Peter Found My Secret

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One of my friends gifted me an adult toy because I was complaining about how there aren’t any good guys that meet my standards. This was back when I was young and trying to impress my group of friends that I was picky and only chose the best and I deserved the best because I am the best. Well it ended terribly wrong.

I immediately hid the toy in my purse that my friend gave to me in public at restaurant during our annual girls gift exchange for the holidays. It was so embarrassing that I got this in front of everyone and strangers. I was planning on throwing it away but for some reason, I felt I should hold on to it. I un-packaged the thing and held it in my hand after a few weeks. I took it in the shower with me once. I cleaned it a few times just to get the manufacturers residue off of it. I also gripped it and “jerked it off” just to see how something that large would feel. I threw it in a drawer and would think about it from time to time.

This time was one of the times I had totally forgotten about it. Peter came over to hang out. He’s a friend and asked me to dinner, but I said I’d rather just stay in so he confidently walked around my place. He was entertaining and funny, but I wasn’t at all interested in him. I just heard he had a large penis and I was kind of curious about it. I never asked him or made advances and I was mostly repulsed by his advances. I just kept him around because of the rumor he had a huge dick.

I wasn’t expecting him to walk around the place so I didn’t tidy up as well as I would have if I knew he was coming over. It was getting late and he was being really funny so I just went with the flow and let it happen. It unfolded rather quickly and I couldn’t stop him fast enough as he hilariously wrecked havoc throughout the entire place. Nothing was safe. He first tripped over the hamper and held up a bra (my roommates who has gigantic boobs) and said: “These ain’t yours.” Clearly not but now he had my roommates bra in his hands and it was funny. It also felt a little like a violation that he could just palm his bare skin on fabric that so closely rubs up against her nipples.

I tried to rip them away from him but as I did I fell right into his trap. He planned on getting a rise out of me and when I darted to grab the bra, he let go and they hung in the air. I grabbed them as he side stepped and disappeared to where I was just standing. He then hooked a finger through a thong and held it up pretending to hold his nose with the other hand. Peter’s fresh and even though it was embarrassing, it was funny too. “I can tell from the scent of these, this is also not yours.” He mocked.

It was funny and flattering because I took it as a compliment and I actually enjoyed it and thought he was putting on a performance for me. This was about the time he turned and went to see what was in the drawers. I let him because it was mostly junk until he reached the bottom draw. I immediately lunged at his direction, throwing myself between the drawer and him, but I was too late. I landed in his lap with my face looking up at him and he had a sarcastic shock face on.

He looked at me then back down in the draw and then back at me with a look on his face that said… “no way! really? you slag!”

“Peter! What the hell? You can’t just go through my stuff like this!” I exclaimed embarrassingly.

Before I realized it he whipped out his phone and the flash went off. Did he really just take a picture of this gigantic suction dildo? Not only did he do that, he got my face in it.

“Delete that. I said as serious as I Beylikdüzü escort could. It makes me look like my face is buried in your lap and I have a giant dildo right next to my face. Please delete it. Please.” I resorted to begging when he started to smirk and laugh.

He pretended to text and send it off to the guys, but I knew he was just teasing. After everything calmed down he said: “I know girls like big dicks, but geeze, you’re really getting after it huh?”

“Peter, stop! It was a gag gift. I never actually use it.”

“Well why is out of the package then? And why not throw it away? You keep it around because either 1) you like big dicks or 2) you’re curious about getting big dick’d since you’ve never had one and don’t realize you like it yet. Which is it?”

“Peter, stop, seriously, delete it.”

“Just tell me, which is it.” He said as he hid his phone behind his back. I thought he was insinuating that he’d delete the photo if I just gave in to him.

“Fine, Peter, I like big dick. Okay. There. Great. You got me, so will you delete it now?”

“Oh man, I just recorded you saying that. The audio is going to go great with this photo.”

“No you didn’t, Peter! Stop. Did you really?” I protested getting more and more nervous.

“Oh, you thought I was going to delete it? Not a chance! Well… maybe a small chance. Or should I say a big chance?” He laughed.

“What do you want? Dinner? Fine. Let’s go.” I said trying to suggest something gentle.

“No. Just have a little fun with… it, that thing there and let me watch. And I’ll give you my phone to delete whatever you’d like. Careful though, you might like that picture of you.”

“No way! Not going to happen you perv!” I reached for the phone as he pulled away. I slapped him as I fell into his chest and he held me up. My futile protested sank as much as my stomach, but I also knew I didn’t want those photos out.

Peter just looked at me right in the face and I couldn’t maintain eye contact. I knew he was in control. I looked at my feet and then to the ceilings corner and then glanced at his face to see if his expression changed.

“Peter, please.” I whispered. “Don’t make me do this. Don’t do this.”

He just unzips his pants and pulls out his belt buckle. He grabs the dildo and waves it at me, tempting me. “Pick one.” He said flatly.

My mind raced. If I chose him, it would be mutually consensual. Like he wanted to have me. But if I chose the dildo, it would seem like was a whore who couldn’t help but tickle my little itch and let him watch. So I finally just said “okay” and knelt down in front of him.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Yes.” I meekly replied.

“Really sure?” He asked again.

“Yes, can we please just get this over with.”

“Well well well… you always act high and mighty and now look at ya. Down on your knees. Asking to please get my dick in your mouth as fast as possible. Since this is what you want… I’m going to have a little fun. Why not both?” He said as he slammed the dildo’s suction cup into mirror behind me.

I ignored the taunt and just started to pull his boxers down. The girls weren’t lying. He was hung. It was as big as my arm soft and seemed to grow a little as I placed my lips on it. I twitched and got hard, not really getting much longer, but definitely much thicker.

Knowing a lot of girls had been with him, I didn’t want to be his worst so I enthusiastically started to lick and suck his humongous dick. It would be incorrect to Beyoğlu escort bayan say that it smelled, but he definitely had a little musk to him. It usually turns me off and grosses me out, but this turned me on. It’s so intimate that I could breathe his smell and it felt a little bit like an honor or a privilege to get his dick. So many girls had him and he could choose who he wanted and he almost always chose the hottest girls so it was nice that I made him hard and that he wanted me.

As I tried to fit him in my mouth, he remarked: “Guess that gag gift gives you some pleasure. Let’s show how my gift gags you.”

And I really took it as a gift too. It was nice that he wanted to use to me. All I remember thinking is that his balls were slapping me in the face as he face fucked me. I couldn’t help but dribble on his balls and let drool run down my body as I used my hands to wipe and brace myself.

“You’re crying. Look at you, always assertive and confident and now your make up is running down your face. You’re probably enjoying this.” I said with a smirk.

I don’t know why but when he was talking shit to me, it turned me on even more.

“Look at your nipples. They’re getting hard. I can feel them against my legs, you slut. Let’s make a bet, I bet your pussy is dripping right now. If you’re wet, you’ll let me do what I want. If you’re not, we can stop right now. I’m that confident. I know you’re moist as shit down there. Show me. Touch your cunt and show me your fingers.”

Reluctantly I did. I was almost relieved because I wasn’t expecting this and didn’t shave for him today. As I slid my ringer and middle finger between my lips, I couldn’t help but insert the pads of my tips in a little. I inhaled sharply and almost squealed at the sensation. I could feel the texture of my hairy lips smooth out as I spread my grool around.

I held up my hand with those two middle fingers prominently displaying my excitement. My grool glistened in the light for him to see. I couldn’t help it. As he degraded me more, I got more turned on. It was humiliating to be wet for him, but it was also so very hot at the same time. Knowing there was nothing I could do. Knowing that he could have any piece of ass in the world and he wanted mine. Knowing that he was controlling me with his words and not his physical force.

“I knew it, you want this don’t you?” Peter kept smirking.

I could only look at the ground because it was so embarrassing.

“I’m going to make you say it, so you might as well just admit it.”

“Yes.” I shyly spoke into the floor.

“Look at me with your mascara eyes, and say it. Say, yes you want my cock.” He growled.

“Yes, I want it.” I said looking up now. Whoa! I realized he had his phone out again and was videoing this whole thing. How could I be so dumb!

He grabbed my face with his free hand and cradled my chin to look directly into the camera. “Tell me. Yes I want your cock.”

“Yes I want your cock.” I repeated. I hated that word. Cock. It sounded so dirty. But he made me repeat it while videoing me. There was no escaping.

“I win the bet. I can have what ever I want.” He smugly cheered.

I stood up and rubbed my lips and clit a few times just to prepare for him to take me, but he just shepherded me down and back towards the mirror with his free hand. That’s when it clicked, he wanted me to use the dildo against the mirror.

“That’s adorable. You want my dick. But you’re going to fuck yourself. Literally. Against the mirror suction Escort Bomonti cup dildo. Haha, I don’t want to do the work.” Peter said loudly while laughing.

I had no choice, and honestly, I wanted to at this point, I needed some attention. It felt good to have him control me and tell me to do that rather than doing it myself and seeming like a slut who can’t help herself. This is what started my spit-roasting fantasy. I guess I have Peter to thank for that.

I had a hard time sliding the dildo in, but I just grabbed the shaft and parted my lips. I bent over and humped my hips against it, while maintaining Peter’s dick in my mouth… pretty talented I must say. It wasn’t that hard since both were long and gave me a lot of real estate to really move up and down.

I continue to suck Peter off as I rocked back and forth between him and the mirror, but it was getting uncomfortable so I reach behind me and pull the suction off. I slapped it against the mirror at a lower high so I could be on my knees and sucking him off at the same time.

Before he came in my mouth, he told me to spin around and suck my juices off the dildo. I did as I was told. I thought this was fine since my face wasn’t in the video now and so I let loose and started to enjoy myself. I realized after you could clearly see me in the mirror and I looked like a proper slut enjoying sucking a silicon suction dildo.

I was too horny to worry about my unshaven pussy at this point. I wanted him to see everything and I proudly displayed all I had to offer. Hoping he would insert something into me, he just patiently waited. He spun me back around after taking some more photos and videos of me in this position. He came in my mouth and then handed me his phone.

For some reason I watched the video first before trying to find the delete button on his stupid android. I don’t know what’s worse, getting blackmailed to fuck myself while simultaneously sucking off this jerk. Or that I had to submit to a guy with an android.

As I watched the video I sent myself a copy. I wanted to re-watch it without him seeing me. I was self-conscious so I wanted to see the details and make sure I looked okay. Besides it was the first time I’ve ever really seen myself during sex. It was interesting and I was curious – sue me. I noticed the sloppy mess I left at the bottom of my mirror. It looked creamy on the mirror and the splatter of my juices was every where all over the floor and walls. I guess I must have really pushed back on it.

It was sexy to see his point of view with his dick in my mouth, my bare body (which looked pretty damn good if I may say so myself!), and the dildo on the mirror. Thanks yoga and pilates and spin and orange theory for making me look this fit. You can clearly see my face looking up at him trying to get more of him in my mouth. I deleted all the photos and videos from his phone and kept the one on mine.

My room at the time had floor to ceiling windows. I was happy that he didn’t think of putting the suction dildo on that window so passerby’s would view me. Either way, I’ll never look at my suction cup dildo or my mirror the same again.

I was really disappointed that he didn’t want to fuck me. It was a little offensive. He left and I used the dildo to continue fucking me. It wasn’t the same as him, but it will have to do in this situation. I felt like I wasn’t good enough for him to fuck, he only wanted me to suck him off then leave like a common whore. I still watch the video to this day when I’m bored or horny.

I wish other guys had the balls to do what he did. Take me, black mail me, and control me. I don’t want to admit that I want two dicks at once, so being “forced” to was my nice way to achieve my fantasy, but also I got to save face from being a “slut” who can’t get enough dick or can’t help herself. It gives me plausible deniability.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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