Pilot in Command Ch. 03



Ki’s sexual adventures intensify


Author’s Recap:

Ch. 1 – After deciding to explore an arrangement together Gus and Ki stumble in the awkwardness of their first meeting.

Ch. 2 – Ki reaches out to Gus and they resume their discussion with messages and sexy emails back and forth. When they finally make love a previously frustrated Ki discovers that she is not frigid. She and Gus are both awed by her torrid multi-orgasmic sexuality.


Your comments and ratings are greatly appreciated. My reader’s positive feedback is the fuel for my creative fires. There’s much for Gus and Ki to explore.

All characters are over18.

Let the adventure continue…


“I want to do everything with him!” Ki exclaimed.

She was cuddling with her best friend Tess. It was their first overnight together after Ki’s wild sex with Gus and, as always, they wore comfy old T-shirts and panties to bed.

Tess smiled knowingly. The first honestly good fuck in Ki’s twenty three years had transformed her. It was her very first orgasm, much less her first multi orgasmic fuck. Now, in place of shy and reticent, Ki was exuberant and flowing. She was out there.

“Everything?” Tess smiled skeptically.

“Everything!” Ki proclaimed. “Everything I’ve ever read about, heard about or watched online.”

“Girl,” Tess teased, “you better tap the brakes on that sexy sports car.” She loved seeing her friend so animated.

Ki had decided to explore the possibilities of an arrangement only after learning Tess was in one that satisfied her needs. But because Ki was so sexually inexperienced and timid, Tess had worried that Ki’s experience would be different than her own. Uncomfortable – or much worse.

“Did he give you the gift he said he would?” Tess asked.

“He changed that.” Ki smiled.

Tess’s eyebrows went up.

Ki continued, “He decided it would be better to PayPal me the gift so I could deposit it directly into my account rather than carry and deposit cash.” She waited until Tess was looking at her before she continued. “Then he PayPal’d me twenty thousand dollars.”

Tess whistled softly.

“And if he wanted me to pay him for what we did – what I hope we’re going to do – I’d find a way to come up with it somehow. It was wonderful.” She laughed, “And now I’m horny as fuck for more!”

Tess wondered if she’d ever get used to shy Ki talking so graphically. She sounds like me. “And he’s OK with us talking about your arrangement now?”

“He is. He understands our private conversations stay private.” Ki suddenly blushed like ‘Ki of old’ and shyly added “I told him about making love with you when we did the photo shoot.”

“I haven’t even told James about that.” Tess admitted.

“He said it sounded beautiful and was surprised when I told him I didn’t orgasm with you. I told him I’d never had one – before I had four with him.” She looked into Tess’s eyes. “He said I only needed to learn how to let my body go, and when I made love to you again…I’d easily come.”

Ki’s blush deepened. Tess leaned in and kissed her friend adoringly. Their mouths softly opened and their tongues found each other. Only the second time ever that they kissed romantically, but it felt like they’d always touched this way – and always would.

Reluctantly ending the kiss, Tess leaned back until she could see Ki’s face. She whispered, “I thought that was something that only happens once?”

“I know,” Ki responded. “Magical.” She looked into her friend’s eyes in the soft bedroom light. “But I feel bad you came alone.”

“And I feel worse that you didn’t.” Tess replied.

They kissed again. This time the passion of the kiss held and pulled them into each other. Their bodies entwined. Their tongues delighted. Ki’s heightened sexuality infused their embrace. They pressed into each other and below the hem of their T-shirts their naked thighs twisted together like kissing tongues. Through the cotton, Ki loved the soft feel of Tess’s larger breasts against her girlish firm ones. And Tess marveled when her knee slid between Ki’s legs to discover panties already soaked through.

Ki impulsively took Tess’s hand and moved it down there – between her legs. “Feel how wet I am,” she breathed. She boldly moved Tess’s fingers inside her panties. “I wasn’t ready last time.” Ki directed Tess’s fingers to her glistening folds.

Ki’s readiness aroused Tess. She stroked Ki’s outer labia as they opened to her touch, offering everything within. She slid her finger along Ki’s inner lips and touched inside.

Ki’s breathing quickened. She moaned when Tess circled and teased her trembling hole. She gasped when Tess slid a finger inside. “Oh.” Tess pushed it to the first knuckle and stopped to make a little circle. And a wiggle. Then to the second knuckle where it wiggled more. “OH.” Ki’s whole body began to shake. Then Tess slipped her finger all the way into Ki’s tight istanbul escort tunnel and curled it to her g-spot. Her finger twisted like a little snake. “OH.” Louder now. Tess stroked Ki’s sensitive spot. She pressed on it rhythmically. Ki gasped in unison with each pulse. Tess added her thumb on Ki’s clit, slid a second finger inside and started frigging. Her animated fingers pulled Ki from inhibition. Ki panted mindless Oh God’s in rhythm with Tess’s finger fucking as she was brought closer to ecstasy…pulled further…drawn out…tugged…right…onto…the…edge…and then pushed. “OH FUCK!” Ki came in powerful spasms that jerked her body. She clamped her legs together and grabbed her friend’s wrist with both of her hands, desperate to keep Tess inside her orgasm.

Tess was stunned by the intensity enclosing her hand. The heat. By the slippery squeeze of pussy embracing her fingers, the power of Ki’s thighs and the desperation of Ki’s grip on her wrist. All holding Tess in the epicenter of Ki’s eye shutting orgasm as it washed over them. Gradually the intensity gave way to girl-cum oozing past Tess’s fingers and leaking from their union.

Tess leaned back to look at Ki’s face again and was captivated by the peaceful satisfaction she saw there, enhanced by an enchanting sheen of perspiration. Ki opened her eyes. Dreamy. Alluring. Tess brought her mouth to Ki’s and they kissed again, softly, almost absently, but when one of them moaned, smoldering lust again burst into flame.

Hands found tits and squeezed through the soft cotton shirts, then quickly found their way to warm skin inside. The young lovers barely stopped kissing long enough to discard their T’s but somehow they disappeared in a toss. They pushed their naked tits together in a lovely kiss of flesh that fed flames of abandon.

Ki was on top and squirmed to lick and kiss Tess’s neck. She played lower with her mouth. She squeezed Tess’s full breasts to present their fleshy tips, licked teasing circles around each areola and then tongued her nipples. She pushed them around with her tongue, delighted by how turgid they’d become. She licked. She sucked lightly and nipped with her shiny teeth and then suckled like she was starved for warm milk.

Tess moaned. Her head rolled back as her eyes closed.

Ki slid lower. Her mouth and hands explored everywhere, squeezing, licking, kissing and pulling, until she was at Tess’s mound. Ki stroked Tess through lacy fabric. She licked until Tess’s panties were soaked through from both sides. Then she hooked her fingers over the hem and pulled them down Tess’s shapely legs. Tess lifted her hips to help and the motion brought her sex closer to Ki’s face. Ki’s head followed as Tess’s hips lowered again. From inches away she openly looked at her friend’s pussy, so bare compared to her hairy mons. So alive. Glistening with desire.

“You’re beautiful.” Ki breathed.

Reaching with her tongue she closed the inches between them. The sweet scent of arousal made her mouth water with anticipation so her tongue was as wet as Tess’s labia when it reached them. She licked each lip from top to bottom and slid her tongue lengthwise between the opening folds. Ki gently kissed Tess’s hood before her tongue found Tess’s emerging pearl. Tess whimpered. Ki responded with a full mouth kiss of Tess’s pussy. From within the kiss her tongue slid into Tess as deeply as it could reach and twisted in delight. Ki licked and tasted as if Tess’s pussy was salvation.

Tess liquefied around the tongue inside her. Sexual heat fevered through her.

Ki was taking Tess with her mouth and her hunger only grew more desperate.

Ki’s oral ravishing was barely audible, but Tess’s pants grew louder, and deeper. And faster. In unison with the pants, her body began heaving so wildly it looked like she was trying to buck Ki from between her legs but Ki’s arms were wrapped around Tess’s thighs and she tongued her into a sexual gallop that carried them beyond control and off a climactic cliff. Tess’s head went back and her naked body stretched out. She stiffened impossibly. Her mouth stretched open. And she finally let every, glorious, wild, orgasmic bit of it out. “Oh Ki! Oh fuck, Oh FUCK, OH KI…”

Then they were adrift together, weightless. With soft after-tremors shrugging Tess’s spent body. Tess felt Ki swallow before lifting her head and knew innocent, inexperienced Ki was swallowing her jizz after making her cum more than she ever had. God, it felt like I gushed!

Ki reluctantly withdrew and laid her head on Tess’s thigh. She looked at Tess’s satisfied hot mess from inches away. The lower half of Ki’s face was slick with girl cum. She smiled sweetly in the quiet-after. Then she smiled devilishly, just before licking her lip for another taste of Tess and flashing a pout.

The besties burst into girlish laughter.

Playfully they squirmed together until they were face-to-face again and kissed. Tess istanbul escort bayan tasted herself in Ki’s mouth. When the kiss finally ended, Tess sighed contentedly. Ki laid her head on Tess’s chest. Tess affectionately stroked Ki’s long hair and said, “I wonder.”

“What?” Ki asked.

“Does your Gus have any idea how wild a vixen he has unleashed?”

Ki honestly considered the question before answering. “But this,” she gave Tess a squeeze, “was because I trust you completely.”

“And you trust him, and want him to show you everything,” Tess replied with emphasis on ‘everything’, “and do everything.” She was serious and teasing in the same moment.

“Yes.” Ki agreed in a whisper. “I do.” She blushed. “Everything.”


The next day Ki was waiting in Gus’s condo when he got there. He was coming overnight and asked her to stay with him. She said she’d, “try to arrange it.” As if there was any question. Knowing they would be together all night kept Ki in anticipatory arousal through the day and made her shamelessly wet by late afternoon. Primed. For the first time in her life Ki was ‘in-heat’ horny.

Before Gus arrived she showered and dressed in a light cotton shirt-dress. It had oversized buttons holding it closed down the front, with the top two buttons undone. It came to mid-thigh, accentuating her slim legs. Looking in the mirror she enjoyed how athletic and healthy she looked in the simple dress. She knew he’d like it.

The fabric sliding across her already stiff nipples made them even more prominent and made it obvious she was naked beneath. She knew he’d like that even more. Knowing she would excite him made her full bush glisten with arousal under the dress. Moving air caressed wet, enticing a rivulet of lust to escape onto her thigh…where it could be caught on a tongue? Soon?

Ki was waiting in the middle of the room when the door opened. Gus was talking on his cell when he saw her. He closed the door behind him as their eyes embraced. Their smile lit the room. Even though this ‘thing’ between them was new, the attraction was undeniable. For them, proximity alone heated the very air they breathed.

He pointed at his phone with an apologetic shrug and continued speaking in a tone she hadn’t heard before. “My offer is good to the close of business today. If it’s not accepted I’m moving on a different company.”

His ‘business voice’ she realized. We live in such different worlds.

He spoke into the phone again. “No. Negotiations are over. My offer is generous and structured to your advantage.”

Gus was firm, without being pushy. She heard unquestioned authority in his voice and couldn’t imagine he ever needed to raise it to be heard. Ki felt his dominance and control in the pit of her stomach and lower. Listening to him in a business conversation was making her even wetter. Soon, her thighs would glisten with seduction.

He watched her intently. A buck watching a young doe for mating – or a lion seeing prey? He saw how his presence affected her. She knew he could see it. Ki felt like her clothing was transparent to him.

He continued his conversation without taking his eyes from her, “Look Steve, text or email me your decision. If it’s a ‘go’ the lawyers can make it official tomorrow. Right now I’ve got something coming up.”

Ki heard his choice of words. She looked down and saw the bulge forming in his suit pants. Gus watched her recognition. More blood rushed into his stiffening cock when she didn’t look away. Her naturally angelic features revealed uncharacteristically wanton desire. Ki watched his face as she approached him, moving fluidly as flesh without bone inside. Flesh for his hardness. She was slick, slippery marrow that needed his hard bone inside her. Sensual reality turned inside-out, bone inside its marrow.

Gus’ gaze followed Ki as she sank to her knees. She watched his face as her hands slid up his thighs. Through the suit fabric, she felt his thigh muscles knotting for action. His cock was obviously in his left pant leg so Ki moved both hands to that side. Beginning with the big head her graceful fingers explored his shape and size. She moved her hands higher, to the top, and then followed the thick length back down to his head. Ki’s hands explored together and separately and then together again. Gus’ cock was quickly growing under her touch and she remembered how it felt inside her, how she’d squeezed him there. Her feminine hands cock-walked to his waistband. They went to his belt and unbuckled it. Her fingers grasped the closure at the top of his fly.

It made a little ‘pop’ when Ki opened it.

The cell phone had been drifting from Gus’ face, but he quickly brought it back, said, “Gotta go,” and tossed it onto a chair.

Ki looked up at him as she pulled the zipper to the bottom. She coaxed his slacks open with hands sliding inside his waistband and started to work them down his legs. Ki brought her attention back to what she escort istanbul was doing to make sure she didn’t ‘catch him’ with the zipper or belt buckle, so her face was close when the slacks cleared Gus’ boxers. His cock sprang inside the shorts and tented them almost to Ki’s face. The sudden movement made Ki gasp softly as Gus’ slacks fell to his shoes.

Ki froze in that instant, feeling lost. She desperately wanted to explore and please and be everything Gus wanted in a lover but was paralyzed by her inexperience. She’d given boyfriends blowjobs but knew Gus had been with sophisticated lovers who would know exactly what to do if they were kneeling where she was. Women who would smile at her childish uncertainty. Knowing she couldn’t match the performance of those imagined, surely gorgeous lovers, made Ki suddenly feel adrift.

When she looked up at him, Gus saw quiet panic spreading across Ki’s youthful features. No makeup. No guile. Beautiful, and now painfully uncertain.

He smiled warmly and lifted a foot still trapped in his puddled pants. “Help me with my shoe?” He asked in a soft voice.

Relieved to have a clear next move, Ki bent to slide one of his shoes off. When he kept holding that foot up she knew to slide his sock off too. Then they did the other.

Gus stepped from his slacks and gently helped Ki to stand. Through the fabric of his boxers and her light dress she felt the heat of his hard-on pressed against her middle when they embraced. His hands roaming her shape confirmed the shirt-dress was all she wore. Gus was excited by Ki’s soft curves and firm flesh and the feel of her shoulder blades moving under his large hands. Fuck, he could feel her hardened nipples even through his suit jacket.

Stepping back, he took her face in his hands and kissed her. Without breaking the kiss his hands drifted to the highest closed button on her dress and opened it, then the next. The intensity of their kiss increased with each button. After Gus opened the last button he slid his hands inside to Ki’s hips and pulled her into him. She felt the bare skin of her breasts against his suit jacket and tie and starched shirt.

They gradually softened their kiss and leaned back. Gus moved his shoulders and Ki understood he wanted her to push his suit jacket from them. He dropped his arms and made no move to keep it from falling to the floor where it joined the puddle of his slacks. “Help me with the tie, Ki.” His voice was relaxed but not asking.

Ki quietly sighed with gratitude for his direction as she reached to undo the knot at her eye level. His hands fell to her breasts while she worked. Ki marveled at how small her breasts felt in his hands and then realized it was all of her that felt small in his caress. His hands on her body replaced free will with the desire to be what he wanted. Whatever he wanted.

When she finally got the knot undone she wondered whether to pull the tie from his collar, and looked up to his face.

Gus slid his hands inside her open dress and onto her shoulders. He pushed the dress down her arms until it fell onto the other clothes. Their eyes locked and Ki stood with her arms still at her sides breathing quick shallow breaths. Naked in front of him. He maintained eye contact as he slid his hands from Ki’s shoulders, down her arms, and took her hands in his. Gus lifted her fragile hands in his rough ones and then laced their fingers together. He brought their hands towards his mouth and then leaned down to kiss her fingers while still looking in her eyes, windows to her soul. Open windows.

Ki felt her legs giving out, or maybe the floor was giving way. Willing to give him anything. Everything.

Instead of releasing Ki’s hands, Gus moved them behind her. He crossed her arms and had her grab her forearms in her hands. The posture pushed her breasts out like a mannequin’s. He bent over and kissed her softly, just below her neck. Ki’s nipples were stiff and her breathing raced, rapid and shallow. With excruciating delicacy he kissed only the very tip of a turgid nipple that ached to be suckled, then kissed her other stiff nub. Ki waited for more. Yearned for more. Gus straightened to his full height and watched her as he pulled the tie from his collar. He opened the top button of his shirt.

With her arms crossed behind her and her chest pushed out dramatically, Ki felt more vulnerable than she’d ever been. He draped the silk tie over her bare shoulder and pulled until it slipped down her back. He looped it loosely around her neck and carefully pulled on it until soft silk cascaded down her chest. Licked by silk. He slid it under one breast and around the other with a tail long enough to reach Ki’s vulva where it tickled and teased her bush. Fuck. Then Gus reached around her waist with one end of the tie and extended his other hand between her legs to take hold of it from the front. He held it behind and in front to slowly draw the fabric back and forth over her taint and labia. Smooth silk easily found its way through Ki’s natural bush and between her wet lips. Gus watched her melting on unsteady legs and moved close so she could lean into him as he caressed between her legs with the silk. With his face almost touching Ki’s neck he smelled sexual hunger coming from her pores. Oh…Fuck me.