Playtime Ch. 02

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It was nearly midnight, but she couldn’t sleep. It had been a long day and she should have been exhausted, but she’d caught a second wind and felt full of energy. And horny as hell.

She sat at her computer surfing an erotic story site, trying to find something to read that would fuel her fantasies while she masturbated. As restless as she was, none of the stories caught her attention. She was about to shut off the computer when an instant message popped up. “What are you doing?”

She smiled at the username. What a perfect person to hear from when she was this horny! “Surfing porn,” she replied.

“Seriously? That isn’t like you.”

“You’re the one who gave me the link to the porn site, right? Didn’t you expect me to use it?”

“Honestly, no. So what are you watching?”

“I’m not. I’m reading.”

“Are you horny?”

She shifted in her chair, putting just the right amount of pressure on her clit. “Yes,” she typed. “Very.”

“Do you still have the toy I gave you?” he asked.

Her face got warm. Of course she had it, and she used it as often as she could. But she wasn’t sure she could admit that to him. After a moment, he typed, “Well, do you?”

“Yes, I do,” she said.

“Then use it. Have you used it since I gave it to you?”

“A couple times.” More than that.

“Use it tonight if you’re so horny.”

“That was the plan.” Though she wished he was there to use it with her, like he’d been the night he gave it to her. Of course, if she was with him now, she wouldn’t need the toy.

“Then do it. Use it. I’ll call you.”

“Call me? Why?”

“I want to hear you.”

The idea of him hearing her moans, of him listening to her cum, was a definite turn-on. Her pussy tingled at the thought. “Will you talk to me while I do it?” she typed.

“Of course. I want to help you cum. And I have a better Beylikdüzü escort bayan idea.”

“Should I be scared?”

“Never be scared of me. You still have your cam, right?”


“Take your laptop and cam to your bed. Set them beside you. Then I can watch you and hear you on the phone at the same time.”

He wanted a show? She’d cammed with him before, but his cam had been on as well; it had been mutual. This time, his full attention would be on her, it seemed. It scared her a little, but it was far more exciting than frightening. “You like to watch, don’t you,” she typed.

“I love to watch a woman enjoy herself. You know that. Will you do it?”

Throwing caution to the winds, she typed, “Yes. Give me a few minutes to get my cam set up, and then call me.”


She unplugged her laptop, grateful that the battery was fully charged. After a few minutes’ searching, she found her cam and took it and the laptop to her room. Once they were set up on her bed, she took her toy out of the drawer she hid it in and checked to be sure the batteries in it were working. She’d used it so much she was surprised the batteries weren’t dead.

Her cell phone rang, and she ran back to the living room to grab it. “Hello?”

“Hello. Are you ready?”

His voice alone was enough to make her wet, if she hadn’t been already. It had been far too long since she’d heard it. “I’m ready,” she said.

“Where’s your cam?”

“Hold on.”

She went back to her room. “I thought you said you were ready,” he said.

“I thought you meant emotionally. I just have to turn on the cam, and I’ll be all set. Are you still on IM?”

“Of course. How else would I watch your cam?”

“Good point.”

She turned on the cam and checked to make sure it would show what she wanted him to Escort Beyoğlu see. And to make sure no one else would be able to view it. This was a private show, just for him.

“Let me see you,” he said.

She clicked to allow him to view the cam. “Can you see me now?”

“Mmm, yes, I can. But you still have your clothes on. Take them off. I want to see your body.”

Quickly, she stripped. Her nipples were hard, and her shaved pussy was so wet she could feel it on the insides of her thighs. “Is that better?” she asked.

“Much. Where’s your toy?”

She picked it up from the bed and held it in front of the cam. “Right here.”

“Use it. Touch your pussy with it.”

She did as he said, bringing the vibrating head of the toy against her clit. At the touch, she moaned and closed her eyes. “Oh, that feels good!”

“You look like you’re enjoying it. Tell me how it feels.”

“It feels so good feeling this against my clit.” She ran the toy along her slit. “I want to feel it inside me.”

“You want to feel the toy?”

“Well, I’d much rather feel your cock, but since that isn’t available…”

“Lie down on your bed, baby. Set your cam so I can see you, and put that toy in your pussy.”

Again she followed his directions. When she lay down, it took her a moment to adjust the cam so it was aimed at her pussy. A moment that made her want to scream with frustration. She didn’t want to wait any longer to feel the toy inside her.

“I can see you,” he said. “Your pussy looks so wet. How long has it been since you fucked anyone?”

“Since the last time I saw you.”

“How long has it been since you fucked yourself with your toy?”

“A week.”

“Do it, then. Fuck yourself.”

She spread her legs and slowly slid the toy inside herself. Her pussy walls clenched at it; she was Bomonti escort so horny it would take her no time at all to cum. The smaller head rested against her clit, vibrating her closer to climax. “You look so hot with your toy in your pussy,” he said on the phone. “Fuck yourself with it, baby. What would you be doing if I was there with you?”

“Sucking your cock.” She pulled the toy slightly out of herself, then pushed it back in. “Oh, god!”

“That’s it. Keep fucking yourself. Pretend my cock is fucking you.”

She thrust the toy in and out, picking up the pace as she got closer to cumming, and was careful to keep the smaller head against her clit. “Oh, fuck, it feels so good!”

“As good as my cock?”

“Nothing’s as good as your cock.” She felt her orgasm building. “Fuck, I’m going to cum!”

“That was fast. You must have been a horny little slut tonight, huh?”

“Fuck, yes.” She moved the toy faster. “Fuck! Oh, god, I wish you were here!”

“What would you want me to do?”

“Fuck me! Oh, my god, fuck me! Fuck my wet pussy till I cum!”

“Are you going to cum, baby?”

“Yes!” She looked at the camera; the knowledge that he was seeing everything she did was enough to push her over the brink. “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!” Her orgasm hit hard, so hard she let go of the toy.

“Sounded like a good orgasm,” he said. “Did you like that, baby?”

She took a couple of deep breaths before she replied, “God, yes. Not as much as if you were here, but it was good.”

“Did you like knowing I could see you?”

“That was fucking hot.” She pulled the toy out of her pussy and set it on the bed beside her. “Did you like what you saw?”

“Yes, I did. But I’m shutting off my computer now. You should get some sleep.”

“Sleep?” She was disappointed. “You trying to get rid of me?”

“No. I just want you well-rested so we can do this again tomorrow. Sweet dreams, baby.”

“Sweet dreams.”

He hung up. She shut off her phone and the laptop and cam, set them all safely on the floor along with the toy, which she would take care of in the morning, and curled up under her blankets. Now she would be able to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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