Pretty Little Summer Dresses Ch. 06

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The next day I was awoken by a ring on the doorbell. I turned over and pulled the pillow over my head, not wanting my sleep to be disturbed just yet. There were a further two rings, followed by the sound of someone rapping on the door with their knuckles.

“Sod it,” I thought, throwing the covers off me. I was naked, my clothes from the party strewn on the floor around the bed. I put the chino’s on and went to the door. Having opened the door, I caught sight of Dawn returning to her flat.

“You wanting a coffee?” I enquired.

She turned around and smiled. Her smile exuded warmth and sexual desire. She was wearing a little floral top and a pair of figure-hugging jeans and Junior started to twitch as he remembered her luscious body.

“Dan’s only out for about forty minutes,” she said, “so only if you mean just a cup of coffee.”

“There’s a lot I could do in forty minutes,” I said smiling.

“I’m sure there is, but I’d need time to shower after and I think it would be a bit tight,” she responded.

“I love it when it’s tight,” I said gazing at her crutch.

She laughed. “You’re impossible,” she said, “Does your mind ever manage to leave the sexual plane?”

“Okay, just a coffee,” I offer, “Was there a reason for your visit?”

“Oh, I almost forgot,” she said, “I signed for this for you yesterday.”

She was holding out a recorded delivery official looking envelope. I looked at the back of it; it was from a firm of solicitors. Okay, so who’s suing me now — I can only think the ex wants to take another cut of what’s left of my assets.

We enter the flat, I throw the envelope on the table and switch on the percolator, making two cups of coffee. I place one in front of Dawn and sit opposite her, sipping my coffee.

“Well,” she says, “you gonna open it then?”

“Not sure I want to know what’s in it,” I respond.

“Look,” she says, “I’ve signed for it now, so you’ll be hard pressed to claim you haven’t received it. You might as well open it and see what it is.”

I reach for the envelope and rip it open. Reading it, my face drops.

“Bad news?” asks Dawn, seeing the look on my face.

“It’s my Aunt, she’s passed away. It’s details of the reading of her will.”

“Were you close?” she asked.

I think back to my fondest memories of Aunt Marjorie. She had taken my virginity when I was eighteen. I had been a spotty faced teen just about to embark on a new life at Uni with absolutely no experience of girls at all. She had taken it upon herself to introduce me to the delights of a woman’s body. She would have been about forty-two or three at the time, but her body was immaculate and, boy, did she know how to use it. She gave me my first blow job, taught me how to please a pussy with my tongue and finally fucked the breath out of my body. It was a secret we kept to ourselves; my mum and dad certainly didn’t know and I’m pretty certain she never revealed it to her husband either. It was only the one liaison, but it was engrained in my memory for eternity.

“Yes,” I answered, “although we lost touch really when she retired to Spain.”

Dawn reached out and grasped my hand, stroking it gently to comfort me.

“It’s okay,” I said, “she was a game old bird and she had a good innings.”

“Anyway,” says Dawn, “have you got any plans for the weekend? Dan’s away on one of his business trips and I’ve arranged for Shannon to have a sleepover at one of her friends.” She looks at me expectantly.

“Yeah, I’ve got plans,” I say, watching as the smile disappears from her face, “I’m gonna spend the whole weekend in bed with you, making you wish you lived here and not next door.”

After Dawn left, I messaged Jess to thank her for a great party. My mind then wandered back to that day, over thirty years ago when I had been packing for Uni. Aunt Marjorie had come to the house to see me off; her husband didn’t like me, for whatever reason and stayed home. I was busy in my room packing a suitcase when Marjorie walked in. She told me my parents had gone into town to buy me a leaving present and enquired if there was anything she could do to help. I told her I had it covered but she proceeded to open a drawer and pulled out a pile of my underwear. She made a suggestive comment about filling my boxers and before I knew it, she was unbuttoning her blouse and pulling me towards her. Her tongue dived into my mouth as she pulled my t-shirt up and ran her hands over my torso.

“I’m gonna get you ready for those Uni parties,” she said, as she unbuckled my belt and pulled my trousers and boxers down. My cock sprang out, like a Jack in the Box, and she soon had it in her soft, velvety mouth. I had never felt anything like it before. Not in my wildest dreams had I imagined that having your cock sucked would feel this good. She started slowly, just licking and sucking on the head as she held my shaft in her hand. As she started to bob her head, taking my cock in and then pulling back with her hand firmly stroking, my virgin cock couldn’t kaçak iddaa take any more and I shot my load. She took the first spurt in her mouth and swallowed but she then took my cock out and aimed the remaining spurts at her ample breasts. I just watched in awe as she rubbed my cum into her chest before licking her fingers clean.

“Now,” she said, “shift that case off the bed. I’m going to teach you how to lick pussy, while your gorgeous cock recovers.”

I did as she bade, while she removed the remainder of her clothing.

“Strip,” she commanded, and I took off what remained of my clothing.

She lay on the bed, with her legs spread. Her hand was playing with her pussy and she opened the lips to show me her hole. I had seen pictures in magazines but seeing the real thing in real life was mind-blowing.

“Come on,” she said, “come and get a close look.”

I knelt on the bed between her legs and lowered my face to her sex. I could see she was damp and there was a slight smell of lavender which, I assumed, she splashed herself with down there.

“Right,” she said, “that’s enough looking. Let’s put that mouth of yours to work.”

She grabbed my head and pulled me against her mound,

“Kiss it,” she said, “Use your tongue and lick along the length of it. That’s it, only firmer — don’t be afraid; you’re not going to hurt me.”

She started to grunt as my novice tongue licked her sex. I reached up and grabbed a handful of tit flesh as my tongue continued to lap at her lips.

“That’s my little Bobby,” she said, “now pull my lips apart and stick that gorgeous tongue in me. Prepare the way for that cock of yours.”

Her fingers were tousling my hair as she spoke. Her hips were raising off the bed as she brought her pussy up to meet my mouth.

“That’s it, Bobby. You’re a fast learner aren’t you. I envy all those girls at Uni who are going to get their flowers licked by you. Okay now move your tongue around inside me, that’s it. Like you’re searching for something — get it as far in as you can and check out all the corners. That’s it; keep doing that and you’ll get your reward.”

Seconds later she screamed out. I thought I had hurt her but before I could do anything my face was showered with a load of liquid. At first, I thought she had peed on me; I was grossed out but she explained that it was her orgasm and that it was the equivalent of my cum. She pulled me up the bed and licked her juices from my face as her hand reached down and found my cock.

“Time for Junior here to do some exploring,” she said, stroking my shaft gently. “Now, get between my legs and put that heavenly young cock of yours up against my hole.”

As I did this, she grabbed my buttocks, squeezing them gently. She then pulled me towards her and I had my first feel of the inside of a pussy. What can I say? Any man who can remember their first time knows what an incredible feeling that is! Sure, it’s never the best sex as you pick things up as you go along — how to please a woman with your cock; how to get the most possible pleasure from a pussy, but that first time is something else! It’s that sudden realisation that masturbation comes a very poor second; the feeling of being encompassed by a wet, slippery tunnel — the feeling of sliding in and out of a tight tube that is there just to please your cock. The look on the face of the woman as you pound into her inviting pussy; the animal grunts she made as my cock invaded her. She tried to get me to slow down but I was overwhelmed by the feeling in my groin; I wanted to keep sliding in and out and the faster I went, the better it felt. Again, I didn’t last long at all and my cock exploded inside her. I had never cum so much when I masturbated and was amazed at how much cum I could produce. Marjorie held me to her, my head nestled on her breasts after I finished coming. I took the opportunity to suck on her nipples as we lay there in the aftermath of my first sexual encounter.

We must have both drifted off to sleep as I was awoken with a start by the sound of car doors banging. My parents were back! I woke Marjorie and we both hurriedly dressed; she told me to open a window to get rid of the smell of sex and we both got on with packing my case. Marjorie kept the boxers I had been wearing as a “souvenir.”

AS my memories faded away, I looked down at my lap where my hand held my limp cock and my chinos were covered in cum. I had been masturbating without even realising as my recollection of my first time had filled my mind.

I got up, threw my trousers in the washing pile and went for a shower. A whole weekend with Dawn to look forward to; my life just got better and better!

The week dragged by. What should have been the highlight turned into a major disappointment. An afternoon at Gerry’s with Niamh nowhere in sight. When I enquired about her, Gerry advised me that she was sitting her book-keeping exam. My mind went back to that evening in the pub; her in her school uniform, my accidental brush of her kaçak bahis boob. I went to the gents and gave myself a treat as I remembered how sexy she had made a school uniform look, my load emptying in record time as I remembered her great legs and imagined her pussy at the top opening up for me.

Finally, Friday arrived. Dawn wasn’t available until Saturday afternoon, once she had dropped Shannon off, so I decided to go to the pub for a quiet drink. As I entered the bar, I was greeted by Rosie who, I have to say, looked stunning. She was wearing a waistcoat over a black bra and her ample cleavage was inviting me over. I went to the bar and complimented her on her appearance; ordering a scotch on the rocks and offered her a drink. Normally she would just take for a drink and put the money in the tips jar but, “As it’s quiet,” she pulled herself a half of cider and joined me at the bar drinking.

“Been hearing a lot about you,” she said, giving me a knowing smile.

“Really,” I responded, “like what and from who?”

“Been hearing that you’re a bit of a naughty boy,” she answered, “You’re clearly not aware that I’m Dawn’s cousin. She tells me that you’ve got a mighty fine package hidden away.”

“Rosie, love,” I said, “I’ve got no secrets from my favourite barmaid. Anytime you want to unwrap my package, you just let me know. But in return I would want to get my hands on those lovely curves of yours.”

“I just might take you up on that offer, Bobby boy, if my Jack ever gives me a chance to catch my breath!” she responded.

I grinned at her and raised my glass to her before knocking back the contents.

“Same again please, Rosie love,” I said, placing the empty glass on the bar.

Rosie poured me another and handed it to me. Her hand lingered on the glass and she brushed her fingers over mine as I took the glass from her; the twinkle in her eye sent a message to my brain and another one to my dick. Unfortunately, at that moment, another customer needed her attention and the moment was lost but I knew that there was a possibility of a liaison in the future, and that was something I had thought could only ever be a pipe dream.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, and I returned home, imagining what the weekend had in store for me.

Saturday morning arrived and I awoke fresh from a dream about Rosie, naked and wet. No, her in the dream, not me in reality — although that wasn’t far from the truth. I had some breakfast, showered and splashed on my best cologne, before dressing in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt — no point in over-dressing for a day of sex!

With a couple of hours to kill, I switched on the box and flicked channels until I found some football highlights to watch. Time dragged but I knew the wait would be worthwhile as I switched between channels.

At about one o’clock, there was a ring on the doorbell. Earlier than I was expecting, I rushed to the door to open it. It was Dawn, but I was disappointed to see Shannon still in tow.

“Here’s a replacement for that bottle of wine I borrowed,” she said, with a smile, “Now I need to be getting Shannon to her friend’s house.” She turned and walked away, my eyes following her every step. As she walked down the corridor she looked over her shoulder at me and, with a sexy smile, flipped up the back of her very short dress to reveal her naked butt — I couldn’t wait to get my hands, tongue and any other parts of me all over it. I watched her until she headed down the stairs and then returned to my flat.

Putting the bottle of wine in the fridge, I settled back down in front of the TV. It was only about twenty minutes till the bell rang again and I opened the door to be greeted by a pair of arms thrown around my neck and a massive kiss from Dawn.

“So, lover,” she said, “what do you fancy? A walk in the park? A drink at the local?”

I grabbed her by the arms and dragged her into the room, kicking the door shut as I went. I threw her onto the settee and pulled her legs apart as I dove onto her, my head between her thighs, my tongue lapping at her bare mound.

I paused for breath, and in that instant I said something that came as a total surprise to her and even more of one to me, “You are so sexy and gorgeous, I think I love you.”

She looked at me with those gorgeous big eyes before bursting into laughter. “You don’t need to say things like that to get me into bed,” she said, “Just show me that lovely cock of yours — that’s what I came for.”

“Clutz,” I thought, “what made you come out with that. You almost ruined the weekend.”

I smiled at her and then returned my attention to her gorgeous pussy. My tongue was working overtime, licking her lips and the inside of her without poking my tongue into her. She was raising her hips, trying to impale herself on my tongue but I refused to let her. I was going to tease her and make her beg for it! My tongue stroked up and down closer and closer to her clit without reaching that golden target. I hovered over her entrance illegal bahis and blew, both into her hole and at her clit causing her to buck violently.

“You bloody tease,” she shouted, “Give me your fucking tongue!”

At her command, I pulled her thighs as far apart as I could get them; her vagina opened invitingly and I drove my tongue into her honeypot, keeping it stiff and straight just like a mini cock. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into her, all the time grinding herself against my mouth. Her juices were flowing and I could feel the sides of my face and my chin feeling sticky from her wetness. I pulled my tongue from her pussy and attacked her clit with ferocity; licking and sucking on it as if this was the last shag of my life. In that moment, I wanted to give a woman more pleasure than I had ever imagined possible. Her breath was now coming in short, sharp bursts as she continually pulled on my hair; it hurt, I won’t deny, but that feeling of giving her so much bliss gave me an over-riding sense of pleasure! My tongue continued working her clit until she finally bucked her hips several times in succession before letting out an almighty sigh and collapsing on the sofa. As I continued to try to lick her, she pulled my head away, saying, “No more, please, no more.”

I collapsed on the floor, next to the settee, recovering some energy. After a couple of minutes, I rose and poured us both a glass of wine from the bottle she had handed me earlier.

“Bottoms up,” I toasted, looking for a reaction but none came. My double-entendre had either gone unnoticed or been deliberately ignored. We both sipped our wine as a palpable silence filled the air. I guessed that Dawn was thinking about what I had stupidly said earlier.

I downed my wine and rose to my feet. “Now, about that walk you suggested,” I said.

Dawn rose from the settee and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the bedroom.

“I thought my stud had more staying power than that,” she said.

As we entered the bedroom, she let go of my hand and turned her back towards me.

“Would you do the honours?” she asked.

I stood behind her. Her dress had one of those oh so obvious zips that just screamed at me to pull it down. I held her shoulders and kissed the nape of her neck, affording myself the opportunity to look down the front of her dress at her braless breasts. They were rising and falling noticeably as her breathing quickened. I moved my hands to the top of her zipper and pulled it slowly down, revealing more and more of her smooth back as I did so. Once it was fully undone, I pushed the top of the dress off her shoulders and it fell to the floor at her feet. I ran my fingers gently down her sides as I lowered myself to my knees. Once on the floor, my face was perfectly aligned with her peach of an arse and I gently kissed each cheek, causing a low moan to escape her lips. My kisses became firmer and with each kiss I edged closer to her crack. I started to mix licks with my kisses and as I pulled her cheeks apart to get at her anus, she turned herself towards the bed and lent down, placing her hands on the bed to give her wobbly legs some assistance in keeping her upright. I licked her from the bottom of her crack all the way up, over and past her butt hole to the top and then back down again.

“Oh fuck, that’s soooo good,” she exclaimed.

I then went to work vigorously on her butt, licking, kissing and trying to poke the tip of my tongue into her. She climbed up onto the bed and put her head and chest flat on the bed, raising her arse as an easy target. I followed her lead and was now crouched over her still licking and kissing her very wet dirtbox as I tugged off my shorts with one hand. Junior sprang out of confinement, already leaking pre-cum. “At last,” I thought, “I’m going to get to spear her butt!” As I removed my tongue from her cute little hole, I quickly replaced it with the end of my knob.

“No, Bob. Please,” she said, “use my pussy. I’m not ready.”

Disappointed, to say the least, I repositioned Junior at the entrance to her pussy and pushed in easily. She was sopping wet and there was that familiar squelching sound as our bodies came together. My balls were pressed up against her rear and, at first, I stayed motionless, enjoying the feeling of being in her and the feeling of her clenching on me as if trying to squeeze the cum out of my tube. Slowly, I started to thrust in and out, my hands reached around and grabbed her breasts, thumbing her nipples.

“God, you’re so good,” she said, “I can’t understand how you’re still on the market.”

I grinned. There’s nothing quite so good for your ego as a woman telling you how good you are in bed. I decided to reward her for her compliment; I withdrew my cock and replaced it with my mouth, my tongue working overtime on her labia before I moved onto her clit. At the same time I inserted two fingers into her snatch causing a sharp intake of breath. Deciding to risk it, with my other hand I started to stroke her arsehole. This caused her to buck her hips up towards me which, in turn, ended up with my index finger entering her butt up to the first knuckle. Everything stopped as she analysed what had happened.

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