Pretty Young Thing Pt. 03

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The Second Prequel: A House Wife’s Tale

An Impure Virgin

I love it when they stare. Their mouths agape, their eyes unflinching and their attention wholly mine. I don’t show it of course…

‘A woman should never be vain’, my mother would always say… but regardless, I love it. I guess it was for the approval…

‘Beauty might as well not exist if void of an admirer,’… Or maybe it’s the underlined message… the subtle sexual tension that builds with each passing second as their eyes study your every curve, every crack and crevice.

I remember when I was a bit younger… just when I’d turned 18 I think. I used to leave my curtains wide open day and night. When I changed, when I walked around in my underwear or…less.

I mean who doesn’t love an audience …right? Someone to remind you of your unquestionable beauty… someone to love you… ok not love… a better word would be lust… want you.

My audience was Jeremy, the awkward nerd next door. He was cute, you know, in that shy puppy dog kinda way, the kinda cute most girls ignore, not knowing that ‘Those who aren’t used to being loved are the ones that love the deepest’. He single handedly taught me not to judge a book… Nice guys always finish last…if you catch my drift.

He was a geek and I was the prettiest girl in school… I’m not bragging, facts are facts. I mean I was that girl that left all the boys adjusting their pants after I did nothing but walk by. I was gorgeous… I still am, I still get those longing looks… but sadly the fact is ‘age is the bane of all beauty.’

Black girl genes are a truly beautiful thing though, our curves are something to worship, our lips whispering sin with each slight movement… pleasures untold.

It’s almost like we’re built for love in all its forms. That’s how I’ve always felt, like a creature of love… but a young woman of that time was expected to act a certain way. A creature of love was deemed nothing more than a whore, therefore society denied me every carnal pleasure that I desired…until I took it.

It all started by accident one hot night where leaving the windows shut just wasn’t an option. A heat wave was passing through that day. I hadn’t taken it seriously when I heard on the news and I was reaping the consequences of choosing to wear such layered clothes.

I had just had a cold shower that was intended to fix my heat problem, but simply left me wet.

I walked around my room in no more than a towel tied rather lazily at my chest.

Due to the breeze I wasn’t in any rush to put on anything else and rather inevitably, while standing at the window feeling the air touch my skin, the towel fell to the ground.

My room, just like every other teenager was my sanctuary, so I was accustomed to nudity. A towel falling off in the confides of those four walls was of little concern to me, so I stood there staring into the midnight sky… fruits bare.

But only now with one arm desperately trying to cover my breasts, the other on my crotch and a boy in the distance staring right at me through his window did I release how much of myself I was sharing with the world…specifically Jeremy.

We just stood there for what felt like a piece of eternity, both catatonic in our own singular ways, me the victim, him the unsuspecting passerby…yet both entranced.

I love it when they stare.

For a few seconds I just couldn’t make up my mind, should I pick up the towel, should I move from the window, should I close the curtains. All these were credible choices to choose from, but regardless I did nothing. I stared as he stared.

The concept of virginity has always been a matter of debate for me. On the one side it feels like little more than an illusion. The very fact that a penis has or has not been inside you doesn’t necessarily define your purity or impurity. Take me for example, I hadn’t ever seen a man bare and a man before that moment hadn’t seen me, but regardless of that fact, my mind ran rampant with dirty thoughts on a daily basis, thoughts that I would argue rival those of my male counter parts…

On the other hand, the fact that a penis hasn’t been inside of me significantly divides me from every other obscene woman alive, at least on a social basis, because thought without action isn’t necessarily sin…therefore… I am not a sinner…not yet at least. So in conclusion… I am in fact an impure virgin… a walking contradiction.

Impurity Esenyurt Escort pushes you to do odd things… like drop your arms when they are the only thing preserving your virtue.

I wanted to know what it felt like… to be vulnerable… to be susceptible to scrutiny … a young woman of my particular so called ‘stature’ didn’t have these privileges. Everyone who spoke to you did so with a certain falsehood. Like if they spoke the truth it would shatter reality. Every man with a flirtatious smile, every woman with a faux laugh. It was aggravating.

So in this moment I chose truth. I stared as he stared. Studying me in all my glorious imperfection. My stretch marks, my blemishes, my beauty. His eyes didn’t blink once… his lips slightly parted as his breath grew rapid. He approved.

From then on it became a bit of a regular occurrence. My windows wide open as he watched me go about my day usually in little more than panties. He’d sit there for about an hour a day every day… and I’d let him… it was exhilarating, this intrusion of my privacy.

It started to feel like his eyes were on me even in those moments when they weren’t, this would scare most girls, however it inexplicably turned me on, leaving me soaking every single time I walked in my room. Every move I made, every time I bent over or pulled something off my body, I’d do it with a sort of exclamation, jutting out my curves… moving slower than I usually did, like I was no longer my own, I was his entertainment.

After about a week I took it one step further… it had been a while since I’d had a little me time. My moments of release from the tension I build with each perverse thought.

Admittedly I was shivering at the idea… I mean walking naked is one thing… exposing your-self…your sexual side to a boy… that’s a whole other vicinity.

He was sitting there like clockwork, waiting for my show to begin… and I obliged, pulling off my skirt first, tugging it as my rather large ass refused to let it slide down.


I went to my blouse next, pulling it over my head with slow precision. I’d become good at this, stripping… moving, it was like I was practicing, and he was the coach.

Next was the bra which I took off while facing away from him… then I bent over, grabbed the hem of my panties and pulled them down, my ass in clear view.

I turned around slowly… watching him watch me… fuck it still gets me wet thinking about it, the look in his eyes… that hunger was intoxicating.

After I’d decided he’d had his fill I started to slowly walk back towards my bed, my heart pounding as I went through with my plan. I splayed myself on my linen sheets, looking down at my body and it’s every subtle detail. I started to trace these details out with my fingers, my hard nipples, the curve of my breast, the line of symmetry between my toned abdomen, the wet folds of my pussy.

I dipped a finger in… feeling myself quiver as arousal grew…

I started to thrust it in and out, faster and faster, feeling my own cum flow down my finger, feeling my heat rise, feeling his eyes on me. I turned to my left, to a view that brought me to orgasm in a few seconds.

Jeremy watching me with a furrowed brow, shirtless and panting while stroking a rather surprisingly impressive cock in his hand; it was large, both in garth and length as I noticed his hand barely capture its size. I’d only read about them, but words didn’t do justice, it was beautiful.

I pushed two more fingers inside of me, imagining him on top of me and thrusting. My breath grew rapid at this obscene thought, the concept of having him never fully occurring to me until this very moment.

I watched, he watched… mutually pleasuring ourselves… the obscenity of voyeur steadily bringing me to a shrieking orgasm as I watched him shiver as well as release ropes of cum onto and over his window seal.

After that he was all I could think about. Every banana I ate was his cock. Every cup of milk I drank was his cum. I had a crush and it all stemmed from my uncontrollable lust.

Tell me, does that make it any less of a crush? The fact that all I could think about was him balls deep inside of me? The fact that I didn’t care what his second name was. The fact that all I wanted was to be pounded by him, did it make my form of love any less than yours, it’s all feeling isn’t it?

We usually didn’t talk Esenyurt Escort bayan at school, just walking past each other like strangers; a sort of mutual understanding. What happens between us stays between us. Unlike most PDA driven teenage girls I didn’t have the need to flaunt what we had to the world, introducing strangers into our relationship, can I even call it a relationship? Anyway, I threw all that out the window the moment he showed me as much as I showed him, I wanted him, and I am a very determined young woman.

“Jeremy Hi,”

He froze in his tracks. His friends making the same stupid face he was making.

“Ni…Nicole… Hi.”

He looked confused as if I was speaking another language

“So… will you help me?”

“H…help you?”

“With my math homework… I said I needed a tutor. Will you help me? Since we’re about to go in for finals I thought I should perfect a few things, a second hand would be a lot of help”

My words dripping with innuendo. My grades in all honesty were higher than his, and I’m sure he knew it too which I hoped made my intention all the clearer.


“Awesome,” I said with smile. “I’ll come by tonight…around 8:00.” Eight o’clock being our time… when we had our little sessions.

“8:00…uh…yah…yah sure.”

At 7:55 I was standing at his front door in one of my favorite skirts. It appealed to me for two reasons. One; the way it hugged my curves, accentuating them in a rather beautiful fashion. Two; How easy it was to take off.

His mother opened the door, staring at me almost the same way her son did. Hers was more of a look of shock, compared to Jeremy’s who had lust mixed into his daze.

“Nicole! Hello…what are you doing here at this time?”

“I have a tutoring lesson with Jeremy. This was the only time I could find.”

“You need tutoring? I thought you were top of your class?”

“An extra hand can’t hurt, right?”

“I guess. It’s a bit late though but if I turned you away I don’t think Jeremy would ever forgive me.” She said with a giggle. “I guess since you live right next door its quit fine. He’s in his room.”

I opened the door… my heart pounding just like it always did around him these days.

He swiveled in his chair to face to face me as I walked in and closed the door. The same chair he sat in on a daily basis to watch me.

“S…so… uh… you need help with your…math?”


Suddenly the alarm on my phone rings.

It was 8:00

I reached back, holding the zipper behind me and slowly pulling it down as the fabric parted and the dress slid to the floor, revealing my bare body to him once again.

It was kinda trippy being in his room. I could see my own bed in the distance outside of his window, and yet here I was, on the other side of the fence, him with that same stare and I with as little clothing as I usually had on.

His breath grew rapid as I slowly approached him. I tried to hide my own panic, holding my breath as long as I could, keeping my movements to a minimum. I was trying to stay in control of my nervous ticks, like my tapping finger or the biting of my lip. I was failing but he didn’t seem to mind, he was completely and utterly enchanted.

I got on his lap, my pussy bare and dripping right at his crotch.

“Do…Do you want to fuck me?”

I should have known the answer but in that moment, I honestly had no clue. Regardless of how beautiful you are, insecurity tends to creep through the cracks of your pride.

I genuinely wanted to know, seeking approval once more, even here in this obvious moment of lust and passion.

He paused for a moment, almost like the question didn’t make sense to him, like the words I said didn’t fully have meaning.

His hand slowly reached behind me, grabbing my ass and pulling me closer, his left slowly dragged itself up my stomach, taking its time to feel my every ripple. With an exhale he whispered;

“God yes,”

Suddenly I was pulling at his belt, unbuckling it with an almost desperate speed.

I finally got it open going for the zipper and pulling it down as he simply felt my body, his hand slowly tracing my curves, groping and pulling at me at his own pace.

Finally, it sprung out of his pants, its head hitting my belly button as it bobbed there for second until it settled. I stopped, staring at it the same way he Escort esenyurt stared at me; that lust, that hunger. It was my first cock, and God was it worth the wait.

It had an almost threatening look to it… and yet like most dangerous things its beauty mesmerized. Standing there rock hard almost like a monument to itself.

“Ready?” He asked suddenly jutting me out of my dream state.

“Yah.” I answered as I grabbed it and pulled myself closer to him.

This wasn’t the first time I had had something inside of me; my fingers, an array of combs and a few phallus shaped vegetables, regardless this was different.

“I’m on the pill so…uh just go for it.” I said with smile as I guided his head inside of me.

I moaned, and he did the same, feeling each other’s warmth as we united in this moment.

It hurt a bit, his garth stretching me in ways I hadn’t previously been stretched. But suddenly euphoria took over as I felt him throb inside of me.

I was already soaking, the lubrication making this moment that much easier as I grinded on him, his eyes half closed, his mouth wide open and his body squirming under me.

I was making him feel this way, this was all me, this power, this pleasure; all me.

Suddenly he grabbed my ass, pulling me up and down in an almost poetic turn of events. All my control lost in mere seconds while he grabbed and thrust into me.

“Ughhh… Jeremy?”

I said in between breaths as he pulled me up in his arms and set me back down on his bed with him on top and dominant.

“I’ve wanted you for as long as I can remember Nicole.” He whispered as he thrust harder and harder.

“You are the subject of every fantasy I’ve had…every wet dream… every erotic thought.”

He started to move faster, my moans slowly going out of control, turning into screams as it all became too much.

“God I’m in love you.” He said as he now pounded into me, my body shaking as waves of pleasure went through me with each thrust.

I opened my groggy eyes to a beautiful sight. Jeremy on top of me, sweat on his skin… that same hunger in his eyes as he came at me repeatedly. He was beautiful in his own way, pure passion driving him as he fucked the girl of his dreams.

He opened his eyes and stared right back dawning an odd face and moving closer to my lips, kissing me as I felt him fill me with his cum. In response I came too, the feel of him let himself go inside of me proving to be too much. It was far better than anything I’d imagined.

My first time with an unexpected person ending in a very unexpected way.

Walking out of his house was…odd, to say the least.

The screams were clearly heard throughout the house, leaving me with the ordeal of having to look Jeremy’s mother and father in the face and act like we all didn’t know exactly what had just happened. Unsurprisingly I rushed out when I said my goodbyes, but I came back every night after for more tutoring sessions.

Inevitably we both moved to different colleges, a blossoming love suddenly stumped out by circumstance

“Wow mom!” Sasha said, her eyes wide open while she tried to fathom her mother’s sudden confession

“Yah…wow…sorry…I got a bit inappropriate.”

“No…that was…hot!”

“Um…anyway sweetie what I was trying to explain to you is what you’re feeling right now is completely natural. I went through it and dealt with it accordingly and because of that I’m happy…more or less… just don’t think sex is something you should be ashamed about, embrace it.”

“Tell me another one.”


“You know… a story about your… dirty days.”

“Um…I don’t think that’s a good idea, I completely went overboard with the first one. and I think you get the jest of it. Now that you’re 18, you will get into certain circumstances and it’s ok to let events unfold, as long as you’re safe.”

“Yah yah, I know, use a condom, they already said all that at sex ed, but they never tell us the real thing; how it could actually happen, what to do, how it will feel. C’mon mom! Please, you literally just said to be proud of myself, now you’re getting all shy.”

“You… You don’t want to hear about your mom and her indiscretions…do you?”

“Fuck yeah I do. Tell me…tell me about you and dad. He always talks about how different you were in college, what does he mean?”

“Um…uhh… fine…but don’t you dare tell him I told you this…”

Just like most if not all college student, I used that time and the particular confidence my new-found age gave me to find myself. It was an extremely open and experimental time in my life, and also shackling in some ways.

All in all, college was a truly fun time in my life.

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