile, staring deeply into my eyes. “I was not told a price,” I mention inquiringly.

The smile slips from her lips. Its seems she is not comfortable with answering the inquiry. Taking another deep breath, she leans forward, crossing her arms under her full breasts. Leaning on the table pushes her soft breasts up and it appears they are not far from forcing their way out of flimsy material. I want to dive into the exposed cleavage and feel her soft mounds smothering my face. I naturally lean towards her as she softly purrs, “One hundred dollars and I am yours for the next three hours to do anything you want with.”


As we stroll out of the lounge, I delight in admiring Beth’s ass swaying before me. In the elevator, I say “Fuck it” to myself and pull her to me. I press my body against her as my lips seek out her mouth. I can feel her relax against me as I slide my tongue into her warm mouth. We duel with our tongues, rubbing our bodies together in a fit of sudden passion until the elevator comes to a halt and the doors begin to open. I must rearrange myself as the raging hardon I now have makes it difficult to walk.

Just as we enter the room, Beth turns to face me. I immediately move towards her but she reaches out with one hand and stops me. With the other hand, she reaches down and grabs my cock through my pants. She has no trouble finding it as I am still hard from the elevator ride. Squeezing me with one hand and holding out the other, she says “Business first.”

I understand right away, take out my wallet and pull out $100, placing it into her hand. A momentary feeling of disappointment surges up as she releases my cock and walks away, putting the money into her purse.

It was at this moment that I realized I had just taken care of my part of the “business” deal. And the feeling of power rushes through me as I remember what Beth said in the lounge, “One hundred dollars and I am yours for the next three hours to do anything you want with.” Well, if this is the one time I have a hooker to do anything I want with…let’s go for it!

Beth spins around to face me.

“Anything I want,” I say, this time aloud.

She hesitates…then smiles, nodding, “That’s the deal.”

“Strip….me” I command. Continuing in an authorative voice, I tell her, “Make sure you kiss and lick bursa escort my body as you uncover it.” And that’s just what Beth does. As I stand, she begins softly kissing my lips and then moves down my cheek to my neck. Her kisses feel good and I close my eyes, savoring the sensations beginning to move through my body. Gently, she is unbuttoning my shirt and as she slides it off my shoulders, she kisses her way down my chest, licking each newly exposed area of skin. Her lips trail their way down my chest until I feel her suck a nipple between her teeth, nibbling softly. My head is spinning from the sensations she is eliciting from my body. And again, her hands are as busy as her mouth for as I feel her leave my nipple and lick her way down my stomach, my pants falls to the floor. Her lips move past my cock and she kisses her way down, first one leg and then the other as she completes the task of stripping me. Beth moves up until she is kneeling before my naked body…my hard cock points towards her sweet face. I watch as she wraps her fingers around my shaft and strokes me with a light teasing touch. I am so aroused all can I whisper is, “Suck me.”

A delightful moan comes from Beth as she brings her mouth closer…parting her lips…encircling the head of my cock with their softness. Excruciatingly slowly, she slides her mouth down the shaft and then retreats back until only the sensitive head remains. I feel more and more of my cock sucked into the velvety soft warmth of her mouth…her tongue dancing across the sensitive underside. On one of the down strokes, Beth pauses and I realize she is rubbing her nose into my pubic hair…my cock is buried in her throat. The feeling is unbelievable! I can see how wet and shiny the cock is as she withdraws it from her mouth. She starts to tease me, swirling the slick head with the tip of her tongue. I reach out and stroke her head, entwining my fingers through her curly hair. Holding her head, I rub the sensitive head of my cock against her smooth cheek. She tilts her head and smiles, almost purring as she slides her face against me. As the head makes it’s way towards her mouth, she parts her lips and swallows my entire shaft in one move. I realize that not only is feeling what she is doing to me exciting, but watching her is so hot! Watching her is nearly as enjoyable as the incredible feelings she is producing.

Beth grasps my erect shaft and starts to pumps it in and out of her mouth. My body is tensing and the grip in her hair is tightening as she takes my cock in and out of her mouth…sometimes sucking hard and swirling her tongue around my sensitive glans…other times plunging forward, burying me deep in her throat. Her hand is moving faster…using the wetness left each time she drives her mouth downwards…sliding her fist up and down in perfect time with her sucking lips. Placing my other hand on her head, I more firmly pull her face towards me..plunging my hardness in and out of her mouth…closing my eyes, I feel that tingling in my balls….growing stronger and stronger….every muscle in my body tightens and I pull her head back by her hair…holding her still until I begin shooing load after load of come…wave after wave of orgasmic sensations coursing through my body. And as the feelings subside, I open my eyes to see Beth staring at me, her eyes glazed with lust. Her cheeks, nose and chin are painted with my juices. My grip loosens and she dives for my cock. Sending sexual after shocks through me, she slides my still pulsating shaft back into her hot mouth…cleaning me with her lips and tongue.

My knees are so weak, I collapse on the bed. Looking over, I have to grin. Beth is still kneeling, a wicked smile dancing on her face…a face dripping with my come.

“I’m going to get cleaned-up,” Beth laughingly announces.

“Then come right back,” I add.

I lay on the bed, calming down a bit. I can hear her in the bathroom for a few moments. When she comes out and turns off the bathroom light, I realize that the room is relatively dark. I tell Beth to turn on the lights on the desk. Now that I am not as nervous…or quite as horny, I want to take a look at my hooker.

Getting out of the bed, I grab my cigarettes on the way to the only chair in the room. I sit and light one. Offering my cigarette, Beth takes a drag and passes it back to me. She stands before me as if waiting to see what happens next.

I love her look. Her curly hair…freckled skin across the expanse of her chest and exposed parts of her breasts. The short dress and heels adds to the sexy, wicked appearance. “Strip escort bursa for me…slowly.” I tell her.

Beth hesitates as if not really knowing where to start. She reaches behind her and I can hear the clicking of the zipper as she works it down her back. She reaches up and grabs the dress as if she is at home and undressing after a long day at work.

“Slowly, I said,” I remind her. “I like to be teased”

She suddenly smiles as if she understands. Spinning on her heels, she faces away from me. I watch as she pulls opens her dress, exposing the soft white, freckled skin of her back. She slowly slips the dress off her creamy shoulders, letting it slide down until it hangs on her nicely rounded ass.

“Turn around” I command.

Her breasts comes into view as she turns to face me. They are large and look wonderfully soft. Her lighter colored nipples are hard and I want to lean forward to suck them into my mouth.

But I remind myself to take my time. Hell…I paid for it.

Beth watches as I stare at her beautiful tits. I can see her look down and I realize my cock is starting to twitch and harden again. She smiles…noting the effect she is having on me.

Almost with a coy reluctance, she moves her hands up, sliding her fingers over each breast. Staring into my eyes, Beth lifts and molds her breasts between her fingers…occasionally, stopping to pinch her hard nipples. I can hear a moan escape from between her lips as she pulls and squeezes the stiffening nubs. She closes her eyes as her head rolls backs, exposing her throat in lustful vulnerability. I must stop myself again from jumping out of the chair and ravaging my luscious hooker.

I resign myself to the fact that I want to enjoy every minute of this night and need to just sit back and enjoy the show. Beth reaches down and works the dress over her hips, letting it fall in a puddle of material at her feet. She quickly kicks it aside and stands before me in her black heels, thigh high hose and black panties.

Beth steps closer, bending forward, and brings her lips to mine for a long passionate kiss. She pushes her tongue into my mouth as my hands find her tits…squeezing and rolling the nipples against my palms. Beth stands and raising her breasts up, pushes them into my face. The soft smooth mounds cover my face in their warmth as I immediately start to kiss and lick her cleavage.

She slides her tits around my face, rubbing the nipples across my lips as I try to capture as much of the flesh into my mouth. As I draw one of her hard nipples into my mouth, I run my hand up her thigh and find a very wet patch of material covering her pussy. My hand presses harder, pushing the material into her wetness as I hear her breathing get shallow. Now, its my turn to tease. I grab her mound, firmly massaging my palm against her. I notice she spreads her legs as her hips begin moving on their own, grinding into my hand. The expression on Beth’s face is one of lust as her eyes slowly close. My hand is getting covered with her juices as they flow freely from her body and saturate the thin black material of her panties.

Grabbing the flimsy material, I pull it together and work it into her…the wet material easily sliding between the lips of her clean shaven pussy. I work the soaked panties up and down, through her juices and parted lips, stimulating her aroused clit . A soft but deep moan is heard escaping from Beth’s lips as I repeat this again…and again. The friction to her clit is driving her closer to orgasm. Her body is becoming flush and she must use my shoulders to steady herself. And as she appears to be on the verge of climax, I stop…hearing a sigh of disappointment…frustration.

Releasing her panties, I grab her hips and spin her around. Faced with her lovely ass, I grab the waist band of her panties with both hands and rip them from her body. Beth seems startled, but before she can say anything, I bend her over, grip her hips and bury my face into her wet pussy. I work my tongue into her sweet juices, licking her at a feverish pace…jamming my stiff tongue up into her opening. I feel her sway forward as her knees weaken so I wrap one of my arms around her thighs and pull her more fiercely against my relentless tongue. Having a mind of it’s own, my tongue moves higher and seeks out the opening of her ass. I lick the crevice hiding her treasure until it spread open under the pressure and I am able to spear her ass with the tip of my tongue. I tongue fuck her ass, feeling it open up to me with each thrust. My face is shiny with our combined wetness as are the escort bursa cheeks of her ass.

Without slowing my oral assault, I slide first one, then two fingers into her pussy. Beth is rocking back into my tongue and hand now, trying to fill her. I pull my face back and without removing my digits from her pussy, I slide a wet finger into her relaxed ass. As I start pumping my hand in and out…opening her up…I lean back to see my hot, horny plaything.

The picture is so hot. Beth bent over…her tits swaying back and forth…the cheeks of her ass quivering as my fingers drive wetly in and out of her openings. Her breathing is ragged and she is obviously climbing towards her climax.

This is all too much for me take. I suddenly yank my fingers out of her…and push her down onto the bed face up. I spread her legs open and position myself between her thighs. I place my cock at her opening and drive into her with one motion…grinding my pubic hair against her smoothly shaven mound. Beth’s legs fall further apart as I roll her hips up and off the bed, towards her tits. I start pounding into her with all of my strength…fucking my hooker as she has not been fucked before. Having one orgasm already, I feel like I can fuck all night. My cock feels harder than I can remember as my hips bang over and over against the softness of the Beth’s ass.

That gives me an idea!!! I pull out of her…my cock coated in her wetness. I roll her over onto her stomach and lift her hips up until she is on her knees…her beautiful ass presenting herself to me. Reaching between her legs, I cover my fingers in her juices and slide two of them into her ass. Her tight opening clamps down on my fingers at the sudden invasion, but I can feel her relax as I massage her sphincter. Beth begins moving back and forth against my finger, sliding her ass onto them. Once she is relaxed, I pull my fingers out, only to replace them with the head of my cock. With on lunge, I feel the head of my cock pop slip through her remarkably tight opening. I grab her hips and slowly but persistently press my hard shaft into the her. She tries to move away a bit, but I tighter my grips on her rounded hips.

“Anything! You said ANYTHING” I remind her, accentuating each word with a thrust forward. Beth stops trying to pull away and I push my cock as deep into her ass as I can reach.

Beth is motionless and silent…my cock buried in her ass.

I slowly pull my rock hard shaft back, watching as it slides out of her incredibly tight hole. And as I lean forward, I feel her body giving way as I slice into her. The feeling is undescribable as her hot ass grips my shaft. Gently, I begin sliding in and out…stroking her ass with one hand…running my fingers up and down the expanse of her back. I can feel her relax as she begins to match my thrusts, pushing back against me, swallowing every inch of my cock with her body…rotating her hips around and around…rubbing her delicious ass against my thighs and then slipping forward again.

My hands find their way down past her ribcage until they have each captured one of her breasts. Squeezing the soft flesh causes a lusty moan to escape from between her lips. Her hard nipples rub against my palms and we begin a steady rhythm as I slide in and out of her hot orifice. I reach down and bring one of her hands back between her legs, resting it on her shaven mound. Beth understands and I can feel her fingernails graze my balls as she starts to rub her wetness. And as her fingers speeds up their motion, so does the rest of her body. She is rocking back harder…faster…burying me deep inside her. Her head falls forward and leaning up, I grip her hips and speed up our rhythm. I do not know how much longer I can take any more so I begin to piston in and out of tight ass. The sounds of hips banging together fill the room. I can feel myself building as the tension in my balls become almost unbearable. And suddenly now a animal groan comes from the beautiful woman under me as she quivers and shakes…her orgasm consuming her.

And that is all I need to push me beyond any limits. I pound into her with all my strength until I feel my body stiffen and I must….I can’t….hold….back!

Completely buried in her ass, I explode…shooting load after load…cumming like a wild animal…the muscles of her ass milking the come out of me fills my universe. Nothing exists but the carnal pleasure my hooker has overwhelmed me with.


After collapsing, we lay together on the bed, catching our breath. I turn to smile when suddenly Beth looks at that clock.

“Your three hours are up. I’m going to take a shower.” she announces matter-of-factly.

Exhausted and satisfied, I drift off to sleep hearing the water running. The next thing I know, it’s morning…and I awaken to an empty room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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