Peaches and Cream Pt. 06


Hi Everyone! It has been a long time. Hopefully this was worth the wait. There is debate between myself and my editor if there will be a Part 7. I do appreciate your feedback. But I am at work on something new.

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Matthew stood behind Catherine at the entrance to her bedroom. He put his hands on her shoulders noting her apprehension. “I see someone still makes their bed every morning. And are those hospital corners I see.”

“I am the daughter of a chief warrant officer and a perfectionist, some lessons stick.” Matthew looked around the room. It was the bedroom of a woman. A white wrought iron bed dominated the room. The walls were painted a pale aqua; billowy white curtains framed the windows and a multi-colored paisley duvet covered the bed. The colorful accessories stood out on the white painted furniture. There were black and white photos on the wall. It looked like something out of a showroom catalog. Yes, she was her mother’s daughter. The only thing that surprised him was the 40-inch flat-screen mounted on the wall.

“Watch TV in bed a lot?”

“Hockey and Netflix binges mostly.”

“Hockey? When did you become a hockey fan?”

“About 15 years ago. I have season tickets to the Capitals, club seating. However, my favorite team is the Ducks. I try to go once a year and see them in person. Since they are on the west coast, the games are sometimes late for me. Hence watching them in bed. I have a bigger one in the living room and the biggest one is in the basement.”

Matthew leaned down and whispered in her ear “I think women who love hockey are sexy. Cat, you are still a wonderful surprise.” He bent down and kissed the back of her neck. A tingle ran down Catherine’s spine. “Do you still like that?” He kissed her neck again trailing soft kisses from her neck to her shoulder.

“Catherine, nothing will happen unless you want it to…”

Catherine turned around to face him. “You said those words to me before.” She smiled at Matt and slowly licked her lips. He cupped her face with his hands and lowered his mouth to hers. The kiss was slow, apprehensive and tender. He didn’t want to push her too far and she walks away. Not when he was this close.

Catherine wrapped her arms around his waist pulling him closer to her. She slipped her tongue into his mouth. Matt’s hands slid down her arms and around her back. He unclasped her bra with one hand and began to push her straps off her shoulder.

Matt kissed her ear before nibbling on the lobe. “Before this goes any further, I have some questions for you, Ms. Miller. Do you have any sexually transmitted diseases that I should be aware of?”

“You are a lawyer aren’t you? No, I don’t. Also, I am HIV negative. Can I ask the same of you or is this a one-sided interrogation?”

“I am HIV negative with no other sexually transmitted diseases. On a more serious note, I don’t have any condoms with me. I usually don’t hook up with sexy women while I am out for a run.”

“I find that hard to believe. There are women who run just to catch a glimpse of your sexy body.” She kissed his jaw. “Don’t worry about it. I got you covered. And one last question, you haven’t gotten into anything kinky? Nothing that I should be worried about?’ She kissed him. “After all, I am a good Catholic girl. And you know how us Catholic girls are?”

Matthew grabbed Catherine around the waist and pulled her closer to him and pressed his lips to her. Catherine ran her hands under the back of his shirt. Matthew kissed down the nape of her neck to her bare shoulder.

“Get naked for me and get on the bed. I want to look at you.” Catherine slipped her bra off before pulling off her shorts. She hopped on the bed and propped herself against the pillows.

Matt slipped off his clothes and joined Cat on the bed. Straddling her hips with his knees, he leaned down to kiss her. “You’re beautiful Catherine.” Cat wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. His lips met hers with a hunger.

A tremor ran down her body as he caressed her. He whispered in her ear “Are you nervous, Cat. Please don’t be. It’s me, Matt. The same guy you made out with in the library, the one who taught you how to hit a home run, the guy you could never disappoint.” Matt took her earlobe into his mouth and nibbled. He then traced his tongue down the side of her neck.

He kissed the hollow of her neck before trailing kisses down her chest. Matt kissed the area between her breast. He used his hands to cup them and gently squeezed. He used his thumbs to massage the nipples. Catherine purred “I see you have learned some new tricks.”

Matt smiled at her devilishly “You have no idea.” He bent his head down and kissed the top of Cat’s breasts lightly. “These are absolutely perfect” He continued the feathery kisses down the middle. With his hands, he pushed them up while his tongue caressed the underside. Matt squeezed her breast while his tongue explored them.

Matt took Cat’s breast in her mouth. He sucked on it and slow released all but her siirt escort hard nipple. He caught the nipple between his teeth and then sucked it like a baby. Catherine ran her hands through his hair. Letting go of her breast, he kissed down her belly stopping at her belly button. He rimmed it with his tongue before resting his head on her pelvis. Catherine rubbed his head.

Matt kissed her pelvis and then moved back up her body to her mouth. He looked Catherine in the eye and kissed her. He gripped her right leg against her hip and positioned the tip of his penis at her opening. With one thrust, he slipped inside her.

She let out an involuntary moan at the feel of him. Matt felt enveloped in her warmth as her muscles slowly squeezed him. Catherine wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him closer to her. She tightened her grip around him. “You’ve learned some new tricks too,” he whispered in her ear.

Matthew knew he wouldn’t last long like this. He grabbed Cat and rolled over until she was on top. “Why don’t you show me what you know Cat. Plus this is a much better view to watch from.”

Catherine raised herself up on her elbows and looked into Matt’s face. “Are you ready for this?” He nodded his head. “Ok, then stretch your arms out over your head. I’ll promise you this will be a ride you won’t forget.”

Matt stretched his arms about his head. Catherine adjusted herself so that her legs were straight out and her feet on his shoulders. She leaned back with her hand on his shin. Catherine slowly began to move her hips. She moved them side to side at first then switched back to front.

Matthew watched as Catherine’s breast bounced back and forth. His mouth was salivating he wanted to taste them so badly. Catherine sped up her hip movements. Matthew could feel himself getting closer and then she stopped. She started to move painfully slow up and down his penis. He was almost completely out when she impaled herself back down on him.

Matt realized she was torturing him. She would bring him to the edge and then stop. He wanted to grab her but her feet kept him pinned to the ground and her hands kept his legs firmly into place. He felt her rubbing her clit against him.


Catherine closed her eyes as her breathing got heavier. She sped up her hip movements. Never one to be silent she started to moan…”Matthew…” Matthew thrust his hips up to meet her. He then let out a growl as he came inside her. Catherine screamed as her own orgasm ripped through her.

She fell back with her head near his feet panting. She took her feet off his shoulder and drew up her knees. Matt seizing the opportunity sat up. He took his hand and rubbed it against Cat outer area. Using his finger he pushed her lips open and played in her wetness. He placed his palm against her clit. Catherine rubbed against it. The more pressure he applied the harder he rubbed.

Catherine bit her lip to keep from screaming. She gripped the covers with her hands. “Scream for me, Catherine. I love to make you scream.” Catherine moved her hips faster against his hand. She closed her eyes and saw fireworks behind, She screamed as she felt her body erupt.

Matthew leaned forward and pulled Catherine to him. Do I have Cosmo to thank for that exciting display?” She looked at him and smiled. “What about you. Did you learn that in the streets?”

“No, Men’s Health. You know it’s more than workouts and prostate exams.”

“Mr. Walker I can’t wait to find out what else Men’s Health taught you.”

April 1998

Fayetteville NC

Patricia Miller walked into her den wearing a blue satin caftan and slippers. “Good morning, Cathy, how did you sleep” Patricia’s kissed Cat’s cheek. Catherine sat braless on the couch in a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt. “Great mom. I like the new bed in my room.”

Patricia wrinkled her brow. “Is everything alright, honey? Is everything going well with school, with your friends, with Matthew? Your father and I are delighted you came home for the weekend. However, it is not like you to show up without calling. And we are aware it’s track season.”

Catherine made a spur of the moment decision to go home. Matt’s disappointment over her decision to not come to the track meet was palpable. He’d spent Thursday night explaining to her she had all day Sunday to study. He needed her as his good luck charm. Catherine decided she needed to focus on her books and she knew one place she could.

“Everything is fine, Mom.” Catherine did not want another lecture on the subject of Matthew Walker. Patricia and Phillip Miller did not approve. Patricia did not approve of her spending weekends at his apartment and their “intimate relationship”. Phillip did not approve that he was white. That was ok for others but not a Miller. And especially not his little girl.

“Catherine, are you pregnant?”

“NO!” Catherine jumped up from the couch. “Why would you ask me that? Mom, I know how not to get pregnant.”

“Then what are you doing home. And don’t sinop escort lie to me that you missed your parents.”

Catherine sat back down. She took a deep breath. “I flunked my applied mathematics midterm.”

“I’d rather you were pregnant. Your father wouldn’t kill you then.” Patricia sat down on the couch. “Catherine I won’t lecture you on putting your studies first or that you are spending too much time with Matt.”

“This isn’t Matt’s fault.”

“So what exactly were you doing when you should have been studying?” Patricia looked at her daughter with disappointment. “Catherine, your father and I pay your tuition, your car insurance and give you money. All that we ask is that you take your studies seriously.”

“I do take my studies seriously.”

“Flunking midterms is not proof you are taking your studies seriously. Catherine, I know that I am not your favorite person, but we didn’t raise you to be like this. You lied to us about Matt living off campus, we rarely know where you are on the weekend, and you misled us about the nature of your relationship with Matt. And now you are flunking midterms. You will be applying to graduate school in the fall. Failing a class does not look good.”

Patricia put her hand on Catherine’s leg and looked into her face. “Honey, I am not trying to make you feel bad. I know exactly what you are going through.” Catherine blew out a frustrated breath. “Did you know I was in college when I met your father? Of course, you didn’t…”

Patricia stood up and began to pace. “Your grandparents were so proud. The first one in the family to go to college and I received a full scholarship to study chemistry. I wanted to be a high school teacher.”

“Then one weekend, my junior year, I went home with my girlfriend, Karen, to Wilson NC. There was a party for her brother coming back from Vietnam There weren’t a lot of options for black men in 1968 who grew up on the farm. It was either Jim Crow or the war.

I saw him immediately. He was so handsome in his uniform. He’d served with Karen’s brother and come up from Fort Bragg to the party. He asked me to dance, “You’re My Everything” by the Temptations. I was sheltered and didn’t understand what I was getting myself into.

He wrote me letters and a month later came to visit. I didn’t know anything about sex, about how not to get pregnant or how not to be stupid.” Patricia sat down next to her daughter.

“Catherine, I lost my dreams in the backseat of a Chevelle. Your father is a great guy but this wasn’t the life I dreamed for myself. And somehow we have made it work for almost 30 years. But I can’t help but wonder if I had made a different choice.”

Patricia hugged her daughter tightly. Catherine hugged her back. “Mom, how did I not know any of this.”

“Your grandmother told people we’d eloped a year earlier but I was too scared to tell her. Everyone who knew your grandmother believed it. So people think we married in 1967. And I just let you children believe it too. But don’t tell your brother, he’s very sensitive.”

“So I get my math brain from you?”

“Of course, your father can not balance a checkbook! So why don’t we get dressed and then meet in the kitchen for studying and pancakes?”

Matt looked into the stands. He could taste his disappointment over Cat’s decision not to come. This was his last home track meet of his senior year. She should have been there. She should have known how important this was to him.

His mother waved to him and gave a thumbs up. She’d not missed one of his home meets in his 4 years at Wake. She proudly wore her black and gold. Matt shook his head. He needed to focus. He was about to compete in the 400m Hurdles final.

Matthew cleared his mind and got into position. He heard the gun go off and ran. It went by in a blur. He could hear the scream from the crowd but kept his focus. He glided over the last hurdle. He slowed his time and look at the scoreboard. First place!

Matt’s tram mates ran over to him. He should be over the moon but all he wanted was Catherine. And she was not there.

Catherine came into the kitchen and saw her Dad sitting there. “Hey, Daddy!” She threw her arms around and kissed his bald head. “How was fishing? Catch anything good?”

“A better question is where do you want to go for dinner? Cat, catching fish is not the reason a man goes fishing. A man goes fishing to be alone with his thoughts, nature, and God. Catching fish is just a bonus.”

Catherine pulled the chair out next to him and sat down. She linked her arm through his. “What a wonderful treat for my baby girl to be home. I miss you, baby. Now that you are gone and I have retired this house is so quiet. Promise me, you will come back.”

Catherine kissed his cheek and laid her head on his shoulder. “Daddy let me ask you a question: Would you prefer I was flunking out of school or pregnant?”

“Catherine Sarah Miller neither! I can’t kill you if you are carrying my grandchild but I can kill that bastard. And you are not too şırnak escort old for me to get out the belt either way. I didn’t send you to that expensive college to waste my money. You aren’t trying to tell me something. That’s not why you are here, are you? I told your mother something was up with you.”

“Dad, I am not pregnant or flunking school. Just curious. Besides if I was pregnant, I would elope with Matt and send you a letter from a different state. I would not show up back here until after the baby was born. You’d be so in love with your grandbaby you’d forget about me.”

“Cat, I could never stay mad at you. You’re my favorite daughter. Now, how about some BBQ for dinner. Tell your mom it was your idea. She wants me to eat healthily.”

It was after 10 when someone answered the phone at the Millers.

“Miller residence, Patricia speaking.”

“Hi Mrs. Miller, this is Matt. Is Catherine available?”

“Hi, Matthew. Catherine is not here. She went to a party with some friends from high school. One of them is turning 21 this weekend.”

“A party? I thought she was studying all weekend?”

“She’d spent all day in the books so an evening out will do her good. She needs to stop being singularly focused.” Patricia cleared her throat and lowered her tone. ” Matthew, Catherine told me about her midterm. You know her father and I are gravely concerned that her focus is not on her studies. We are in agreement that her education comes first. And everything else second. Do we have an understanding?”

Matthew nodded as he hung up the phone. Cat never said anything about a party. Was that her reason for going home in the first place? He couldn’t understand why she was wound so tight over one test. Matt felt sick.

It was supposed to be one of the best days of his life. He’s beaten his best time and taken first place. His parents were so proud at the medaling. His mother hugged him tightly. Even his dad hugged him.

Everyone was excited. He raced home to see if Cat called. There was no message on the answering machine. He’d been solemn during dinner with his parents. His mother patted his hand and smiled at him. “Honey, Cat is an ambitious young woman. She is going places on her own. And sometimes that means you will have to take a back seat. It is not a reflection of her love for you.”

They’d tried to get him to open up about his post-graduation plans. He told them about receiving a letter from a prep school in Charlotte looking for a track coach. He wanted to teach English too, open up high schoolers to the classics. But Charlotte was an hour away from Cat and her senior year. His parents exchanged looks and told him they worried he and Cat were too serious. A year apart would help them figure out long term plans.

Now her mother echoed the same thing. Did Cat feel that way too? Is that why she needed to get out of town? They did spend most of the weekend together. She kept some toiletries, clothes, and shoes at his place. His roommate joked she was the unpaying roommate. And they still studied together Tuesday and Thursday nights.

“Chris!” Matt called out to his roommate. “Do you want to go to that party?’ Chris came into Matt’s room. “You never party man. What’s up?”

“The Cat’s away…” Chris laughed and headed towards the door.

Tuesday Night

Catherine sat at their usual table waiting for Matt. She checked her watch. He was 20 minutes late. Things were weird between them. She’d called him Saturday night and got his machine. Then she tried to call him again on Sunday before leaving home and arriving back at campus. No answer.

He’d left a message Monday while she was in class saying he’d see her Tuesday. It was now Tuesday and she was sitting at their usual table. She felt a sense of relief as she saw Matt heading over to the table. He was wearing his workout sweats.

“Hey, long time stranger. I barely recognized you.” Catherine smiled at him as he sat down.

“Did you go to a party Saturday night Cat? Was that the real reason you were so desperate to go home.” He looked at her pointedly.

“What are you talking about, Matt?”

“I called your house Saturday night and your mom said you were at a party. I thought you were going home to study.”

“I did go home to study. Dad took us out to dinner and I ran into some friends from High School. They asked me to join them. You know I went home to study.”

“A girl or a guy?”


“Was the party for a girl or guy?” Matt stared at her, his tone flat.

“Matt, where is this coming from? Yes, I went to a party but my reason for going home was to study. I flunked my midterm or have you forgotten.”

“How can I forget, you bring it up all the time. Do you blame me for failing your midterm?”

“I never said that.”

“But you think it. Why else would you need to run 2 hours away? Or else the real reason you needed to go home wasn’t studying.”

“I needed you there Saturday. It was my last home meet. My parents, my sisters, and aunt came. Everyone was looking for you and you were not there. Did you know how that made me feel? Explaining to them that your studies were more important than me. I put aside my disappointment because I know how important school is to you. But when I called where were you, not home, not studying and out with “friends”.”