Picnic Pt. 03 – At the Swimming Pool


After a picnic Sarah’s friend Hazel had told us stories from her past, and back home that evening it was Sarah’s turn.

“OK then,” started Sarah. “If we’re going to carry on…?” She looked round, and I nodded and pouted. I was desperate to do something more immediate, but even more curious to hear Sarah describe an experience in the way Hazel just had. I’d never heard Sarah really talk dirty before, and I’d always wanted to. Besides, she was probably going to relate to Hazel some story about me and her, and I wanted to watch Hazel listening to that. Or maybe it wouldn’t involve me, in which case it would be even more interesting.

“Well, I’m not sure how to tell this. I don’t feel as confident as you were,” aimed at Hazel.

“Don’t worry about it, just say what happened,” reassured Hazel. “How old were you? What made it start?” Sarah began.

“Well, when I was younger I had no boobs at all. I didn’t really get any until I got pregnant, but when I was 19 or 20 I was completely flat chested. Sometimes people would mistake me for a boy, if I had short hair at the time – they still used to when I first went out with you, didn’t they?” She looked at me, and I nodded.

“I went swimming with some friends one day, and they were taking the mickey, saying I should be in the men’s changing rooms, I didn’t look like a girl to them. It was just a bit of a laugh.

“I was young and horny in those days – well, hornier than I am now. I used to think about sex a lot, and I masturbated a fair bit – as you do. I’d had sex with boyfriends, but I didn’t have one at the time, and I suppose I was spending too much time thinking about sex on my own. I thought about what my friends had said, and looked at myself in the mirror at home, and wondered if I could get away with it, and thought what it would be like, and eventually convinced myself that I wanted to give it a try. I would go into the men’s changing rooms, and walk about topless, and see if anyone noticed.

“I went to the pool on a Sunday afternoon. I’d dressed as much like a young man as I could look, jeans and T-shirt, hair a bit scruffy. I thought I looked pretty convincing. I went to a pool in Windsor, so I wouldn’t meet anyone I knew – that would have been going too far. I went in and paid, and almost blew it straight away, ’cause I started to walk into the women’s changing rooms. But I remembered in time, and my knees began to go wobbly as I walked into the men’s.

“The layout was like the women’s, benches in the middle for changing at, and lockers around the walls, and some cubicles. At one of the benches there was a man, mid-twenties I guess, stark naked, drying himself. I had to stop myself gawping, but it was tricky. I wasn’t actually interested in seeing men naked, but now there was one in front of me, it was pretty engaging.

“Obviously, I had to go into a cubicle, ’cause the guys might have noticed that I didn’t have a willy like them! I locked the door, stripped off quickly, and put my trunks on. They were a good touch, they were an old pair of my brother’s, and they fitted me OK, just a bit too big. I’d tried them on in front of the mirror at home, and they disguised my hips – which weren’t that big either – but I did actually look like a boy in them.

“I packed my stuff in my bag, and then just stood there. This was it! Could I do it? I could easily just get dressed again and leave. I was just planning to wander around a bit, maybe have a shower, and then get dressed. I wasn’t going to go in the pool – there’d be too many people, it was just too risky, and I wouldn’t be in control of my thrill, if you see what I mean.

“I picked up the bag, unbolted the door, and stepped out, topless, into the men’s changing room. The bloke who I’d seen naked hardly glanced up at me, which was a fantastic relief. I didn’t want to be recognised as a woman, or at least not easily. In my imagination, people were going to look at me and wonder if I might be, and be a bit perplexed. There was a group of young guys, changing at the next benches. I walked past them, and one or two of them looked at me as I passed. I think they were seeing a boy, but one of them did look at my chest for a moment or two longer than he should have done. And that gave me a big thrill, ’cause that was what I wanted to happen, I wanted to leave him wondering, and maybe thinking about me later.

“The thing that would put doubt in their minds was my nipples, ’cause they were not really like a boy’s, definitely more like a girl’s, but not conclusively. They were small for a woman of my age, you know, not far across, and didn’t stick out much. But they were a bit too big for a man. I went to a locker and put my stuff in, and then realised I couldn’t really just turn round and go back – they’d all see me, and it would be too strange a thing to do. I could have a shower, then hide in the loos for a few minutes, but I didn’t fancy that. I sikiş izle went to the showers to think about it.

“They were big powerful showers, and not very warm, not cold, but not inviting. I edged my way in, until I could get my head under the water, and stood there gently rubbing my body, as if I was having a wash before going in the pool. This was pretty good, and I was enjoying the idea that I was having a shower, topless, while men showered next to me, or walked past. The shower stopped, ’cause it was on a timer, just as the group of blokes from before walked past to the pool, and I stood and watched them. This time I was surprised that two or three of them looked at my chest, including the same one as earlier, and they were really staring, but frowning too, as if they couldn’t believe it. This was exactly what I’d wanted! Brilliant! It gave me a warm feeling in my groin, and I thought about masturbating later.

“Before I put the shower back on I looked down at my chest quickly, and realised why the boys had looked – my nipples had gone hard in the cool water, as any boy’s would, only more so. They really did look odd for a boy now, sticking up like, like the top end of a felt pen. This was a shock for me, and a thrill too. And I decided that the thrill was good, and I’d go for it.

“I walked out into the pool, nipples first, and looked around. It was just a swimming pool – adults, kids, teenagers… and Rob. Right in front of me, standing looking at me, grinning fit to bust, looking from my breasts to my face, and back to my breasts, was Rob, my friend Kate’s little brother.

“Hello Sarah!” he said, and he was acting pretty cool for an 18 year old in the circumstances. “What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like a boy?” He was enjoying it, the sod.

“I hadn’t lost control of the situation, and I still had my dignity. I could have just turned round and walked back out – but something made me stop. It really was a thrill, I was enjoying it, I was in control and it felt good. So I played along.

“Hello Rob,” I said. “Just thought I’d come to Windsor for a change. Nice pool, isn’t it?” He looked surprised at my composure, and I carried on. “Listen, Rob, can I trust you not to draw attention to me? You know, to the fact that I’m not actually a bloke and these are my bosoms?” He looked at me, and them, again.

“Well, OK, but can you tell me what’s going on?” I walked over to a bench at the poolside and sat down, and he came with me. I explained the whole thing, and I asked him not to tell anyone. I wasn’t confident, though, because there was nothing in it for him – he was bound to brag to his friends, and word would get round… So I made him an offer. “If you swear you won’t tell anyone, I’ll stay with you now, and you can look at me. And maybe while I’m getting changed, too.” When I said it, I meant he could carry on looking at my breasts, but I saw straight away that he thought I meant he could watch me change out of my trunks. “No, I don’t mean…” I stopped, and thought, and decided. “OK, yes, you can watch me change.” He looked amazed, really quite stunned, and he nodded slowly.

“And then came my next bit of bad luck. Three of Rob’s mates appeared from nowhere, calling laddish greetings, but the one in front was asking Rob, “Watch him change? Did he say what I think he just did?” Rob gawped at him, but didn’t answer. “Hang on,” his friend went on, “you’re not really trying to watch a boy get changed, are you? Is that what you’re doing?” He looked worried, and so did the other two, but not as worried as Rob. “You wanker! You perv!” For the first time he looked at me, and he peered at me, and looked at my breasts, and peered a bit more. “You’re a girl!” His face cracked into a smile, as his friends looked at me harder. “She is, isn’t she?” He looked around at his friends, Rob, and me again. I nodded, too shocked to run away.

“To cut a long story short, I was finding being caught more exciting than I’d imagined it might be, and I didn’t mind that four lads, a year or two younger than me, were now staring at my boobs in a public place. I still felt in control. Rob introduced them to me – Paul, who’d been asking the questions, Jamie and Mike. I explained what the hell I was doing. I hung around with them for a while, and we swam and chatted, like friends, and we had a laugh together. No-one else seemed to notice me, probably because I was with a group of boys. The boys looked at me, but after a while I think they’d almost accepted seeing my boobs as a normal thing.

“Then it was time to get out, and Rob asked me quietly if my offer still stood. I said it did. And I thought it through quickly and decided it might be fun to let them all watch – it would certainly give me something to wank about later. Needless to say, they loved the idea, and we sneaked into one of the family cubicles together, me with my towel, them as they were.

“I brazzers dried myself as they sat on the benches and watched, and suddenly it felt rather pornographic, I felt like a stripper. That was strange, but I was enjoying it. The atmosphere was changing, getting more serious – from a laugh to a sexual experience. My stomach was churning, and my knees were weak, and I was loving it. I was standing in the middle, and I turned round now and then to let them all see my nipples, which were still standing up. When I was dry, it was time for the main event. I put my thumbs into the waistband of the trunks, and pulled them down an inch or so. All eyes were on my groin. I leant back against one of the walls so that they could all see, and watched their faces as I continued. Rob just stared, Paul was licking his lips, Jamie had his mouth partly open, and Mike kept shaking his head. I revealed pubic hair, and kept pulling the trunks down. I hooked them lower, over my pubic mound, showing my cunt properly, and then quickly pushed the trunks down to my knees. I could hear the boys breathing get heavier as I lifted my leg to get the trunks right off, and I stood there naked in front of them. This was wild – I was being their fantasy-come-true, but I felt powerful. They would do whatever I wanted.

“I couldn’t let it end there. I gestured to Rob to move up, and took his place sitting on the bench. He squatted on the floor in front of me. I looked him in the eye as I lifted first one foot, then the other, on to the bench, knees apart and hands holding my ankles. Now I was really showing them something, my cunt was wide open and exposed for them, and I looked down at the lips, pulled apart, and the pink flesh inside plain to see. Their eyes burnt into my cunt and it actually felt warm. This was nothing to do with their eyes, more to do with me being as horny as a dog, almost shivering with sexual tension, and desperate to move to the next stage – whatever that turned out to be.

“On impulse I gave an order, “Show me your cocks.” As one the boys stood and wrestled their straining trunks to the floor, and four erect pricks pointed at me. Jamie had the biggest. Rob’s was nicely shaped, and Paul’s was rather small, but looked gorgeous to me just the same. I realised that Mike was a very good-looking bloke, as he stood naked before me, holding his prick in his hand.

“I began by masturbating, I couldn’t have stopped myself if I’d wanted. I used just one middle finger on my clitoris, rubbing round and round, and moistened it with my cunt juice now and then. The boys were all straining forward to see better, and I stretched my legs as wide apart as I could. Was I going to wank myself right off in front of them? Did I want something from them in return? I didn’t know, it was all instinct now.

“”Wank.” I ordered, and four hands gripped four cocks and began to masturbate. I looked from one cock to the next, still wanking myself, and wondering what to do next. However, my mind wasn’t the one giving the commands, and it was my body that made me give the next order. “Mike, lick my cunt.” Mike got on his knees in front of me, and the others crowded round to watch as he leant forward, tongue sticking out. I stopped wanking‚ and held my cunt lips further apart for him, and gasped as he licked firmly from one end of my cunt to the other, ending at my clitoris where he’d seen me rubbing, and giving it a good tonguing. I was too far gone to stop now, and I needed to come. “Oh yes, that’s good,” I whispered.

“Now I looked at the other three, wanking all around me. I put up a hand and took hold of Paul’s prick, and stroked and wanked it. I did the same for Jamie with my other hand. “Rob, get up here,” I ordered, and Rob came over to my right side and stood on the bench next to me. He moved closer, and I let his cock hit my face as he wanked. I looked up at him, and opened my mouth wide, in a none-too-subtle invitation. He pushed his prick into my mouth, and I tasted the sperm from the end of it as he continued to wank. His prick was hot and felt big, it filled my mouth, and the feeling of it pumping in and out was marvellous. Again, although he was getting the pleasure, and it was even slightly uncomfortable for my jaw, I was the one in charge, and he was dependent on me for his stimulation. I sucked him, and wetted my lips so that his cock slid easily in and out of my mouth, stretching it and filling it almost to the back of my throat at each thrust.

“I shut my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Paul’s little prick and Jamie’s big one in my hands, feeling my whole body move to the rhythm as I wanked them in time, and enjoying Rob’s lovely cock in my mouth. Most of all, I was feeling Mike’s tongue pushing deep into me, inside my cunt, so that I rocked back and forth on the bench in time to the wanking‚ and made him lick me to that rhythm too. My cunt was tingling and hot, fake taxi porno and shivers were running up and down my back. I was close to coming, and Mike moved back to my clitoris, and really went for it. He pressed his mouth hard against it, thrashing it wildly about, rubbing me hard with his tongue, and my climax welled up inside me. I thought about his lovely body, and the fact that he was licking my cunt to an orgasm, and imagined him tasting, swallowing, my juices as he licked.

“And now I felt Rob’s cock swell in my mouth, and his thrusts get more urgent, until he was pumping into me as fast as he could cope, and I whimpered in time to him as I became even more excited by him. He slowed as he started to come. A jet of sperm hit the back of my mouth, and he slipped his cock out so that the next hit my face just below my right eye and lay hot on my cheek. I opened my eyes to watch, and saw him massaging his prick as it spurted more come on to my mouth and nose. I put out my tongue, to show the sperm I had in my mouth, to catch more, and to lick his cock, now still as his orgasm subsided.

“Next it was Paul’s turn, and I felt him tensing in my hand. I quickly moved my head down to his prick and took the end in my mouth, sucking him. He came immediately, and I gave him the same treatment as Rob – letting him start to come in my mouth, and finish by adding his come to Rob’s on my face. Now I had to swallow some of the spunk I’d collected in my mouth, and I opened my mouth for more as I wanked Paul through the end of his orgasm.

“Suddenly Jamie was coming too, a jet of spunk hitting the left side of my face, and I turned to him and pulled his beautiful big cock on to my face, rubbing it in the other sperm as it added its own, pushing out my lips and shaking my head from side to side across him, so that spunk covered my mouth and ran down my chin, and then taking him in me, and sucking out the last part of his orgasm, tasting his spunk as I wanked him in my mouth.

“By now my face was covered in sperm, and I licked around my mouth again and again, taking more and more on my tongue and swallowing it, and making a show of it. And next it was my turn to come, the tingling in my cunt building up to a shivering climax as I ground myself against Mike’s face, and he squashed his tongue on to my clitoris. It took hold of my whole body, and I was paralysed for a few seconds, head thrown back and mouth open in ecstasy, until it released me and I collapsed forwards.

When I’d stopped thrusting Mike stood up, prick in hand, and came towards me. I still had my heels on the edge of the bench, and my legs wide apart. I watched, fascinated, as his cock slowly approached my cunt. He touched me, and pushed against me, and slipped easily between the wet folds of flesh. He kept pushing, and his cock slowly disappeared before my eyes, inside me, until I could see no more of it. He looked up at me, and pulled slowly out. I half-moaned, half-grunted, with the intense pleasure, and he shoved in again. Now he stepped up his pace. I could tell he was near orgasm, as he’d been wanking himself while he licked me. He fucked me hard, the tops of his thighs crashing into the backs of mine at each thrust, and fucked faster, and faster, really banging me now, sweat on his top lip. I was biting mine, as I felt a second intense orgasm approaching. Although we’d been almost silent up until now, I couldn’t help urging him on, in a loud whisper – “Fuck me, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK my cunt, FUCK my cunt, my CUNT, my CUNT, fuck my CUNT, fuck my CUNT, fuck my CUNT, oh fuck me, fuck me, in my cunt, cunt, CUNT CUNT!…” I was amazed at my obscenity, even in mid-orgasm, and it made the whole thing even more powerful as I came for a second time, more waves of pleasure rushing through my body, and intense, exquisite spasms in my cunt itself, gripping tightly around Mike’s cock.

“Then Mike started to come, his prick seeming to swell bigger in my cunt‚ and fill me more completely, stretching my hole as far as it would go, and his body went stiff and still as I felt warm sperm squirting deep into me, spurt after spurt, until he too relaxed, and his prick returned to a normal hardness inside me, and he fell in to my arms.”

Hazel was grinning all over her face when I looked round to her, as Sarah went quiet and looked down at the floor, suddenly embarrassed by her revelation.

“Wow, Sarah, that was brilliant! Are you sure you haven’t told stories like that before? Don’t be embarrassed, that was really good.”

Sarah looked up, eyebrows raised, lips pursed. “I’m sure it was, that’s the problem. I’m not really sure how proud I am of my little gang-bang with four guys younger than me.” She looked down again, and we were all quiet. “Mind you, it was fucking fantastic sex!” We all laughed with relief.

“You cow,” I said, “I thought you’d gone all remorseful. I thought you were going to leave me to entertain our guest on my own.”

“Ooh, terrible trial that would have been, I’m sure,” she retorted. Hazel licked her lips lasciviously and smiled at us both. “Matt,” Sarah continued, “go and get more wine, and then tell us a dirty story.”