Power Play Pt. 15

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Note: It is useful to re-read Part 12, 13 and 14 of this story before reading this one.

Had Jill known how I had come to arrive in the place, and what I had been up to in the previous two days, she might have thought differently of me right there and then.

It had been early that same morning, straight after I’d had Jesse and Hollie that the chain of events that brought me here started.

“This is Jill.” Hollie leaned in to kiss me. “You can have her later today if you want to.”

My puzzlement grew. I frowned more until deep wrinkles cut across my skin. “How do you know these women, Hollie? What’s this all about?”

She chuckled lightly. “Let me tell you.”

She pointed towards the kitchen, meaning it would be easier to sit and talk on the stools there than here. I took out the phone from my jacket pocket to check the time, but she reassured me before I was able to switch it on, “It’s fine, you still have at least twenty minutes.”

To be fair, it was good to walk away from the messy bed and its messy, cum-wet sheets. Not that it wasn’t fun in the first place getting them wet. I grinned to myself at the recent memory. My cock was still somewhat achy and recovering from the experience.

The tapping of Hollie’s high heels on the kitchen floor dragged me away from these thoughts and I followed her there. She was wearing her great coat again under which there were only her bra and panties, but she a job good enough buttoning the coat up so only a very careful observer would be expected to guess she was half naked underneath.

As I was entering the kitchen, now beginning to bask in the morning’s sunrays, she sat down on the stool and slipped her hand into one of her coat’s deep pockets. A small glossy piece of paper came up — she slapped it down on the counter, clearly for effect. I sat down on the other stool, at about an arm’s length from her. She waited a second, clearly enjoying the moment. I shook my head, feigning indignation.

She pushed what looked like a leaflet along the counter for me to pick up. Immediately, my eyes widened as I read the front page of a small A5-size 4-page folded glossy advert.

Dreams Realised, looked was the main title. The front page had 2 photos of rather saucy-looking, half-naked couples, 1 photo of a naked young woman and another of a man about my age. The images were softcore; tasteful but quite indicative this was all about sex. Under the photos a series of questions were posed, clearly aimed at potential customer of whatever the leaflet was for:

What are your fantasies? What are your dreams? Gentle romantic sex you’re not getting from your husband or partner? Rough action with the female submitting? A threesome? Handcuffed and at his pleasure? Oral sex you never get from your partner? Two women and a man? Two men and a woman? A schoolgirl or nurse fantasy? Outdoor fucking?

Then, clearly standing out, in large red font in the bottom-right corner of the page, there was the information “Only £30 per month”.

I opened my mouth, puzzled. I looked up at Hollie, “What is this? A porn site?”

“Read on.”

I turned the leaflet to page 2 and 3. This was called “Services” and included essentially very explicit photos of several different erotic positions and fantasies that people might have, including things like “69”, “facefucking”, “threesome”, lesbian encounter”, outdoors”, “handcuffed” and “older men”. Each entry had a testimonial from somebody who has enjoyed these “services”.

The fourth page included the contact details — there was a website, an email address, a telephone to call and an address with a map.

I had to admit this looked rather hot, but it did look an escort service, really, although done slightly more tastefully than most. Plus, I still had no idea how this linked to the photos of Jill and the other girls on Hollie’s phone.

I raised my eyebrows and then frowned again. “This looks hot. But what the hell does it have to do with Jesse and that Jill girl?”

She smiled. “You’re going to love this,” she said. “Let me tell you and promise you won’t interrupt me before I finish or it’ll take a very long time and you don’t have much time anyhow bahis siteleri before you need to go.”

I sighed. “Ok, then.” I walked over to the sink to pour myself a new glass of water. On numerous occasions, I had to bite my lip not to interrupt her (failed only once to do so). There was no way, though, that she didn’t see my surprise, amazement and both dread and delight as she was telling me all this — her story would generate all of these emotions in anyone.

“I had been in both business — IT and electronics — and then in higher education business for a long time. Three years ago I was married, but that failed rather spectacularly. He simply didn’t have enough drive for me and was hoping for a more traditional wife that would cook him meals and settle for peaceful life. My error in a way — I should’ve seen that coming — I wanted more sex, and it just happened that I was surrounded by very handsome people, of both sexes, at work in the boardroom. Well, you can imagine the rest. The marriage fell apart quite violently, but it was also quick.

Free of this marriage burden, I was finally truly able to experiment with many different men and women and I discovered, and unleashed, my drive for fucking, previously hindered in the relationship. What guilt I’d had before, it quickly vanished. 69s, blowjobs, face-fucking, men, women, threesomes and groups — that’s when it all started.”

She laughed here, catching my envious look.

“Anyhow, during the same time of being, how shall we call it, a sexual libertine when I was finally feeling I was being who I wanted to be, at work, I moved over to higher education. There’s, of course, a great need for all sorts of technologies in education, so it was a logical move. Over the last two years, I’ve become an IT trainer for all manner of universities.

Now, to the point. So many people that I was working with, working for (maybe not some of those in my boardrooms, though!) were clearly restraining themselves — living their lives with their bedroom fantasies unrealised. I saw people in schools — teachers lusting after their fellow teachers, lonely IT designers sitting at their desks fantasising in secret, probably watching porn at home, too, about what they’d like to do, but resigned to never being able to do that. With time, I was starting to see lots and lots of really miserable people, crawling back to their dens after work, not able to pursue their pleasures because of some fucking stigmas others had — or ones they’d bought into themselves!”

She was now on a roll, and I was sensing she was getting close to explaining what Dreams Realised was. I was not interrupting, but I was dying to know, but I have to be honest, that she’d had many fuckbuddies in the past did not surprise me in the slightest.

“Worse yet,” she went on, “are so many people in relationships who confided in me how controlled they were by their partners while having a girlfriend or a boyfriend, not able to explore their sexuality properly, not able to fuck the way they wanted to for some sick prude reason. It seems it’s been getting worse, this problem, in the last few years — this rise of prudishness, the cancel culture, the idea that women are saints and men are to blame for all this world’s ills—” Hollie’s language now started sounding like out of one of my lectures as momentarily she became both enraged and very formal, “this actually hurts people, makes them angry and resentful.” She paused. “All this right in the middle of the massive popularity of Shades of Grey!” she laughed out loud in contempt of the situation.

I couldn’t agree more with her and nodded my head vigorously several times during her tirade. We both knew that my situation at work, whatever would happen there, was about the exact same sort of issues as what she was describing.

“Men should not be distrusted or anything — it’s complete lunacy. Sex is natural to people and women want to fuck just as much to men. As for me — and you know this — I love a strong man’s dick in my pussy.” I grinned openly.

“So—” This was the point when the explanation was about to be revealed, “about a year ago, I put a lot of my savings into opening this place. We called it Dreams canlı bahis siteleri Realised. I had a lot put aside from my IT and electronics business, enough to buy a larger place with several rooms — essentially taking over a hotel, which is where we are, with several rooms.”

“Rooms for what exactly?” I could no longer keep quiet.

She placed her finger across her lips and continued. “We ask regular people what erotic fantasies they’ve got — and we realise them. We’ve furnished the rooms for different purposes; so we have one glamour-looking like for couples, for instance, another with a large sofa and a fireplace, and another essentially a classroom for many people who want to live their schoolteacher fantasies. There is also a swimming pool. We’ve spared no expense.”

Silence fell for a few seconds. I looked at her quizzically, with my jaw partially dropped. “We’ve set up a website, where people can sign up and tell us what they want. The success of this, “she smiled, quite inwardly, congratulating herself, “was just incredible. We did this, as you can see from our leaflet, on a subscription model, so rather than pay hundreds of pounds for an encounter, which might not get them the actual fantasy they are after, their £30 with us gets them 3 encounters per month. We want them to be happy, too, so there is no time limit — and no clocks in the room, like with escorts!”

She explained further, “But I like to think we’re not like an escort agency. Many times, we simply match regular people and just provide them with the privacy of our hotel room. So just last week, we had a 21 year old girl after a threesome and matched her with two guys in their early 30s who were after the same thing. I think they’re all married to their separate partners, but clearly were not getting what they needed. They all loved the experience and are, in fact, meeting later this week for more.”

I was now listening to her with my mouth essentially gaping. It now occurred to me that that meeting the previous day in the café had likely not been any kind of coincidence!

“We do have some regular staff, three women and two men, who can also provide services, but most of what we do is meetings between different people.” She went on, now clearly proud of her achievements, “I think we’re different, too, from those pathetic online ‘dating’ sites, because we actually match people manually by looking who they are and what they actually want.”

She went on in a self-congratulatory tone, “Now, after a year we’re finally starting to make enough money back — we’re getting quite popular; people are sharing our website with their friends and these-” she pointed to the leaflet on the counter, “so word’s getting around. Some people visit us from outside of London,” she added proudly. “Most of the initial budget came from my partner Katherine — without her, none of this would have happened.”

She stopped, grinning from ear to ear. “Questions?” This was an invitation to a free-flowing conversation now.

“So Jesse, Jill and others?”

“Yes, they come from our database. Both Jesse and Jill were and are after men older at least by 15 years than them — this turns them on. Not happy in their relationships. Jill has just chucked her boyfriend out — for ‘always only paying attention to his pleasure, not hers’ as she put it, but Jess has a boyfriend, I believe.”

A pang of guilt suddenly came over me. So I’d just fucked someone in a relationship. How did I not think of that before??

Hollie noticed the fallen expression on my face and instantly stepped in. “Oh no you don’t!” she told me off. “Her boyfriend ignores her always, just playing his video games and she’s been feeling lonely and rejected for months, not quite knowing how to get out. She was dreaming of what we did for quite some time now. Before she left today, she told me in the bathroom, she finally felt like a woman. It wasn’t just your pleasure; it was herself as well.”

This pacified me a bit. “Meeting me at the café–” I ventured now, somewhat anxiously, not knowing what answer to expect, “that was no accident, was it?”

She chuckled and got up to get herself a glass of water. “No, it wasn’t.” She glanced at canlı bahis me thoughtfully. “I have a friend who knows you at the university through my IT in education work.” She spotted my questioning eyes and explained, “Rebecca Leigh.” She was the professor I talked to in the morning on the previous day on arrival to the university; and, truly, a part of her job involved liaising with the IT department. “She described you as ‘lost and rejected’ after your divorce.” She put her lips together in sympathy, likely emerging from her own similar experience. “I think Rebecca fancies you a bit.” My pupils widened slightly in surprise. “After a few glasses of wine last month at a pub, she did decide you were ‘handsome’ and ‘attractive'”.


“Didn’t see that coming?”


“You can never tell what pent-up feelings people hide under those professional veneers, Richard.” In my mind, I was frantically trying to recall conversations with Dr, now suddenly ‘Rebecca’ Leigh, but Hollie continued with her story, “Becky also added then that she thought you might get in trouble for you ‘anti-woke’ views one day. Seems rather prophetic to me—” They were right about that! “And it might just be that in today’s language, you might have ‘an ally’ there.”

I remained rather shell-shocked having heard all that, but Hollie gave me no time. “So yeah, after all that, I decided to meet with you. Becky knows which café you go to every morning before work, including which table is your favourite — you told her — so I dressed up, dolled up, and went there.” She giggled. “It took mere seconds into our meeting to know you’d be fucking me later that day. I just didn’t know what time.” She laughed at this sight of my open mouth. “Men are pretty predictable!”

She hesitated slightly before going on, completely ignoring the look of exasperation on my face after her last remark. “You have a good range. You’re a great kisser and can do romantic ‘love-making’ as well as crazed rough fucking, and absolutely loved your face-fucking skills.”

She was using some job interview language here (‘range’?, ‘skills’?); was she offering me a job?

“So how about you join us as a member of our staff?” I predicted right. She was offering me a job.

I was quite taken aback by this and somewhat terrified, too. A ‘job’ of fucking random strangers was not exactly something I’d previously considered as a career move! — and what about my current job? This was all instantly written on my face. “You can see how your meeting goes. But darling—” she took a few steps towards me now, touching my hardon raging in my trousers for the last few minutes again, “how can you deny yourself fucking those teens and knowing that they want it?”

I moaned. There was no point denying I felt very tempted. She kept luring me further. “Sticking that dick where you want? Hearing them beg for more?” Her voice was now husky. “Them sucking you off? Pushing in through their young pussies? Sucking their young and willing tits? Cumming on their pussies and tits? Slapping their asses? Eating them out? Them being your bitches?”

I was panting by the time she listed all of that. Sad human as I was, I was getting convinced, but wasn’t quite. There was no conceivable way one could stay a university lecturer and do that!

“How about you try it?” she suggested, seeing that she was getting me to come around. It was a puzzling interview technique — rubbing an interviewee’s cock while asking questions! She kissed me hard. “Go to your meeting first. I’ll contact you then. Try Jill and see what the place looks like — and then make a decision. How about that?”

Gears turning fast inside my head. “Fine.”

She looked relieved and left me in piece, no longer inflicting on me her female charms that I could not resist. Probably best just before heading out for the meeting now.

“It’s just that—” I said to her, somewhat apologetically, “it’s a lot of things coming at me at once and difficult to take.” She nodded in understanding. “And—you just told me I could have a life where I could realise all my fantasies and have any girl I ever wanted.”

“Yes, I did.” She laughed unabashedly.

“Some would call that completely immoral.”

She wasted no time in responding “Would you?”

I considered this for a while. “If they consent and want it, too, not at all.”

She laughed out loud heartily. “I think you just landed the job.”

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