Prof Nelson

Nicole Aniston

Despite the fact that the professor was talking about the economic growth of China and its effects on American jobs, I couldn’t stop myself from seeing the faint outline of his head beneath his khaki trousers.

They were Dockers, those soft khaki pants that don’t really wrinkle and hugged his ass just perfectly. I was so sex driven this entire week, all I could do was stare at his dick. The outline of his head, somewhat hidden by his pants, was enough to make me squirm in my chair. When he would step close to my desk to use the chalkboard, I could only picture his pulling it out, right there in class, and teasing me with it. Waving it in the air and putting it in my face without letting me get a lick.

There wasn’t anything too spectacular about Professor Jim Nelson; he wasn’t terribly bright, attractive, or humorous. Maybe that was part of the draw, that I knew I could lure him in. Maybe with a schoolgirl outfit, the top unbuttoned low. He had a nice build, but his face was plain. He dressed nicely, but always wore plain colors to school. Still, the only thing on my mind was his cock and I.

As I’d packed my bag for school that day, I decided to bring along my small vibrator, too. I knew I would need relief during the day, and worried I wouldn’t be able to do it quick enough manually. It was in the shape of a make-up compact, easily disguisable as a cosmetic. I loved it, because it was also silent. I could have used it in class, and apart from the facial expressions I’d make, no one would know. The piece that vibrated was only about 1 ¼ inch long, and attached to the batteries with a cord that could wind up inside the compact. It was perfect.

Staring at his cock, Prof Nelson finally Escort Beylikdüzü noticed the direction of my gaze and confronted my eyes. I was embarrassed, and if he had any doubts before, the blush on my cheeks was sure to confirm what I’d been looking at.

I quickly walked out of class to the nearest bathroom. I couldn’t take it. My clit was on fire, and I could feel the hot wetness of my juices in my underwear. I put the seat down on the toilet, and when I pulled my shorts down I was enveloped in the sweet smell of my pussy. I pulled the vibrator from my purse, pulled the cord out and turned it on. Sweet silence.

I touched the vibrator to my clit tentatively at first, as it was swollen and I didn’t want to jump up in surprise. I looked down to see my tight stomach traveling down to my hairless pussy, and my fingers working the vibrator into my pussy and clit.

I closed my eyes and pictured the classroom I was just in. I saw Prof Nelson at the board, drawing a loose diagram of the imports and exports of the U.S. I was still staring at his perfect cock with he stared me straight in the eyes.

This time, instead of me running off, I envisioned him coming towards me, the slight bulge in his pants growing. I could feel my pussy getting hotter, burning to touch, suck, or fuck his cock. I could feel myself salivating, my tongue tracing the lines of my teeth, wishing I could wrap my mouth around him.

He came forward, his bulge ever apparent now, and asked me to come to the front of the class. It was a classroom of about 50 people, a mixed crowd of mostly college juniors. As I stood to walk forward, I could feel the wetness in my panties cling to my Beyoğlu escort lips. I got to the front of the class, and he instructed me to kneel before him.

At this point I heard another girl come into the bathroom, and from the small crack in the door I could see that she was shapely and curvy. I didn’t know her, but couldn’t help but start to imagine that she would hear me, hear the vibrator, and know what I was doing. That she would wriggle open my door too fast for me to put my toy away, and see me playing with my clit. I could almost feel her eyes on me, and see a devilish smile cross her face as she lifted her skirt to me, and closed the door behind her.

I pictured a girl who was about 5’5″ and 130 lbs, thick in all the right places. A nice stomach, large breasts, and an ass that perfectly turned into legs so smooth I wouldn’t want to take my hands off of them. I fantasized that she would lift her skirt to me to reveal a hairless, pantiless pussy. She wouldn’t ask me to suck on her clit, but it would be so swollen and inviting that I’d pull her ass to me, prop her foot upon my thigh, and touch the tip of my tongue to her wet pussy. I could almost smell her, right before the door slammed in the bathroom and I was jolted out of that fantasy and back to Prof Nelson.

After kneeling, he would simply pull out his cock, which would be revealed as massive at this point, and simply say, “suck on it.” His beautiful cock in my face, nicely trimmed balls, so inviting that I’d inhale his cock into my mouth, quickly spitting all over it to build up lubrication and slide my hand up and down his cock while I twisted with my wrist. I could hear the rest of the class egging Bomonti escort bayan me on, encouraging me to take more of his cock, suck it harder. They called me a slut and a cock whore, and I loved every minute of it. I could feel my pussy getting hotter, and as I pictured Prof Nelson’s cock in my mouth my pussy felt hotter against my busy fingers. I suppressed a moan, and moved the vibrator up and down on my clit.

In my imaginary classroom, a football player in the back of the class comes forward as I have Prof Nelson’s cock deep in my throat. He bends down and touches my ass, sliding his hand between my ass cheeks and down to my pussy.

“Fuck her!” another guy yells, to much encouragement from the class.

In my bathroom stall, I can feel myself coming so close to orgasm. Part of me wants to delay it, but I know that my absence in class will soon be noticed.

The football player pulls down his athletic shorts to reveal his huge cock. He spits on the tip of it and kneels down behind me, pulling my shorts down just to the top of my knees, just enough to penetrate me.

Without regard to whether or not it will hurt, he thrusts his cock deep inside me, making me gag on Prof Nelson’s cock, and I thrust back equally hard.

In my stall my fingers slow down but the building orgasm is inevitable at this point. I can feel the energy coming from my fingers and toes and centralizing in my lower abdomen before it explodes in my pussy and I bite my lips to stifle any sounds. My legs are weak and there’s a small drop of sweat running down my calf from the back of my knee. I want so badly to have a cock inside me at this very moment, a cock to impale myself upon and thrust into.

My orgasm fades, and I breathe slowly. Stowing away my toy, I stand and pull up my shorts, buttoning and zipping them before stepping out to check myself over in the mirror. When I walk back to the classroom, Prof Nelson looks at me quizzically, and I return his inquiry with a wink and a blush on my cheeks.