Pen Pal Letters Ch. 01


Dear David,

When we were chatting online last month, you said you wanted us to start talking about our sex lives. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous about that. We’ve been able to talk about a lot of things, but this one is not easy. Even by my own standards, I can get pretty perverted. Then I got your last e-mail. You’re at least as bad as I am. I’m pretty sure that a couple of the things you told me about are illegal. I’m thinking breaking and entering, at least. If you hadn’t attached the pictures, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you’re gonna be that honest, I guess I owe it to you to be the same.

Let me tell you about my first introduction to my wilder sexual side.

I used to a mostly vanilla type of girl. It was a college boyfriend who showed me some new things during our senior year. During a Halloween party hosted by my dormitory, my boyfriend developed an urgent need to pee. There was already a long line for the men’s restroom and he couldn’t wait.

I was an RA (Resident Assistant), so I couldn’t stray too far from the party and the dormitory was all-female, so I couldn’t even let him use the bathroom on my floor. There were some heavy bushes, almost a miniature forest, growing behind the dorms, separating the student population from a shopping district just off-campus. I suggested that he hide amongst them. As an RA, I shouldn’t have even been allowing that, but çanakkale escort he was desperate and the chances that he’d be caught were remote.

I went with him to be a lookout, but it wasn’t really necessary. That area was deserted. I could see the dorm lobby’s back door, but I knew it was locked and nobody would be going out that way.

I stood on the edge of the bushes and waited. I could be back inside the building in less than a minute if necessary. He was taking a really long time about it. I wasn’t about to call out to him and let people know what was happening, so I risked following him into the bushes. I found him playing with his piss stream, trying to hit the lower branches of a small tree. He almost made it. I found the whole scene fascinating. The pressure forcing out his pee must have been considerable.

From that point on, I started asking him to let me watch him pee whenever the opportunity arose. He found it just as much of a turn-on as I did. Eventually, he asked me if I would hold his cock. I could feel the rush of liquid running through his penis before it shot out into the toilet.

One time, he snuck me into a men’s restroom in a restaurant and I held him as he pissed in the urinal. I tried to jerk him off after that, but we were nearly caught.

After we broke up, I talked a few other lovers and friends into letting me watch and participate çeşme escort when they peed. My friend Frank was really into it. He liked to pee on my body when we showered together. The first time he did it, I wasn’t expecting it and I felt disgusted and dirty, but I eventually came to enjoy it. The feeling of hot piss sliding and splashing over your skin is unbelievable and the strong odor really gets the juices going.

Another time, I had fixed myself a light snack and sat down to watch reruns on television when Frank came out of the bathroom wearing only a t-shirt.

He stood over the little table I was using and pissed in my iced tea. It splashed everywhere, getting on my clothes and my tuna sandwich. I was furious. I was about to throw the iced tea in his face, glass and all, but I hesitated. I was curious as to what his pee would taste like. I had already been wondering before he did that, but I had been afraid to ask him. I knew he’d like the idea, but I was having enough trouble already trying to keep things under control. He liked the pee games so much, that’s all he wanted to do. I enjoyed them myself, but I didn’t want to make them the focus of my entire life.

I sipped the iced tea. The taste was strong and salty and brought tears to my eyes, but I was feeling so excited and erotic at my own actions, I forced myself to drink the entire glass and even to eat the sandwich. diyarbakır escort

After that, he was impossible to control, and I stopped trying. I started making plans to leave him and end our relationship, but in the meantime, I surrendered to him completely. I decided to fully explore this side of my desires with someone who would be forever willing to let me. I knew that when I finally did leave him, I would know myself a lot better.

I let him pee all over my body whenever he needed to go. I would sit in the bathtub and beg for it. He would pee on my head and in my hair. He had me hold his cock and aim it at my own face. He started drinking lots of water to increase the number of times he could indulge himself. I came to even enjoy drinking his piss on a regular basis. Three or four times a week, he’d fill a glass for me to drink. I even took his cock into my mouth and let him pee down my throat.

The only time I stopped him was when he wanted me to open up my pussy and let him pee directly into it. That was going too far. After he suggested that, I knew the time had come. I waited until he went to work, then I packed up my stuff and moved back to my own apartment.

It will never become as important to me as it was to Frank, but I still enjoy the pee games once in a while. My current lover isn’t into it at all, which is fine, but I don’t expect this relationship to last forever. I know that he’s cheating on me, but I can’t really expect him to be faithful. He’s cheating on his wife when he’s with me. Sooner or later, she’ll catch on and he’ll be history.

So long, my friend. Be careful and don’t get caught.