Possession: Christmas Vengeance – Chapter 8 – The Feast


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In this series, I write from the perspective of the VILLAIN. That means I don’t agree with his choices, and you’re not supposed to either. We’re all acknowledging he is evil and wrong. Obviously nothing he does should ever be done in real life! Please be mature adults and separate fantasy from reality. This SHOULD evoke visceral, icky feelings. That’s the POINT. This is HORROR.

This is more PORN than PLOT.

All characters are 18+.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.






-Butt plugs

-Lots of Food fetish

-Gross licking face/nose/armpits/foot

-Breast milk


Chapter 8 – The Feast

“Alright ladies, let’s go downstairs. It’s Christmas, remember. Let’s go eat and have some fun.”

I currently possess the lean athletic body of Kadir, having a fun night of Christmas festivities with his wife, Grace, and 18 year old daughter Ella.

I’ve just finished taking a nice warm bath with them, cleaning up from all the fun before that.

Grace, so soft and motherly. Her pale skin still naked and damp, pretty blonde and brown highlighted hair wet on her shoulders. Her petite figure, tits and ass just slightly more than a handful each, her body thin but with a womanly plumpness in just the right places. Her finger and toenails painted such a classy platinum white for the holidays. Her blue eyes look back at me, scared of what’s to come. Her mouth forced open with a ring gag, her wrists and ankles have leather cuffs for attaching to whatever I want. Her buttcheeks reveal a little emerald gem butt plug between them when she walks.

And Ella, the little daughter. Older than she looks by far. Tiny thin body, so perky and fit. Mostly flat chest, with a hint of plump to her little hips and butt. Dusky almond skin, tan-lines from the one-piece bathing suit she often wears. Silky long black hair, wet across her shoulder and back. Her finger and toenails painted a cute blue. Her eyes just as scared as her mother, hazel irises staring back at me, at her daddy. The same ring gag, cuffs, and a slightly bigger ruby red gem in her little butt.

I have Ella carry all the bags of supplies I bought from the store, watching her struggle cutely with it all. I make them walk in front of me down the steps. They groan and waddle, tentatively taking baby-steps the whole way, careful not to hurt their sensitive forced-open buttholes. It’s a pain in the ass, but I enjoy the sight of naked mother and daughter struggling down the steps.

We walk past photos on the wall. Elegant art and photography. Family portraits of Kadir and Grace at their wedding, Ella and her dad smiling at the beach, the whole family right after the new baby was born. The little guy sleeps peacefully upstairs, the only innocent member of their family, the only one spared.

Down the dark, curving stairs, through the foyer, the three of us moving quietly through the house, the girls trying not to wake the baby for fear of what I might do. Into the dark kitchen.

“Hey babe, can you turn on some lights? Just a couple. The Christmas tree, those overhead ones, let’s set the mood a bit.” I have Ella set all the supplies down on the kitchen floor, and I move behind the girl and hug her to me. Feeling her naked flesh against mine. I kiss the top of her head and breathe in her freshly shampooed scent. My cock stiffens slightly as I caress her chest and gently cup her breast. Grace glances back at me, and my point is make clear: I have Ella, no false moves.

I walk with Ella, exploring the kitchen a bit while we wait, making myself at home. Everything is so expensive, for no reason. Exorbitant, flashy. The counter has a bowl full of ripe fruit, apples, bananas, plums. I check the fridge. Wow. Desserts. Trays and tins stacked up high. Grace has been baking, a lot. For a Christmas party probably.

I move to the kitchen table with Ella, taking a seat at the head of the table and pulling her onto my lap. Feeling her naked butt pressing down into my thigh and groin, my cock stiffening a bit more. I sink into the expensive dining chair. Incredibly cushioned, high-back, upholstered. I watch as Grace does her housewife duties for her husband. She goes around turning on lights, revealing their pristine, wealthy kitchen. The dining table I sit at is solid wood and black iron, extremely expensive, heavy and sturdy. The whole kitchen looks straight out of a magazine, everything white, black accents, modern. The kitchen opens up to the living room next to it, a massive space, high ceiling, meant to look grand. A massive fireplace, huge Christmas tree, wrap-around leather couch and designer chairs. A huge landscape painting on the wall. I glance back at the Christmas tree. Beautiful white lights wrap around it. Along with red and white ribbons and garland.

All mine for tonight.

I have Grace play some soft instrumental Christmas music from the TV. A bit chilly, I have her light the fireplace. I watch her closely the whole time, partially to make sure she doesn’t do anything she shouldn’t, but mostly just to watch her naked body.

Her wet shoulder-length hair sways as she walks, expensive blonde and brown highlights. Her soft, fair skin, she looks so creamy and fuckable. My dick swells again, half-mast beneath Ella on my lap. I reach down and spread the girl’s legs apart, making her straddle my thigh. I caress her inner thighs, watching Grace the whole time. Moving inward to her little pussy, rubbing her mound and lips gently. Grace bends down to get the fire started. Her ass parting a bit, a bit of pussy revealed, her crotch shrouded in shadow lewdly in the dim light of the room. She turns back to me when she’s done, and lowers her head submissively as she sees me with Ella on my lap.

“All done, babe? Ok let’s set the table now. Bring out all those desserts you made. Set them out on the table. Oh and wine? Got anything nice? Yeah I thought so. That first. Go on then.”

I give her directions as she starts reluctantly setting the table, watching her walk around the kitchen naked. Green little gem peeking out from her ass, gagged mouth in a forced surprised “O” shape. She pours me a glass of expensive red wine. Spiced holiday wine, perfect. I grab her ass as she pours, wiggling her butt plug with a finger, teasingly making her spill a bit, just so I can watch her wipe it up. Damn, it’s delicious. Rich people have it good. I lean back, taking in the holiday atmosphere.

Grace sets out several dishes of amazing little desserts. She’s really quite the baker, probably loving showing off to Kadir’s rich friends and family. I have her put different things at each seat around the table. While she works, she struggles to concentrate as I continue fondling her daughter on my lap. Grace tries to ignore it, but I’m so blatant, kissing her daughter loudly on the shoulders and neck, sticky sounds as I finger at her tiny pussy.

Ella’s legs are spread, straddling my thigh, her warm cunt squishing down against my flesh. Her back leaning into my chest as I wrap my arms around her. I bounce my leg up and down gently, making her jiggle embarrassingly. Her small breasts shaking, I grab at them, sliding my hands from one to the other. I rest my chin on her shoulder, breathing in her sweet scent, her neck and damp hair so enticing after her bath. My cock throbs underneath, poking up into her thigh and buttcheek. I sip my wine, sliding my hand down to casually play with Ella’s little pussy again. I try to keep her at least a little aroused, whether she likes it or not.

Just a father sitting with his daughter, enjoying a drink, while using her little body as it was intended to be used.

As Grace finishes setting the table, I stand up with Ella and make her fetch the supplies I left on the kitchen floor. I smile as I notice a fair amount of wetness on my thigh where her pussy sat. I also have Grace go fetch some of the red and white ribbons from the Christmas tree. She looks confused, but obeys. They bring me the bags and ribbons, and I start setting the table in my own way.

I lift my wife and lay her down faceup longways in the center of the dining table, careful to not bump any dishes. She takes up most of the middle, like a big naked centerpiece. I bind her wrists together behind her head, like she’s relaxing, elbows pointing out to either side. The leather cuffs on her wrists making it easy to attach red ribbons, Sex hikayeleri holding them together tightly. Then I move to her legs. I grab some rope from the bag and run it under her, behind her lower back. I grab one of her ankles and lift her leg as high as I can, practically in her armpit. She wiggles in surprise but then allows it for fear of punishment. I take the rope from behind her lower back and snake it up around her upper thigh, then back under her lower back. This holds her thigh bent way up, pressed pretty close up to the side of her abdomen. I run the rope around her other thigh the same way, tying everything tightly. God this looks amazing already. Her thighs tied up so tightly, spreading her crotch wide open. Lastly I take some more ribbon, bend each leg at the knees, and tie each calf down tight to thigh, keeping her knees completely bent, unable to move.

I step back and admire, grabbing Ella and making her look with me, “How’s it look baby? Your mommy’s like a Christmas ham. Doesn’t she look delicious?” Ella shifts uncomfortably, trying to look away. Christmas music playing softly across the room, dim lights flickering across the walls from the crackling fireplace, Grace lays in the center of her own kitchen table, ring gag in her mouth. Arms relaxing behind her head like she’s about to do some weird sit-up exercise. Elbows pointing outward, armpits exposed. Tits pointing straight up. Thighs spread up and out wide in a good missionary position, bent tight at the knees. The red ribbons tying her wrists together, and tying calves to thighs, they make her look like a nice Christmas present on the table. The ring gag, leather cuffs, and rope an erotic reminder of her real situation.

I finish the look by going to the kitchen counter and grabbing a little ripe red plum. I return and shove it straight in Grace’s mouth, smashing it a bit to force it to stay in her ring gag. She squeals and wiggles nervously, not knowing what I’m doing. Completely blocking the hole, she breathes deeply, nervously through her nose. “There, like a stuck pig with an apple in its mouth. What a feast.”

I sit down at the head of the table, Grace’s head right in front of me within easy reach. Her hair splayed out under her head. Her pretty blue eyes darting around, terrified. I look around and see some little glass bowls of ice cream. I slide it closer and relax, vanilla with swirls of caramel. I take a bite, delicious.

“Ella come here, baby girl. Down under the table. Crawl down, that’s it. Come here.” I make the girl crawl toward me under the table, sticking her face close to my crotch, little hazel eyes looking up at me, eyebrows raised, terrified. Her little ring gag makes her look so lewd and surprised. My swelling cock inches from her. I take a small spoonful of ice cream and lower it onto my dick. I inhale sharply, laughing, god it’s cold.

I hurry up and grab her little head and pull her closer. “Come on baby, warm daddy up.” I force her quivering mouth onto my cock, sliding in, some of the ice cream bunching up and smearing on her little lips, seductively, resembling globs of white cum. “Come on Ella, lick. Try mommy’s ice cream.” I let her work at her own pace, kneeling, sitting on her heels, her little tongue swirling slowly around my tip.

I return my attention to the table, trying another little bowl of ice cream. Vanilla with swirls of chocolate. Wow it’s so good. I take a spoonful and reach out over Grace’s face. Her head rests on her hands, elbows out to the side, like she’s leisurely relaxing in front of me. I dump some ice cream onto her forehead, then slide it around her face, onto her nose and cheeks. I lean down and casually lick at her as she whimpers uncomfortably into the red plum stuffed in her ring gag hole. It leaks juice down her chin.

At the same time, I place my hand on the back of Ella’s head underneath the table, gently nudging her a bit deeper, controlling her pace. Her soft tongue wiggling around underneath my cock, the harder roof of her mouth so nice to rub against.

I lick at Grace’s cheek, sliding the ice cream around, kissing and making out with her sweet skin. I rest my head down, sharing her forearm with her head right next to me. I lick and taste, but purposefully let the cold white cream slide down her face, making a lewd mess. She looks like she’s glazed in cum. Wet and runny, down into the folds of her ear, onto her hair. She pinches her eyes shut tight, trying to block out the world. I put another spoonful right on her eyelid just to mess with her. She inhales sharply from the cold and I lick away, relaxed and enjoying myself.

I cover her nose with my mouth, sucking and swirling my tongue around the sweet ice cream-flavored nostrils. Unable to breathe out her mouth with the plum stuffed in, she starts snorting and trying to turn her head away. I hold her steady with both hands and torment her more, sucking and cutting off air. I dig my tongue into her nostrils a bit, swirling around, just to fuck with her. A feel a bit of slimy mucus from all her crying tonight, and I wrench my mouth off of her in disgust. I spit in her face and rub my hand around, roughly smearing it around, as she gasps and hisses air in her nose finally.

I sit up, ready for more. “Ok Ella, follow me over here.” I move to the next seat, around to the side of the table. I sit down staring at Grace’s elbow, exposed armpit, and tits. Ella crawls to me under the table again, and I grab her by the hair and slowly coax her onto my raging cock. Damn, her warm mouth is just so perfect while I sit here enjoying my meal. This is how fathers should eat every day. Their little daughters lapping away at their cocks as they enjoy their wife and her baking.

In front of me is a small plate of tiny little cupcakes, intricately designed with white frosting on top. I bite into one. Goddamn she can bake. Chocolate chunks, cream filling inside. I reach down and pull Ella’s head back to let her try some. Smearing the cupcake around my cock, chocolate and frosting and cream up and down my shaft. I slowly pull her face back onto me. She coughs at first but slowly starts to get back in a rhythm of swirling and cleaning me off. Such an obedient daughter.

I reach out in front of me and tickle at Grace’s armpit, elbow tied up tight, unable to lower her arm. She squirms and shakes violently. “Ticklish?” I tease and torment her, casually taking another bite of cupcake. I smear the rest around her armpit, covering her pale flesh with creamy white frosting.

I take two more cupcakes and smush each roughly onto each of her nipples, twisting and pushing down so they stay. The music and flickering light from the fire sets such a beautiful mood in the room.

I lean my face in and bury my mouth into her armpit. Licking at delicious frosting, slowly revealing her skin beneath, leaving her wet and sticky. The faintest bit of stubble, rough on my tongue, adds such a dirty feeling. I grab Ella’s head under the table and force her a bit deeper. I hear a soft gagging sound from her throat, but she keeps going like a champ, sucking me in, swirling her little tongue.

Grace is completely embarrassed, trying desperately to ignore what’s happening and hold herself together, but she quivers from being tickled. I glance up and see her face turned away from me, eyes tightly shut. I lick her armpit clean while humping her daughter’s head beneath the table.

Moving back to Grace’s tits, I let go of Ella, letting the girl relax a bit and lick at her own slow pace again. I hear her breathing heavily under there, catching her breath cutely, god her mouth is so warm. I reach up and pull the cupcake off the nipple closest to me, tossing it down, leaving a dollop of white frosting where it was, completely covering her nipple. I have to stand to reach my mouth forward. Ella shifts a bit, but knows to keep going, still swirling and licking her daddy’s cock as it looms above her now, pointing her little face upward and slurping.

I plant my mouth down on Grace’s teat, completely engulfing her nipple, tasting the sweet frosting, flicking my tongue through the cream to discover the little puffy nipple beneath. Her tit is so soft and pliable, my face sinking into her motherly flesh a bit. I caress her belly and chest with my hands as I feast. After swirling and flicking my tongue around her nipple for a while, I swear I can hear a soft moan escape her on accident. It spurs me on and I suck and lap even harder, devouring all the sweet frosting, cleaning her up furiously.

My sucking forces a bit of her breast milk out into my mouth, swishing and mixing with the sweet frosting. The flavors are meant for each other. I let go and look down at her wet, glazed tit, a bit of milk trickling down the side lewdly. “Babe, I think I just made your recipe better. Sikiş hikayeleri I grab the cupcake off her other tit, leaving a similar dollop of frosting where it was, then place it to the side of the tit I’ve been sucking on. I squeeze her udder and spray out some of her warm milk, glazing the cupcake. I take a bite, such a delicious flavor mixed with the feeling of sexual pleasure. I didn’t know the two could be mixed like this. My cock swells rock solid in Ella’s mouth as I stand there subconsciously humping forward lightly into her little face below the table.

“Here Ella, try this.” I crank on her mom’s nipple again, this time unnecessarily hard, watching Grace’s face flinch and try not to react to the pain. The remainder of the cupcake is soaked in plenty of warm breast milk. I step back out of Ella’s mouth and grab her hair and pull. She squeaks in pain and scrambles out from under the table on all fours. I put the cupcake to her ring gag, “Lick.” She obeys and gently licks out at the wet part of the treat. Her little eyes look up at me, hoping for approval, hoping she’s doing things correctly for me. Her eyes a bit bloodshot, filled with tears from all the hard work she’s been doing. I lean down and kiss her almond colored cheek. “Good girl. Ok this way.”

I coax her with me, holding her hair. I go to the end of the table and sit facing Grace’s spread pussy. I scoot in nice and comfy, and Ella crawls to me automatically, quietly sliding her mouth over her daddy’s cock without needing a reminder, starts gently licking again. “Here baby, get more comfy, put your arms up like this. Ok now use your hands, grab, that’s it, up and down, up and down. Remember to lick.” Her little armpits hook over my thighs, her warmth is so nice on my skin, elbows bent outward, hands on the base of my shaft as she slides up and down daddy’s cock. Her mouth so warm and wet. “That’s great baby. The better you do, the less you and mommy get punished.” Not really, but I’ll let that motivate her.

I look in front of me, god what a sight. Grace’s pussy, spread wide on display. Her thighs are held back tight up to her sides, knees pointing away from me, with her calves tied tight down to her thighs with pretty red ribbons, keeping her knees completely bent, her legs completely immobile. Only her pretty feet can move, out on either side. I reach out and grab her feet, and she flinches and squirms them pathetically. So smooth and clean from the bath, toenails painted a classy pristine white for the holidays. I’m not usually into feet, but damn these ladies keep themselves so pampered.

I feel more of her, my hands sliding over her legs. Tied so tightly, the ribbons and ropes dig into her squishy flesh a bit. I feel down her inner thighs, god so smooth and soft. The skin such a pure fair tone. Then further in, the skin gets a shade darker, a sexy private spot never exposed like this. Her pussy mound covered in the perfect amount of trimmed pubes, hair that frames down around her lips and hole, giving her such a natural, womanly look. My cock twitches and I hear Ella’s cute voice squeak in surprise as it jabs the roof of her little mouth.

I feel across Grace’s pubes, so soft and sensual. I look at her pussy, such a nice pink, lips flowering out nicely, the skin of her folds a bit raw and red from all the fun we’ve had tonight. As I caress around her mound, stretching and playing with her squishy flesh, her lips part with a slight sticky sound. I notice a slight wet sheen inside her hole. She’s getting aroused, against her will.

I look lower, below her pussy. Her thick asscheeks are squished down against the table. Between them peeks a small emerald green gem, her butt plug. I poke at it gently, watching her pussy clench a bit in response, her toes wiggle.

In front of me are a couple dishes. A slice of chocolate peppermint cheesecake, with candy canes on the side. And a small bowl of warm caramel liquid, meant to drizzle on top of the cake. I grab around Grace’s thighs and pull her entire body closer, sliding her on the table, flesh squeaking against the surface. Perfectly in reach now, along with these delicious desserts.

I quickly unwrap the candy canes. Three of them. I put the end of one up to Grace’s pussy, rubbing it around her folds slowly. The stickiness catches on skin, so I put it in my mouth to get it slick. Then I press it to her opening and push in without warning. She groans in shock, her entire body flinching, but it slides in easily, a soft sticky sound as it goes. I push in and out slowly, grabbing the back of Ella’s head beneath the table as I go. I caress her silky hair, gently controlling her mouth on my cock. Soft slurping sounds as she’s forced a little faster.

I push the candy cane all the way in, letting the end hook out and poke into her flesh a bit. I take another candy cane and wiggle it in dry, watching Grace’s body squirm in discomfort as it catches roughly on skin before finally getting slick from her pussy juices and sliding in. The third candy cane, I flip around the other way. I caress her teasingly with the hook end, rubbing it up and down through her folds, the hard candy kind of sharp and painful on her sensitive pussy. With the long end running down across her pubic mound, hooking down over her clit, I take the hook end and drive into her hole. Scraping against the other two candy canes, it slides in roughly at first. It fish hooks into her, and as I lift up the long end away from her pubes, she squirms and trembles as the hook stabs up into her insides a bit.

I leave them inside her to melt a bit, and I pick up the bowl of caramel drizzle. I lift it to one of her feet, grabbing the wiggling foot and holding it steady. I force her toes down and dip them straight in. Her little toes, her painted white toenails, now coated and dripping the warm runny caramel. I bring my mouth to it, engulfing her toes as they wiggle, Grace so uncomfortable with this. I suck and swirl my tongue, tasting the delicious sweetness. Her feet are perfectly clean, but it still feels so dirty and wrong. Round little toes squirming in my mouth, I lick between them, flicking and lapping my tongue. She scrapes the roof of my mouth with her toenail, so I bite roughly in response. She groans but keeps trying to kick her stupid feet. So I reach down and grab the candy cane hooked up into her pussy, lifting hard. She screams into the little red plum stuffed in her mouth. She gets the idea and goes still, my dick pulsating in Ella’s little mouth under the table.

I take the bowl of caramel and drizzle some of it out slowly on the top of Grace’s foot, mouth still sucking on toes. I watch it trickle and drip down the sides. I let go and lick at the top of her foot. Then I put my face underneath, laying her entire foot on my nose and mouth, inhaling her soapy scent. And I lick the length of her sole, some of the caramel dripping down around the side of her foot and into my open mouth. God it’s so sweet and nasty at the same time.

I swish a bit of caramel and spit, lean back and look down. I grunt to get Ella’s attention. She looks up at me and stops sucking. Her cute little eyes confused. I let the spit drizzle down to my cock, pouring it all over the wet shaft and tip. “Taste it baby, it’s sweet.” I force her mouth back on. She resists a bit but gives in. Then I tell her, “That’s caramel and spit and mommy’s nasty foot, do you like it?” She gags loudly, trying to pull back. I hold the back of her head and laugh. She gags again but pulls herself together and starts to give up the struggle. “Good girl. Clean daddy’s cock.”

Back to Grace’s pussy, I notice the candy canes are a bit wet, her juices mixing slightly with the melting sugar, making a bit of pink stickiness in her cunt. “You really can’t help but get wet can you, babe? Is this turning you on?” I flick the canes with my finger, clacking them together teasingly. She whimpers and shakes her head. She no doubt has hated every second of this horrific night, but her body betrays her, reacting to the forced stimulation she so rarely feels in their vanilla sex life.

I pull the candy canes out and suck on one of them. The unmistakable slight sourness of her pussy juice, but vastly overwhelmed by the sweetness of the candy. “Ella, here.” She knows the drill by this point, little hazel eyes looking up at me sadly, she slides off my cock and tilts up, waiting. I stick a candy cane down into her ring gagged mouth and swirl around. She knows she has to lick and taste. “That’s mommy’s pussy juice. Good isn’t it?” She sobs and shuts her eyes tight, just enduring it. Setting the candies aside, I plunge Ella back onto me. Her little hands and mouth getting back to work obediently. “Good girl.”

I return to Grace’s pussy, leaning down and shoving my face into her crotch. I spread her lips apart with Erotik hikaye both hands, admiring the pink sticky wetness around her hole. I put my mouth on it and explore. Licking and tasting, tongue gliding through sticky folds, sweet candy mixed with a bit of sourness. I drive my tongue in as deep as I can, fully enveloped by her tight hole trying to resist my entry. All around my tongue, soft bumpy flesh, wet and so sweet. I breath in deep, my nose buries in her short pubes, folds, and clit. Her scent is incredible. Freshly bathed fruity soaps, but with a hint of her feminine musk. Ella gulps crudely as my cock bounces and twitches in her mouth.

I could live right here forever. Christmas music playing softly, shadows and lights dancing off the walls from the crackling fireplace. Sitting comfortably in an expensive cushy dining chair, tongue fucking a mother’s candy coated pussy hole, breathing her fresh crotch while she’s tied to her own kitchen table, her little daughter choking down my cock under the table.

I lean back, panting. Her cunt gapes slightly open for a few seconds, glistening, a slight trickle of spit and juice drips down her taint and settles on her butt plug. I reach for the last dessert plate, chocolate peppermint cheesecake. Straight out of a modern cookbook, it just couldn’t look any better. Mostly a creamy white color, with some swirls of chocolate brown and peppermint pink, and white whipped cream on top. I take a bite, god fucking damn it tastes like Christmas. Spices and shit in it too, wow. What a good wife.

I take a spoonful, pull Grace’s pussy lips apart with my free hand, and guide it forward. Her hole clenches when it feels the cold spoon, but I just slowly massage her and push it gently forward. Some of the cake globs up on the outside of her pussy, and I rest my face onto her mound and lick down at her folds, still sliding the spoon, an inch from my face. I hear Grace sobbing as she finally realizes what I’m doing. I keep going, watching the spoon force its way in, shoving a spoonful of her cheesecake into her vagina, while I sniff and lick around her folds.

With the spoon inside her, I wiggle it around forcefully, twisting it, pumping in and out slightly. She sobs and groans in discomfort. Which just clenches her pussy tight onto the food like I want. My cock keeps pulsing in her daughter’s mouth. If the girl could close her lips and suck better, I’d be cumming. I grind front to back slightly in my seat. Soft slurping sounds from Ella’s mouth under the table.

I slide the spoon out, most of the spoonful clenched by her pussy and remaining inside her. Then I grab another and do the same again. This time faster, harder. Watching her tremble, her feet arched and straining out to the sides of my head. I’m making quite a mess around her crotch, but I happily lap at it, tasting the delicious cake, licking her folds, making a mess, some dripping down her crack and plopping down on the table. I get an erotic hint of sour pussy juice flavor every once in a while as I lick and suck.

Four full spoonfuls inside her, I then just grab the whole plate and dump the remainder on her crotch, smushing the creamy half-slice of cake into her pussy. I set the plate down and enjoy the sight of cheesecake, swirled with peppermint and chocolate, coating and completely covering Grace’s pussy. Some of it getting into her pubes, nasty but so fucking erotic. I push and pull the flesh on either side of her pussy, watching the lips and mound move, the shape of everything still visible underneath the white cream, like some sort of messy camel-toe.

I dive in face first, licking up mouthfuls of the delicious treat, revealing slick, slimy flesh beneath. Her pussy is left half-coated in creamy cheesecake, half-revealed pink skin. Wet, slimy, and dripping.

I can’t take anymore. I stand, letting Ella slide off my cock. I reach down and coax the little girl out by the hair, “Come on baby girl, get up on the table with mommy.” I lift her by the armpits and walk her to the other end, making her get up on Grace’s face, straddling her mom’s head, Ella facing Grace’s feet.

I take out the red plum stuffed into Grace’s ring gag, finally letting her breathe out her mouth, her lips and chin dripping with plum juice. She gasps as I lower her daughter’s crotch over her mouth. I lean down and whisper in Grace’s ear, “If I don’t see you constantly licking your daughter’s pussy under there, I’ll switch you with her, crushing her face under your weight, fucking her brains out. Ok?” Grace nods, smushed underneath Ella’s crotch. Ella’s little hands on Grace’s chest for support, her ruby butt plug gem right in Grace’s nose.

Then I climb up to join them. The expensive table is so solid, it could hold twice this much. My cock drips precum and Ella’s spit, so close to bursting already. I get up close to Grace’s pussy, in missionary position. My cock resting on her messy dessert-covered crotch, I hump front to back, sliding across her wet folds, while I grab a foot in each hand. Caressing the pretty toes of her slimy foot, putting the clean foot to my face and inhaling. My cock lifts itself and pats down onto her pussy.

Then I grab my dick and ram home without warning. A squelching sound as I drive into her sloppy cunt, the cheesecake making her slippery and messy. Fuck that’s good. After the wide-open mouth just teasing me for so long, the tight warm walls of a woman’s vagina are like sinking into a warm bath on a cold night. I sigh and hold there for a minute, trying not to pop already. I lean forward into Ella, face to face with me. I take the little girl’s face in my hands as I start slowly pumping in and out of her mother beneath us. Her hazel eyes so worried, her bold dark eyebrows furrowed in fear. I plunge my tongue into her ring gagged mouth, tasting her drool, the sweetness of several desserts still lingering in her spit, the lewdness of my cock having just been here is disgusting but I don’t care. I tongue fuck her mouth. SQUELCH SQUELCH SQUELCH into messy cunt below.

I look down between Ella’s dusky legs and see Grace’s tongue lapping, poking out from under the little pussy smushed down onto her nose. “Good girls. Good fucking girls. Ella, hump on her face a little baby. Like this, front to back, good.” The girl’s eyes fill with tears as I hold her, staring into her eyes, caressing her cheek, making her grind her hips on her mommy’s face.

I lick up the side of the girl’s cheek and temple, while slamming harder into Grace’s pussy. Then I reach for Ella’s little mounds in front of me, her little tits, tiny nubs in the middle. I flick and massage, molesting the girl. I fuck harder, about to explode.

I grab Ella by the top of the head, gripping hair painfully, and thrust her down, laying her flat on her mommy’s belly, turning her head sideways to lay on Grace’s messy pubic mound. I fuck in and out, staring down at the little girl’s sweet face. Her innocent eyes staring up at me, hoping I don’t hurt her again. Her mouth forced wide, face inches away from where I smash in and out of her mother’s cunt. I reach out forward and slap down on her little almond asscheeks, “Bounce up and down, baby, bounce your butt on your mommy’s face.” She obeys, slowly jiggling her cheeks, Grace helplessly still lapping at the pussy bouncing on her mouth.

I grunt and start seizing up, cumming violently. I pull out of Grace and slap my pulsing dick down onto Ella’s face, still humping front to back, sliding my wet cock on her cheek as she trembles and clamps her eyes shut. I spurt out a jet of hot sperm across her ear and into her silky black hair. Then I pull back and thrust into her open mouth, spurting another jet into her gullet. Then out and onto her cheek and nose. In again. Finally finishing and letting the last bit ooze out onto her tightly shut little eyelids. I sit back on my heels, panting, still holding her quivering head there, slowly sliding my cock around her face, playing with my cum, smearing it around all over her.

Exhausted and fully satisfied, I climb down from the table and walk around to Grace’s face on the other side. I shift Ella a bit and slide her mother’s face to the edge of the table. With the side of her head laying on the table, still bound, daughter still laying on her chest, I slide in and out of her forced-open mouth, “Clean me off, babe. You don’t mind do you? Come on lick it all off.” She sniffles, a bit of drool pouring out her mouth, pooling on the table. The scent of sex and sweet desserts strong in the air. Grace reluctantly licks me clean for a full five minutes as I let myself calm down, heart rate slowing.

When she’s done, I untie her, letting her stretch her sore limbs for a minute. I sit back down and enjoy watching them regain their composure on the table. Then I make them lick each other clean as I enjoy another glass of expensive wine.


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