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Back in the hills behind Arcata, there are many small areas of wooded hills where it is easy to wonder in and have peace. I remember this Chuck, a amateur photographer that I used to work with. One day after we had been out on a couple of dates he tells me he liked what we did the other night and he was interested in some deeper exploration in the surroundings of peaceful forest. Without much of a second thought I tell him that I am game, and since sunny days are rare in these necks of the woods, might as well enjoy this rare day of sunshine. Of course the fact that he is pretty good looking doesn’t have much to do with my decision. Yeah right!

Chuck picks me up in his shiny 4-wheel drive pick-up and I climb in and scoot over next to him. Though his truck has a wide cabin and I sit so close to him, leaving nothing between us, if you know what I mean. We travel up a long dirt but well packed road and find a perfect little spot tucked away off the beaten path. He says he has a little surprise for me, gets in the back of the truck and pulls out of one his cameras, a box of accessories and a blanket and asks if I would please pose for him.

The idea excites me and instantly agree. We walk to a small clearing where a huge fallen oak branch lays a few feet from its previous hose. Chuck decides it would make the perfect setting from some great pictures. He sets up the tripod and camera and tells me to go check out the branch and see if I have any fun ideas. I take the blanket and spread it out between the tree and fallen branch where I am hoping other ideas may come to light.

He starts by asking me to sit pretty, to pose, to smile, to throw my hair, to turn quickly looking sassy, the clicks of the shutter sound with each pose. I never imagined just how much fun this would be. I turned, swishing my hair around my face in different positions in around my face, up in a pony tail, down in front exposing only my lips. Chuck told me to start removing my clothes, s l o w l y, he wanted to catch every movement on film. Being a hot day, I wasn’t wearing much to begin with. I begin to unbutton my blouse and take it off, slowly I expose one shoulder.

From behind the camera I can hear him saying “Yes, Yes” I continue and unbutton it further pulling back one side and exposing a bare breast. He clicks another picture and my nipple hardens from excitement. The slower I undress the more it turns me on. Now with both of my shoulders visible as well as my breasts, click, click, click. The blouse slips off my arms and I toss it behind me near the blanket. As Chuck stops to replace the film in the camera, I bask in the sun, absorbing its rays into my white skin of my breasts. Just as he gets güvenilir bahis the camera ready to continue I lean my head back and run my fingertips upwards and around my nipples. Both of them hard and erect.

Still sitting on the branch I begin to open up the front of my shorts, un buttoning and unzipping. As the zipper reaches the bottom, I slide off of the tree branch and turn my back to the camera. . . . slowly I inch the shorts down over my hips. Moving my hips back and forth, my shorts move down below my cheeks, exposing their full roundness, continuing to slide down to my ankles, bending slightly to expose my love spot.

I run my hand down the middle of my back, down the crack and between my legs. . . he asks me to hold that pose as he moves in closer and stops a couple of feet from me, on his knees with the camera focused on the shadow between my creamy thighs. Bending over more, I move my hand around to the front and slip it once again between my thighs. Zoom, he shoots. I pose, I spread, I move my fingers across the lips of my pink point of passion. I close my legs tight, wiggle somewhat, strike some poses, turning to share my full nakedness with Chuck and the camera.

I lift one leg up onto the log, leaning back and basking once again. . . Oh my, the sun feels good. “Lets have some fun,” he says, taking the blanket and throwing it over the branch Chuck asks me to sit branch straddling the branch. “Oh my God, you are so sexy” I can hear him say. Click, I lean forward, then back with my feet propped up on the branch grabbing hold of my knees, click! He suggests I lean all the way back, click!

Arching my back letting my breasts rise, click!, to the sunshine begging for more warmth. As I lay there letting my hair fall back and my knees raised, I can hear him moving closer. He moves in front of me while I lay there. He tells me to spread my legs open so the sun can gently caress my lips. Both of us are getting excited and he finally says that he wants to be part of this, puts the camera back on the tripod and comes to me giving me a long and hard passionate kiss.

I unbutton his shirt and he helps me remove it. Caressing his strong shoulders, his chest and his stomach. He takes my hand and places it within his belt and I start to explore in his pants. As I lick my lips I urge him to finish removing his clothes. He undresses quickly and grabs the remote so the camera will take shots of both of us. He is very excited and his penis is standing tall. I sit up and he moved in behind me.

Straddling the log and sitting behind me he reaches with both hands for my breasts, Click! I lean back against him, his hands slide under my bottom and he lifts me up setting güvenilir bahis siteleri me on his stomach and tells me to slide down a little, straddling him with his penis sitting in front of my hot lips. Click!, So cool, I look like I have a manly thing… click! With his organ pressed against my flowering blossom, I reach down and with my fingertips begin stroking him. I can feel him throbbing against me, I continue to hear the camera clicking as he strains to continue taking pictures.

He wants to get more erotic. Sit on it he tells me, “go slooowly I want to see this as I enter your hot pussy”… click! As the head of his cock slowly enters my pussy, the feeling is unreal, the passion rising incredibly. With the remote to the camera he programs it to take continuous shots every 30 seconds. I slide completely down onto his very hard cock and he raises himself and grabs my breasts and stretches them outwards… click. I can’t believe how out of control I feel … he slowly starts to pump and pushes me forward in position so he can see the action as his cock slides in and out of me. Click. As he moves me up and down faster on his throbbing organ, my orgasms come hard, and the juices begin to ooze down his cock as he pumps. He leans me way forward and gently slides out and asks if he can have access to my backdoor.

I tell him to get the baby oil I use as a sun tan lotion, he comes back and begins to drip it down my back and down on my ass. He gets me nice and wet and begins by probing me with his fingers. Click! A nice close-up from behind.

We have given up concentrating on pictures anymore just the passion between the two of us. His hands are rubbing oil all over my cheeks. As I feel the head of his cock press against my backdoor, his hands grabbing my his, I start to rub my clit and masturbate. As he slides in deeper, moving me up and down on him, my fingers move faster as I masturbate fiercely at same the time. We can’t help ourselves any longer and get lost in the moment, losing total control giving into the primeval passion. He pumps and grinds deep within me, thrusting over and over.

As I reach between my legs and run my fingers across his balls he buries his cock as deep as it will go and explodes in me. Both of us being totally spent, I lift myself from his body, we both slide off of the log, taking the blanket with us and laying it on the ground, we relish in the hot sun. About twenty minutes later, twenty angelic minutes, I ask him to lay on his stomach and I get the baby oil and place some on his back. I start to massage and work all of the tension out off his muscles. Straddling him I move slooowly, sliding my hands all over his back, move to his iddaa siteleri arms and rub each arm between my two hands. Chuck doesn’t move, he just groans.

I slide down to straddle his legs and gently caress his beautiful tight buns. They are very soft yet firm. I reach down and massage under his jewels and this causes him to stir on the blanket. I know he is getting an erection but I don’t stop. I massage his thighs and move to his inner thighs. Though totally relaxed, he is growing more and more aroused.

I tell him to roll over and continue with the massage. I go to the top of his body and straddle his chest. His penis is sticking up behind and against my butt. He reaches up and massages my breasts, pinches my nipples and makes them harden. My moisture is making his chest wet. He pulls me forward and sucks my nipples. Holding on tight to my breasts he sucks hard on them . . . mmmmm he continues to groan with pleasure. I slide down and swirl my hands over the moisture I left into his chest. Aaaahhhhhh he tells me. His erection is immense now. I get the baby oil and drip it on him and once again massage those inner thighs. He raises his legs and I reach deep under his balls rubbing that spot where everything comes together. His muscles are twitching from the attention.

The baby oil has made its way to his back door. I take a finger and circle it making him twinge not knowing what will happen. I get my finger very slippery and slooowly enter him. “Oooooh gawd,” he doesn’t know what to do, feeling an intense hot pleasure he screams that he is about ready to explode. I move in a little deeper and he arches his back sending it deeper. What an awesome feeling. With my other hand I reach and pinch one of his nipples, he moans loudly.

I grab hold of his throbbing cock and slide it up and down in my oiled hand with my finger still probing inside. He is very tight as I slide my finger in and out. Slooowly I pull it out and release him and while still stroking his cock, I lean forward and run my tongue along the entire length of the shaft. With long slow strokes I continue to lick him. Cradling his very swollen organ in the palm of my hand, my tongue stroking over and over.

Moving my lips to the head, I slide it between them, teasing the end of it with my tongue. Continuing to suck it until he I can taste his precum, I lift my head and move to straddle him. Chuck’s hard cock slides easily into my wet pussy. He pushes in and he thrusts himself deep. He wants to cum immediately but I pin his arms down and rock back and forth, especially on the ups. As I begin breathing heavily and on the verge of losing control. With a slight moan, he takes the clue and forces his arms out, grabs hold of my hips and thrust deeper and faster making us both cum in a massive fashion. Exhausted I collapse on him and he gently rolls me over. We lay there with big smiles as a soft breeze begins to wipe away the sweat on our bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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