Pee, Pee and more Pee


Based on true events – names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Gabriella and Penny had both been desperately waiting for a chance to rush up the attics stairs before finding a suitably naughty place to squat and pee. As the manager finally left the office for his meeting, it was time for the deed in hand. Both rushed for the door, Penny in the lead. With a thud of footsteps, they raced upwards, Gabriella’s eyes firmly fixed on her co-workers firm round bum cheeks. Penny for her part, couldn’t wait to drop her panties and start peeing for her bladder was bursting. As soon as she reached the top she turned, moving into the narrow corridor between the stairwell wall and the shelves of old computers. She was already undoing the fastener to her work trousers, her black cotton panties sliding into sight as she hurriedly yanked down her clothing.

Gabriella for her part wanted as much privacy as possible for her naughty wee. Rushing to the far end of the attic she quickly selected a suitable box to deposit her piss into and placed it hurriedly on the floor. Hurrying to undress it was mere moments before she squatting down to place her bare bum cheeks over the open container and its contents of paper invoices. Moments later and a soft wet splatter announced the commencement of her toilet.

Gabriella started to pee in earnest, sending her squirting pee shower into the opened box that gladly received her hot fountain of spraying piss. Inside her deep pussy slit her pee hole had opened and she was sending a fast flowing torrent of piss into the archive box her bare buttocks tingling in the cold air, a direct contrast to the heat radiating between her thighs as her piss flowed from her fanny.

Staring between her parted legs Gabriella marvelled at sight of her squirting pee stream, receiving a massive thrill from her naughtiness. She loved peeing where she shouldn’t, it having come as a massive thrill to discover that her female colleagues were using the company storage area in the attic, for occasional naughty toilets, depositing their piss in all manner of places. So far, Gabriella had only undertaken one naughty pee in the attic, having pissed all over the wooden floor in a spot that showed signs of having received similar drenching from other girls pussies.

For the moment the thrill she was receiving was coming from pissing into one of the archive boxes, wondering if in the future, somebody might require one of the documents she was currently hosing down with her piss fountain that was still playing wonderfully over the stacked documents that were already drenched from the piss she had already sprayed inside. The top invoice sheet was awash with slightly yellowed pee, droplets of piss bouncing around in the air around the impact point as her fanny fountain splashed down. The soft hiss of her pissing seems so incredibly loud, adding to her thrill, that and being partly undressed, her pussy and bum cheeks on full display, not to mention the sight of her flowing piss stream as she emptied her bladder’s contents into the unfortunate box.

Still pissing strongly, Gabriella briefly wondered if Penny was enjoying her own slash at the other end of the attic, the mature woman squatting half naked like she was, and with a similar fast flowing of piss squirting from her pussy crack as she vandalized the attic floor with a growing puddle of hot urine. She could not but help conjure up the image of her friend having a wee, the sight of her pussy on full display between her parted legs as she relived herself over the wooden attic floor.

Penny was indeed enjoying her naughty toilet. Her bare thighs were parted and a hot stream of flowing piss was leaving her love slit and proceeding to stain the wooden floor. Her puddle of piss was slowing being absorbed by the wood, the darkening stain spreading Bostancı Escort by the moment as she continued peeing, most conscious of the fact that somewhere just down the attic corridor, Gabriella was also squatting with her bare bum cheeks poised over the floor, and relieving herself from her pussy crack.

The soft hiss and splatter of Penny’s piss was making it impossible to detect any sounds coming from Gabriella’s toilet as she wondered if the blonde supervisor was secretly listening in to the toilet being undertaken by the attic steps. Meanwhile, the flowing piss fountain flowing from Penny’s pussy crack was beginning to wane as her toilet neared its end. Wanting to be as naughty as possible, she held back on the last supply of her piss, just doing quick little squirts of pee into the damp puddle she had made on the floor with her wee. After one last squirt of piss Penny was done. Quickly, she dressed, moving out from her pee spot as Gabriella arrived. With a quick conspiratorial smile, the girls descended the steps and back to work.

For the rest of the afternoon, all Penny could think about was the thrill she had received from her naughty pee in the attic at the same time as her supervisor had been pissing elsewhere in the attic. She had loved pissing over the floor but just could not get the mental image of Gabriella peeing in a similar manner out of her head. As the buzzer sounded and the office quickly emptied Penny purposely waited behind. Once she was alone she slipped through the attic door, her heart pounding as she ascended the steps. At the top, she took a quick peek over the barrier partition. Surely enough, the floor was still stained where she had undertaken her earlier pee. This meant that Gabriella’s piss stain would also be visible, if indeed the blonde supervisor had indeed had a wee.

Penny found she was trembling with a deep rooted thrill as she walked the corridor between the attic shelves, looking for any sign of Gabriella’s toilet. The fact that she was looking for a stain on the floor was almost the reason she nearly missed the location where her supervisor had relieved herself. A small gasp escaped Penny’s mouth as she spotted the open box sitting on the floor, the papers inside sodden, a small damp stain surrounding the cardboard. She continued staring, not daring to believe that Gabriella had purposely peed over company documents. It was almost involuntary when she then started to disrobe from her lower garments, quickly becoming naked from the waist down within a matter of seconds. Now her hairy pussy was on full display as was her wide womanly bum cheeks. She moved up to the box, positioning herself before dropping into her piss squat, her pussy flaps inches away from the cardboard edge. The piss sodden papers looked as inviting as she allowed the need in her bladder to have its release, the butterflies in her belly jumping into overdrive as she got ready pee. Then the magic began.

Penny’s piss flaps parted, her hot urine stream leaping outwards and spraying into the box that Gabriella had earlier relived herself into. Her piss sprayed over the already sodden paperwork, her pee merging with Gabriella’s spent effluent, a loud hiss filling the confined space as she squatted and did a piss of her own into her supervisor’s makeshift potty.

Penny was mesmerize by the sight of her pee stream flowing into the box and spraying the papers inside with her hot piss. The way the impact point of her fanny fountain sprayed about as it hit the already stained and sodden paperwork was an amazing sight, hot pee flowing off in all directions and trickling off the edges to vanish into the box. She squirted harder, her piss fountain gaining strength and shifting to a new sport near the edge of the sodden invoices. Droplets of piss were now leaping off over the Ümraniye Escort side, falling as a light golden rain to land on the attic floor. Penny could not resist. She strained to piss as hard as possible, rising up in her pee squat to watch as her hot flowing piss shower washed over the edge of the box and began to splatter down messily over the wooden floor. This was Penny’s second pee of the day that involved urinating over the attic floor and it felt as wonderfully naughty as she continued to urinate. The strength of her piss fountain quickly ebbed and she went back to just pissing back into the already pee sodden box that had now been subjected to two hot pussy showers. Penny wondered if Gabriella would come back to this same spot for her next naughty wee in the attic, only to discover the evidence that her toilet spot had been used by somebody else.

Even as she watched her own ebbing piss fountain issuing from her cunt, Penny could not help but visualize the hot blonde supervisor having a wee in the exact same spot, her fountain of piss leaping from her twat and spraying the company invoices with a deluge of hot female pee. She longed for the opportunity to have a wee with Gabriella, pissing together rather than at separate ends of the attic. Just having a piss in the same spot as her supervisor had been thrill enough but to actually watch Gabriella having a pee in front of her would be orgasmic.

That night Penny woke needing the bathroom. However, as she placed her bare buttocks down on the toilet seat she found that she could not get the image of seeing her pissing pussy relieving her urine all over the sodden papers in the box that Gabriella had previously peed into. Needing to be naughty, Penny reposition herself, bare bum cheeks resting on the toilet edge, legs spread, pussy slit poised to release her piss fountain over the bathroom floor. The butterflies in her stomach were not enough to hold her back. Her pussy lips parted, a strong stream of piss fountaining away from her pussy, its destination the vinyl floor covering. Her piss splashed down, droplets of pee leaping away from the main impact point her fountain of pee was making, a puddle quickly forming as she had her wee over the floor. Even in the dim light, Penny could make out every detail of the mess she was making. She was in full flow, her hot relief spraying the bathroom floor with her piss, her pee puddle rapidly getting larger as she continue to add to it. The flow of piss leaving her pussy was showing no sign of abating yet all she wanted to do was piss and piss, covering her bathroom floor with as much pee as possible. The sound of her naughty toilet sounded so loud that she desperately wondered if she might wake others of her household, an incredibly difficult thing to explain away her need to desecrate the once clean toilet floor with a shower of pee, or how it had much so wonderful to just spray it out of her cunt and watch as her mess grew by the second.

Penny finished her much needed midnight wee over the bathroom floor. The piss puddle she had made was enormous, so much so that her only course of action was to throw down her dressing gown to soak up her pee before throwing the sodden item into the laundry basket.

The next morning and Penny rose with rosy cheeks, the memory of her midnight antic returning to haunt her. She was so horny so as soon as the household had emptied, she rushed upstairs. With trembling hands she retrieved her dressing gown from the laundry basket. Sure enough it was thoroughly soaked, proof enough that she had done the naughty deed and that it had just not been part of her overworked imagination. She threw the dressing gown back into the washing basket, a new idea growing in her mind. Dropping her PJ bottoms to the floor she lowered the rim of the basket down to her Anadolu Yakası Escort pubic mass of hairs, tapering down to her pussy lips. A moment later and Penny started to have a new wee, this time using the laundry basket as a means to catch her golden shower as she squirted her piss from her cunt.

Her hot piss fountain flowed over the basket rim, falling on the already sodden dressing gown. It looked so good to see herself pissing in such a way, urinating into the family washing basket as if it was the normal thing in the world to do. She reach down into the basket, still pissing, moving her dresing gown out of the way so she could piss on something else. One of her daughter’s tops was underneath, instantly darkening as Penny peed over it. She directed her spray, ensuring that the garment was thoroughly soaked before quickly reaching in to find something else to wash with her flowing fanny fountain. Her husband’s jeans started to darken as Penny pissed over them, her wee coming to an end. She closed her piss flaps, not fully spent. Reaching back inside her makeshift urinal Penny discovered one of her son’s jumpers. She moved it up to her pussy, releasing her piss for one last squirt of pee from her love flaps, pissing directly into the material that dampened with a deliciously warm wetness, pressed up as it was to her pussy flaps.

An hour later and the laundry basket was empty, a pile of clothes on the floor with the items she had previously pissed over, now to one side. Starting off with another wee into the basket, Penny marveled at just how easy it was to turn a household item into a receptacle for her piss. She peed for another couple of seconds before closing her pee hole and moving to squat over the pile of dry clothes. Moments later and they were dry no longer, as a spraying fountain of piss issuing from Penny’s cunt started to rain over them, staining them with her hot pee. It was a delicious way to go to the toilet, a secret wee in her own house, almost as much fun as peeing into the box that Gabriella had urinated into.

Thoughts of her unclad pissing blonde supervisor caused Penny to end her pee over the pile of the family clothes, moving to stand and move back to the laundry basket, moving it down once again to her muff so that she could have another wee inside. She stood there, pissing into the basket, marvelling at the sight of her pee flowing inside. A wet splashing sound from inside revealed how much pee she had already sent into the basket, not that she cared.

Penny peed until she was spent, at last lowering the basket away from her pussy lips that had just been sending her piss into its innards. She was so horny now, more determined than ever with her plan for next week at work. She was determined that rather than just pissing over the attic floor on her own, she would ask Gabriella if they could pee together, having a box each to urinate into whilst facing one another, easily able to see the piss flowing from one another’s cunts as they desecrated company property with the hot streams issuing from their muffs.

Extract from the sequel:

The girls quickly advanced with their daring. No longer would they just squat and piss, but rather they would disrobe from the waist downwards before going on a piss tour of the attic, finding places to quickly pee whilst the other watched. Old office chairs were a firm favourite, soaking them with piss as they peed together whilst facing one another, their cunt lips parted as their hot pee streams played over the cushioned seats, soaking them with piss. Box after box of old archive paperwork received a drenching from the girls’ pussies as they opened those below waist height before aiming their pussy slits inside and starting to pee. Pissing on the floor was still fun, especially when peeing into the same growing piss puddle on the floor? Soon it was time to involve some of the other girls, having a shared box peeing session with Rebecca, before inviting Suzanne to have a shared piss over the floor, this time having three flowing fanny fountains adding to a shared gleaming pee puddle on the attic floor.